Activation of the Chakra of the New Age

Greetings dear ones for I AM Kryon of Magnetic Service.

It’s wonderful to be with you all this night, this very night. There is much love and much change in the air. The new world is coming and there will be a peaceful transition into the new world; many, many changes are going to come to this earth.

For the last 3600 years there has been a cycle of war and unconsciousness, for the last 3600 years this planet has been controlled by a ruthless dark masculine energy; the days for this energy are numbered. There is a great state of awareness coming. This planet is being controlled by an industrial- military complex. Behind this complex there are a handful of people. The money on this planet is unfairly shared around the world. 99% of the people have 1% of the wealth and 1% of the population has 99% of the wealth; this is all about the change. The masses on the planet are beginning to become aware of this situation. The Internet provides information that the mainstream media does not offer; the media is owned by that 1% that owns the 99% this is what the symbol of the obelisk is all about. The pyramid at the very top of the obelisk is the symbol of the ruling classes and beneath it are the masses, your average human being that goes out to work every day to earn his daily bread. For these 3600 years the truth has been hidden and now the truth is going to become known to all. Everybody will eventually become divine conscious. First of all Christ conscious in the 4th dimension and then there will be new levels of consciousness on the 5th dimension, and all these things will begin to happen at the end of this year. The new world is coming dear ones. It is a world of love and of hope, of excitement.

This planet has been controlled like a prison cell. Your bankers tell you half a truth, the military tells you half a truth, the politicians tell you half a truth if you’re lucky, and the religions tell you half the truth. Your education system fills your heads with nonsense;, anything to keep you disconnected from the divine. On the 21st of Dec 2012, this is as unconscious as the planet gets, and then you start the long haul back into consciousness, back into love, where your hearts and your minds will be connected to the universe and where you’ll feel that universal harmony. There are many ways to become harmonious and conscious, and this channel of Kryon has the fastest way possible.

And once you understand what consciousness is, and once you understand the healing journey it will make so much sense to so many people. The lights will go on around the world.

We’ve already done a little psychometry here this evening and the consciousness of everybody in the room is much changed from even a year ago; your hearts are all beginning to open and this is happening all around the world. People are becoming awake and enlightened, the love is flowing through their hearts and they’re beginning to see through the rhetoric of the establishment. It’s always been known that love will conquer all, and the journey to the new world is one of love; love and the light will dissolve the darkness. There are more and more people joining this path into consciousness. You are all on automatic, all connected to the universe and the planets are moving into a position that will trigger yourselves and your DNA and for those of you who that are not awake they will begin to awaken you; those of you that are awake and have been doing your inner work for many years you will feel a phenomenal force bringing you into full consciousness, making you whole and complete, and the love will flow and you will be creating your world and your life out of pure love. This will take a little time, but for those of you that are meant to go through on the first wave of consciousness will be very clear and whole by March 2013. There will be many, many that are whole and complete on the 21st day of December 2012. They will be like radio beacons, awakening all of those that surround them. Just like a pebble on a still pond. The new world is coming dear ones.

So just close your eyes and go inside… and feel the room… this night the room is full of spirit and full of love. Your spirit guides are at your feet, they’re in honour of the work you’ve done; not only have you honoured your soul group but you’re honouring all of those in physical form on this earth. You are lifting the consciousness of this planet. And just allow the love to flow… be in your body and put your attention and your consciousness in your heart… and once again allow your hearts to connect with everybody in the room… allowing the love to flow… and just let the feelings into your body… let them come and let them go.

And allow the new world to flow into your heart allowing the energies of the 4th dimension to flow into your heart and just allowing Mother Earth beneath you to ascend to the 4th dimension. Not only humanity but the entire planet is going to ascend to the 4th dimension. And just feel the energies of the 4th dimension surround you. And feel this 4th dimensional energy activating your thymus gland allowing this new chakra, the chakra of the new age, to open; to form and to open.

We are here this night, dear ones, to bring the energies to activate this new chakra, and to allow the connection for everybody in the room to connect to them through the thymus gland, through the chakra of the new age. And so just allow the chakra to open and to take form, it’s there already… its all been prepared for you. And you yourselves have prepared yourselves for this night, so just allow this thymus gland, this chakra of the new age to activate. This is a turquoise-coloured chakra. And just allow your spirit guides and the Kryon energy to support this, and the energies of Mother Earth, and just allowing these energies to encompass you, and to hold you, and allow the love to flow. And dropping deeper and deeper and deeper, into your bodies and experiencing this activation, allowing the love to flow, and the energies of the 4th dimension to flow, activating yourselves, your DNA and the new turquoise chakra positioned between your heart chakra and your throat chakra.

And just begin to become like a sponge soaking up the energies that are in this room and allowing the love to flow. For the love and the energies of Kryon will dissolve anything in the way of this activation.

And just imagine this new turquoise chakra; as you imagine this new chakra it will activate. And this new chakra will mean that you always communicate in love. Initially this will be chakra of the healers. This will support your own healing and your own cells and your own DNA activation. And it will express your healing, moving you through into this new consciousness, a 4th dimensional consciousness; you cannot be controlled or manipulated. You will see the truth as clear as crystal. And initially this turquoise chakra will awaken every cell in your body and activate it in a positive way so that you begin to create your reality out of love, bringing the new world into your heart. And once that you’re whole and complete then you will become like a radio beacon and you will be transmitting this energy of love, first of all through your friends and your family, and you will become stronger and stronger, and you will connect to each other, creating a network of love, turquoise love, emitting it throughout this planet and awakening those that are not awake, bringing their consciousness to a consciousness of the new age.

