"Clearing the 2nd Chakra"

Greetings dear ones, for I am Kryon of Magnetic Service.

The energy is becoming higher in the fairest Cape of them all; this is due to so many people working on themselves - working through their emotional issues. This will create job opportunities and a far stronger economy here in the Cape. Many people are more positive about their lives, about manifestation and achieving what they wish to achieve.

At the moment there are many tourists in South Africa due to the World Cup Cricket. Anyone entering the area around Cape Town will automatically enjoy a vibrational shift; they will take this shift with them, around the world. They will never be the same again after living and being present in an energy of love and truth, in an energy of high vibration, in an energy that means transformation. It will give and bring lust for transformation into any person’s life that comes to Cape Town.

It has often been said in these channellings that Cape Town represents the lower 3 chakras of mother earth combined. It represents the mother energy here on mother earth, an energy that is grounding, nurturing, and welcoming. There are so few people on earth who truly feel welcome; this is a direct reflection of how human beings treat one another. More and more love will come into everyone’s lives with the work being done by a few people; the small percentage of people who actually work on themselves and not just their material world and material life. Love has a very special way of bringing power and joy into people’s lives - without power there can be no true joy and the way to power is to live one’s dreams. Everyone has a dream and it wouldn’t be a dream if it weren’t for the fear that holds that dream in place. The more one steps into one’s fears surrounding the dream the more powerful one can become, enabling one to be able to take action and then to manifest whatever your dream should be, whether that dream be a material dream, bringing material wealth or whether it be a dream bringing abstract things such as love into one’s life; creating beautiful relationships, creating friendships and creating love, it is still a dream and there are still fears around it and until those fears have been worked through, that dream will always remain a dream.

Love has a very funny way of circumventing fear, but should that fear be there it will always be present and love will circumnavigate the fear - until the fear becomes so small it is almost invisible, but it will always be there, it is part of being human, it is very similar to the Chinese symbol of balance where you see the tiny spot of white in the blackness and the tiny spot of black in the whiteness.

The earth is now heading towards much more light in people’s lives. It is on its way through the Universe taking a special course where the masculine and feminine will come into balance and eventually the feminine will become more prominent than the masculine. At the moment the planet is driven by the logical right-brained masculine energies. Within the next few years these energies will decrease in power and the feminine energies will increase. The feminine energies are very powerful; however the masculine is absolutely necessary to manifest those feminine energies here on earth. People are learning more and more how to operate through the feminine energies. At the beginning of this channelling you have already been given a description of how to quickly manifest whatever your dream is. Your dream comes from the feminine and you’re here to bring your dreams to earth and to manifest them. Your dream is the feminine and your manifestation is masculine. All that is unknown here on earth is feminine and all that is known is masculine. The powers that be on earth know very little of the feminine and do not understand it. This is a generalisation for there is a certain core of people who fully understand this, who are a hierarchy beyond a hierarchy that control and rule this planet. They fully understand the teachings of Kryon and they are fully aware that the teachings of Kryon will bring a powerful shift of the power base here on earth. Those people who can manipulate and operate in the feminine realms and create whatever reality they wish for themselves will become very powerful. It will broaden the power base of the New Age, the Golden Age, and the people who subscribe to this belief.

We must first of all look at the word belief and see and understand belief. Belief is spelt B-E-L-I-E-F. In the middle of the word belief is the word lie. What this means is that you are given information and you are asked to believe that information but it is a lie to yourself until you prove that the belief is true. However the only way to really fully understand the workings of the Universe, or whatever information you are given, is to experience that information, or experience the Universe, until you no longer believe and then it will become experience and true knowledge.

In many ways the youth are brought up with very strange understandings. They are not allowed to express themselves as children and to feel and accept who they are. They are constantly told “don’t’ do this, do that”, “do one thing and do the other”, instead of allowing the children and the youth to experience life without judgement, allow them to touch the fire, allow them to get burnt - in that way they will understand that fire is hot and dangerous; if fire is controlled it can create a great many things. The children and the youth of this planet must be allowed to experience life. It is foolhardy to attempt to make a person believe. In forcing a person to believe what you personally believe you are taking away his hands, you are taking away life opportunity, the opportunity to truly learn, truly understand to truly become wise, become knowledgeable.

