Every human being is here for a reason

Greetings Dear Ones for I AM KRYON of Magnetic Service.

Welcome to Marina da Gama. There is much love and joy in the air tonight. Over the last year the energies have been requiring you to shift at a very difficult rate and in general you have all broken through into a new reality for yourselves. Dear Ones there is much love in the air and inside of you to share with yourselves and to share with others.

The times where there wasn’t enough love in your life have gone by. From this night forward love will begin to flow into your hearts in absolute abundance. Dear Ones this is a time for celebration. This is the beginning of the new world and the end of the old. You are all stepping into new realities, into new ways and new states of being. EVEN if you haven’t been consciously processing yourself you have been processed by Spirit, make no mistake. Step by step of the journey you will step into that new reality. You will also embody and embrace that reality, for you are becoming that reality. There is now enough knowledge and wisdom on this planet to be able to step into the fifth dimension, into a dimension where you create your own reality without creating it negatively. You will live your dreams: you will step into a new truth, into a new state of being, into an absolute oneness – firstly a oneness within yourself and secondly a oneness with the Universe.

So allow your hearts to open and allow love to flow into your hearts. This night, Dear Ones, this room is filled with Spirit – with your Spirit guides, with the Angelic realm and with the Great Masters: they are all present here this very night. Tonight there is to be a great anchoring of joy in this small room in Marina da Gama where relationships between men and women will take on a new level, a new dimension, a new consciousness.

Relationships – a true merging of the masculine and feminine – has been almost impossible the way the earth plane and the energy of the earth plane was set up behind so many different veils. True love was always but a dream – now true love will become available, a true merging of the masculine and feminine for all to experience – and with that comes the energy of joy, the energy of ecstasy and the energy of willingness. Willingness may sound a very strange component. However, it is a vital ingredient for without the will there can be no union; for there to be union, there has to be will. Only by truly relating to other human beings can you create joy, and you can only know joy by the communication and the expression of your inner self, which includes hearing; you must be heard to truly experience joy on this planet. All true love and true joy is experienced through your self and another person, a second party. This is the connection to the Divine – this is the step to the fifth dimension, truly allowing the masculine and feminine to merge within.

So allow yourselves to close your eyes and go inside. Come right into your bodies – feel yourself going deeper and deeper right into your body. Feel whatever feelings come into your body as we speak of this true union between the sacred masculine and the sacred feminine energies within.

Today is the 7th of November 2006. This is a day of great significance. This is a day of great judgement and there have been judgements passed on this earth plane in this week. Part of these judgements are to say that certain energies are no longer required on the earth plane and that there must be clarity and honesty in government. The peoples of the earth must receive the truth; the true Spiritual teaching that they require love in their lives. Deep within the feeling of love is a deep sense of gratitude and longing. Everybody that is on this earth plane belongs on this earth plane and there is a job or a responsibility for every single human being who walks on this planet, no matter how inferior, no matter how dark, no matter how unresolved they may be, each and every human being is here for a reason to bring a gift from within him/herself. Those gifts must be unfolded and brought to the earth plane.

It is one thing to help a person – it is another to rescue. There is a very fine line between helping and rescuing. Helping a person is when you lay down the truth in front of that person and they act upon that truth. Rescuing a person is seeing the truth in a person and acting on their behalf. When you rescue you will lose much energy for yourself in your own life. You will loose countless years of love. When you rescue another person there is an aspect of yourself that requires to be rescued, part of you that feel helpless or alone, that doesn’t know how to operate and live in peace and abundance on the earth plane. What you have done for another you should have done for yourself. You should have given yourself those answers and actions, and in so-doing you would have set yourself free.

So allow yourself to go deeper and deeper inside your bodies, become softer and softer and softer, more and more and more gentle, and more and more and more at peace. Come to rest in that place where that part of you that needs rescuing is. You will feel it in your bodies. You will feel that this part of yourself is a very, very young child that feels totally terrified. What it takes to heal this part of yourself is to be with it, to love it, to hear it, to be with this little child and to be held, to allow it to know that it is safe. This aspect of yourself has constantly been creating a reality and it’s a reality where you have lost a lot of energy. Your mother and father were exactly the same – that is where you learned this behaviour – not by being told how to behave in a certain way, but by the child observing and soaking up its parents' behaviour.

In the softness and gentleness of your own bodies you will find this needle in a haystack – it is there – this little child so terrified of life. Observe this child within yourself and observe the patterns of behaviour of its parents and those around it when it got imprinted with this terror. Don’t judge yourself, for you may have your own children, don’t judge yourself – accept the lessons. Be with yourself and hold yourself. Where there is terror inside your body, it was created by a parent of the opposite sex, or perhaps by your parents arguing or fighting, and this makes it almost impossible for you to relate.

This child is sending the energy of “no relationship” out into your reality. When a child is very young and vulnerable, all it takes to upset the equilibrium of such a tender human being are a few harsh words from one parent to the other.

Dear Ones, you are the lucky ones, for this night you will be healing this child and releasing this inner terror from your energy, from your aura, from you psyche and letting it go so that you can step into another truth, another reality; a reality that very few people on this earth plane have ever shared and ever achieved.

