Awakening the Kundalini

Greetings Dear Ones for I AM KRYON of Magnetic Service.

It is wonderful to be with you this night, this very night in Salzburg. The weather has changed and winter is on its way and a new world is dawning; there have been many, many changes in the past few months both on an individual basis and a global basis. The truth is beginning to filter through and a new truth is entering this planet; that truth will begin to set everybody free. In the years to come everybody will have a very strong and powerful Kryon connection and you will also be creating your reality out of love. It will still be that you will have free will on this planet, and it will become so much clearer that your choices made out of love be will be the choices that are wise to make. For love, as we have always said in these channelings, is always the answer for every problem; on the inside is the problem and the outside world reflects the problem. Every problem is where there is an absence of love, a place in your body where the love doesn't flow.

We ask you in this moment to close your eyes and go inside and allow for a connection, first of all to Father-Sky, allow for a connection to the heart of the Great Central Sun, through the crown chakra, moving through all the chakras and out of the base chakra and connecting to the heart of Mother-Earth. Allow this father energy to cleanse and purify.

Allow these energies; there may be resistance or a blockage in your body. Feel the energy flowing through your body and when it arrives between the second and base chakra allow this energy to energise the Kundalini, energize those snakes that rest in your pelvic region. Be gentle with yourselves and allow these snakes to rise, they know how to do it they just need some father energy and some love… this is what they want… allow them to rise and allow the energies to constantly flow for this will help you stay connected especially when you go through difficult times. Once these snakes of the Kundalini stay constantly aroused your energy will not collapse in the face of adversity, so allow this Kundalini to be energised with love and with the father energy and feel the shift. Feel the movement in the base chakra, your pelvis, and feel the energy of the Kundalini beginning to move. This energy will bring you connectedness; it will make you feel safe and secure and loved. You could also feel quite sexy with this energy, so it’s an energy that one must revere and respect. For sexuality is sacred. And it is for you to honour and respect your sexuality. As this energy begins to rise you will feel yourself becoming more and more attracted and attractive to the opposite sex and the feeling of the Kundalini will bring a sense of fullness into your body. So continue to allow the energies of Father-Sky to flow through you and observe the Kundalini and observe it rising… let it flow through you… allow the Kundalini to rise.

All in this room this night have done much work on themselves and only those who have done a lot of meditation and inner work can go to this space where the Kundalini can be energised and rise. So Dear Ones it’s an honor to work with you this very night and this is Kryon's Christmas gift to Salzburg to bring you this gift of the Kundalini.

Allow the energies to flow… now lets allow for the energies of Mother-Earth to flow through your feet and move through the base chakra and once again the mother energy energizes the Kundalini. Allow the energies of Mother-Earth to flow through all the chakras, to flow through the crown chakra and connect with the heart of the Great Central Sun. And now give yourself the energies of Father-Sun and Mother-earth emerging. And at the same time allow your hearts to open a little wider than they are now and send love to everybody in this circle and receive love from everybody in the circle through the heart, dissolving any resistance or blockage there may be in the heart.

There is one love and that is divine love. When divine love constantly flows through you begin to feel yourself in a beautiful space, its when that flow is interrupted that you create negativity, this is not to judge yourself but to allow the divine to flow through the negativity.

The Great Central Sun holds Mother Earth in its orbit sharing all of its energy always and that is what the relationship should be between man and women once you have entered the sacred marriage. You can only really attain the sacred marriage once the Kundalini is energised; this is a spiritual journey to bring you into a state of oneness and love. This is a feeling you give to yourself and it’s a feeling you should want to give to a partner in a relationship. When two people from this state of being come together they will create an amazing beautiful reality together.

This dear ones is the energy of the new world, the energy of the new age, for man and woman together at this level of consciousness can lead the world into a new world, into new levels of consciousness. Men alone cannot do this and women alone cannot do this, this is a journey for whole people to lead the world into new dimensions; this consciousness will be completely connected between two people at the heart and it will create a completely different reality from that energy of the past.

