"Healing the psychological split"

Greetings dear ones for I AM Kryon of Magnetic Service.

Long has it been since so many powerful healers sat in one room on an occasion such as this. There is an intense planetary alignment this night and the moon is almost full; the moon in this phase is about healing, about shifting energies, about opening wounds and cleaning out what does not belong.

This has been a very intense year for all healers; you have been expected to heal more and more of yourselves. Healing is about wholeness, coming together, bringing yourself together, finding the parts of yourself that you have lost, finding those building blocks of your own life that are missing and giving them to yourself. Love will find a way; love always finds a way as you use the power of intent to heal your wounds. At this time there are specific wounds being healed; these wounds are at the deepest level of the human psyche.

When a person comes under great duress and great stress, perhaps as a child or even in later life but more often than not in ones childhood, a child can become totally disorientated and not really know or understand what situation they are in, they lose all connection to Mother Earth and Father Sky, they disconnect and this creates a major split in their psychology. People with this type of split find it very difficult to expand into the world and be strong and powerful; it is all too easy to allow other people to continually take from these types of people as these people never really have much energy for themselves to actually live their lives as they would truly wish.

This type of psychotic split is being healed for the first time - here in South Africa; the energy is being anchored into Mother Earth and this will bring major shifts around the planet. This will work as the “hundredth monkey situation” - where one monkey has learned to peel a banana and the second one saw that monkey and so on and so on until all the monkeys on all the islands around the first monkey were peeling bananas and eventually all the monkeys in the world were doing the same. This kind of healing will echo around the world and will change the face of the planet, it will make the world a much safer and homely place; each person who heals this kind of a split within themselves will become more homely, warm and secure - they will become safe within themselves and will be able to create the life they truly wish to live.

This kind of split in one’s psychology mainly occurs during childhood - it can occur during the loss of a sibling, a family member or as a result of a violent episode in one’s life where the child becomes totally disorientated and disillusioned and feels that he/she is in a completely hopeless situation. It creates a devastating split, a split that will not allow a true connection to the Divine or to Mother Earth. Due to the nature of children and their relationship with their parents it is 99% sure that at some level the parents will be involved - even if they are nowhere near the situation at hand the parents will be blamed purely for the fact that they were not there to help or support the child in any way.

We are going to take you inside now - close your eyes and go deep inside and find this kind of a split within yourselves. We will be holding you in a safe energy to explore this split and to see at which stage in your lives that this split occurred; you will be held in a safe space as this is probably the most horrific experience in your lifetime -the planets are in a holding energy and the moon is nearly full so the wound is open and ready to be cleaned.

Allow your mind to go back in time and find the split within your own psychology that keeps you small in your own life; not allowing you to grow and expand and become the person that you are meant to be here on earth. Allow a deep connection to Mother Earth through the soles of your feet and to Father Sky through your crown chakra; allow yourself to feel safer and safer as this connection strengthens; allow your guides to support and cocoon you and to bathe you in love - they are here in honour and awe of your journey and your deep resolve to heal at a cellular level.

In order to heal this split you must firstly acknowledge the split and understand the implications that this has on your life - you are held in a situation where you are not quite sure about things, there is always doubt, and there is never true clarity and real resolve to step into your truth. As you see the split allow yourself to go back in time to see the event in your life that created this split… allow the wound to be opened… allow your Guides to come and clean the wound… open the wound and allow whatever negative energy lies in the wound to be cleaned… allow the negative energy to be released… acknowledge the release as this will allow a deep release of energy that has created mayhem in your life... it is making you grow older faster than you should… you are losing personal power at a very quick rate… from family to friends and in business… it is not allowing you to get out of life what you are truly looking for.

Go deeper and deeper and as the negative energy releases allow in Divine love… allow a connection through your heart centre to each member of the group; support one another as you clear this energy… as you clear your own energy you clear the energy for the whole of the planet… you are at the fulcrum of your life… you will not have to walk uphill again once this wound is opened and cleared… life will be a much easier, downhill, journey… the child that is wounded is being healed and will come to it’s place in your heart where there is a deep sense of security and love… where there is parenting on a superb level… allow the energy to clear more and more.

