Daily Inspiration Roundup - Full Moon & Equinox

18th March: Soul's Quest

We are heading into a big week as we move towards the Full Moon on the 20th and the Equinox on the 21st. The incoming energies are bringing assurance that our soul’s quest is in fact divinely inspired and we are awakening into the light of a new day and a new era. Our inner journey is slowly coming to an end and a new reality of love, harmony, balance and peace is emerging. Our task is to heal, expand and evolve all aspects of our soul so that we may be a unified force for creation.

As the seasons change your awareness expands and you gain a different perspective, a different view. As you move through this week become aware of what is being brought into focus and what is demanding your attention.

19th March: Observe, Do not react

Our current process of healing, growth and evolution demands full alignment with our soul. This alignment gifts us with the ability to create a new reality and a new life founded on the internal authority of who we truly are. The shifts and changes presently underway are revealing the clarity of our Soul’s wisdom and the guidance we need to move forward with ease and grace.

The more you remain disengaged from your soul the more you stand in your own way. The current Mercury Retrograde is exposing old fears and insecurities which no longer have a place in the new emerging reality. Be vigilant and mindful of what is being brought to light. Observe these fears and insecurities but do not allow them to drag you back into old patterns of thinking and behaviour. Remember that all that no longer serves your individual growth and or the growth of the collective is falling away.

20th March: Full Moon Magic

There are powerful cosmic forces at play guaranteeing that at our core something magical is stirring. With today's Full Moon and Equinox tomorrow, the four chambers of our heart, the four chambers of our soul, the four regions of our brain and our four energy bodies are aligning. As this alignment happens a transformational portal opens within us activating the divine gifts of love, wisdom, power and vision. Each of these gifts is needed for us to act with balance in the world.

The illuminating energy, power and wisdom of your soul is expanding through your heart to fill your entire being. Your personal energy is being rebalanced and strengthened igniting an abundance of source energy and inspiration. This may not be an easy process and your focus must now be on centering and grounding yourself within this powerful time. Be gentle yet determined as you continue to clear and release issues, fears and insecurities from the past.


QSUS 22nd March 2019 9:48 am

TY for this Timely and Hope-Revealing Message


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