"Connect with your genius"

Greetings Dear Ones for I AM KRYON of Magnetic Service.

It's wonderful to be with you all this very afternoon. There is much love and change in the air. The energy is shifting, life is shifting. There is a new energy on its way, an energy of love and of change. An energy of the heart where you are dropping more and more into your heart and your head is more connected with the Divine allowing for a totally different kind of energy, a different kind of life.

There is much love in the air and we take time to welcome the angelic realm into the room. There are many, many angels in this room already and there are many more to come. The energy in this room is filling becoming thick with Spirit, with love, thick with change and transformation. There is a whole new way forward, a new way coming to the fore to clear one's energy. Those of you who have read these channellings before should be very clear about how important it is to have your father in your head and your mother in your lower three chakras.

The new way of clearing begins with your great grandparents. This is where the energy comes from. You are the sum total of this energy. You have chosen this family for whatever you are here to work with and the work and your clearing and transformation will be getting easier and easier. There will be shift after shift of energy just flowing through your body like the river flows between the banks, it just flows… the rubber bands that hold you in bondage around your body will begin to stretch and break more easily. You will no longer have to meditate hour after hour to clear issues. Things are beginning to happen much more smoothly and easily. Those of you who have been doing the work are beginning to become clearer now and you are seeing the fruits of your labours as your energy has cleared, and this is wonderful to see. It is wonderful for us to see from Spirit.

Over the last hundred to two hundred years the western nations with the red, white and blue flags have held much power. Slowly but surely that is changing and there is a new force, a new power coming from the east. As they mobilize their population they bring with it a new energy, a new state of being, and a new state of understanding. What has to happen in the west is the west has to become more spiritual and it is becoming so. It's not going to be work, work, work for creation is not about work, work, work. Creation is about visualization and feeling. As long as we have channelled this the negative feelings in our bodies from childhood have been what has stood in the way of creating the realities that you choose. As always in these channellings we take you into a meditation where you can release whatever stands in the way of you creating your reality. In the last few channellings there has been much talk about love.

Love is the only answer, it is the only way, and it is the only state of being. Anything else is not love and is not true. Love is the truth, love is the state of integrity, love is honour, honesty and respect and clear and powerful communication, true connection to the Divine and many other qualities combined.

Slowly but surely you are becoming more connected and the more negative emotion you release. Your thought will become slower and clearer, your heart will become stronger. It will be almost as if your heart has eyes to see and a mouth to speak. Your hearts are becoming much stronger and more powerful and dedicated to this journey into this world of Spirit and also into the darkness, into the shadow where your wounded inner child hides in the darkness, revels in the darkness, operates out of the darkness and creates its reality. We have been very specific in these channellings and very clear that the fragmented inner child must be healed and become whole. Each aspect of the child needs to voice its pain, its anger, its rage, its hatred and once it's clear this child can fill with love and find its respective place in your heart and this is happening, it's happening more and more to more and more people and more people are becoming stable and clear.

When we say clear we mean clear about a lot of things, a lot of happenings that go on on this earth but the main focus of clarity in the context is that we want you to see where your woundedness started, how it started and why it started. This is why we have brought you these healing techniques of the inner child and the inner parents, reclaiming all aspects of the child and re-energizing the flow between Father Sky and Mother Earth. Your own inner parents have deflected the flow of energy from Mother Earth and Father Sky but the clearer your inner parenting becomes the more energy will flow through your child and the better and more creative your reality will become and is becoming. There will be many of you that can see this and you are almost addicted to doing this spiritual work searching everywhere for some kind of peace of mind. That peace of mind is coming, it's coming, you know that and you know that when you loose your peace of mind you know to go either to your inner parents or your inner child to resolve the issue, then focus and clarity will return once again and you can be overwhelmed by emotion.

If at first you don't hear the whisperings of the child you will eventually hear ranting and raving and you'll create very dysfunctional realities until the child is seen and heard and healed within yourself. It is always the wounded inner child that is given the energy to create its own reality because this is the only way that the child is seen.

So just allow yourselves to really be in your bodies and feel that deep connection with Mother Earth and Father Sky and Kryon and Spirit and the angelic realm. Allow yourselves to be held like a mother holds a baby. Allow Spirit to hold you and rock and cradle you and feel the holding, feel the power of Spirit in this room. Allow love and the joy of love to come to you. Feel held and relax in this holding energy. As a mother holds the child the mother's husband and the child's father holds the mother of the child just like the sun holds the earth and the earth holds the moon in it's orbit. Just be in that feminine space being held by the mother with the security and knowledge of being held by the father at the same time. Allow yourself to feel the holding energy of Spirit and let the Spirit world rock and cradle you. Feel your lips against your mother's breast just taking in all the nourishment and sugars necessary for life. Just allow it to happen. Allow yourself to nourish yourself. As you are being held in a space like this you will feel safe, secure, held and loved.

