Ascension: The role of Costa Rica

(The recording device malfunctioned at the start of this channelling, so the transcription starts about three paragraphs into the channelling…)

Allow your energies to become soft, let your energies become gentle as spirit begins to fill the room. Your spirit guides are arriving at your feet, in awe and in honour of the work that you have done here on the planet. Once again we say there is a new world coming; many many changes have happened and already the changes are happening; the banking industry is being pulled into integrity. The sensational reports of the sexual abuse in the Catholic Church, is not by chance either; for the Catholic Church is also being brought into integrity with Christ and what is higher.

Many structures on this planet are here to be adjusted and changed with love as the first intention. Love is the way of the new world. Love is the answer of every problem. So as we enter this new age we will experience many problems; and your problems will come and they will go, for all a problem is, is an absence of love. A problem on the inside creates a problem in your outer world so a problem is always better dealt with in your inner world. Use your energies to find your problems on the inside and once you have solved it on the inside your problems in the outside world won’t occur again.

Thoughts create emotions which create reality. Emotions create thoughts which create reality. This is the secret of life dear ones; it is through just your emotions and thoughts… allow them to flow. When you feel good you create good things. When you are thinking good things you create good things and when you think negative you feel negative. Don’t judge yourselves; acknowledge your thoughts and your feelings, for inside yourself somewhere is an aspect of yourself that is hurt in some way that thinks and feels negatively. This is not all of you, it is just a small aspect of yourself, your maker or creator never gives you more than you can handle, you never get more than you can handle. Don’t allow your problems to overwhelm you.

If you feel overwhelmed then there is a part of you that is overwhelmed… so allow the love to flow, allow yourself to connect with everyone in the room through your heart centre. Sending and receiving love to and from each other to and from everybody in the room. Allowing your hearts to gently expand gently allowing your hearts to expand and when you feel any resistance or blockage in your hearts allow the group energy to release this. Dissolve the blockage and allow yourself to connect to Mother-Earth through the soles of your feet and your base chakra. Feel the connection to Mother-Earth and allow yourselves to drop deeper and deeper into your bodies. Dropping deeper and deeper and deeper into your bodies.

Allow for a connection to Father-Sky through the crown chakra to the heart of the Great Central Sun, and allow the father energies to flow through your crown chakra from your third eye through your throat chakra, through your heart chakra through your solar plexus, your second chakra and your base chakra and allow your energies to connect with the energies of Mother-Earth. Allow yourself to close your eyes and once again dropping deeper into your bodies - for this is the journey dear ones, the journey into your bodies. All of you, all the aspects of you, letting go of all the things that are not love and becoming more and more love every day in every way. Allow the love to flow… as the love flows into your bodies what is not love must flow out like an empty milk bottle. Pouring the milk and the air must come out. Pouring the love into your bodies… what is not love must come out.

Allow the feelings of love in the room to rise. This night we are taking you to the new energies the energies of 2012, you need to let some things go and spirit will hold your fears and your emotional state so you can allow your bodies to rise to the new energies. It takes patience, it takes care, it takes honesty and integrity. You have to be true about what you are feeling inside. If you feel angry acknowledge your anger, let it come and let it go. If you feel sad be honest about your sadness… let the sadness come and let it go. If you feel fear own your fear… let your fear come and let it go. It is these feelings that hold you back; it’s these feelings that keep you holding in the same space.

Allow the love to flow more and more into your bodies at the same time dropping deeper and deeper into your bodies. You are all on a journey into a new world, a world of your dreams, a world where everything comes true; that world is on a different vibration and you are all on a journey to move from one vibration to the next, one dimension to the next. In the new world you will create your reality from pure love. Allow the love to flow and let the love dissolve what is not love. Remember as the love flows into your bodies something must flow out. So for those of you that are feeling something other than love just know that it is okay; the love is releasing emotions that are not love and those emotions will come and they will go.

You are all here to learn about love… love in the Western world is not well understood… love is about being connected to the divine; true love is true divine connection… where you are completely open to the divine, when you feel your bodies in a state of ecstasy, where you are connected to the divine through all of your seven chakras. Allow the love to flow and allow the energies to rise higher and higher and higher. Letting you into a new world… and allow your hearts to expand little by little, step by step… already the vibration of the room is rising and this is just through the invocation of love.
This room is full of spirit… you are being fully supported here… you are being lifted to a new level… your spirit guides are at your feet… allow yourselves to feel them… let them touch you… give them your permission to feel you. Maybe you will find some tickling on your face… let them touch you in a way that you know that they are there; they need you to feel safe and loved this evening. All change is cataclysmic, all change is difficult. You always think and worry before you make changes, this time there is not much time to think and worry… the changes will come with the new consciousness and will flow from the stars.

The entire solar system is here in its full support of planet earth and its ascension into a new world; it is not planet earth that is ascending… it is the human beings that are ascending and it takes each one of you to do your inner work to make the changes happen… be gentle with yourself, you will find many things that are not in order… this is the human disposition. You have come to this planet to experience duality and unconsciousness. You have come to earth for a journey… every human being comes on a journey from unconsciousness into consciousness. You are all on a journey from an absence of love into love.

Love and consciousness are the same… you are here to learn to love… not only yourselves but your families. We are here on this earth to dissolve the darkness and allow the new world to flow. This is a step by step journey and these days the steps are getting closer and closer together. You have to live by your intuition, follow your intuition and allow yourselves to connect deeper and deeper with the core of your authentic selves. You are all butterflies in this room… and you are all still wrapped in your cocoons. By 2012 you will have unravelled your cocoon and you will be able to fly. That is without exception, everyone in this room will move through in this first wave of ascension status.

