"Healer, heal thyself"

Greetings dear ones for I AM Kryon of Magnetic Service.

It is wonderful to be with you once again. Even though it’s a short time, much water has passed under the bridge since I saw you last. Love fills the air and exciting new changes are happening on the earth plane.

There have been magnetic shifts and a slight axial shift of the planet which is invoking meaningful shifts of consciousness - changing the way people perceive and live in the world. You should be finding it much easier to face the many challenges coming thick and fast. Everyone is challenged in some way or another but these challenges are measured in exactly the way a person needs to expand his or her energy and grow in consciousness and not fail in taking the next step in their lives.

More and more guidance is coming to earth and your spirit guides and angels have a much clearer connection with you now. That is the main focus of the shift of energy. What comes with stronger and clearer guidance is the ability to receive the guidance and step beyond your fears into the truth of who you really are - loving yourself, being yourself. Everyone wants to know who you are, not who you think you are. Everyone wants you to do what you’ve come here to do, not do what you think you should. Be your own authentic self. Act in such a manner that you create respect around yourself.

In order to respect yourself you need to look inwards with a new pair of eyes. See yourself in the moment, uncluttered, with no baggage, with a past that's not filled with shame, guilt, sadness or any other unnecessary emotion. In this way, you will be armed with a sword and the ability to use it to cut the past and to walk easily into the future. You will be aware of being in the present, in the centre of a storm but remaining calm. These are the energies for 2005. If you have problems being in the present it is because of issues of the past - issues of the past create fear for the future.

Those of you who have walked on this path and have worked with these channelings are truly connected to Kryon. You will find life much sweeter, easier and far more exciting. Dear ones, Kryon has come with only one thing in mind and that is success and revolution of the human spirit. Pay no attention to wishy-washy human ideals. Stand upright, be charismatic, and step into truth with anyone who stands by your side. Dear ones, the journey has truly begun. Remember, accelerated healing will only accelerate more and more. Your challenges will come thick and fast but you will handle them and grow through them. Your abundance issues will recede, as will your health issues. In fact issues of all kinds will recede, you will feel much stronger and love will fill your heart.

You will be able to love although many on this planet cannot. You have had no frame of reference for love and love is not an intellectual exercise nor is it a possession. Love is a fleeting glance at your own heart - see how full it is. Love is a state of expansion, of receiving joy and openness, of caring for yourself and of giving to yourself all that you need. In this way you will acquire the ability to give. No longer stepping into the shadows when you’re threatened but stepping into the light and moving forward with an open heart - but a protected heart at the same time. You will know with whom you should engage and whom to sidestep. You will claim your own personal power and more and more of your own identity with every step that you take.

In the past you were often taking two steps forward and one back but the energy that comes now, in this year, will bring power, freedom and joy. You will meet your challenges, enjoy them and grow through them. There is much love in this world - love and energy for everyone. Abundance for everyone. Do not take from another for there is abundance on this planet for everyone. Politicians aim to destroy other nations and control their oil fields but in the next 15 to 20 years this oil energy will disappear. New energies and technologies will filter through and the stronger and clearer the new age channels become, the sooner this technology will fall into the hands of people who do not wish to control but wish to see everyone sharing in abundance and with love.

These energies are already filtering through. Solar energy will become even more efficient but also energy derived from hydrogen - the most common gas on earth. Pollution-free energies will become the norm within the next 15 to 20 years. Of course there’s always a metaphysical “charge” for want of a better word, to be dealt with. The true pollution on this planet is not people burning fossil fuels, for the fossil fuels and the greenhouse effect is a direct result of mass consciousness, people’s anger on this planet. Anger is a hot energy. Spirit and the Universe have to show this reflection in some way.

People are no longer calm and loving in the general sense of the word. The average man seethes with anger and rage at his life and the way it has turned out. It is not dishonest politicians or priests that are the problem. The truth of it is that, in general, man does not know how to work with emotion and stay emotionally clear - to let his anger become his passion. Anger is a powerful energy - not as powerful as love but very necessary. Often love requires the use of anger but there are two types of anger. The first is a dirty unclean anger that is an emotion. This anger comes from one’s childhood, an inner child angry at one’s parents for their needs not being met or for being punished unjustly or even being punished justly (if there is such a thing) - for all a child ever does is mirror its parents relationship.

