"Deserving and abundance"

Greetings dear ones for I AM Kryon of Magnetic Service.

It is wonderful to be here tonight in this most beautiful part of the world, the Western Cape, South Africa. There has been much religious turbulence here in the past. Many years ago, people from Europe, threatened with their lives, came to this magical place encircled by mountains and a warm welcoming energy. Grapes and fruit trees grow in abundance and there is much industry and business surrounding the farming community.

Love abounds in this part of the world and is in harmony with the gentle climate and gentle nature of the people. There is a real love connection and bond for one another among the people of Paarl, whatever race, creed or colour. There is, in general, a closeness among all country people and a great depth of love and understanding - an understanding also of the Universe and nature and the way things work and happen naturally - very different to people of the city. What comes naturally is love and, in understanding nature, the very understanding of love. What is in your hearts is natural. To express your hearts' desires and longings is a natural progression towards love. Love is a very special thing, a very unique emotion and feeling - a feeling given by the Divine... whose presence is here tonight. Your angels and guardians are at your feet in awe and in honour of the work you have done. Feel this presence, the love, the warmth, the understanding and allow it to wash your aura and cleanse and purify your body. Embrace these feelings and know that you belong here on earth.

This night we will look at the energy of deserving and the energy of abundance. Deserving and abundance work concurrently. The energy of deserving is a deep-seated feeling both in your heart and solar plexus and if you have a feeling of not deserving, this will block the flow of abundance throughout your body. The energy of deserving is amazing, for when you feel you deserve you instantaneously receive. When you feel you don’t deserve you immediately block the energy and the deserving will not come.

Tonight, fill your bodies with the energy of deserving. Feel it and let it to fill your hearts. Your guides and angels will support you in this process. The energy of deserving will expand through your body and where there is resistance it will be gently dissolved. Deserving will bring abundance and here, where the vines are plentiful, we all know how abundant one grapevine is with its many bunches. The human being is no different. Like the vine, a human being can also bear much fruit but where there is dead wood it should be cut away. A vine must be pruned to make the remaining branches stronger and to release them from the burdens of the weak branches.

Each of you must take time for inward reflection and seek out dead wood that should be cut away. Dead wood that is taking energy away from your harvest, from your abundance. Acknowledge, understand and examine your own life, then cut away the dead wood and realise more and more energy. You will be more abundant in the field and manifest your dreams. Allow the energy of deserving to dissolve the dead wood that is in your life. Know that if the dead wood is another person in your life, another thing or a belief system that is not quite in Divine alignment, or a negative emotion, then you must let the energy of deserving dissolve these things. As they dissolve in your inner world they will surely dissolve in your outer world.

Examine all the things in your own life that need pruning – maybe a habit or, once again, belief systems that aren’t true and negative emotions. See what needs pruning so that your core dream can manifest. See where your strength is being reduced, your will to achieve your goals – where is this being reduced in your life? Let these things go and release them with love. Let them go.

Every vine has its own dream as does the man who takes care of the vineyard. Identify your own life dream and acknowledge this dream. Love, live and cherish this dream. As you have stripped away the dead wood and pruned yourself you have the energy to focus on the things that are more meaningful, the things that are going to create love, joy and abundance in your life. Love and joy in equal abundance. The energy will flow from Mother Earth through your feet, into your calves and knees. Be aware of any part of your body that is restricting this flow and where the flow is restricted, allow love in and open up what is restricted. The energy will flow more smoothly and evenly through your body, directing it to your dream, what you really want – that abundance, that fruit. In a human’s life, fruit has many forms - it can be a loving relationship, a thriving business, it can be many things. This energy will enable the earth to nurture your dream and make your roots strong and firm here on Mother Earth and once again the difficulties that you have had nurturing yourself, the energy flowing from Mother Earth will flow and reawaken that ability to nurture yourself. This is not about nurturing others, this is about nurturing you. In your life you are the most important person and your dream is Divine - given to you by the Divine for you to manifest. The Divine will support you in every step and action that you take towards living your dream. The energy is there for the asking. If it is manifested on the inside of you it will manifest on the outside. It is just a matter of thought, emotion and action.

Disconnection from Mother Earth can be the result of a difficult relationship with one’s mother. Let your mother be seated in front of you, then look straight into her eyes and allow love to flow from your heart into her heart and then back again making a circle of love connecting you with your mother. Likewise, receive the love your mother is offering, through her eyes, into your heart. Let the energy of this love go backwards and forwards. All relationships are difficult, all relationships have their challenges and these can cause hurt and heartache, pain and negative emotion. Release these emotions. This process is about forgiveness. The more you forgive your mother the more energy from Mother Earth you will receive. It is not for you as adults to feel anger, rage, sadness, or sorrow. It is the inner child that carries these energies. As adults the relationship with parents is one of reason and understanding but a relationship between mother and child is not based on reason for the child cannot reason and if the child is unresolved within you, this will create blockages in the flow of energy from Mother Earth.

