A New World is Coming

Greetings dear ones, for I am Kryon of Magnetic Service

It’s wonderful to be here with you all in Brazil tonight, for there’s many, many changes coming to this planet, both politically and the energies from above. A lot of changes are going to happen on the political scene, and there can be a period of great instability coming, but it is for you to do your inner work. For the planets are all in place for you to change your energies for your spirits are by your side and your spirit guides are with you.

Just close your eyes and feel your bodies and just allow yourselves to relax… just relax… drop deeper and deeper into your bodies… observing your breath… let the feelings come and let them go …. And just know that the love is coming … just know that the new world is just around the corner…. it will take some effort from you to get there….. But just allow the love to flow….. Just feel your bodies…. feel what you’re feeling …. And relax….. Allow for a connection to Mother Earth through the soles of your feet to your base chakra and connecting to father sky through the crown chakra and just observing your bodies and feeling any tension in your bodies and just breath with the tension …. let the feelings come and let the feelings go … and just feeling whatever you are feeling… without any judgement, just accepting what you are feeling … and we are going to take you into a space of deep relaxation … just feel whatever you are feeling … observing your breath and dropping deeper and deeper into your bodies,…. just feeling the softness and the gentleness of these energies that surround you. ..... just relaxing … going deeper and deeper and deeper ....... and everybody at some time or another in their childhood experience some kind of trauma … just allow yourself to go back in time ... just relaxing … going back and back in time to when you were a child, to when you received some kind of trauma … and we're here to hold you in your bodies… and to support you in this process …. And we’re here to release the trauma this night …. So let’s go back in time deep, deep inside yourself … and let’s find that part of the inner child that was traumatised … that felt some kind of hurt … and just observing your breath …. Just going deeper and deeper and deeper.... let the feelings come, let the feelings go..... And stay in your bodies and stay with the feelings ...... and allow your feelings to guide you ...... and just allow yourself to be with this aspect of your child that got hurt, and just take your time, and go to the child ... just go to the child.... And just sit by the side of your child.... and just listen to what this part of yourself has got to say. .... And just enter some dialogue with this part of yourself… Enter some dialogue… talk to the child… just listen to the child and be with the child… and at the same time we want you to invite your mother and father into this picture with your child... and ask your grandparents and great grandparents to come. And then any other aspects of the family constellation that want to come… and just look around and observe this family constellation… and also invite Kryon into this picture..... and lets allow Kryon to bring the magic to your family constellation… healing and releasing… and just observing your bodies… feeling whatever you are feeling… just let the feelings come and let the feelings go .... And allow your hearts… and expanding into your neighbours heart.. Allowing your hearts to expand.... for we are holding you in a space where you can work through this hurt and expand at the same time.... and look around your family constellation… just observing what is going on in your family constellation… at the same time you are looking, observing your feelings… allowing the energies of Kryon to flow through you… allowing the good energies to flow in and the negative energies to release. ... And coming even more deeper and deeper into your bodies....

For there are two worlds dear ones… there is your inside world and there is the outside world, the outside world reflects the inner world ... and just observing this inner world, you and your family constellation and spend some time observing this family constellation… and ponder what is going on in the outside world and relate the one to the other. For there is going to be very big changes on the world dear ones, in this group this night you are all healers, you all have gifts to bring, and you are all at a long line of families of healers and you all have special gifts.

Just allow your family to show you what the gifts are that you are here to bring. It is getting very close to a time now where certain people will ascend and it is as if those who have ascended will live in a different reality but still on the earth plane. And those that break through into the new world, it will be their job to help the others get there. So just observing the gifts that your family is bringing to this earth through you. And accepting these gifts, and allow yourself to open up and receive the energy of these gifts.... and once again let the feelings in your body, let them come and let them go.... and lets allow Kryon to bring love to all your family constellation and as you receive this love, allow your family constellation to release their ego… and see the real reasons that you are here on this earth.... for everybody in this group has worked with the Kryon energies in many, many lifetimes, and just allow those energies from the other lifetimes to move through into your bodies, allowing these energies to heal and to release any blockages that there might be inside your bodies... let the feelings come, let the feelings go ...... dropping deeper and deeper and deeper into your bodies...... just feeling whatever you are feeling..... Let the feelings come.... let the feelings go.... and once again becoming aware of your family constellation.... and just knowing that after tonight you will never be the same again.... Healing and releasing.....

And just for a little time we ask that your vibration goes higher and higher..... Just allowing your vibration to go higher and higher, to the vibration of the new world.... just allowing your spirit guides to support you.... going higher and higher..... And just observing the new world.... just feel what this new world will feel like..... And just knowing that when you are whole and complete, that you will be creating your reality out of pure love.... Just observing the reality that you are going to create.... once again let the feelings come and let them go..... For the new world is in the 4th dimension, and your mind won’t really understand the 4th dimension, but just allow in this energy your mind to be upgraded.... And prepared for this shift of energy.... placing all your awareness and consciousness in your mind, placing all your awareness and all your consciousness in your mind… and giving permission for your mind to being upgraded to a four dimensional mind.

The 4th dimension is love based, there will not be duality, there will just be love, and just let the love flow through your mind, healing and releasing, dissolving the old mind and waking up the new mind… let the feelings come and let the feelings go ... and allowing your mind to connect to a 4th dimension grid around the planet… for your spirit guides are helping you… and the Kryon energies are supporting you ... let the feelings come, let the feelings go.... just feeling this connection .... and once you make this connection and this consciousness there will be another step of consciousness to take… and that will be to the 5th dimension, a completely new world… nobody to tell you no or say you are only dreaming, it will take a little longer than the 4th dimension but it is a dimension where your dreams will instantly come true… and you can start now by beginning to request these new connections to the 5th dimension.... just allowing your vibrations to go higher and higher.... the earth plane is going to change once you achieve 5 dimensional status… many things will be very etheric you'll be able to see your spirit guides, touch them… you'll be able to transport yourself wherever you want to go in the universe… Voda phone will be out of business… you'll be able to communicate with whoever you want telepathically… and there will be many, many gifts. And there will be love, pure love.

It will be a completely different world, where all men and all women are equal… where consciousness flows, and just allow that consciousness of the 5th dimension to permeate your being… allowing this consciousness to expand .... Nothing but nothing is by chance dear ones… you're on a journey to another world… where all your dreams come true… this is pre planned… and we are going to hold this vibration for you for a little longer and lets go back to your family constellation and that child that was traumatised or hurt… and lets allow this 4th and 5th dimensional consciousness to flow through you and into your child and into your family constellations… and just allow the consciousness to do its work… and dropping deeper and deeper into your bodies… and allowing this 4th and 5th dimensional consciousness to flow through your bodies, into your child and into your family constellations and wherever it need to flow and just holding your child and your family constellation together and allow them all to merge and to flow into your heart... let the feelings come and let the feelings go.

For dear ones this is Kryon signing out

Go well and god bless

Take care

Thank you all



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Kryon (South Africa)

Kryon (South Africa)

Planet Earth has been through a special experience is the last few thousand years: - the separation from God. Kryon is here to take you on the journey home, and to connect you with your inner divinity, for you are all magical beings of this universe, magnificent beyond your comprehension.


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