Dear ones, acknowledge this type of anger, this resentment and bitterness. Remember young children are not reasonable - they haven’t learnt. There are not many children on this earth lucky enough to have reasonable parents - that is parent’s who reason clearly, who reason with wisdom, who reason with love.

There are also not many parents who can interact in their relationship as husband and wife with reason. Relationships are often based on looking after the inner child and the needs of the inner child of the other. This type of relationship cannot last for long as people get bored with looking after others' needs. They do not have the energy to cater for their own needs when they discover that the other person is not interested in fulfilling their needs. So it is important that each person takes steps to be independent and strong and ensure that their needs are truly met. Only when they are should you even begin to look at the things you want. There is a big difference between need and want. Anyone who has needs, has not had his needs met in his childhood. It is important to recognize this fact. The only way to meet your own needs is from within yourself. If your child is needy you will create neediness in your life. If all your child’s needs are fulfilled you will have no problem gaining whatever you want. A child that has been parented and all its needs taken car of, that child will live easily in abundance. So often the needs of the child in the west are completely misunderstood. The child needs to feel loved - to feel wanted. A child needs to feel belonging, a oneness, a fullness and a connectedness with the Divine.

You are healers - those of you who listen. You choose to meet your own needs and stand up straight in this world - a whole person. In general you will come from fragmented families, dysfunctional families, families with alcohol abuse, drug abuse, whatever kind of abuse, whatever kind of neediness.

Dear ones, you have the power to step beyond the neediness. We know this from where we stand. You are stepping more and more into your truth with less and less neediness but many of you feel boredom in this arena. It is all too easy. You have forgotten that your comfort zone is often the struggle and now you are beginning to feel truly comfortable. Dear ones, these teachings work, they empower you, they clear your energy, they clear your needs and they set you on a new journey. On that journey forward there will be fear because you’re still being asked to expand. It is as if you have climbed out of a dark hole and set foot on the earth for the first time and embraced the sunshine. Even though your energies are clear and purified, part of you can still miss the darkness of that hole, the shelter that the shadow offers. You are opening up to the world, to a world that wants to meet you, a world that wants to meet people that have healed themselves.

There is truly only one rule for a healer that is, “healer, heal thyself”. The world is waiting for the ripples, the ripples of being healed, the ripples of being whole, the ripples of love that you will create, and so generate and power the New Age. This year of 2005 which we can call, “Two-Thousand-and-Thrive” is your year. This is the year in which you can accept yourself as being powerful. For most of you this will be a totally alien feeling. It will be something that you have all dreamed of – wanting to make this world a better place. It comes with a responsibility and the amazing thing about healing is that responsibility is automatic. Once you’ve been through your crises, your dramas, call it what you wish, you learn to contain the energies, you learn to control and focus them to energize your dreams - for many of you it is to rescue the world.

Dear ones, be warned – be very careful of that drain. First of all ensure above all that you have rescued yourself. The more power and strength you inherit as a result of your healing, the stronger and more powerful you will become. You are learning the skill of healing yourself. There is no plateau dear ones, the more of yourself that you heal the more you expand. The day cannot come when you say; "I’m stopping now." You have to continue to look at your issues. Work through them to release whatever negative issues there are even if you find yourself in a comfortable space earning lots of money, being able to buy what you wish. You’re here on this earth plane to do your duty. Your duty first of all is to heal yourself and to keep healing yourself and keep those ripples, those energies, moving. Allow all in your proximity to benefit from this. Allow all in your family to benefit from your knowledge and wisdom. Your healing is not information or anything one could read in a book. Your healing is energy and vibration that is echoing north, south, east and west - up and down, throughout this universe. You are being heard, you are being felt, you are changing the course of history and you are to honour yourselves.

