"Abundance & Love"

Greetings dear ones for I AM Kryon of Magnetic Service.

It is wonderful to be with you all this night - tonight is about abundance and love, tonight is about terror and releasing your deepest and most powerful fears.

First of all we will speak of terror at length... The world is suffering greatly under the energy of terror. The nations of the United States and the United Kingdom are fostering their terror on smaller less powerful nations of the earth, under the banner of fighting terrorism. Of course, these two nations must be the pariahs of the world in this aspect. In general the white man has lost his way in parenting, looking after and nurturing children. From conception onwards the white man plays a guessing game under the rules of allopathic medicine. Relationships too, due to a complete absence of meaningful spirituality in the western world means that answers that should come to relationships no longer arrive and they are often debased and based on sexual attraction - an attraction that can’t go the distance - an attraction nonetheless that brings two people together, often for the right reasons, then these relationships often go on for much longer that they ever should have done.

So many children come into this world in relationships that are out of balance or not working, where the partners are not spiritually connected and whole so each partner leans on the other and needs the other to fulfil his/her needs. These partnerships are totally unworkable and it is very dangerous for the world when children come into these relationships. It is always said that the child gets the parents they need to work out their karma and that is so. A new energy and a New World is coming however; a new energy where these relationships can become like two strong pillars with a temple built over the top of it - this temple will be a beautiful relationship between one man and one woman. The stronger the pillars, the stronger, bigger and more beautiful the temple can be. It is up to each individual to see that they become stronger and more powerful and stand on their own two feet.

We have often spoken in these channellings of the difference between masculine and feminine. A woman will find her true strength in femininity and a man in masculinity. Make no mistake there is no other way. The children of the world should be born into relationships where this is understood; a whole person will know and understand this. Where there is some kind of reaction in your body to hearing this wisdom acknowledge the reaction and allow wholeness to enter your body where the reaction is. It means you have something to deal with in order to find the relationship that you truly seek. The Divine has placed in each and every human being that has come to earth that dream of a beautiful relationship. A beautiful relationship with another is equal to a beautiful relationship with one’s self, so it is for you to find that beautiful relationship within yourself before you find the true partner or before the relationship truly works as it should work. At the moment relationships are basically teaching - teaching one to relate to one’s self, and as one relates more to one’s self then relating to others becomes much easier and smoother, encompassing much more love, joy, freedom and excitement; while there is difficulty in your relationships you’ll have to put too much energy into other aspects of your life and your relationship will drain your energy and not give you the true world that you want. Your working life and your home life will not be fulfilled - the relationship within yourself equates to both home life, business life and any other life that affects you.

Love is the only answer. Where there are problems look to love and allow love to flow into your hearts because the heart is where men and women truly connect at a soul level. Right in the centre of the 7 Chakras is the heart chakra and this chakra is the colour green. If you cannot treat yourself well and have a beautiful relationship with yourself, how can you have a beautiful relationship with your child and expect your child to grow up free, creative, loving, joyful and fearless? What we are saying here is that consciousness brings love, healing and wholeness and brings that beautiful relationship within yourself. You create your own reality and you will create a beautiful world on the outside of yourself, a safe haven for your children. People who are whole do not struggle with abundance, abundance flows easily, gently and in absolutely correct proportion to fill your needs and for you to realize your wants and desires. Abundance creates many things and you are all like diamonds with many facets – facets of your personality, facets of emotion, facets of beliefs, facets of understanding, facets of love.

Close your eyes and see yourselves as a diamond with all these facets shimmering, allow the light to flow and be deflected – see all the colours of the rainbow. Allow yourself to feel yourself as a diamond and become a diamond. Feel what it feels like to be a beautiful diamond… pretend that that diamond hangs on a tiny piece of string in midair and is spinning freely around and each facet instantaneously connects with the other facets of the members of this circle this night… allow yourself to feel the love that this generates... show the many different facets of yourself to everyone else in this circle… just be with this energy of openness, clarity, power and value with the density of a diamond, the hardness, and all the beautiful qualities; the ability to reflect and deflect light… a diamond is almost unscratchable, unbreakable… allow yourself to feel the safety of being this diamond and allow yourself to feel the energy of safety…