We speak to you as if you are babies, holding you like little babies just rocking your gently and allowing you to be in a space where you can feel the truth of who you really are. Each one of you is being cradled in the arms of the Divine and that makes you a child of the Divine. Your humanity is very young in its consciousness and there is much more consciousness to come, much more awakening and much more loving. You are stepping out of the fourth dimension into the fifth, stepping into a new world, into a new energy, a new force field and a new state of being.

In this energy, Dear Ones, you can release your childhood hurts and pains, that old thread that binds you to your karma and binds you to delusion and illusion. It is well noted that this earth plane is an illusion but whatever eludes you is due to a lack of consciousness. Your consciousness has been pegged now for 2000 years and it's time to step through that special barrier into the new world. It's time to step through and beyond the veil of time and connect with the truth of who you truly are. You are all great creators. You are all magical beings of this Universe and you are all loved for no reason whatsoever… you are all loved for absolutely no reason whatsoever.

This special moment in time is almost upon us, this moment where you can step between dimensions, where you can step into the truth of your very divine nature. Divine is not all that it seems to be. The more conscious you are the more you will understand the Divine, the more you will come to know the Divine, the more YOU are Divine.

Love has many facets, just like the mirror balls you find in discotheque with the lights flashing and glinting from side to side or even more like the truth is the full moon shimmering across the ocean or the sun shining on the ocean. Your consciousness is like this. You are all magical, magnificent beings of this Universe. Let me repeat once again what magical means in the Kryon teachings. Magic is a physical manifestation of Divine Love. Step into your fears and your truth for in this moment we are holding your fears, holding you in a space where there is no fear in your bodies.

So go inside, look inside your bodies and see what it feels like to be fearless. What is it that you have been hanging onto through fear? Let it go, let it go, just let it go. This fear does not belong to you. See what it looks like inside your body. Where there is darkness there is fear and it is normal for the human condition to have fear in your body. Talking about fear is stepping beyond fear into truth and love, into a new state of being, into a state of Oneness, into a state of being great creators manifesting your own reality without fear or judgment because you are full of love. You are flowing like the river flows between the banks. You are flowing in feminine mode but at the same time your flow is contained by beautiful masculine love manifesting your reality purely through love and creating a whole new world, a new fantastic point of view, no one to tell you no or say you're only dreaming because all your dreams will come true. All your dreams were always coming true but very often you didn't have the courage to see your dreams through and follow your dreams to the very edge of the abyss, to stand on the edge of the cliff overlooking a deep, deep gorge or a massive waterfall so deep turbulent powerful and high. Very often you didn't have the courage to jump very unlike the little drops of water going over the waterfalls edge. They never held back, they went with the flow.

Now it's your turn to go with the flow and be in the flow of the river and come to that great decent to flow over the edge of a waterfall like Niagara, Iguassu or Victoria Falls where the water sounds like thunder day and night 365 days of the year. This time it's your turn, it's humanity's turn to open its heart and step off the edge and step into love, into truth, into the abyss… You don't know if you can fly. So take that step off the edge and find out. Feel the energy, feel the power, feel the adrenaline and allow it to flow. You are so much greater than you ever, ever, ever dreamed you were. You could never dream of how great you were. You could never dream of where you were going or what your ultimate reality is.

Allow yourself to dream your dream and see yourself in your dream stepping off the edge and diving into the abyss and observe what happens. This is your journey and each person’s journey belongs to them.

So you are being held, rocked and cradled by Spirit. Feel what you're feeling, feel what your worst nightmare is and allow yourself just to feel and be in it that very worst possible place. Just feel it and let it go… This is not you, it was never you. Allow yourselves to go deep, deep, deep inside, going deeper and deeper and deeper and deeper and deeper and find the spark of light that is you. Allow yourself to find that spark, that truth and allow yourself to find out exactly who you are.

Dear Ones, this is your world. This is your earth and you create the earth that you want for yourselves. Don't be held back by the mass consciousness of others. You serve no-one by holding yourself back. You serve no one by not being in your truth, NO ONE. Most of all you don't serve yourself. So what is your truth and who are you? You may have had many voices inside your head but only one of those voices is the truth. Which one is you? Which voice is you? How are you going to stop the other voices chattering? Just allow the answers to come. Which is you? Which one is the true you? Allow yourselves to go deeper and deeper for you are being held by Spirit with such love, the deepest love possible, just pure, pure, pure, pure love. Allow this love to permeate your bodies, soak your bodies. Allow your bodies to become like a sponge, just soak up the love that's there for you and become this love. Let this love release what is not you and guide you to what is you, to where you're going. Just allow the love to be your guide, going deeper and deeper and deeper and deeper. Just feel that holding energy, feel the energy holding you, rocking you, cradling you just like a mother with a newborn child that she deeply wants and deeply loves.