The energy in the room is intensifying… as a group you are becoming closer and closer, becoming more at one with one another… allow love to flow, acknowledging each one with a similar wound… every single human being that lives on the planet has this wound… it comes from the initial separation from the Divine… part of it is the loneliness of living without God… and part of it is the loneliness of not being whole. It is all about love… everything is about love…

Allow yourself to go deeper and deeper… you are being held in a safe place; the etheric support here this night is beyond any parallel on Earth before… the intensity of this healing will echo around the globe for days… you are all Divine Beings… all on earth are interconnected… irrespective of race, creed, colour or any other division… you are all ONE…

As a human being you are a microcosm of the macrocosm of the entire population of human life here on Earth. It is said that you should love and serve all…ALL is ONE… There are Masters and Guides here to see what goes on this evening… not only from this Universe but from Universes beyond… seeing the lesson that humanity is bringing to the rest of life throughout this world of Universes…

Allow your hearts to open more and more as a deep cleansing and a purification takes place… the room is also filled with Ascended Masters… those that have ascended here on planet Earth such as Sai Baba, St. Germain, Jesus Christ and many others… allow the energy to clear and you will become more solid, peaceful and relaxed on earth… once this healing is complete your energies will be more focused… you will be able to manifest more and more of what you are truly looking for… you alone this night will make this world a better place for all to be on… your wants, needs and desires will become less and less and you will become strong and powerful… your businesses will begin to thrive and flourish and all other healing will have no comparison to what has happened this night…

There will be other things to heal but they will always be of a lesser magnitude; whatever other issues come up in your life once this healing is truly integrated within your psychology and biology will be handled with relative ease – they will be handled with a knowingness that you can handle whatever comes your way; you will no longer feel panic and anxiety. Part of this healing is around guilt - when a child’s parents do not fulfil the child’s needs the child becomes angry and anxious. Anger and anxiety equal guilt. When a child is in need and requests what it needs from its parents, and the need is not met, then the child feels angry towards its parents - then comes the sensation of guilt. Guilt is a natural phenomenon; but it is a phenomenon that keeps people small and stops them from being exactly who they are.

In order to make this world a better place the guilt must become less - the understanding between parents and children must become clearer. Most parents of this type of child went through the same issues with their parents; parents who did not have the life skills to bring up children though their intentions in general were mainly pure. As you heal this wound it is appropriate to forgive your parents; forgiveness comes much easier if you place yourself in your parent’s shoes and look through their eyes, seeing and understanding life from their point of view. Their point of view is not necessarily correct but that is part of your journey.

Most of all you must ask for forgiveness for yourself; it is you that has chosen this experience and put yourself through this pain. In many instances to forgive yourself is much more difficult that to forgive someone else; if it were too easy then it would not be worth doing - there would be no growth in the exercise and that is not what planet earth is about. Planet earth is about evolvement and growing, about becoming someone special, about realising your inner truth and realising exactly who you are meant to be here on this planet. All of you in this room and all of you who read these channellings are far greater as human beings than you can imagine; you are all here to make this world a better place where there is love, joy, freedom and harmony. The planetary alignment this night signals an end to fear surrounding positive affirmation and emotion; there will not be fear of love, success or joy, etc.; these fears will slowly diminish over the next few months. Human consciousness will keep the fears in place for a while, but not forever - as a result of this you will see that the headlines in the newspapers will begin to soften their tones; they will no longer be aggressively negative and will slowly begin to swing to positive affirmation. The anchor for the darkness is gradually receding on planet earth and as it does the light will flow much more easily through your veins and through your hearts.

Love for humanity will come once again, but this time it will last forever; it will come to raise consciousness. Many lessons have been learned about the darkness, about negative energy and about life in duality; love will find a way - love has found a way. This planet is changing into a far better place; it may look like upheaval but out of chaos comes order – always, always, always… In your own life, in your own chaos, it might seem that there is no way forward but you will always find a bridge. There is no such thing as a “catch 22" situation; you can always break the patterns that hold you in the wheels of time as you live your life through pattern after pattern. These patterns are not only being broken this night, they are being demolished and shattered - love will always find a way.

Look at the split within your own humanness now and see how clean it looks; how ready it is to join together, to be welded or stitched together, permanently this time - bigger, better, faster, unbreakable. You have all become strong on the Spiritual path and now is the time to realise and recognise your strength and to move forward into the new world, into the new age, an age where love conquers all, an age where you will only know true love, an age where there is no beginning or end. As we speak now the split is being welded and held together; you have the energy to shift, allow love to flow through your heart.

When you are ready see your life five years from now; see what the future looks like. When you feel you are ready come back to normal waking consciousness.

This is Kryon saying go well, God bless and take care for all humanity salutes you.



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Kryon (South Africa)

Kryon (South Africa)

Planet Earth has been through a special experience is the last few thousand years: - the separation from God. Kryon is here to take you on the journey home, and to connect you with your inner divinity, for you are all magical beings of this universe, magnificent beyond your comprehension.


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