Now, because terror is one of the most unstable energies on earth and the energy of a diamond is so stable, so secure, you will feel safe to allow the energy of terror into your bodies. Allow that energy to come into your body. The terror in this lifetime that we speak of now possibly came into your energy field at birth, being slapped by the doctor, or it could have been as your parents had an argument close by. The terror could have been you being disconnected from your mother, being taken away at birth or at any time up until about 3 months old. Any separation from the mother will create terror in a child and as you well know in the west this happens all the time. This is secret knowledge, this knowledge is arcane.

Allow yourself to find this child that was slapped by the doctor or that lost its connection with its mother so early on in childhood and as we speak allow yourself to see the difficult circumstances through your life that this terrified child has created. Allow your mind to flow freely as you sit within the energy of the diamond… this type of occurrence in a person’s life destabilizes one mentally and emotionally to a lesser or greater degree, so just be with this energy and allow this energy to shift. This energy creates passive aggressive behaviour in people. This is not to judge them as being bad; it is to say that their inner child is absolutely terrified or lives in sheer terror. Passive aggressive means not having the power to openly express oneself and say exactly what one wants, what one needs. It means to have a high level of insecurity within oneself that makes a person do all kinds of the strangest things and have the strangest behaviour. It could be lying, cheating, and any dysfunctional behaviour to avoid confrontation. Have you ever wondered why a person could just tell bare-faced lies and not flinch? The embarrassment and shame around lying and cheating in such a manner is absolutely nothing compared to the terror that such a person feels within.

Of course the terror becomes compounded through one’s life and this type of psychology becomes filled with guilt and shame. This type of psychology wants a person to be small, not seen and not heard. You often hear the expression “A child should be seen and not heard”. If you’ve heard it spoken in your family there is almost a cast-iron guarantee that people with a terrified inner child are living out their lives in such a fashion. The way we have found to heal this child is to first of all acknowledge that such a thing exists. In many of the native cultures the child never leaves its mother, it is strapped to her back, maybe carried in a papoose for the first few months of its life and this is how it should be. A child should never be separated from its mother. That bond between mother and child is absolutely essential for a healthy mental and emotional human being to arise from.

So we ask you to find that child that is terrified. If you can only see darkness, ask your inner file clerk to release the darkness. Allow the angelic realm to clear the darkness away until you can find the child that is hidden in so much terror and in such difficult surroundings… and when you find this child look straight into its eyes and just hold it in a place of safety with your gaze and allow love to flow from your heart through your eyes into the child’s eyes… allow a cyclical energy to flow from your heart through your eyes to the child’s eyes and into the child’s heart and into your heart. Allow this energy to move gently and slowly with love and with care, with the absolute gentleness of cotton wool, and with real love and understanding. Motherhood is a full time job, it is not a part-time job – motherhood is the most important job on the planet. The mothers of the world must be respected and honoured – mothers of the world must be truly supported. If a woman’s wish is to become a mother, she must be honoured and deeply supported in becoming a mother. There must be energy and great emphasis placed on motherhood. For a mother to bring up a well balanced child she must devote much energy to that child. The child will inherit every single dysfunction that that mother has, every single belief system, every single idiosyncrasy and that becomes the child’s task to unravel so that it can evolve and learn to love itself. If people who have come to wholeness have a child there will be no dysfunction in the child and the child will hold an energy of love, creativity, joy and bring enlightenment and peace to the planet. The energy of motherhood should be a welcome energy here on earth, but mothers have been blamed for many, many things, as have fathers.

