"Healing a Broken Heart"

Greetings dear ones for I AM Kryon of Magnetic Service.

It is wonderful to see all you Lightworkers congregated this evening; you represent a special force and a special energy that is manifesting on Earth at this time of great change, new visions for the future and major shifts into a new dimension. As you know yesterday was the 11/11 and the energies are here for new beginnings.

Over the last weekend there was a harmonic concordance; once again signifying new beginnings. We are allowing the energy of that harmonic concordance into this room this night. You will feel this energy on a magnified level, far more intense than it is at the moment. You are all capable of handling energies of this intensity now and doing work at the levels that you are expected to do; you have all been working on yourselves with great deliberance. The work that you have done in the past is beginning to pay off now and your lives are becoming much smoother; you are becoming much easier to live with and co-creation with Spirit is happening on a much more positive level. You have always been co-creating with Spirit, consciously and unconsciously. The co-creation with Spirit that creates the most problems is unconscious co-creation. Unconsciously and until you become aware of it you co-create with Spirit with your hidden emotions, thoughts and feelings, and you wonder why the external world treats you as it does. The more work you do on yourself, the more the internal world changes and this in turn changes your outer world - what you manifest physically on the earth plane. You are all opening your hearts more and more - firstly to yourselves and then to the rest of humanity.

As your life changes, you begin to feel love and inner warmth and you begin to fill up. Love is the true state of your being - the state of emptiness is a state of fear; it is the fear of not connecting to the Divine and it is the fear of connecting to the Divine. Any fear is a disconnection; if you are not connected you will feel empty. The more work that you do on yourself the more connected you will become - your world will become Divine and you will begin to see that the world is in true alignment with your will; it is far more exciting than you ever dared dream of. Love is all there is; it is the only way forward. Love is all that you ever dream of - in truth it is love of yourself that you dream of. You may dream of love, people of the opposite sex coming into your lives, beautiful relationships, but whatever your dream is, it is meeting the beautiful part of yourself - enjoying a beautiful relationship with yourself that will bring that special partner and that special relationship into your life. Not only will the special relationship be special but the relationships with all the people that are in your life will become more special. You will become more deserving and more caring. You will allow your care to flow further and further from your own energy and that care will come back in return.

The next step on your journey to consciousness will be another octave closer to the next dimension, a dimension where you will live in true harmony with God, where you will live in true joy, in true freedom, where you will feel abundant and full of love and of course all those things around you will manifest physically. You have healed yourselves and you have healed your families; not only the families that are present with you now but from seven generations behind you and seven generations ahead. You have changed the world for all these generations and they are in your debt. They owe you energy as a result of the work that you have done - tonight you will receive the energy of your ancestors and your forefathers and your children and their children and their children’s children. They can all see the work that you have been doing for yourself and they can see the way that the world is changing around you and the way that the world is changing in general. They didn’t have the courage, power, knowledge or wisdom to do it for themselves; in a contract with Spirit and a contract with these families you have come here to heal a whole spiders’ web and that web is healing, untangling and becoming clear, it is becoming functional and workable as are your own lives.

The energy of this harmonic concordance will bring you more postulate energy to take decisions and to bring to conclusion whatever issues you are working with - whatever genetic issues lie in your family lines. You will be granted more energy to heal yourself and to step into truth and the light.

It is said that if two people get together in Christ’s name that the energy will multiply sixteenfold - for you this night the energy will always be sixteenfold; you have always stood in the light and you will always be with the light. Whatever issues you personally decide to work with or whatever challenge you decide to face you will have sixteen times more energy than at any time in the past to bring this issue to resolution or conclusion. You will become like a snowball rolling down a mountain - unstoppable in your quest for clarity, enlightenment and love. You will begin to see it more and more in your own lives – how when you work with an issue it clears so much quicker than ever before. When your energies become ragged and you become fearful as you are facing your dark shadows you will be granted your healing - this will not last as long as before, it will still come with a difficulty of action on the earth plane however you will be able to act more easily as you basically demolish your issues. Your issues will virtually dissolve in a few hours; a few days at the most, whatever you decide to face you will face with ease. It is as if all of you in this room have faced Goliath and won, as in the biblical story. You have overcome your deepest, darkest fears and in so-doing all other fears are small. We could look at your life in an analogy of walking up a seasaw – you walk up it so long and when you come to the fulcrum and you keep on walking in the same direction the seasaw will tilt and you will be walking downhill - that is how it is for everyone in this room. Your journey of suffering and struggle is at an end – manifestation will come so much easier and love will flow so much more easily into your hearts.

