Connecting to the Triple Sevens

Greetings Dear Ones for I AM KRYON of Magnetic Service.

Once again it’s another beautiful evening here in Marina da Gama and the energies are shifting much more quickly than at any time in the history of man.

There are new energies coming one after the other and it means a whole new world, a whole new fantastic point of view, a totally new way in which to live your lives, an energy of love; this is pure love, a new love, an energy that will take you from the lowest level of consciousness to the highest level in a very short space of time.

Humankind is being upgraded and is upgrading itself very quickly. These new energies will bring a whole new way of thinking, a whole new way of looking at the world, a way in which you cannot yet perceive that life will become very different. It will be difficult in the beginning to accept how powerful you really are but the truth is you have always been powerful, you’ve always been amazing creators of the light but due to the human condition you have always been creating with fear, anger and sadness at the same time and this is about to change in a very rapid way.

Once a persons’ body gets to where it can create it’s reality through pure love it will flow easily into others and there are many people who have done their work on this planet who are getting very close to creating their reality through pure love, releasing all the negative emotions and the negative belief systems. In fact completely releasing belief, for belief is not the truth it is just a belief it’s something that’s not really there at all. A belief is nothing until that belief is challenged and you find out whether that belief was either true or false and then it is no longer a belief it actually becomes knowledge.

There is a whole new world waiting in which you can experience yourself with your new knowledge, this new state of being. Today is the third of the seventh of the seventh and in four days time it becomes the 777; that is new energy. That is the energy of connection, of connectivity. That is the energy that when you hit the jackpot on a fruit machine you win a lot of money and that is the energy that will begin to flow on the 777.

Those of you who have done the work will hit the jackpot, you will step through the star gates and into a new dimension and those star gates will stay open for eleven months and eleven days, eleven hours and eleven minutes and those that step through the star gate that opens on the 777; will allow their consciousness to be radiated around the planet and it will be consciousness coming from unconsciousness and stepping into consciousness and enlightenment. It will be the knowledge and the wisdom of the Masters who came to this earth to walk out of the darkness and walk into the light, an energy where love conquers all; it is an energy transmitted by those who have allowed love to conquer all within themselves and who have now become love. It will be radiated around this planet in such a way as to raise the consciousness of the entire planet.

This can be quite unnerving, and will be quite unnerving, in many areas of the world, on the planet. What that means is that there are places that are in power in the moment, it could perhaps be that other nations leapfrog the powerful nations and there can be a whole new constitution on this planet, a whole new state of being, and a whole new state of governance of this planet. There is a likelihood of a great shift of consciousness and that of power and it all starts with individuals. Individuals that have been working on themselves and that find themselves stepping into enlightenment will also find themselves with new levels of personal power, with new levels of connection, with more energy flowing through them and more ability to create.

There is a big switch of energy happening on the 777 and that is that the new energy becomes far more powerful than the old. The energy of love is at a state where it overcomes fear, anger and sadness and there will be more love on this earth than fear, anger and sadness. There will also be a quantum leap in technology, a quantum leap in understanding, a quantum leap in forgiveness and a quantum leap in surrender. There are many people on this planet who do not understand what forgiveness and surrender are; as the energy of surrender and forgiveness flows through this planet it will bring consciousness to many people, it will also bring freedom of expression, freedom of being able to love, freedom to honour, to respect not only others but oneself. There will come a consciousness of creation; how to create, how to get out of life what you want and how to live your dreams.

The shackles of fear, anger and sadness will no longer be there and you will be able to step into a totally new reality. Of course this new energy must be there to permeate your body for you to absorb this love, this new energy, this feeling of freedom, this feeling of ecstasy that will come as a result of you becoming free from your negative emotions. It will be as if mind and body come together as one. Your body knows the truth, your body is like a seed that is willing and waiting to open and your head is full of what you know already, what you’ve been taught on this earth, how you have been instructing your social conditioning and slowly but surely your body will radiate and emit enough love into your mind, that your mind becomes at one with your body and there will be a flow, a flow of love, like the river from the mountains flowing towards the ocean, there is always water in the river, always flowing, not always in Africa but the major rivers of the world always flow, sometimes more and sometimes less and that’s what love is like, love always flows, it’s always there, sometimes more and sometimes less.

Not only will people who come from unconscious families really begin to understand the meaning of forgiveness and surrender and what it means to them but they will also come to understand love and what love is and how to receive love how to give love. The more unconscious you are means an absence of love and if you do not understand the concept or the energy of forgiveness and surrender you will remain locked into a life of loveless-ness unable to create the reality of your choosing.