In this old energy you have been creating your world out of negative emotion; this will be completely, completely finished. And you’ll be creating a completely love-based reality. At this very moment, this Earth plane is controlled by a military-industrial complex, completely heartless, these people are without love, they don’t know what love is, they don’t know how to share love, and they don’t want to know.

These vibrations will even reach these people’s hearts and awaken the hierarchy of this planet’s heart. Unfortunately for them it will be too late; they will lose all their power on this planet. There is a completely new consciousness coming to rule and control this planet; that consciousness will based in the Flower of Life. It will be a divine consciousness. And we use the words “rule and control” because the English language cannot understand what is happening, there are no words for this new kind of leadership. You will all be free, you will all be equal, you will all be filled with love, and you will all be of divine consciousness. You will always be creating your reality out of love, and the love will flow. As you become whole and complete your hearts will be new and fresh and alive and you will all begin to meet that other half of yourself, you can call it if you like a twin flame, for in the beginning when you left God you split into two, two separate consciousness, one masculine, one feminine; and you will find your masculine or your feminine half once you’re whole and complete, and that will complete your heart, and once you have found that other aspect of yourself, you’ll begin to radiate even more energy, at a much higher and stronger vibration.

This planet is on a journey into a completely new consciousness, into a completely new world , into a world that you love, into a consciousness that you’ve always dreamed of, and your dreams will come true and you will create a planet amongst yourselves, a beautiful planet, just the way you want it. Everybody will feel absolutely loved, absolutely safe, and absolutely secure. Each and every individual will be Christ conscious. You will be living your life connected to the universe and living your life in universal harmony. So just allow the energies in your body to rise higher and higher and higher to the energies of the 4th dimension, and your bodies need a lot of training for this, your bodies are afraid. Your bodies are afraid of love, even afraid of life, and this new consciousness, energy and vibration your body needs to get used to, like everything.

And dear ones, these are exciting times; things are changing to a love-based reality. And just feel your bodies, and allow the vibration of your body to rise higher and higher, allow your spirit guides and the Kryon energies to support this process, lifting you into a new world, a world of love, joy and freedom. Allowing the energies in your body to morph into the format of the Flower of Life., There is a fully activated grid around this earth, and has been for over 2,000 years, and that is the grid of the Flower of Life. Allow yourselves to connect to this grid, bringing to you the energy of the Christ consciousness, the knowledge and the wisdom of the universe.

And just allow your vibrations to go higher and higher and higher.
This very night the portals are open for this connection. Allow this connection, and allow these new energies to flow through your crown chakra, flowing into your 3rd eye, your throat chakra, and the turquoise chakra, the new chakra of the new age; this connection will activate this new chakra . And feel how instantly your energies are beginning to feel so much smoother, and allow these energies to flow into your heart, into your solar plexus, into your second chakra, into your base chakra, then connecting to the very heart of Mother Earth. New connections have been prepared for this in the heart of Mother Earth; Mother Earth is fully aware that she is ascending to a new consciousness. Allow these new energies, the energies of the Flower of Life, give permission so that they can activate your cells and DNA.
As these new energies flow into your body, allow the negative energies to move out… let the energies come and go… we’re now at 95% of the energy of 21st December 2012 and these new energies are being anchored in here in Kapoli.

As this new energy flows through you, give permission for the masculine and feminine energies inside your body to merge; they are now being held by the new energies of the new world. Your spirit guides are working with you activating your cells and your DNA and connecting your crown chakra directly to the grid of the Flower of Life. This will be a process that takes a few months; your spirit guides and the Kryon energy will work with you to maintain this new energy and this new activation. You will be supported and you will have very, very clear guidance from your spirit guides. The energies are stabilizing at 95%. Ask your spirit guides to give you a little message, a physical message to let you know that they’re there; maybe they’ll scratch your nose or tickle your cheek. What is also activating is a new level of spirit guidance; once again, you have to give permission for this new level of guidance.

We’re up to 97%, 98%, 99%, and 100% of the energy of the 21st of December of 2012. For those of you that are in this room and for those of you are meant to read this channelling, this is exactly how you will feel on that day, the 21st of December 2012.

We’re going to hold this energy for a few minutes to let your body get used to this energy and to continue activating your cells and your DNA. Dear ones, this is how the new you will feel.
Just stay with the feelings and with the energies… and let the feelings come and let them go. Put your awareness and your consciousness behind your new turquoise chakra, and just spend some time observing the chakra.

So stay for little while longer at this level of energy… let the feelings come and let the feelings go… and just observe the 4th dimension, at the moment it is beyond your intellectual capacity, but your mind is being activated also.

And so dear ones, this is Kryon signing out. We’re anchoring the energies of the Flower of Life and the Divine Consciousness here at Kapoli, San Jose, Costa Rica. Go well and God bless, for this is Kryon signing out. Thank you all.

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Sandra Smyre 17th February 2012 3:43 pm

Thank you David for channeling Kryon and for delivering such a powerful message. I resisted the computer for years and have just come on board, Spirit Library is such a gift from the universe as are you. In Lovelight, Sandra


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