Close your eyes and go inside and let us take a look at your heart - everyone on the planet suffers from a broken heart in some way or another - this harmonic concordance brings the energy with it for healing broken hearts. Allow yourself to place your awareness in your heart and find yourself at some time either in this lifetime or a previous one where your heart was broken - now go to this experience and allow your Guides and the Angels to take you there and hold you in a space of safety and love. Allow the energy of a broken heart to enter your body. You are not just doing this for yourself – you are doing it for your families and everyone else on the planet. Allow your heart to open wider and wider and feel free to allow in Divine love. Your heart is Divine and also the break in your heart is Divine, by design - it is designed to teach you what love is and what love is not - it is designed to teach you about deserving and caring. If you have a broken heart then you feel you do not deserve and you find it difficult to care – easy to care for others but difficult to care for yourself.

Allow in the energies of deserving and caring and allow these energies to cleanse and purify any crack that there might be in your heart - allow true love to flow deeper and deeper into your heart - allow this process to continue while connecting to Mother Earth whose heart has also been broken by what she sees as abuse of her natural resourses – minerals, fuels and nature, and the way that humanity disconnected from Earth - once again the white man; building his roads, cars, military equipment and the industrial revolution - Mother Earth was in a contract, she knew what was coming and she knows that she is supported by the Divine in this lesson of having humanity disconnect from the earth plane. Many people are living in their heads, not in their bodies - living without feelings, living without true connection, living without the full understanding of who they truly are.

Allow your connection to Mother Earth to go deeper and deeper and allow yourselves to visualize your Merkabah, the six pointed tetrahedron star - set the intention that your Merkabah connects to the energies of the harmonic concordance; each of the points of your Merkabah connecting to the planets or the sun or the moon and allow it to energize. Even though this happened three days ago you can still connect as there is no time; allow your Merkabah to energize and move up to full power where you will be held in a space of safety and security. The more you practise having your Merkabah energized the more soulful you will become and the less ego driven you will be. Your activated Merkabah is the chariot of an enlightened being. Whilst your Merkabah is activated you will not be able to slip down into a state of depression and your mind will always be in the state of the Divine mind. Your decisions will become clear and easy to make and your body will fill with trust and love. You will enter a state of enlightenment; at the moment your Merkabahs are charged and you are in a state of enlightenment. Allow whatever emotion is in your body to surface, particularly surrounding broken hearts, and allow the energy of the broken heart to ebb and flow in your body - you will find it being cleansed by a fully energized Merkabah. Allow love to flow from your heart to the hearts of everyone in the room and allow yourself to receive love from the hearts of everyone in the room. Allow yourself to open your heart to every single person that will read this channelling and receive the love from everyone else who will read this channelling from around the world.

Let us allow through space and time the healing of our broken hearts - man could not have done to the Earth what he has done if his heart were intact. It is only wounded people who choose the unnatural life - the natural functions of the human body are who you are. What comes naturally comes from the heart - it is who you are, your human nature is who you are. Scan your bodies for any unnatural feelings or thoughts - a natural feeling would in fact be an emotion imprinted. Where an emotion is used to hold you back or suppress you in any way it is not who you are, it is not natural. A natural thing for human beings is a gentle expansion of consciousness - allow yourself to gently expand through this suppressive emotion and clear what is holding you in a state of inertia.

There are outside events that will allow you, or force you, to move through inertia - one of the most natural events is that of pain. If you are stuck in a situation of no growth or in a situation where you are reducing as a person then you will normally enter a state of pain; that pain will force you to eventually move and release that state of inertia. It will allow you to break through the prison walls that are surrounding you, what you cannot see, that is what the pain is there for. As your Merkabahs and your hearts become fully activated you will not wait for the pain, you will see your way forward and you will not suffer from inertia. Inertia in turn creates depression, lack of movement. What this means is that you stop living your dreams, you stop doing the things that you really want to do, you spend your time with the wrong people doing things that inhibit your growth. Once your heart is truly healed and open and your Merkabah is fully activated there will be no such thing as inertia. You will visualize and see and almost instantaneously manifest.

Some of the things the Kryon work has been very slow, very deliberate, in pointing out and working with are emotion and mental imbalance. It is only a person who is in a state of being clear whose Merkabah will stay fully activated. If you are not clear you will not manifest clear reality, a reality that you consciously want for yourself. There are safety devices built in to this opening of one’s heart and opening and energizing one’s Merkabah, however, you have been given the gift of sixteen times the energy of postulation or intent to resolve whatever issues you are working with - this will enable you to clear your energy so much quicker and stay in a state of enlightenment, your Merkabah fully activated and your heart fully open. This will bring you to a state of full connection with the Divine - the energy field in your physical body will begin to feel full; full of love, security, peace, joy and fun. You are here on this earth plane to manifest enlightenment. Enlightenment is to be in a state of fun, a state of flux, an absolute state of trust where you take those decisions that you would initially fear, but you take them anyway and allow the Divine to do the rest, knowing that the Divine will do the rest.