One of the greatest areas of control surrounds sexuality. Sexuality is controlled - if controlled is the correct word - from the 2nd Chakra. The 2nd chakra is the chakra of creativity. The hierarchy beyond the hierarchy fully understood this. There is so much misinformation, disinformation, lack of understanding based on sexuality that it makes almost everyone’s 2nd chakra on the planet impossible to operate clearly and freely.

There is a dual implication in the 2nd chakra. First of all there is the emotion surrounding creation and secondly there is the will to create. God operates directly through the 2nd chakra. If your 2nd chakra is cluttered with a lot of beliefs that are not true, with a lot of sexual experiences that you have shame around - financially if you’re born into poverty consciousness and if you’re angry with the person or parent of the opposite sex, this will create great damage to your 2nd chakra. It is not damage that cannot be undone but damage nevertheless.

There are many blockages in this area and the energy coming from Mother Earth will not be able to support you beyond the 2nd chakra due to it being blocked. Anything that is to be manifested is given through Mother Earth as a mother would give to a child; those things are manifested through mother earth. The feminine, the unknown, is brought into the body through the energy system and pulled through to Mother Earth using masculine energies. This unknown must then flow back through the body through the energy system of the body creating whatever you wish your dream to be, creating that dream. It is in everyone’s interest to clear out the 2nd chakra - it is of absolute importance for the New Age and the shift into the 4th dimension for this to happen as quickly as possible. There are many shameful things and much shameful behaviour around sexuality, around one’s feelings towards the opposite sex and for some strange reason there is always shame surrounding money.

We ask you to close your eyes and connect yourselves to Mother Earth and to Father Sky and place your awareness in your 2nd chakra. You may find in this chakra there are feelings of unworthiness, perhaps feelings of being bad, unwelcome here on earth, angry towards the opposite sex, of course poverty consciousness and shame around sexuality. Just allow the energies to move into your bodies, where there is darkness light must shine - there is light in the 2nd chakra for you have all created and you all continually create. Allow the energies to move from the 2nd chakra to the heart for discernment, for the heart must discern the good ideas from the bad ideas, the light from the darkness the golden shadow from the dark shadow and allow your heart to do the work of discernment moving the energies that no longer serve you, releasing negative energy and containing the love and the joy and the freedom. The love, the joy, and the freedom can be the love, joy and freedom to make money – the love, joy and freedom to make love - love, joy and freedom to love someone of the opposite sex. All of those things are your dreams.

You have all found yourselves in situations where you feel very happy at one stage in your life to have found a dream and to have enjoyed that dream, but once you got the dream you no longer wanted the dream, you were looking for the next dream and the next.

Each dream takes you along a journey through your fears into higher and higher levels of personal power into a higher vibration - into other realities. In a way this is your journey - for fear is not love and God is not fear, but you are on a journey to find God and to embrace God the Divine. You are the Divine, for all intents and purposes of this channel we’ll refer to you as the inner Divine for there is an external Divine which encompasses this planet, which encompasses all the air there is on the planet, which encompasses love, joy and freedom. Where there is not love, joy and freedom it is not to say that you are not God or not Divine for the Divine is all there is and all there is not, but you are on a journey to experience being that love, joy and freedom aspect of the Divine - the harmony of the Divine.

One can experience the Divine by experiencing the solar system in which we live, the way all the planets revolve around the sun in perfect harmony - the way every single atom, electron and neutron shift and revolve around one another. That is what we are not - and that is what we will become - freedom, love, joy and harmony. The harmony of moving around the planet creating a life that we dream of and becoming that dream.

As more and more fears are worked through of course you are given greater and greater challenges for you all come from low levels of personal power, families where power is not truly understood, but you will all become powerful, you will all come to understand the inner and the outer Divine and you will all experience God within yourself for the work you have done will bring you closer and closer to the Divine. The closer you are to the Divine the easier and easier manifestation will become. You have your dream and you know your fears, if you don’t know your fears, ask yourself why you are not living that dream?