As you are hearing this message allow the feelings to come and allow the feelings go… just let the feelings come and let the feelings go for this is about Costa Rica. Costa Rica is in a strategic position not only politically but more importantly energetically situated between North and South America, between the Caribbean and the Pacific. There is everything here, all the energies are centred and focussed here for your ascension. The energies have always been here but the technology and the understanding has not always. It came, it went, and it is coming back again. The understanding of human love is coming back, for this is what ascension is about, it is about human love, human connection.

You are all mini-solar systems; that is your potential. Nothing in this universe is by chance, so when you look up and see the stars and the sun, when you see the sun, this is a divine way of speaking. If you look deep, deep inside yourself you will find the same. As we come closer to 2012 it is for you to bring your inner solar system into harmony, just as the solar system in the outside world is always in harmony. The sun is the father, the earth is the mother, and the moon is the child and the feminine cycles. The sun never stops shining. The earth always orbits the sun. The sun holds the earth. Day by day, seven days a week, three hundred and sixty five days a year from the beginning of time until the end of time into infinity.

As you work with your own fathers you begin to heal your own father energy and you will create a bigger and bigger connection to father-sky allowing your inner mother to expand the feminine, allowing the roots of your inner mother to penetrate deep into the heart of mother earth. Allow yourselves to go deeper and deeper and your energies to go higher and higher; the more you expand the more the love will flow. Kryon will hold the energies of your fears, your fears around this expansion… the more you expand the more love can flow through you… love is divine and the more the divine flows through you the more divine you become.

Allow yourselves to go higher and higher and you will feel that the spirits are now holding your fears and your emotional state, allowing your bodies to expand into this new energy. We are at about 85% of what it will feel like in 2012. We say that many things are being sorted out on this earth, many structures are being changed, religious structures, financial structures and the structure within yourself; the structure of yourself will be once again based on the dodecahedron… your powers will become stronger and your Kundaleni will begin to rise and be constantly energised.

Allow yourselves to feel your bodies and just be in your bodies and feel what you are feeling for the essential process is not an intellectual process; it is far beyond you minds. Allow your lives to calm… this journey is far beyond the intellect… it is a journey of the heart. You are taking the part of the heart, and you are following your heart into the new world, you have to learn to listen to your heart… to follow your heart, to let your head go and to let your mind go, for your life will become filled with the energies of intuition. Allow your minds to calm… your mind may feel uncomfortable in this energy… if it does then acknowledge the discomfort… let the discomfort come and let it go. Your mind will become reconnected to a new way of thinking and a new way of thinking will require changes in your life… and as we said earlier change is not easy.

The last thing you want is your mind in the way… your mind is going to become the divine mind… the minds of the first wave of people will become one with the divine in 2012… in fact, the whole ascension process will be completed by the end of 2012. There are many people going through into this new energy as we speak now… be gentle with yourselves for this is a process and the process is to bring your inner mother and your inner father into integrity with the archetypal mother and the archetypal father, Father God and Mother God.

We are here to take you on a journey… for you to become magical beings of this universe allowing you to walk that magical path between heaven and earth. Kryon’s teaching of magic is the physical manifestation of divine will. Allow your bodies to settle… we are around 90% of the energy of 2012… feel your feelings, feel what it feels like know that it is safe to go to this place… observe the world around you. For 90% we know what the world looks like, the next 10% is your choice, what you want your new world to look like, who you want to lead, how you want to live.

Your spirit is here in deep intense support and spirit brings energy by the day, it brings more and more intense support to help you on this journey… know that your journey is from disharmony into harmony, from unconsciousness into consciousness, from problem into love, from darkness into light. It is for you to know that this is your journey and it is for you to know that you are moving through the veil. You are now 90%, 91 % and just continue to observe your bodies and just feel what you are feeling.

Allow these new energies to flow through your problems… think of your problem and soak up your new energies… absorb the new energies and allow yourself to ascend… the energies are rising quickly now… we can’t hold it for long at the moment, but the energy is rising very quickly… allow yourself to feel the waves through your bodies, its like the dimmer switch on a light that has been turned up, that is what is happening to you, you will look at the world in a completely different way.
You are part of the first wave on your journey into the new world; all in this room are leaders of the new age. Allow any blockages and resistance to dissolve in this energy… let the feelings come and let the feelings go. Place your energies and your awareness in your pelvis and observe your Kundaleni rise and just give your Kundaleni a voice, allow it to speak, allow your Kundaleni to speak, allow it to rise. This is all part of the new age, the new world, you couldn’t take a better action if you tried just look around and just observe your dreams manifesting for in this new energy your dreams will automatically manifest… just let them manifest.

Allow the love to flow, for we are now at 97%... and allow your connection to Mother-Earth to get stronger and stronger… allow your base chakra to expand… allow the energies to flow… allow your connection to Mother-Earth to get stronger and stronger. Allow your crown chakra to expand and open even more… allowing for more and more divine connection. Allow these energies of Mother-Earth and Father-Sky to flow through your bodies, to mix and to merge… be patient with yourselves… just be patient and allow the energies to mix and to merge. The father and the mother, the masculine and the feminine, South America, North America, the Pacific and the Caribbean… all coming together one place at one hundred percent in 2012. This is Costa Rica, these are the energies… feel the energies… hold the energies… observe the world the way it is in 2012…

For this is Kryon signing out, see you in 2012, thank you and god bless.

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queen 7th September 2010 6:36 am

Thankyou, I have been crying today without any reason why, now I understand....Love and more love to you all :smitten:

COBALT 7th September 2010 6:41 pm

Thank you. :smitten:

Nikola 8th September 2010 3:18 am

Thanks Kryon and David.


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