Healing the Military Energies in our family tree

Greetings dear ones for I AM Kryon of magnetic service.

Once again it’s wonderful to be with you this night. Once again there’s much love and much change in the air, and the change is going to come more and more quickly as you get towards the end of 2012. Those who have much power on this Earth will begin to lose that power and they will begin to lose control. For those of you that have done a lot of inner work, you will begin to see the benefits of the inner work; your lives will begin to change, even more quickly than ever before, and your dreams will begin to come true. There will come a flow of energy that will take you into a new world. You are being fully supported by the Universe through spirit world. The love that you’ve always dreamed of you will begin to access and many things that you didn’t believe you would ever achieve will begin to happen. At the same time what you thought was important no longer is important. You will begin to feel smoothness on the inside or your body, contentment, and it will cause you to feel love. Once you feel love in your heart and your own body this world becomes a beautiful place in which to be.

There’s much violence and anger throughout the world; when we look at the Middle East, we can see that changes are coming there. The West has a lot of power over the Middle East, but that power will begin to dissolve. The Muslim people of this world will begin to have their own power, and their own prosperity, and they will begin to disconnect from the Western World. This disconnection doesn’t have to be violent as violence only happens when somebody hangs onto what doesn’t belong to them.

Everything is written in the stars and the bad God doesn’t like this. The bad God wants to control everything on this planet. The energy of the bad God is beginning to dissolve and you are beginning to connect more and more to the loving God of the Universe. The material world is merely a distraction that has served its purpose. The material world will gently begin to dissolve and have less impact on our lives. A new world is coming dear ones; we’ve been telling you about this, through David, for 15 years now and this world is a world full of love. A world where you create your reality through love, and the more inner work that you’ve done, the easier everything will become. You are all being supported to release the negative energies that you carry. Some of you will find this easy, and some will find it difficult. For those of you that find it difficult, you are split into two groups. The one group will never ever hear these channellings; they have no interest in the new world and have no knowledge that the new world is coming, they are fast sleep and it is for the Universe to waken them, and slowly but surely they will wake up. It will be far too late for them to have any true influence on the destiny of Mother Earth; this group of people is called the New World Order. The other group is those of you that are working on yourselves. You are walking onwards into a New World and you are constantly wondering when this will all be over. You are all being connected to the Universe and to the support. The spirit guides are with you all the way. They are holding, supporting and loving you.

The spirit guides are at your feet. They are here to hold you in a loving space and they will become more and more available to you. They will almost become more physical as time goes by and you will be able to trust their guidance. They will hold you and they will point you in the right direction. Everything is exactly as is meant to be. The final times are coming, and in every ending there is always a new beginning. There will be a smooth flow of transition into this new beginning. Many spiritual gifts will be delivered to you and your purpose on this Earth will be revealed; you will have the courage to undertake your purpose and live a life of love. The New World is very different to the Old world.

In the new world you will be loved by conscious people; your leaders will love you, they won’t rule you. They will love you and lead you, they will hold and support you, and teach you the truth of who you really are. In the last 2,000 years you all have been on a journey into the game of who you really are. You’re all magical beings in this Universe who have lost your way; you’ve gone far away from the Great Spirit. Now you are coming closer and closer into enlightenment with the Great Spirit. Support is coming from everywhere; when you feel very worried just take time to look down and you’ll see that what you thought is a tight rope is in-fact just a line drawn on the floor. You are all being held in safety and security, and wrapped in love.

Close your eyes and go inside, and feel the love that is in the room. Feel your spirit guides that are at your feet, in awe and in honour of the journey that you have walked. One or two are joking now as they are a little jealous; what is happening to the Earth plane can be seen from the spirit world already. The New World and the new reality is almost upon you. This is a world of light and vibrations of energy. You’ve been deluded to think it’s something else. This is a school, the entire planet is a school. This lesson has been all about war, and this cycle comes to an end at the end of 2012. Behind every single problem on planet Earth is the energy of war; not only on a global basis but on a personal basis too. War takes you into a very low vibration; war is low consciousness, stealing, killing, and taking. Those who are good at war may think it works for them, but it works for no one. The Earth plane has fallen into a deep slumber, into deep, deep unconsciousness; as generation after generation have been affected by this.

Most of the indigenous people of the world no longer exists. Tens of millions of indigenous people that were connected to the Divine have been wiped from the face of the Earth; and that includes the Europeans, the indigenous Europeans. What commands the Earth plane today is the pure masculinity, symbolized by the obelisk, where there is no love; pure masculinity and no love. As you remember early on in the channelling we said: Once you feel loved, your world is perfect. Once love is flowing through your bodies, everything is in order. There is no love in war, there is no love in the Military. It’s just a low consciousness government. Government meaning control of the mind. This energy will also dissolve in the New World, and these men, this people, will have to find an honourable occupation. There is a place in the world for all those who have become conscious.