You are entering a new state of your lives. You are going into a birth process but you're being held, held. Feel yourselves being held, feel yourselves being held, going deeper and deeper and deeper. Find the real you, the part of you that is love, truth, integrity and those many other beautiful facets that make up love. In this energy there will be many, many aspects of your wounded inner child that wish to return to your heart.

So lets allow for a beautiful magical ball to be placed around your heart and all those aspects of your wounded child that wish to return allow for them to return into that magical ball where Mary, Christ and Merlin can forgive, surrender and release the pain of the wounded child. Allow them to move into that place in your heart where the child belongs, going deeper and deeper and deeper. Your hearts are being reconstructed, rebuilt in a special way where only love can come in and what you dream of can come in. Where you can protect and defend and create the reality of your own choosing. Where you can get out of life what you really, really are looking for. Where your energy becomes exactly like the energy of the Universe: the sun; the moon; the stars; Mother Earth, all in absolute synchronicity with one another, a masterstroke of genius and where is your genius? Deep embedded in your wounds. The genius in a man is not quite the same as the genius for a woman, there is a difference in your genius. It varies between the sexes.

So allow yourselves to connect with your genius because a woman will have a feminine genius and a man will have a masculine genius and this genius is like a watchmaker that knows exactly how the workings of the inside of the watch are. He knows every little gear, every little spring, every spoke, everything about everything except your genius. A man's genius understands the masculine Universe and a woman's genius understands the feminine Universe and when these two genius' come together they create a reality like no other. This is why so often your dreams of relationship are so deep, so powerful, so intrinsic, so unrealistic but relating on those levels of the masculine and feminine genius are not earthly. It is possible on earth but it has never been seen before.

As you step into the new dimension you'll leave old friends behind. You will be physically present on this earth but it is your duty to yourself to honour yourself in a way that you reveal your own genius, be it masculine or feminine. Your dream is to merge with the genius of the opposite sex and there is such a thing but the truth has been so, so deeply hidden from humanity for so long that its almost forgotten the processes for evolving people, releasing people from the Karma of their childhood wounds and hurts, from the absorption of the energies of your mother and father. These are forgotten teachings. These are teachings ripped out of the book so that you cannot become conscious, but every single suppressed energy is like a bubble in water, it always rises to the surface, it cannot be kept down and cannot be locked away, it's impossible. The bubbles of consciousness are rising and rising to the surface all around the globe. There is a new wave, a new consciousness, a new love embarking on this earth.

So drop deeper and deeper and deeper into your bodies and connect with your genius. You are being held like you've never been held before, held by Spirit, rocked and cradled by Spirit. Allow yourself to go deeper and deeper and deeper and deeper and deeper. Allow the love of your spirit guides and the angelic realm to take you to your genius and allow your genius to be energized and to manifest. Allow it, allow it. This is your life; this is what you're here to do. You're here on this earth to manifest your genius and become exactly what you're meant to be. You and the ones who read this channelling are the ones who go first. You are the ones who will bring your genius to this earth. You'll bring your genius in a Divine way, in a loving way, in a way that you can hold the energy of your genius. If your genius comes out too soon it will shatter like a broken glass, it is so fragile.

This is for those of you who have done your work, who stepped into your truth, whose energies are strong enough to hold your genius. Allow yourself to hold your genius like Spirit is holding you and rock and cradle your genius and hold your genius just like Spirit is holding and rocking and cradling you. Feminine or masculine it’s so fragile it needs work, it needs energy, it needs love and light and guidance and holding. It needs believing and what you believe you must turn to knowledge.

Dear Ones, here in Cape Town we anchor the energy of the magnetic genius inside that solar system that is you. You are the sun to that genius as the sun is the sun to you and the genius within… Just let go, just let go, let go. Whatever you have been holding onto that made it unsafe for your genius to manifest, allow it to release. Something better always comes, always, always, always, always. Something better always comes, always, always, always.

So Dear Ones, go well and God Bless for this is Kryon signing out.



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Kryon (South Africa)

Kryon (South Africa)

Planet Earth has been through a special experience is the last few thousand years: - the separation from God. Kryon is here to take you on the journey home, and to connect you with your inner divinity, for you are all magical beings of this universe, magnificent beyond your comprehension.


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