"Forgiving your parents"

Greetings dear ones for I AM Kryon of Magnetic Service.

It is wonderful to be with you all this night in a room full of healers - people working on themselves on the cutting edge of the new world. This new world is just around the corner - the main difficulty being emotional healing and emotional stabilization. Energies will shift rapidly as time goes by. When I say, "as time goes by," I mean, within the next three to six months. There is much happening in Europe and great changes will take place. Lines are being drawn between the USA and Europe and the political situation will worsen.

There are many things that the USA is doing in this world that is not known to the general public. Some of these are not in the interests of humanity or for the hopes of a peaceful world. The leaders in Europe are becoming increasingly concerned for they know and understand this relationship. Europe and its people must aim to become stronger and more powerful. Powerful people do not make emotional decisions and many times our channelling has focussed on how to deal with ones emotional state. In truth, love is the only way. Strictly speaking, any emotional wound is due to a lack of love. It is not the way that your parents treated you as children but rather the way that your parents treated one another. This has created the wounds. Each child sees his parents as gods. The child will inherit the parents’ behaviour and will also inherit, in some form or fashion, some behaviours of the parent that they do not care for.

We say dear ones, once again, that love is the only answer. The material world is running out of control. There are so many cars on the road. These will multiply as years go by. The infrastructure will not be able to handle people’s dreams as far as technology is concerned. THERE HAS to be a new way, a new understanding of the world. The clearer you are emotionally, the easier it is to manifest your own reality. All the information needed for emotional healing has been channelled here over the past 7 years. As you step into the new world you will step into emotional stability. The technology is here on earth and it is here now. It is of paramount importance that your inner child becomes whole and your inner parents have the life skills to support this child.

Let's examine the energy of the human being. The base chakra represents the inner mother or feminine figure. The crown chakra represents the inner father or masculine figure and the heart chakra represents the inner child. The more one's parents love one another, the easier life is for the child. If the relationship between parents was not good during childhood, then the child's life will not have been easy. The base chakra and crown chakra will not be stable. This is why it is of paramount importance that one's parents are forgiven - in the absolute sense of the word. The deeper the sense of forgiveness that there is towards your parents, the more secure and alive you can be here on this earth and the more loving and trusting your world will become.

We are all creators of our own reality. Negative thought and emotion create a negative reality. Positive thought and emotion create a positive reality. Therefore it is important that one's emotions are in absolute control. To attempt to control one's emotions or one's thoughts is not ideal. You need too much energy to suppress the emotion and thought. Every day you are given a specific amount of energy by the Universe - to suppress thought and emotion is a waste. Your negative thoughts and emotions create a reality 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Negative thoughts and emotions equal a wounded inner child and an unhealthy relationship between the parents, your inner parents.

No matter how good your parenting was as a child there will always be failure in some area or another. Your parents knew certain things but didn't know others. They had their own ideas on parenting a child and did their best. Right or wrong, they thought they were doing their best - that is the role of parents. In its younger years, the child does not know reason and many events create thoughts that are completely unreasonable in the eyes of the parents or in the eyes of an adult. Before a child can speak it needs to be loved, it needs to be held in a space of absolute safety. The relationship between the parents must be as loving as humanly possible in order for the child to manifest and create the reality that it wishes.

Unfortunately this sometimes doesn't happen in one's childhood and, "it's never too late to have a happy childhood". This is achieved by requesting that the inner parents love one another and by so doing ensure that there is a beautiful relationship between the two of them - holding a space where the child can be healed. A wounded child is a victim of circumstance who may become a problem child or a victim. The problem child always receives the most energy. Then it is for your inner parents to know how to handle the child within. The child will do anything to be seen - it will create a reality. If you have ever wondered why you were angry at certain events as a child these will be stimulated by events that reflect memories the past.

We ask you to close your eyes and go within. Connect to mother earth through the soles of your feet and observe the energy that flows through your body connecting you to the heart of mother earth. The stronger your energy with the earth, the easier your manifestation will be on this earth plane. This is a direct reflection of how you nurture yourself. The depths of your roots into Mother Earth are a direct reflection of how you nurture yourself in this life and as an adult. Connect deeply to mother earth. Your guides are at your feet in awe and honour of the process we are entering at this moment of your life. They are in awe of the work that you are doing on the earth plane. There is no judgement - there is only honour. All your energies are welcome here.