We know that many people listening to this channeling have been waiting for this day, for this is the new energy that we bring to you this day. We will be anchoring this energy here in Salzburg, the energy of the new world. People of this consciousness will work together and open the doors once again of the church of love which has been missing for seven or eight hundred years. The church of love will once again open its doors. This is the new world, this is the way of the ancients and this is the way of the future. This is the world of the new dimension and this is what ascension is.

So just allow the love to continue to flow through your hearts and allow your hearts to glow with love. There is a very special world coming and many, many people have been working hard on themselves. We know that the rising of the Kundalini is an ancient system requiring a lot of inner work but the time will come when one man can pass it on to another or on woman can pass it on to another woman. There are very many changes coming to this planet; there are big changes coming in the banking sector and the industrial sector; also on a religious level there will be many changes. All these changes come with love and we have done what we can to teach it to be in your bodies and your hearts and with your seven chakras open we bring through even more supportive energies to see that you can maintain this through adversity.

In the future there will be one world. Everybody will be deeply connected and the energy of hierarchy will be dissolved; decisions will be taken on a much more global level and these decisions will encompass manufacturing, the banking sector and everything that is important to the resources of the world. There will be a consciousness like the grids that circle the earth and the consciousness will be based on the energies and the geometry of the flower of life, and the dodecahedron. That structure is being brought into place step by step of the way.

We have to understand that consciousness is a journey and it takes time. You that are listening to, and reading, this channeling are part of the first wave that will go on through into this consciousness first. We are getting closer and closer to 2012 but on the 11th of the 11th 2011 the first wave of people will be complete and ascended. They will be present here on earth to radiate their energies and to show everybody else the way. We say again, there will be a full divine connection for every man, woman and child on this planet and that is what is meant by ascension.

The first wave of people will be creating a reality out of pure love and their love will be Divine will and their choices will always be made out of love. The majority of these people who go first will have ascended in lifetimes gone by. It will not take long once the first wave is through to change the consciousness of this planet for everything will work on the hundred monkey’s principle. Only those who want to be left behind will be left behind. This decision will be taken on a soul level; that decision is not to be taken on a physical level. Ultimately there will be very few who don't want to take the step into ascension.

The decisions taken out of love will be human decisions and it is for you to decide how you want your planet, how many people you want to live on it and what you want it to be like, but those decisions will be taken out of love. Love and logic are not the same. The same arguments you had today will not stand up tomorrow. With the infusion of love and consciousness the answers will be very, very, different. Your lives will be very different. There will be a constant flow of love and harmony through your bodies. There will be equality and fairness on this planet. Dear Ones, the new world is coming.

Our decisions are taken in spirit world and we are to support this wave of ascension in a much stronger way than we have been doing in the past and we wish to honor you all that have done the work on yourself as this has opened gateways and star-gates and allowed more energies to flow through you; this gives us the gateway to bring more and more consciousness through to the planet and allow the earth to change in a peaceful loving and caring way.

The wars that go on in this world at the moment are as bad as it will get, it won’t get worse. The opposing sides and opposing forces will learn to bring harmony through dialogue. Problems around power and fuel will be resolved and new technology from spirit world will come through to allow a freer flow of energy and also certain powers which control free and clean energies will be released. Expect to see these changes happen very shortly. There will be new stronger and more powerful father energies flowing through and these will help everybody living on the planet feel safe secure and loved.

Things will begin to relax, things will begin to flow more easily, and your lives will begin to flow more easily. You will find that you have the time and the energy to do the things that you really want to do. By 2012 the true energy of Christ consciousness will be so strongly entrenched that there will be no force that can undermine it. The energy of Christ consciousness will be freely available for all and will release new grids which will encircle the earth and everybody’s energy systems will be set up to receive, to receive these energies and this consciousness.