So close your eyes and drop inside and be with your body and dear ones, sometimes look over your shoulder to see how far you’ve come. Tonight is your turn to look over your shoulder and to see how far you’ve come. Go back in time five years and feel what your body felt five years ago. See how thick and dense your energy was. Examine the state of your dreams - what you dreamed of achieving. See and feel the darkness around that body of five year’s ago. Then let it go. Now dear ones, feel the light that shines through your heart, see the brightness, the love and the deep connection. Connection not only to the heart of the great central sun and the heart of Mother Earth but a connection that goes around the world to almost every nation. The connection to people who work and live with the Kryon energy, the energy of dignity and pride. This Kryon energy is anchored fast to every nation.

The processes that have been channelled in Cape Town are being used in almost every country on this planet. The more people use them, the more energy belongs to them and the more rapid each and every person transforms. Dear ones, we have every intention of taking you to a new world, a world where you manifest your dreams - dreams where you bring love and light to this earth - dreams that you manifest easily. You will become the true magicians of this New Age - of this new world.

Magic is a transformation or a transmutation of energy turning darkness into light. You all have the seeds of magic within your hearts. See to it that these seeds are watered and nurtured. This night, see to it that they germinate. Let the magic transform your lives.

We always speak dear ones, of life being a feeling and not an intellectual path. So, remember your dreams, remember what you dream of and become that dream. No matter how magical or unbelievable that dream is, allow it to happen. Become that dream. Become the feeling of that dream and once you hold the energy of that dream for, let us say, thirty-three seconds, then that dream will manifest. Fair warning must be given: you must be able to continually hold the energy and vibration of that dream and as you walk towards it, you will find in your own hearts and your own bodies blockages. There will be feelings that are not concurrent with the feeling of the dream. The secret is to acknowledge the blockage and not stay in a state of denial or avoidance. Acknowledge the block. Acknowledge the resistance and allow the energy of the dream to gently dissolve whatever stands in its way.

Dear ones, bad feelings create bad dreams. Wherever you have these negative emotions allow for that emotion to be released, do not fight it and do not stand in its way. Do not let it defeat you either. It is merely a feeling, an emotion, something from the past. So dear ones, expand your energies and grow bigger and wider. The dream Spirit gives you is far beyond the dream you could ever imagine. The truth is, you are that dream, whatever you are dreaming, you will become. If you are dreaming of being strong or powerful, the journey towards the dream will make this so. Powerful people often live in abundance. To maintain certain levels of abundance you need to be powerful. Power is the ability to act and is where we often come unstuck. To become powerful you have to step into the unknown and claim your power. It is there to be claimed. To manifest anything on earth there has to be a physical interaction of some kind. So very often dear ones, you, who are healers have come from families of low levels of consciousness and love abilities of confrontation.

To confront does not necessarily mean to be wildly aggressive - one can ask for what belongs to one in a quiet, serious, masculine manner. It is the masculine that manifests. To confront is to stand upright and ask for what belongs to you. If you do not ask you cannot receive.

At the White House in America there is a great obelisk that stands in front. This obelisk is a symbol of masculinity, a symbol of the ability to manifest and act. It means power. It is a strong structure within itself and if you look at the way your masculine inner energy is formed, you will see that the dots are joined in the form of an obelisk. Both men and women alike operate with the energy of the masculine but in general terms a man will find his power in masculine energy. A woman could never do without masculine energy but her domain is in the realm of the feminine. Men and women in this sense are different but equal. These channelings are brought to you, not so that you can claim power over others, as has happened in the past, but rather so that you can use the power in your own life to realise your dreams. Whatever your dream - be it love or romance or abundance - realise it, and it will make you happy.

Your dreams will manifest and you too will become conscious of how they manifest. It will no longer be a secret! You dear ones, will become great creators of your own universe.

Go well and God Bless, for this is Kryon signing out.



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Kryon (South Africa)

Kryon (South Africa)

Planet Earth has been through a special experience is the last few thousand years: - the separation from God. Kryon is here to take you on the journey home, and to connect you with your inner divinity, for you are all magical beings of this universe, magnificent beyond your comprehension.


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