So allow yourselves to become softer and softer and softer, more and more gentle, more and more loving. Feel yourself in your chair, feel Spirit holding you, loving you, caressing you. Be with Spirit, allow yourself to melt into Spirit, into that support. For Spirit is both masculine and feminine this night. Allow yourself to fall and be supported by this masculine and feminine energy which at the moment is the energy of ONENESS. You may be alone, but you are one at the same time. You are in your truth. Allow the truth to expand and vibrate throughout your body. Beyond the boundaries of this room everything is feminine; a great feminine moon holding and incubating you in this process, holding you quiet and safe and sound. Let the love flow gently, gently connecting to your partners and every one in this room, knowing that you are all exactly the same; you are all here to love and to be loved, to experience the oneness of love, to experience the beauty of truth and powerful communication, and to expand as a human being: expanding into your gifts and your authenticity that brings those gifts. Only when truly in your authentic self can you bring forth the gifts that you have to bring to this earth, and they are many and varied.

Dear Ones, you will not have to go insane to bring them – you’ll have to fall in love. Your society requires the lack of sanity. Spirit requires of you that you bring love and truth to this earth plane. Inside all of you, you have Love and Truth. Go deep, deep inside yourself and feel the love, feel the truth, feel your oneness, feel this new world that beckons you. You all came with a dream of a new world, a new state of being and a new way of living; a oneness, a belonging and a togetherness – like all the drops of water that fall in the ocean. Humanity has one consciousness: that consciousness is going to change tonight! It just takes a few to lead the way to step into a new world and the rest must surely follow. There is a new world waiting, a new world that is inside of you and outside of you and as you access the new world within you, you will create the new world on the outside.

The top three chakras are the place of your father. Allow love to flow to your father and allow the healing to happen. Bring into your consciousness the father energy – powerful, warm, loving, holding father energy into your bodies. Let the energy of your father, the one that every woman would love to be with and feel safe with , especially the resilient mother who spends so much time with him, let that energy convert into something that somebody would really, really love to be with. Just allow this to happen through the power of intent. You can’t be at-one and you can’t be happy if your mother does not love your father or your father does not love your mother. Allow the energy of being totally lovable to enter your father’s energy and make it so that your inner mother truly wants to be with this inner father.

Now do the same thing with your inner mother who is in your lower three chakras. Make her into the mother you have always dreamed of – into the woman she always dreamed of being. Once again bring that truly, truly lovable energy to your inner mother. Allow that which needs to be released, to be released. When you let go of something, something better always, always, always comes. Allow these two energies to merge, this inner mother and this inner father. Let the inner child in your heart centre experience this merging, this love, this connection.

Dear Ones this night you are being truly held by Spirit and the joy and the ecstasy of human life is starting its return. Where your bodies need to release to maintain this energy, give permission for the release and allow it to happen. Dear Ones this is the next level of human consciousness. What you are experiencing in this moment is the next level; it’s where you are headed; it’s what you are going to become. As small children you all dreamed that your mother and father were like this. In order that the child inside of your dream now becomes its true self, let the inner child who feels so terrified and so fragmented feel the warmth, the softness, the gentleness that you are experiencing now. As your inner child experiences this energy, it will automatically begin to heal and feel safe and secure. When you feel safe and secure you begin to create a safe and secure world for yourself and safety and security are like the foundation stones of your life. A little child needs its mother and father to love each other in order for it to feel safe and secure.

Let the gentle love flow into your body. Continue to expand and sustain this consciousness with your heart opening wider and wider. Allow the love to flow and keep sustaining this consciousness as your heart opens and allow your heart to connect to every one in the room. Allow this consciousness to flow through your feet and anchor this energy and this consciousness.

This year has been a year of great Spiritual growth and as you increase Spirit within yourselves your material world begins to change completely: your energy is solid and full. There are many things you can do with your life when you feel this way. Your dream should be to live your dream. Step into becoming your dream, and take the steps to do that. There is only one world, and you are your world. In this room, on this night you are all great magicians, not only in this lifetime but in lifetimes gone by. Once again, in this lifetime, you have endured difficult circumstances – you walked in the darkness and now you walk in the light. This light is with you forever. You will never forget the light for you are the light, you are the power, you are the glory and you can create whatever you choose.

So allow the love to flow deeper and deeper from Father Sky to Mother Earth – this new wisdom, this new energy, this new state of being. Dear Ones we wish to honour and congratulate you. All of you have stepped into an amazing truth this night. You have brought a beautiful new energy to this earth. Your guides are at your feet. You have actually been seated in an auditorium with Spirit who are all in honour and deep respect of the work you have done on the earth plane.

Go well and God Bless, for this is Kryon signing out. Thank you.



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Kryon (South Africa)

Kryon (South Africa)

Planet Earth has been through a special experience is the last few thousand years: - the separation from God. Kryon is here to take you on the journey home, and to connect you with your inner divinity, for you are all magical beings of this universe, magnificent beyond your comprehension.


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