As you are with your eyes closed, just let the feelings come into your body; and once again, hand over any Military Energies that are in your bodies to Kryon. If you have Military energies inside your body you know how to relate to this; either on Earth, national or an individual basis. Here in Costa Rica there’s a beginning of a dissolving of the Military Energies, and this goes one person at a time. Your energy, the structure of your energy, will move from that of a the pentagon to that of a dodecahedron, as you release this Military Energy. It is like the story from Gulliver travels, where Gulliver is tied down by the little people; slowly but surely you cut through these small ropes, and as your consciousness flows, you begin to stand up in the world, proud and loving. So just observe your bodies and observe your feelings; many of you will fear releasing these energies for this has been your way of life. Allow these energies to release for there is another way, there is another way to live your life, there is a loving way to relate. Allow the fear of being without the military energies to also come into your body... let the feelings come and let the feelings go...

What Military Energy means if we use an analogy: it would be like putting grinding paste into the oil of your motor car. Once you release these energies you will begin to feel lighter as you disconnect from this reality, and, you will find it easier and easier to release any other negative emotions. Military Energies are the core of all your problems. Allow the feelings in your body to come and let them go... imagine beneath you the beautiful planet, Mother Earth, and inside of Mother Earth there is a pink heart... allow all your family constellation to move into this pink heart... your mother, your father, your grandparents and great-grandfathers... brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles... nephews and nieces... cousins... let them all go into this pink energy... be cleansed and purified, and allow these Military energies to release and dissolve... heal all the hurt that the Military has caused to your family... let the feelings into your body... let them come and let them go... as these energies begin to dissolve the New World will begin to come to you.

This is the cause of all negative energies on this Planet. These energies have nothing to do with the good God, they belong purely and simply to the bad God. There is no such thing as onward Christian soldiers. Christ was pure of heart; and when you come to the consciousness of Christ, you’ll know only love. You will be able to walk among those who don’t understand this with love and understanding, because you have been there, you have done it and, now you understand it. You know what works and you know what does not. The New World is coming dear ones, a world full of love, a world where you will know joy, world where you feel truly loved, feeling absolutely safe, and absolutely secure. Allow the New World to come... allow your energies to guide you higher and higher. Kryon is going to hold the Military energies and will make them null and void so your energies can grow higher and higher and so that you can feel the energies of 2012.

Allow your energies to go higher and higher... go so high that you begin to feel that you are walking with the Universe... allow yourselves to connect to the Universe. Even though the indigenous people are no longer with us on earth, today, their energies are here. All of you in the circle have had lives being indigenous... you all know the Universe from those life times. The indigenous peoples of the world understood Nature and they understood the Universe. Allow those lifetimes to present themselves inside your bodies and allow yourselves to open to this knowledge and wisdom. You all had this life time so you could understand what it is like. Experience life as European; understand how the European or a Western person thinks and feels, how they treated their family and their children, what kind of God they worship. Now begin that journey returning to the truth, returning to wholeness with the Universe... begin with your roots firmly entrenched into Mother Earth, your roots flowing deep into the heart of Mother Earth and your heart connected to the Universe.

Allow your energies to go higher and higher... become the person that you will be on the 21st of December 2012; let go of what you need to let go of in order to maintain the energy, in order to hold the energy. The New World is coming dear ones and you will hold the space for the new energies to come. Allow your hearts to open even wider than they already are... allow your heart to connect to the heart of Mother Earth and to the heart of the great Central sun... know that you are all beings of light, love and high vibration... allow your heart to open to the ancient people of the past that understood this Earth plane, that knew the Universe... let the feelings come and let them go... they knew how to create the love they wanted and they knew how to become whole and complete. Their leaders were in integrity with their people... allow a connection to be with us... this is what it will feel like of the 21st day of December of 2012... be with this energy, feel this energy. When you feel you are ready come back to your normal vibration.

Go well and God bless, for this is Kryon signing out. Thank you all.


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jennifer_p77 10th August 2011 11:40 am

Thank you for your encouraging words! They are much needed and appreciated.

carolelortie1 30th December 2014 4:59 am

I have a question ..till how far are these muslims going to take back there power...when every thing is destroyed????? When the whole world in under sharia Law...how much damage is there still do see and for how long...This is beginning to be very tiring...and exhausting the people..for them to want to dominate the world and decapating infidels and putting women on spikes..when will these atrocities end..will they ever end..will we the people manage to make any sense and fight for our rights..Is the future of our children to be under the control and atrocites of theses muslims..Government is not helping much...will our fighting and shouting..be useless...We are daily trying to work this out..and seem to be hitting a dead end...and things are getting worse daily...Will we in Québec be destroyed by these cancers..Islam...

carolelortie1 1st January 2015 11:54 pm


Can you tel me more..is this a false prophète...

Thank you!


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