Forgiveness and surrender are probably the most misunderstood words in the western world and probably the most talked about words, but these are not words, these two words are spirits, they are living beings; they are living consciousness. Both forgiveness and surrender is a living thing, it’s something that can flow through you and set you free and release you and allow you to, for instance to, surrender behaviour patterns that don’t work, for surrender means to hand over your weapons but surrender also means to let go. One must understand what weapons are and one must also understand what letting go is.

Weapons are those things that you use against other people to get what you think you want from others but the truth is that everything belongs inside of you and whatever you want or how you treat someone else you are actually treating yourself in that same way. So if you are using anger to get what you want from another person, if you are using anger to get justice or to get something that the other person doesn’t want you to have then you are actually using anger against yourself, using anger to give to yourself perhaps something that you shouldn’t even have or that you should give to yourself in some other way. The anger will be your guide into finding that part of you that won’t give to you what you really want.

This type of behaviour is commonplace here on planet earth, it is normal; in fact it is so normal that it is actually accepted as the norm. Often the angriest people are the ones with most, they use their anger to get what they want from others but what belongs to another is completely useless. It’s like having odd parts of a jigsaw puzzle in a box, it’s completely useless you need all the parts of the puzzle to complete the puzzle and if you have other peoples parts of your puzzle it is no good to you, it just does not help you have to scour this earth and use psyche for your parts of your own puzzle and where other people have your parts they must be returned to you, you have to ask for them back. You need all of yourself for that is what all this is; when you are one you are whole and you are altogether.

Very often in your childhood your parents do things to you that hurt you deeply. They are very intense and a child’s reaction is one of instant emotion, instant reaction and that is absolutely normal, but the unconsciousness comes from the parenting who won’t allow the child to express it’s hurt, it’s pain it’s sadness, its lost loneliness, it’s isolation, it therefore frees the emotion in your childhood and as you grow older that child constantly projects out into the world it’s reality, it’s anger, it’s hurt’ it’s sadness’ it’s loneliness, it’s loss. That child needs to heal, that child needs to be able to forgive its parents to release them and to let go.

Some things need letting go of like a tree in the autumn must let go of its leaves. Letting go for a tree in autumn is a process of forgiveness because the tree has to go into a state of accepting that these leaves can’t go through the winter with the tree. They just can’t go through the winter; the leaves, they live and photosynthesis, they breathe in and out, and so as the tree lets go and releases its leaves it stops growing. It has to wait until winter has passed to send out new leaves, out into the sunshine and the warm air so it can start growing again, going through its growing process, the tree has to accept that winter is coming and the leaves will no longer support and serve the tree. In fact if the tree was to keep its leaves the tree would soon die for all the oxygen in the tree would be released and the sunshine and energy would not come into the tree that it requires to live, so it is very important for the tree to let go and to release the leaves and to accept that winter is coming and that the leaves have to go and that the tree for a certain moment in time must slow its growth and stop its growth and wait patiently for the right conditions to begin it’s growth again and human beings are no different. When you are hanging onto something it means you haven’t forgiven, when you can’t let go it means you haven’t forgiven and if you can’t let go the conditions will not improve in your life and the same behaviour will perpetuate through your life. Letting go always precedes forgiveness.

First of all comes forgiveness then comes the ability to love to let the love flow once again and then comes the energy of letting go of surrendering of handing over. There are many things in your world, in your life that you don’t know how to let go of, so once you hand it over to Spirit, Spirit handles it, Spirit lets go, then Spirit brings in the new, the new energy, the new you, the new world that belongs to you. You are all here to grow, to step into a new world, an exciting world and believe me a new and exciting world is coming a world far beyond your wildest imagination a completely new world is dawning. A completely new day is dawning a totally new dimension is awakening within yourself within your own psyche on this planet, a totally new energy.

By the year 2012 this energy will be the balance of this planet, most people will be in this energy but the ones in this room and the ones that read these channellings and the ones that work with the light are at the cutting edge of this new technology and this new dimension, this new way of being, this new way of loving this new way of creation and you will have power beyond your physical imagination. Your physical imagination will only really awaken to this power once the fear and the anger and the sadness have released and the love is in your heart and flowing. When the masculine and the feminine energies are merging within you and true forgiveness and surrender have flowed between you and your DNA; allowing you to bring all the fragments of yourself back, reclaiming yourself, becoming that magical child that walks between heaven and earth, becoming that magical being of the Universe where your will equals God’s will, where the Divine flows from within and from without, where you feel whatever you want to feel, where your energies are almost ecstatic and when you choose ecstasy, then you will step into those realms of ecstasy.