Dear Ones we are very serious about this new world. This planet got into a mess through lack of consciousness. Consciousness will flow freely and love will also flow. We are entering a phase of change where the ethics will be held in a strong space. Ethics will begin to flow and the energy of ethics will begin to flow through all the major governments, through the banking and industrial sectors, and the energies that certain individuals have been harboring will be allowed to flow. Love is like electricity, you can’t really store it, it must constantly flow and that will be the way of the financial system also. Manifestation will become so much easier.

Thoughts create emotions that create reality, and emotions create thoughts that create reality. There will be lots of emotions, loving emotions, the love will flow. The consciousness of good parenting and the consciousness of good loving will flow between every body of a high consciousness and this energy and this knowledge will be shared by all. So we ask Dear Ones to just allow the love to flow and whatever in your body that it stops flowing, let the love dissolve it. We are entering a new phase, a new consciousness, a new world.

Go well and God bless for this is Kryon signing out.


misafir 7th January 2010 5:48 pm

As always, as usual, and here again, Kryon with good news. Even just hearing these makes one happy. The secret of happiness must be somewhere around here..

misafir 7th January 2010 6:22 pm

Well, let me share this also with you. Just several minutes ago, when I saw a Kryon message on the list, I was surprised. Because, I thought, I must have been seeing repeating 1's, 11:11, or 1:11, or similar numbers somewhere on the clocks, or elsewhere as would usually happen in the day just prior to the appearance of a Kryon message. But, this time I had not seen any such numbers before seeing and reading this Kryon message. Or, was it that, Kryon took notice that after the previous last message I had doubts about the originality and soundness of David Brown's channelings..? Maybe.. Nevertheless, I read the message feeling the shining energy. And, wanted to make the above remark. When I made a password login and then just returned to the article, guess I saw what ?.. The readings count was exactly 1111.. I think I'll reply that joke later on the other side of the veil.. :) :thumbs:

mifasolasi 7th January 2010 7:06 pm

The very whell known sacred :angel: Kryon energy surrounded me just before I started reading this message.. A cloud of peacefulness, :angel: a re-connection much stronger than the previous one, occured just on the start... Kryon you are always welcomed and so valuable!!!! Your Divine energy flows everywhere ...
Well ..! News are wonderful... Thank You!!!!
David Thank you so much for sharing this message
Waiting for your next one
I send Love to both :smitten:
Love :smitten:

Isbeludi11 8th January 2010 12:10 pm

David is another voice for Kryon, for Kryon is many of us higher self, like Lee Carroll says the many of us, we are in many vessels at the same time and this is profound and so very true, I have never doubt the validity of any Chanel for we are all connected at the electrical level, at the atomic level, the molecules have the same core of love and they dance at that pace because the love core is electromagnetic and is so beautiful and connect us all.There are many vessels and inside this vessels is a sound of us supreme beings that are made at God's image, I understand the kundalini real well is the energy of Yin and Yang the parents of all, the parents of Spirit who lives eternity in the electromagnetic field of the sweat of his parents, the Cosmic Lattice.I love you David, keep up the good work.Feel my love.

passionatemystic 9th January 2010 2:35 pm

Kyron's messages are full of the radiant light of love and I feel lighter, freer, more connected and ready to be the angelic presence to the world that I AM suppose to be.
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! What a beautiful soul you are David!

misafir 12th January 2010 2:41 pm

Yes, indeed thanks to David Brown. What I told above (the numerical joke from angelic realms, specifically the Kryon group since the number '1111' is representative of them) can perhaps be considered as a 'validation' for David Brown's work and service (an interesting way of assurance, for those who need assurance!). Also, the shining Kryon energy (and presence) which accompanies this channeling (the dosing of which seems to be specially adjusted for this specific channeling by Kryon) is a silent (yet strong) proof. (BTW, we see that, in case, Kryon backs up his/her channeling partner so well! :) ) So, again, thanks to David, thanks to Kryon.

DivineLight 22nd November 2010 2:26 pm

I felt the love when I read this. It resonates:)


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