Once you can see and understand the fear ask the Divine to release the inner Divine from that fear. It will happen almost instantaneously. You can release your fears, all it takes is acknowledgement of that fear, understanding of that fear. Whatever your dream, be it material or abstract, it is for you to ask the Divine to release those inner fears. If you are in the middle of a storm it is for you to ask the Divine to release you or to deliver you from the fears within, if there are no fears within, then you don’t fear the storm that surrounds you, and it is not always storms that surround, some fears are so subtle and so clandestine you can almost not feel them, not understand them. This is why it is so important and so much more beneficial to work with people who can help you trace your fears and follow your fears. It is so important to use the spoken word to express exactly what you’re feeling and how you feel. So acknowledge some of those fears within yourself and acknowledge your dream, truly acknowledge your dream and the Kryon energy and the Divine energy will flow through this room together releasing you from your fears, releasing you from your bondage; be it grief, be it sadness, be it loneliness, be it emptiness, be it of the opposite sex, of success, of love, of loss. Acknowledge your true fears and allow yourself to experience a release of these fears.

Allow love and kindness to flow through your bodies, respecting your bodies, and thanking your bodies for holding and containing these fears, these deep fears, these deep emotions; your body has been kind enough to give you this experience, this human experience here on planet earth, an experience that many long for, that many pray for in other realms.

As we speak we are actually on the cusp of the New Age, the Golden Age. The true New Age energies arrive on the 03.03.03 and we will allow you to feel the sensation of these new energies. Allow yourself to feel this expansion, the love, the light, and the joy. Allow your hearts to expand to the musical note of F# and allow your heart to vibrate at that vibration, purely through intent you can allow this. F# is the note that will take you through the barriers and into the new reality where you are true creators of your own reality; you will only be able to create in the light no longer in the darkness. Those days are now gone. The energy for the masses will become much lighter, much freer and much easier. There will be greater clarity in thinking; there will be greater clarity of God. There masses will begin to remember who they truly are.

This energy vibration of F# will begin in Cape Town from the vortex on Table Mountain at 3:33 pm on 03.03.03 in a few days time. Humanity has taken great and giant steps in these last few years in seeking the truth, be it through orthodox religion or be it through channels of the New Age or other spiritual pursuits. The truth has awakened in many and it is enough for the vibration of the New Age to commence. The number 3 is the symbol of abundance, it is a symbol of freedom and it is a symbol of joy. Abundance will no longer be a problem, “Ask and you shall receive”, Acknowledge the fears, the blockages in your bodies and they will almost instantaneously be released. There are those of you who have learning through their blockages. The more spiritually developed you are and the more sensitive to these blockages that you are, and what your fears are, you will be given the wisdom surrounding these fears, so you can become teachers, so you can understand what your own life has been through.

There are many exiting developments to come & Kryon anticipates it to take approximately 3 years to have the energy of F# vibrating through every single member of the Church of Love’s heart. Those people who subscribe to the Church of Love will know and fully understand what this message means for those who know, they know - those who belong, they belong. There will be no gift or reward in the afterlife for your experience here on earth - but your experience will be that of true love. You will learn to see in the eyes of others exactly who they are - to whom and to where they belong within life and within society. If you can imagine an egg-timer being turned upside down that is what is happening to power here on planet earth. Until 1999 power here on earth belonged to fear and there has been a transitory period until now where it has been on the balance between light & dark. On 03.03.03 this balance will completely shift, it will be a great big shift. Here in Africa there are so many overseas visitors in the new energy, this new emotion, and this new vibration. This vibration they will take to their homelands with them and the vibration in their hearts will be spread like ripples on a still pond once a stone has been thrown in.

The consciousness of South Africa only 10 years ago was probably one of the lowest levels of consciousness on the planet. South Africa, by far, has the fastest growth level of consciousness, greater than any other nation on earth. This is why South Africa is chosen; and once again this will mean another great leap in consciousness for South Africa; as the consciousness of a nation rises so therefore does its prosperity. South Africa is destined to become a very prosperous nation on this planet. It already has phenomenal amounts of precious ore such as gold and platinum, uranium, copper underground. Offshore it has its own oil supplies some discovered, some undiscovered, as well as many minerals, and great artesian wells still undiscovered. When the consciousness of South Africa rises to such a level and government in South Africa is responsible enough, all will be revealed. South Africa of any place on this planet is the place to be! For all those in South Africa who feel nervous about their future one should ask, “Where is my sweet spot?” You will receive the answer!

