"Aim to become your authentic self"

Greetings Dear Ones, for I AM KRYON of Magnetic Service.

It is wonderful to be with you all tonight. There is much love in the air. Spirit is in the room as are great entities from the angelic realms. Switzerland, in the heart of Europe, is undergoing great change. A new state of being and a new energy is taking place. Switzerland has always been known for its precise methodology – everything working smoothly. It has not always been harmonious for there have been many difficult emotions and much energy and anger. On the surface it may appear smooth but underneath it is sometimes like a hornet’s nest.

This new energy will keep the Swiss moving smoothly through the Universe. The emotional state is changing, shifting from a survival mechanism into a spiritual mechanism. Great changes are happening all over the world and as promised by Kryon ten years ago; there will be a magnetic shift of approximately 5 degrees on the earth’s grid. This shift has already been made but now humanity must catch up and allow the exchange of energy and let it to flow. Love is the only way - love is the answer. There is a new Europe, a new power base in the world. In ten years time Europe will not be divided. It will be governed by a federation of states and this government will be respected. The peoples of the EEU will work closely and harmoniously together.

Emotions create thoughts which create reality – thoughts create emotions which create reality. You will learn to become more in control of your emotions. You will create wherever your emotions are focused. All of you who have been on a spiritual path working with emotional healing will notice a great difference in your state of being and the reality that you create. This reality creates four feelings and these are: anger; sadness; fear and joy. The emotions containing anger, sadness and fear, will slowly but surely fall away and you will create more out of love. Emotional balance is creating a state of love within you, creating a relationship that works. It is being connected to Mother Earth and Father Sky and becoming the Divine child. Send love to the dark spaces within yourself. For 2000 years the Catholic Church has ruled the spiritual domain of most of Europe but it is the people of the Catholic Church who have created the consciousness of Christ and Mother Mary. There is a grid of Christ consciousness around the earth. Contained within that grid is the answer to every single human problem. You have direct access to this grid where light is focused like a laser beam on your problems and they soon disappear.

So, close your eyes and go inward and get in touch with your bodies. Feel the energy around you and make contact with it. Go deeper and deeper into your essential self. You may experience the dark side but there can be no shame of any energy that we carry. You are at the very end of your lineage – you are the one that carries everything of your ancestors. It may also be that their struggles in life may be your struggles too. They are passed down from parent to child. It’s not the way your mother or father treated you that creates your imprinting but the way they treated one another. The better their relationship, the better your relationship with yourself.

The aim of the journey is to completely resolve all issues with your parents. The release of your relationship with your parents will help you connect to Mother Earth and Father Sky. If you connect to Mother Earth - the archetypal mother - and Father Sky - the archetypal father - and completely resolve all issues of your inner child you will become part of the Divine triangle comprising father, mother and child. Your dreams shall manifest instantly; Divine will result.

Under your mother’s feet you will find Heaven and Earth. It is most important to come to a state of resolution with your mother and father. Only when you get to the state of the Divine triangle can you take the next step forward in human evolution. When you reach that state you enter a new dimension that is love based. A dimension of wonder and amazement where you are king in your own kingdom, where you are the magician in your own magical realm, where you are the warrior who picks and always wins his fights and where you love like you could only dream you could love... and be loved. In this state you will be highly energized, your dreams will almost instantly come true. You will stand up straight on your own two feet without fear, hate or anger in your body.

Now, slowly scan your bodies and feel the energy and the beauty of all the people that surround you. Be gentle and let your hearts soften. Let the energy of compassion and love enter. This love and compassion is purely for you and no one else.

Dear ones, you are all loved. YOU ARE ALL LOVED FOR NO REASON WHATSOEVER. Be aware of the energy of compassion. Go into that space that won’t feel, the part of you that doesn't feel worthy of that love. There are many conditions on earth that stop you loving and compound your not being loved. If your parents bring your karma through you may experience that kind of life on the earth plane and learn the lessons of love. In every lesson there may be an absence of love. There are only problems where love is absent. But, problems can be handled if love is focused on the problem and allowed to flow into it. Everything on this planet is either masculine of feminine - a duality. The masculine of the problem is the issue and the feminine is the emotion. The emotion sits inside your body and the energy that is driven through the emotion creates the issue in your external world.

It is pointless trying to solve issue after issue when the core of the problem is the emotion that lies within you. The karma that you bring with you from your past lives is handed down from mother to child beginning with the child in the womb. 90% of the karma is driven through the mother and only 10% through the father. As the child’s life goes through the first seven years, 70% to 80% of its karma is driven through the imprinting between birth and these seven years, the rest as you grow older. Everything is driven through your parents.