Let the energy of mother earth flow through your body and acknowledge where there is any resistance to this flow. The energy will flow through your feet into your ankles and calves, up to your knees and thighs, then to your base and second chakra, and finally to your solar plexus and your heart. Let this energy move all through your body. Let the inner mother within yourself be awakened by this energy and be open to receive more and more energy. You are being held in a space where there is much less resistance to your mother. Allow mother earth to support you and to fill your heart with love. Fill your body with energy that you can use to manifest. Let the energy of mother earth flow through your heart and into your throat chakra. Allow it to flow from your throat into your third eye, acknowledging where in your own life you are not nurturing yourself as you should, releasing the energy of mother earth in the direction of father sky and allowing a connection to the heart of the great central sun. Wherever there is feeling or emotion in your body just acknowledge this. Let the emotion be cleared by the energy of mother earth. Let it be dissolved and finally, let it go.

Connect with the energy of father sky through the crown chakra. Let this energy move through your third eye and into your throat. The father energy is about protection, manifestation and providing. Acknowledge where in your own life you are not protecting or providing for yourself as you should. Acknowledge certain events that will allow your energy to collapse. Then, feel the energy of father sky flowing into your heart and through the solar plexus to the second and base chakra. Let it move through and connect to the heart of mother earth. It will merge within your body and where there is resistance to this merging, acknowledge the resistance. All resistance is a feeling state. Be aware of all the feelings in your body and be with those feelings. Now, let those feelings speak to you - let them come and let them go. Be flexible in the processing of your emotions. The more emotion you hand onto, the more emotion you will store somewhere in your body. Flexibility is the ability to process emotion. Flexibility comes from your joints. But it is not necessarily your joints that are your problem but the muscles that hold the joints in a certain fashion. So, where there is tension in your muscles release it. Let the energy move through your body and step into a state of deep truth and integrity. Integrity is to think, to feel, to say and to do as one. This energy of integrity will flow into your heart and fill your body. All frozen emotion is held in your body.

Now we wish you to see when you last allowed your energy to collapse. What we mean by collapse is: you know you should have done something - perhaps something to protect yourself and your energy but you said "no" and allowed your energy to release and let go. Now picture an image. Let it enter your mind. Be aware of the feeling around this image and go with the feeling back in time, back to your childhood. Find the little child within yourself that found it safer to let go of this energy than to hold onto it. For your own interest ask how old the child is and enter a form of dialogue with the child. From this child comes all the patterns of your life - all the events and all the things you have given away as a result of this event in your childhood - we are creating a sense of awareness here - of how patterns of behaviour are created. In every single case you will see that your parents’ behaviour is not in true balance.

Your parents inherited this way of relating from your grandparents and they in turn from their parents. It is for you to acknowledge this pattern of your life for you are the only one in your family who can stop this pattern. This is your job, this is part of your work here on the earth plane - to heal yourself. The word, "heal," comes from the English word, "whole." It means becoming one with your self.

So take this child that collapsed its energy. This is your child and you are its mother and its father. Look straight into the child's eyes and let love move first, from your heart to your eyes, then into the child's eyes and heart, and finally back to your own heart. Let this circle of love flow between you and your inner child. Let the love grow greater and greater and bigger and bigger. At the same time, be aware of a sense of forgiveness towards your parents. In this space, forgiveness will be given at the highest level so enter the deepest level of your own psyche. Let the love fall deeper and deeper into the child, the deeper the love goes into the child, the deeper it goes into yourself. Now you will experience the self expression of this love - you will feel love inside your own self and this will greatly increase. Welcome a completely different feeling into your body, a much stronger one, not collapsing in difficult situations. The more love that flows through your body the more powerful you are. Love equals power. It is a power that you would never use over others but would use in all fairness in life - a power to hold onto what belongs to you. If someone takes something from you, this power gives you the strength to take it back.