Dear Ones, your spirit guides are at your feet and there is so much love in this room, the energy is becoming thicker and thicker with Spirit and we are bringing you a whole new consciousness. This night we will bring you the energy of 2015, the energy of love and what the planet will feel like in about 8 years time and what you will feel like in 8 years time. We are going to anchor that energy into your bodies and allow you to become 2015 in 2007.

So allow yourselves to close your eyes and connect with your spirit guides who are at your feet in your space, in your energies, where you are already in a contract with your spirit guides to be close to you, to be one with you, to guide you into this new energy, into this new state of being to guide you into this new world, to guide you into your dreams. Allow yourselves to connect to Mother Earth and to Father Sky and to connect this each other through your hearts for in this room we are one, we’re at one with Spirit, we’re at one with love. Allow love to begin to flow… to course through your hearts… let the love flow like a powerful river flows… let the love flow into your heart. I’m going to allow you to connect with the loving feeling of 2015 and allow your energies to soften and become more and more gentle.

Where you can’t be soft it means you are hard and where there is hardness there is wounding; so wherever you can feel the hardness in your bodies accept there is a part of you that is hurt and allow this love to touch that part of you that is wounded or hurt… allow it to soften and rinse and dissolve whatever is hurt and whatever is hard and allow your hearts to open wider and wider… where there is resistance to opening your hearts acknowledge the resistance and allow the resistance to release… allow your hearts to open wider and wider releasing more and more… we have spoken of a new dimension and that dimension is very, very close by but we ask you to allow the vibrations of your body to rise, to lift up, to expand, to move and allow the love to flow.

Allow yourselves to see yourselves and your DNA, there might be a part of you that is just so hard and so stony it just absolutely refuses to forgive. Allow yourselves to go to that part and observe how deeply it is protected… and observe the reality that this part of you that won’t forgive is creating… as your heart opens and you see the gap between yourselves and DNA just allow the energy of forgiveness to flow into all those places, between yourselves and your DNA. Just allow yourselves to be energized and loved by the energy of forgiveness.

We often store within ourselves, within our sexuality or our sexual organs, these aspects of us that won’t forgive, as if it is the parent of the opposite sex that has wounded us… very much like the tale of the Fisher king. There are many interpretations of this story but he gets a fish bone caught at the back of his throat; and of course if he can’t speak, he can’t really rule and he can’t create. The spoken word is one big aspect of creation, you have to say what you want in order to get and maybe this part of you is so angry that it can’t speak, won’t speak… that part of you could quite easily be hidden away in your genitals or in your second chakra… just observe your own bodies and get in touch with that part of yourself that just won’t forgive, it’s become like a rock, stony and hard always putting pressure on you to do something that you don’t really want to do always putting pressure on you to stop that flow of love. This part of you knows where there is love there is forgiveness. So just allow in more and more and more of forgiveness between yourselves and your DNA. Between the protons and the neutrons and the electrons just let it flow. Forgiveness belongs everywhere. Forgiveness is like liquid magic.

Whatever you want that you haven’t got requires a little bit of forgiveness somewhere in your life. So allow the forgiveness to flow to these parts of you that are the hardest… allow the forgiveness to surround the hardness and just allow it to connect… there can be no forcing, just allowing, allow the forgiveness to be around that hardness, that stoniness that came from an event in your childhood. Just allow the forgiveness to flow and to permeate, to ebb and to flow like the ocean and the seashore … Allow your bodies to become like sponges for this whole world is full of forgiveness, this whole energy in this room this night is forgiveness.

We are not going to use words to describe this energy, we are just going to let it flow like liquid magic, forgive, let it go, release and allow love to flow with the forgiveness. Let the love and the forgiveness mix up and flow. Allow your bodies to become softer and softer, more and more receptive… allow the love and the forgiveness to surround the hardness and permeate the hard parts of yourself… and allow it to connect to parts of yourself that you’ve never acknowledged or connected with for a long time… within the energy of forgiveness comes much power and much courage allowing you to look into those dark corners of your life that you often turn your head away from… maybe it’s shame or disgrace, maybe it’s fear, maybe it’s guilt… just allow that energy to flow… allow the forgiveness and let your whole body become love and forgiveness like liquid magic.