South Africa is destined for a great and exciting future. It is in a pivotal position and will become more and more so in world politics, as more minerals are released. The better the agricultural sector will perform and the more powerful the economy will become across the board. The western world is playing politics with the Arab world and there are not just weapons at stake in Iraq, but it is to do with minerals and many other unpublished issues between the Arab world and the Western world.

We have spoken to you so many times about integrity. Money is not the answer, integrity is the answer. When you follow your dream, Sprit will give you all that you ask for on your life path. Anything that should be fought for, one should really ask the question “does it truly belong to me?” The clearer your 2nd chakra is the less struggle there is to receive anything - Manifestation will become almost instantaneous; and it should be becoming more and more apparent, for you who have done the work, of how easy it really is to manifest here on earth. If you are not manifesting what you are truly dreaming then remember emotions create thoughts, that create reality. Emotions come from the past, if your emotions are negative you will create realities surrounding negative emotions and that is why it is so important to clear negative emotions.

Your emotions are creating 24 hours a day. Thoughts also create emotions, which also create reality. One must observe one’s thoughts, because if one’s thoughts are angry or negative then projecting negativity out into the world one can only expect to receive negativity. Each individual on this planet is his own Universe, whatever you see through your own eyes is your own Universe, it belongs to you - you are God and Creator of the Universe. It is for you to accept full responsibility for whatever you have created - good or bad - it is not to go on a guilt trip if you have created a negative reality; rather release the guilt, the shame, and the anger and step into the world, a world of love and truth, a world of joy and freedom and the vibration of F# will bring a vibration of ecstasy. As you connect with your partner through your heart when you are both vibrating at F# love and romance will become very unearthly like nothing you have experienced here on earth before. You will be connected by a high vibration, a harmonic that will flow through your spine and caress your whole body. You will be in a situation of wholeness and wanting for absolutely nothing.

Once again, life is a feeling - you will not love through intellectual posturing. Love is not in the mind love is in the heart. Your mind can take you so far on the journey, then your heart takes over and allows you to find God and to find love. For Divine Love is 100 times more powerful than the love of another human being. Once you connect to Divine Love and then connect to another human being who is also connected to Divine Love your experience will become more and more unearthly and you will experience a reality in another dimension even though you will be physically connected to earth in this third dimension, and you will be manifesting on the 4th dimension in another dimension. Your merkabahs will be automatically empowered- you will be held in a complete zone of safety - you will be absolutely whole - you will be present with whoever is meant to be your soul mate as you experience this vibration.

This world belongs to you, this planet belongs to you. It is time to truly honour the planet by creating love, joy, and freedom here on this planet, by playing here on this planet, by making love on this planet, by making money on this planet, by manifesting your dreams here on this planet. Planet earth wants you to play here, in love, in joy, in freedom. The Divine asks it of you that you play here on earth in love, joy and in freedom so that you give to yourself and you give to your children and you give to your ancestors what they have always dreamed of; love, joy and freedom. Every single human beings dream is ultimately of love, joy and freedom.

Now once again scan your 2nd chakras and scan for any more blockages, boxes that you have put yourselves into, shackles that you have locked together, no one can be trapped without his own consent. Whatever trap or whatever bind you’re in acknowledge that you gave consent for this trap. Ask the Divine for the keys to this trap - ask for the courage and the strength to walk out of this trap and allow your 2nd chakra to be open, to be clear, to be fresh, and to be anew. Once the intent is given for 2nd chakra cleansing and purification it will take 90 days. If you wish your 2nd chakra to be cleansed, set the intention that it be purified and remember this intent for your behaviour must change. You must become creators of your own reality, a reality you create with Spirit, a reality of love, joy and freedom.

This is Kryon signing out.

Your guides are at your feet in awe and in honour of your journey. Allow them to wash you in love. Go well, God Bless and take care.



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Kryon (South Africa)

Kryon (South Africa)

Planet Earth has been through a special experience is the last few thousand years: - the separation from God. Kryon is here to take you on the journey home, and to connect you with your inner divinity, for you are all magical beings of this universe, magnificent beyond your comprehension.


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