Reaching Conclusion

This has been a year of powerful and intense energy, which has significantly enhanced our spiritual awareness to expand our consciousness. Many profound changes and transformations have occurred as much of what we previously perceived as reality has come up for revision. As we continue to witness the collapse and release of the old our perceptions are shifting encouraging us to re-envision our world.

Deep and profound healing is occurring making it important that you engage in what is arising from within. The energies are intense and unpredictable but you are being supported in initiating necessary changes, resolving long-standing emotional issues and releasing old emotional wounds. This process may lead to feelings of insecurity and vulnerability as ancient emotions and irrational thoughts surface to be cleared. You are reaching a point of conclusion and it is imperative that you shift away from your habitual patterning and discover new and different ways or responding to life.



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Kate Spreckley

Kate is a dedicated and passionate Spiritual Healer and Teacher, based in South Africa. Her passion lies in helping, guiding and supporting individuals and organisations who wish to heal, grow and evolve.


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