Allow whatever energies you have in your second chakra, in particular, to flow to your heart for release. Your second chakra in the Kryon teachings has always been about love of the opposite sex, sex itself and money and it is all to do with creation - as your heart clears allow your second chakra also to clear so that you can begin to create the life that you dearly wish for yourself. Sit with those feelings and gently allow the energy to move through your solar plexis and heal your solar plexis as it moves. The creative force should first of all create a very healthy body with healthy organs and a healthy mind, a healthy intelligence and of course when you are connected to the Divine your intelligence will become completely different. It will no longer be tied to what you were taught in school or to your past negative experiences - your mind will be connected to love, to Divine love.

So allow a clearing of the mind and a deeper connection of your mind to Divine intelligence and allow yourselves to feel a spiralling energy through your bodies pulling out negative energy wherever you have it for you are held in a space of safety where it is safe to feel whatever you are feeling, where it is safe to acknowledge your true thoughts, where it is safe to acknowledge any anger or any hatred – all your energies are welcome here, all your energies. Energies either good or bad are Divine energy by design to bring you to a state to enlightenment.

There will be many beautiful things happening on this earth as a result of this harmonic concordance. At parliament or government level there will be a complete restructuring of the power bases on this earth plane. This is a message that has continually been relayed through the Kryon channellings. There will be a downfall of the western world but believe it or not something better will take its place.

Those of you who are connected to the Divine will bring divinity to Earth and create a special world for all those who live on the planet, a world pretty much like the parable in the Kryon book of parables where you are driving down a road and you see the river but you don’t see a bridge - it is pretty much in that vein. There is a new society, a new way of being just behind the veil waiting for enough people to clear their energies to bring this new state of being to the earth plane; what we can say is that a new world order is coming, not one to dominate and manipulate in the way that the present world order is ruling the planet, but one based on the Flower of Life; where at every intersecting point there will be decision makers, people holding energy- bear in mind that the Flower of Life is spoken of here in a three dimensional state. The hearts of the people will be connected - the very truth of their existence will be openly known. They will know that they are Divine beings; one must be clear that there is a difference between believing and knowing. The word belief is a transitory state of being between not knowing and knowing, it basically means you fake it till you make it! When you make it you don’t believe, you know! You know the Divine and the Divine will be known to you.

The education system of the western world, so revered around the globe, does so little for human consciousness that it will be allowed to crumble to dust. As more and more people connect to the Divine Mind there will be more knowledge available on Earth; the amount of knowledge is at present doubling every five years. In a way all those who hear this channel are at the cutting edge of this knowledge. Whatever field you belong to; using the processes channelled in the past and being channelled in the present you will be able to access Divine Knowledge concerning your sphere of influence - you will be able to revolutionise your sphere of influence. There will of course be those who don’t believe you or who don’t want to believe you, but as we have already said belief is a transitory state. In the not too distant future everyone on Earth will be heading in the same direction - heading to the Divine at a much faster pace than is being allowed to happen at the moment.

Once again place your awareness in your heart and see the connection to the sun, the moon, the stars, the planets and the Universe; this is where the energy comes to enlist your challenges, to activate you on a cellular level. You are continually activated by the state and position of the planets in the Universe. Allow yourself to see the energy of these planets flowing through your heart and give yourself permission to see where the Universe is headed, in a way releasing your fear of the future and bringing you more and more into present time. Fear keeps you from being present, keeps you either in the future or in the past - the more time you spend in the present the more you can do for yourself. To be in the present is an act of love, it is an act of love for yourself, an act of self love. To be more and more present is the gift that you give to yourself, when you are truly present you are truly connected to the Divine.

It is when you are hovering in the past, struggling with your childhood pain and living your patterns of the past that you are not present; childhood pain can keep you either in the past or in the future, fearing what is going to happen next. As we said at the beginning of this channelling this childhood pain is virtually over - you are being given many gifts to overcome your past, not only in this lifetime but in all lifetimes. Many people think that this planet is in a state of evolution, it is actually in a state of revolution, completely releasing the past and stepping into a whole new world, a new fantastic point of view, no one to tell you “no” or say “you’re only dreaming”, a whole new world. The energies are set, the omens are not only there to show you the way but to give you the energy to push yourself through these invisible barriers into new dimensions of Spiritual growth and heartfelt freedom.

Take a few moments and place your awareness in your heart - feel what love feels like and feel what it feels like to have a healed heart and an activated Merkabah…

This is Kryon signing out in awe and in honour of the work that is being done in the name of the Divine on the earth plane. At this moment your Guides are at your feet, just allow yourselves to be washed with love.

Go well and God Bless this is Kryon signing out.



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Kryon (South Africa)

Kryon (South Africa)

Planet Earth has been through a special experience is the last few thousand years: - the separation from God. Kryon is here to take you on the journey home, and to connect you with your inner divinity, for you are all magical beings of this universe, magnificent beyond your comprehension.


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