Tonight our focus is with motherhood and with terror and abundance. Mothers in general must be angry at their world, going out to work and leaving their children in others hands to bring the child up and perhaps feeling their needs are not truly met. Often the man who becomes the father of the children cannot support them and cannot love the mother of his children. The energy of terror dear ones is often too difficult to be faced. We have gone to great lengths this night to create a very safe space, to create a very safe environment for the terrorized child to be healed. Terror is so great in mass consciousness that the world is at war around terror. Terror is almost unspeakable and almost unlovable but our Creator gave us nothing we couldn’t handle. It is for us to pour love into that terror, like the terror that two powerful nations feel at the foundations of their society which comes as a result of lack of love in relationships. Dear ones, this is not a judgement this is to help you to find love, this is to bring love into your relationships. Once that almost invisible scar of terror is released from your psychology your own personal world will heal and more and more love will come into your relationships. You will become that pillar that can hold up a powerful temple and create relationships that at this moment are only dreams.

The energy of terror also creates another phenomena, self-hatred and closely behind it self sabotage. A person who has a terrorized inner child will create and contain the energy of self hatred and self sabotage; with that energy in your own bodies who would wonder why your life never goes easily and smoothly. As we heal the inner child that is terrorized we release the energies of self-hatred and self-sabotage. 99% of the planet’s population contain this energy and the 1% that don’t contain it are generally in the east and have released it through meditation and extensive spiritual practice.

Dear ones, allow yourselves to feel the release from these dark energies, these energies that have held your life back for so long and in its place allow Divine love to flow… You should know that motherhood is an honour, it is an esteemed position. Mothers must be held in a space where they can heal their childhood wounds for there is great responsibility in motherhood… they bring forth the new generations. There is much responsibility in motherhood but it is for men to also create that space, that safety for a woman not to have terror and fear in her psychology but to have true love… a sacred space to bring a completely new generation forward.

With the new energy comes the Indigo Children and as much as it is the energies of the wizards that are contained in the grid beyond Christ consciousness the Indigo Children are also all connected to this grid… this grid is now newly activated as we speak in this moment. All children born now will be connected to this grid and they come to earth with a completely different consciousness. You will ask “what of the previous Indigo Children that have been born?” They also are renewing and strengthening their connection to this grid. With the activation of this new grid comes the activation of the release of the energy of terror. It will be like a domino effect of all deep, dark negative emotion. It is like a door being unlocked and opened, the dark energy will release into the ether and will be transformed into love and your lives will flow as never before. You will have the courage, strength and energy to take the good decisions for your life, the decisions that will bring love, abundance, joy and freedom. There is a great deal at stake here for many parties. Terror has been used to control the masses and with this knowledge and wisdom this night that energy of control is being released. It is a small beginning here in Cape Town but hold the child in your arms and maintain that gaze and allow the inner child to come to your heart, allow that child to feel safe and secure. Allow that child to feel Divine love, allow the child to feel the connectedness of this circle and allow yourself to feel the energy of transformation. Sit with this energy. Be in this energy.

As you sit in this energy, acknowledge any aches and pains in your body or any feelings you may have… as you acknowledge them there will be an automatic release. Your energy will automatically expand as you unhook from the energy of terror. You will automatically become liberated and free. You will have a different feeling in your body but your mind may wish to walk down the same path time and time again. Place your awareness in your mind and observe any patterns of behaviour or any patterns of thought that are directly related to terror, acknowledge and release them. Allow love into those thoughts and thought patterns. Your deepest fear is not to be small; your deepest fear is to be magnificent beyond belief. Acknowledge that fear and let it go. Allow your mind to clear… your guides are at your feet and this room is filled with many spirits and the Kryon energy.

Accept yourselves as diamonds… accept yourself in this energy that we bring to you this night… let love flow through your heart… receive love… give love. Allow the terror to shift and the dark energies to flow and take one radical step into a new consciousness. A consciousness in a world where you will truly create your own reality, where you will live your dreams and where you will not be suppressed by energies that no longer serve you.

This is Kryon of Magnificent Service. Sit with this energy for a little while and allow it to release… this is a whole New World, a new fantastic point of view. No one to tell you “no” or say “you’re only dreaming”. This world belongs to you.

Go well and God Bless for this is Kryon signing out.



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Kryon (South Africa)

Kryon (South Africa)

Planet Earth has been through a special experience is the last few thousand years: - the separation from God. Kryon is here to take you on the journey home, and to connect you with your inner divinity, for you are all magical beings of this universe, magnificent beyond your comprehension.


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