A connection must be made once again from the inside and you, in your external world, will see coincidences. A coincidence is the masculine of a connection. It is the external manifestation of an internal connection. These connections are very like a telephone system where you are connected to Father Sky and Mother Earth. Your main connections are through the base chakra to the heart of Mother Earth and to the Great Central Sun. The centre of your heart connects to the heart of Mother Earth and the Great Central Sun. The other chakras are also connected to the heart of Mother Earth and the Great Central Sun. Even though they seem to be of lesser importance than the other chakras, they are of equal importance. Wherever there is a disconnection between yourself and the heart of Mother Earth, this is normally an issue or an emotion with your mother. Where there is a disconnection with the heart of Father Sky, this is normally an issue or emotion to do with your father. The inner child, at this stage of development, operates through the heart center. If things are not resolved with your inner mother and father and there is no connection between the base chakra of the heart of Mother Earth and the crown chakra of the Great Central Sun, then the inner child will not heal.

As soon as you resolve the issues with your mother and father then the issues with the child will resolve. This is very important to understand and once you do, your healing will be fast-tracked and you will know exactly where you are going. You will no longer wander aimlessly around but rather head straight back to your connection to the Divine; this with a clear and full understanding of how your energy works on your first step the journey to consciousness. With each emotion or issue that is resolved comes a new level of consciousness. Remember, consciousness is love.

We began this channelling talking of the dark places inside you. These are the unconscious places and once light has shone in those dark spaces, you will have a deeper understanding of yourself, your own life and the difficulties in living life to the full. You will understand why other people live their lives they way they do because you now understand the difficulties in living life to the full.

So, let your hearts soften and open wide. In the receptivity there is love and in the softness and gentleness there is healing. The word “heal” comes from the old English word “whole” which means “to make yourself whole.” As a child you were soft and gentle, loving and connected. It takes a very strong and powerful adult to become very soft and gentle but the paradox is that in the softness and gentleness you can hold strength and power. Everything in this Universe is in duality. Strong and powerful people become so because they use their power and strength to achieve softness and gentleness. They receive the gifts of the Universe and connect and let energy flow from the heart of Mother Earth through their bodies to the heart of the Great Central Sun. The sacred masculine energy flows from the heart of the Great Central Sun through your body, merges with the sacred feminine and connects to the heart of Mother Earth. True creation only happens when the masculine and feminine energies merge. When you operate on full power, maximum energy flows through your body from the hearts of Mother Earth and the Great Central Sun and the merging of the masculine and feminine energies takes place.

There is also a slight twist because as the centre of your heart opens and connects with the heart of Mother Earth and of the Great Central Sun, your inner child will grow and become its authentic self. If you are a woman, your inner child will be feminine. If you are a man the inner child will be masculine. If you have issues relating to your sexuality or to people of the opposite sex, you will find this energy will not flow easily. Once again, when you are in a state of full power, Mother and father issues will be resolved. It now becomes easy to place fragments of the inner child together in a space of wholeness in your heart.

At present your bodies are set within the energy of 2010. Scan your body and be aware of the feeling. Let this feeling integrate inside your body. Love has its way. Love is a miracle. Most problems arise as a result of an absence of love. Permit love to flow through your problems. Accept one problem after another into your body and let love dissolve them. By so doing, your energies will expand. Every resolved problem will carry you to a higher vibration and bring you closer to the magnetic shift of 2010. Here you will step into a “love energy” where all your realities will be created through love.

In this energy, in this moment, you are all connected to Mother Earth through the base, second and third chakras and to Father Sky through the throat, the third eye and the crown chakra and your heart will be connected to both. Become part of this energy for this is who you will be in four years time. Every person here and reading this is part of the Kryon family. You are all connected underneath the umbrella of Kryon and will receive wisdom from Kryon. You will be given direct access to Kryon who will help you find answers to your problems. Where there is childhood hurt, you will be guided to the consciousness of Christ or Mother Mary. When you are clear about your issue or problem, then the light of consciousness will be guided to the place of hurt and your healing will be almost instantaneous.

It is important to remember that your inner child cannot be healed until your mother and father's healing is complete.

So, with open hearts that are filled with softness and gentleness, recall a time in your life when you were a small child and your mother or father was angry, hurt or upset around you. Now, let the love of compassion and forgiveness flow through your hearts to your mother and father. Place the two of them in a magical ball of love. Thank God for the miracle of forgiveness and let the consciousness of your forgiving flow through your heart to your parents. Once again your parents strengths are your strengths - their weaknesses, your weaknesses.

On this journey on earth we should all aim to become our authentic selves. This has absolutely nothing to do with the so-called norms of society. Who you are meant to be has nothing to do with anything... only that you are meant to be. Your power is in your authenticity. Your power is in resolving your relationship with your parents, healing the inner child and becoming exactly who you are meant to be. Your journey of healing will bring you many, many gifts. But as you become your authentic self, you will also bestow many gifts to others and you will be in a state of bliss. Dear ones, embrace love - it is the only way. By doing so, you will discover true happiness and become the person you are truly meant to be. You will be astounded!

Your spiritual guides are at your feet in awe and honour of the work you are doing. Let them wash your aura and be aware of the love they have for you.

Dear ones, this is Kryon signing out. Go well, and God Bless.



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Kryon (South Africa)

Kryon (South Africa)

Planet Earth has been through a special experience is the last few thousand years: - the separation from God. Kryon is here to take you on the journey home, and to connect you with your inner divinity, for you are all magical beings of this universe, magnificent beyond your comprehension.


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