As the child becomes stronger with the love that you give it, you will discover this love returning. This is the natural state of the human being. Feel more and more of this energy with hearts opened wider and wider. If you are not going to collapse in the face of adversity it is much safer to keep your heart open. Gifts that spirit has for you can only be given through an open heart. An open heart is difficult to maintain but the more whole the inner child becomes the more powerful and stronger you become. We need strong and powerful people of the light to work on this earth. We want you to be able to handle the challenges that we have for you. There are many challenges coming to this earth plane as we step into the ascension process. Most of you in this room have done a great deal of work with the inner child. You can all feel the benefits of this work and there is more to come - as you heal yourself, you heal the world and, to use the analogy of a pebble in a still pond, the ripples of your love will be felt all around you. Your family will automatically heal. They will be able to get out of life what they really want. They will be able to live their dreams - handle the challenges that are thrown at them - stand in the centre of a storm and feel safe and secure. They will also feel powerful and have the strength to hold the space for others to enter. In this room, without exception, you are all healers. You have come to this earth plane with one specific task in mind. The contract every single one of you has with Spirit is to heal yourself and to hold the space for others to heal.

This night you have experienced a healing process that is centred around awareness. You have seen how the child was wounded and are aware of the events in your life that this has created. Knowing this, you will never step back into the same behaviour. The fastest and most powerful healing processes are those that confront awareness. This is not to say that processes that do not generate a state of awareness do not work but processes like that should be used to generate a complementary state of healing through awareness. When you are aware of your own process, you can relate directly to the next man or woman. You will know why they are behaving in a certain way and will not judge this behaviour. In not judging you hold them in a safe space. Judgement creates resistance. By judging another, you are creating a resistance between yourself and that other. It is important also not to judge yourself. Understand that in judging others you are merely judging yourself... and that is not loving yourself.

There are two types of judgement - one, with love and the other, without love. You have the right to judge a situation in your own life but you don't have the right to judge yourself – this does not support your growth. In judging a situation that you have created, acknowledge that you have an inner issue. Acknowledgement is 90% of actual healing. When you acknowledge a pattern of behaviour it is released automatically. It is very important that you learn to read the Universe - let it speak to you. The easier your relationship with the Universe, the quicker your healing will be. In this way you can stand on the earth in your power understanding your contract with Spirit.

The Universe speaks in many ways but the most important expression is feeling. Feeling is the most rapid access to your own healing. Every feeling you have directly reflects a relationship you have created. Relationships with energy - perhaps your husband or your wife. You also have a relationship with the material world. The better you feel about yourself, the easier you will feel about the material world. This is your own choice but the most powerful choice of all is how to feel. No matter how much money you have in your pocket, if you don't feel happy then you are not happy. If you are happy, you are happy. Not being happy creates negative circumstances whereas being happy creates happy circumstances. Be truly honest with yourself. Monitor and track your own feelings as this is key to manifesting your dreams and accepting reality. It's important to take time to experience and really get in touch with your feelings.

For the men: one of the first things a little boy is taught is not to cry. Parents don't like to deal with emotional children and it is no different with your own inner parents and inner child. The more you educate your inner parents to handle problem children, the stronger and more powerful you will be in your life. Your inner child is the centre of all creativity. It is better not to allow the child to create a negative reality by being a good parent. However, you must acknowledge the wounds within your inner child. It is better for the child to be free and alive than to be over-parented or having parents compensate for the child. Your inner child should be healed. A child must play and create as it feels. If the inner child and inner parents are healed, you will use no energy whatsoever for suppression of the child or bad parenting. Will that energy be used to manifest your dreams? The energy used for manifestation is the energy of love. It is divine love. When you have powerful parents and a healed child you are in a position to do divine work of the most powerful expression. This is what Kryon asks of you - that you heal your child and become beautiful loving parents of that inner child. As this happens you will light up like a beacon for the whole world to see and respect.

This is the way of the world. This is the way of human experience. The earth plane and the Universe is created in such a way that the importance of the child has been disguised for too long. The veil is now being released. There must be a powerful flow of energy through your crown into your base and into mother earth, and another powerful flow from the earth to your base, then to the crown and beyond. This is a free flow of energy. When you have that, your life is flowing. Life will be easier and great things are possible.

Dear ones, this is Kryon signing out in awe and in honour of the work you are doing each day and each night on this earth plane.

Go well, God Bless and take care.



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Kryon (South Africa)

Planet Earth has been through a special experience is the last few thousand years: - the separation from God. Kryon is here to take you on the journey home, and to connect you with your inner divinity, for you are all magical beings of this universe, magnificent beyond your comprehension.


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