Let it, and everything that stops you becoming who you want to be, go… everything that stops you having what you want to have… just let this liquid magic flow… let it ebb and flow. Like the sea polishes the seashore and washes the beach twice a day let this energy of forgiveness and love wash your energy, polish your energy, flow between your cells and your DNA… allowing fragments and parts of yourself to reconnect, since maybe even when time began… allow the love to flow, the forgiveness to flow… and in your body become like a beautiful sponge, full of love and forgiveness… soak up the love and the forgiveness. There’s always somebody or something that will present itself to be loved and to be forgiven and just allow this person or this event or whatever it is that needs forgiving to come into your minds eye… let it come and let it go you only need to see it for a microsecond, that’s all you need to see, to remember.

The word remember means to reconnect, just accept what you see, let it come, be with it and let it go, let the forgiveness flow and you will remember, you will reconnect the part of yourself that went missing either in this lifetime or lifetimes before. As you are remembering and reconnecting allow the energy of surrender to flow with the love and the forgiveness and feel the difference in the energy as the surrender moves in, the surrender is like a scouring pad that will take the tough stains really off. Whatever is burnt on hard, the surrendering, the letting go, the handing over will take away what your psyche thought was impossible. Just allow this energy of surrender to flow into your bodies, seeking the stones and the hardness and feel in your body where the surrender’s not going and acknowledge it.

All you have to do is acknowledge and feel the energies all over your body, all through your body, all around your body. Coming and going in all the same directions, above, below, the north, the south, the east and the west and exactly where you are in this moment. Just allow the surrender to come in all those directions and to go to all those directions and let it flow between your cells, between your DNA, in amongst the electrons and atoms and neutrons of your body in amongst all those parts of yourself they are all just the same but they are all alive parts of you. The more and more forgiveness and the more and more surrender and the more and more love that flows through your body the more and more of you that comes alive, the more of yourself that you reclaim, the more fragments of yourself that return. The more and more close to oneness, wholeness you become and the more and more that you will create your own reality, the more and more that you will be honoured and loved and respected on this planet, the more and more that you will honour, love and respect yourself and all of those that surround you including those that have hurt you.

Dear Ones you are at about 80% of the energy to the energy of 2015 and it is for you to allow your bodies to get softer, more and more relaxed. Often the forgiveness is not easy and often it can be quite stressful but there is always a big payday afterwards; beautiful things will always happen to you once you have forgiven. It must be like that.

Allow your energies to climb higher and higher, higher and higher pushing the ceiling of that new dimension and allowing your hearts to connect with the Kryon control ship that is sending this new energy of love to the planet, allowing this new energy of love to flow through your bodies… allowing yourself to remember who you are… remember who you are and you might ask yourself to remember who you are and feel what your bodies feel like now for you’re at 95% of what you’ll feel in the year 2015.

Begin to feel the smoothness and the power, begin to feel the understanding and knowledge that flows through your body and anchor in the energy of the three 7’s a whole new world that belongs to you like a powerful river of love that never stops flowing. No more creating with fear, with anger, with sadness, no more creating with all those childhood hurts. Just allow yourself to observe your reality in the year 2015… and we ask you to come back a little bit in time to the year 2012 and observe the reality around the year 2012 and observe what is happening to you in 2012. What kind of reality have you created for yourself? What’s happening in your world?

The energy in this room is now at 99% of 2015 and just allow yourself and your whole body to embody that energy, to become that energy and where your reality does not look pure in 2012 let this new energy flow towards creating the impurities in that reality… allow yourselves to be with your reality and allow yourselves to bring this reality back through space and time to this very moment and allow yourselves to connect and anchor this energy of the 777 in this beautiful new room here in Marina da Gama and allow yourself to be in this energy and let it cleanse and release whatever is in your body… just allow the love to flow.

Dear Ones this is Kryon connecting you to the triple sevens, the lucky sevens, the energy of love connection.

Go well, God Bless and take care, thank you all for coming. With love this is Kryon signing out. Thank you.



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Kryon (South Africa)

Kryon (South Africa)

Planet Earth has been through a special experience is the last few thousand years: - the separation from God. Kryon is here to take you on the journey home, and to connect you with your inner divinity, for you are all magical beings of this universe, magnificent beyond your comprehension.


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