Find the child within that perhaps feels anger, even rage or whatever emotion is blocking the flow between Mother Earth. Channel the flow of energy from the mother into the inner child and let forgiveness take its place. This energy will bring instant healing at a depth of emotion you can acknowledge. Accept the energy of whatever the child is feeling into your own body and acknowledge this, for part of the act of forgiveness is acknowledgement. Without the act of acknowledgement one cannot take further healing steps for one is not fully prepared to take on what the child feels. Embrace the energy of both the child and Mother Earth and let it enter and move through your body - the deeper you can go into forgiveness, the greater the amount of energy that can flow into your body from Mother Earth to manifest your abundance. Let the energy move, shift and release. This process has been known since time began but with the advent of Christianity has long been forgotten in the thought that Christ can solve every problem. The Christ energy is a powerful energy, a compassionate energy but not always the quickest and most meaningful way to release an issue requiring forgiveness. There are other energies. For instance, the energy of the Magician bringing magic and rapid transformation but with much less compassion.

Look at the energy of the Warrior. This energy can create a boundary or draw a line and say “yes” or “no”, this is right and this is wrong, or, this will not affect me. The Warrior draws a line, creates a boundary. Inside all of us, we either have a King or a Queen and it is they that direct these energies of compassion and transformation to whatever problem arises in one’s life. If the energy of the King/Queen within you is not whole or fully healed you will not be able to direct these other energies smoothly and easily. So ask yourself how well the energy of your inner King/Queen is developed. Where there are challenges or healing needed, utilise the energy of Mother Earth that is flowing through you to flow into the heart of your King/Queen and heal this important aspect of yourself. Let love flow to this energy, this archetypal ruler within yourself and as this energy heals, you will have the knowledge and understanding to guide these other energies and handle whatever situations may arise.

Now, take a step back in times gone by - times on this earth where you felt true love in your lives, where you felt a deep and meaningful love with another person. We have all experienced deep love for another in one or more lifetimes. When we speak of this love, we do not mean love for a soul-mate but love for a twin flame. Your twin flame is precious and there is a holding energy in this room for you to access this energy - for you to be able to access that lifetime you have spent in true love and true joy with your twin flame.

Go back through time, deeper and deeper, and capture the energy where masculine and feminine were merged as one. Where you had a true understanding of nature and the universe, where you recognized that you were fully connected with the Divine, to Mother Earth, to Father Sky and where your inner King/Queen was whole and other energies powerful – the energies of Christ, the Magician and the Warrior. Where all these energies were whole, where your child was complete and where this relationship was – man to woman and woman to man - an absolute respect, an absolute state of understanding, an absolute freedom, a flow, an integrity, an absolute understanding of your partner. Go still deeper and deeper, and access this lifetime, for your guides are with you leading you through space and time to a special place on this planet where you were truly one with the Universe. Many of you have come back to Paarl to experience this state of oneness and the energy this night is that energy connection to your twin flame. The way this energy and relationship works is of your own choosing. Many beliefs, many emotions are creating distance between you and your twin flame. Allow all these energies to flow into your body and release the walls and barriers, the emotions and the beliefs that are not concurrent with this process.

There are those of you who are in a relationship with your twin flame but are unconscious of this. Become conscious of it, allow it to enter your heart. This process will ease your relationships in 2005. Together with a tremendous amount of spiritual work it is there for the taking. You shall have it. It belongs to you. This twin flame energy is moving through your legs and your bodies. Let the energy highlight the areas of resistance and it will dissolve whatever stands in its way. Know that this is the greatest human dream of all – to become one with a part of yourself that left God many, many thousands of lifetimes ago. The energy is being set and anchored here in Paarl. Open your hearts and let love flow in. Imagine, at the back of your heart, there is a never ending love energy flowing in and flowing out which creates love, joy and freedom in your lives. Let the love expand and grow deeper and more exciting, for this is truly the journey home – meeting the part of you that is the mirror image of yourself!

Also let your energy expand into the Universe towards the sun and the moon and the stars, towards the grid of Christ consciousness. Let it expand more and more around the earth and receive it on its way back. The energy will grow bigger and wider and more expansive. Whilst you are in a state of expansion you’re in a state of receiving. Expand greatly and receive gifts the Divine has waiting for you. Love, larger than ever. Love, that is always there. It is the most abundant energy in the Universe and as this love flows through you - where there is resistance to this love - permit the love to wash away resistance. You will become more and more the person you really are, more and more authentic, less and less fearful, and more and more loving.

Dear ones, see your dreams now, see how big your dreams are and see how easily you can attain them in this loving space.

Dear ones this is Kryon signing out in Paarl. Go well, God Bless and let peace be with you.



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Kryon (South Africa)

Kryon (South Africa)

Planet Earth has been through a special experience is the last few thousand years: - the separation from God. Kryon is here to take you on the journey home, and to connect you with your inner divinity, for you are all magical beings of this universe, magnificent beyond your comprehension.


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