"Letting go of Fear"

Greetings dear ones, for I AM KRYON of Magnetic Service.

Once again it is wonderful to be here tonight amongst this group of esteemed healers who have all worked together in many dimensions, on many other planets and in many other universes. Tonight there is much love in the air and in this room and love is what it is all about. Love is the answer to all problems or issues you may be working through. For some, there is a great deal of fear around love. Some of you fear of your own light more than you fear your own darkness. Most of us have a great tolerance to darkness and intolerance to light.

Slowly but surely you are being released from your intolerance to light and this will allow you to stay more centered. Your emotions will become calmer, less erratic, enabling you to take wiser decisions - decisions taken with far less fear. Do not consult fear when making decisions, rather consult the light and therefore love. Fear is the bondage of the earth plane. Fear is what binds you and stops you being who you really are. Fear is a state of madness or insanity and it is real. Fear is the darkness that you are so well acquainted with and each time you step into your fear you step into a new state of expanded consciousness. You will receive many gifts from within your fear, in the darkness and dark corners of your life there are many beautiful spiritual gifts to be found. Remember, for every area of darkness that is lit up or illuminated, there is one less fear.

Fears come in a myriad forms and are subtle and oblique. Your fears, however, are real nonetheless and it is these almost invisible subtle fears that are the most troublesome. These fears block the flow of your energy and contain you in a space in which you have been contained for all your life. These fears are passed down through the generations from family to family and we all collect our own pertinent set of fears that have their own special experience on the earth plane. These teachings are all about letting go of fear, stepping into love, into truth and becoming your authentic self. One of the great rules is “Something better always comes your way when you let go.” There is a difference between letting go and pushing away. Often when you push something away you are not dealing with your fear and the harder you push away, the more difficult it is to deal with.

Now, close your eyes and be with your bodies. Be aware for there is much love in this room. Your Spirit Guides are at your feet and the room is filled from the angelic realm. Kryon too is here in full force. Experience what it feels like on the outside of your body and be aware of the inside. Tonight we are here to work with fear - the fear that holds you back in life, the fear that once gone will set you free. We experience fear for a reason. It is your containment and in order to learn about the earth plane you need to have a certain amount of fear. It is very important that little children have fear, for instance fear of fire so they don’t get burnt, or fear of water so that they don’t jump in before they can swim. As you grow older and understand more about the earth plane – for by now, you know not to stick your hand into the fire - danger, and therefore fear, will present itself to your naked eye. Isn’t it strange that the older you get the more you fear. You hang onto fears; you nurture them and let them grow. Be aware of your feelings outside and in and know that there is nothing to fear in this room, nothing whatsoever, for you are in a completely safe ritual space… still there is much fear inside your body… this is nothing more than fear itself. The human being walks around constantly with fear in its body. A human being has forgotten how to release its fear. So, let the fear come into your body, the fear that holds you back most in your life. Think of a dream that you have often dreamt, a dream that has never been realized. Maybe it is a new house or a new car, something material or something abstract, like a love affair. Your dream would be realized if it were not for fear. Now, be aware of the fear that is in your body that’s stopping you realizing that dream… and release it. Let the fear go.

But, how do you recognize the subtle, hidden fears we all have inside? How do you know when you have fear within you? You must do what you’re afraid of the most and that is to step into the fear. For instance, you have probably all had the experience of standing on the high diving board at the swimming pool and being terrified of jumping off. Perhaps you jumped and said never again or maybe you jumped off many times after that first time. This is a clear and real fear. Now, become aware of what is it that stops you living your dream. Is it the fear of learning something new and if so, why should that be a fear? Why should anybody fear learning something new? Perhaps when you attempted to learn something in the past you were punished for failing to learn it properly. Or maybe you learnt it but not quite as it should be and found yourself with a problem. So, be aware of the fear of learning something new and experience the feeling in your bodies. Remember, learning is stepping into the unknown. It’s a structured way to get to know something new - to become something new. In the western world the focus on learning does not take care of emotion and wherever there is an emotion there is a problem, an issue. The unknown is always a fear factor and where there is fear there is emotion.

To learn is to step into the unknown and to step into the feminine. Some people may hate the feminine because of the way that their mother acted, or they fear the feminine. But the feminine is where all answers lie. The feminine is where your dreams come from and also where your fears come from. The feminine is the unknown. The masculine, on the other hand, is the known and would normally equate to issues around the father, for all issues, in a human being, come from either the mother or the father as these are handed down. Learn to observe your own behaviour and understand the Universe, for the Universe will teach you what you need to know in order to live your dreams. As you learn, you expand. By embracing the feminine or the unknown, you are actually opening up more of yourself to the world becoming more of who you really are.

You are expanding and becoming authentic. In a paradoxical way, who you are is also not authenticity, for only when your actions are taken in absolute integrity are you truly being authentic. And what stops the energy of integrity is fear. Integrity will always lead you into the unknown. Love is also the unknown. All these paradoxical energies come from the unknown. The unknown is a paradox within a paradox within a paradox and always will be. Try to make your masculine strong enough to step into this paradox. The stronger your father and the better your relationship with him, the easier you will find life on this earth in an intellectual state of being. The better and easier and more nurturing your relationship with your mother, the more firm and more solid your life will be here on this earth. Just like a great oak that has great roots, it is for you to put those roots down deep into Mother Earth and as you resolve your issues with your mother your roots will move deeper into Mother Earth. As you resolve the issues within your father, you will connect more to Christ consciousness and to the consciousness of the Magicians. This will enable you to resolve the paradoxes quicker making the feminine known more quickly. That is a form of power. It is not magical power, but it is magic and magic is a physical manifestation of Divine will. The deeper your roots connect to Mother Earth, and the deeper you connect to Christ consciousness and the consciousness of the Magician, the more the flow of energy will run through your body. The masculine from the Christ and the feminine from Mother Earth.

When you step into fear, your energies begin to close down and the fear slowly begins to choke the energy of Mother Earth and that of Father Sky and it slows down the creation, the natural enactment of creation within your own psyche. Fear is a natural blockage for success. Fear stops success. Fear stops you living your dreams. As you reach a new consciousness that goes higher into Father Sky, you will begin to connect more and more with the consciousness of the great Magicians and the great alchemists that have lived on this planet. The consciousness of Christ is at 60 miles from the earth and the consciousness of the Magicians is 20 miles beyond that at 80 miles from the earth. Connect more and more with the consciousness of the Magicians for their domain is fear and the emotive gateway to magic is through fear. The less fear you have, the more magic you can make. Also bear in mind that magic is a physical manifestation of Divine will. This means the more fear you have, the less magic you can make and the less you can manifest. Fear plays many, many games and the more intensely you connect with your magician, the more fear you will release thus becoming the master of your own destiny.

For all of you in this room, fear will become a thing of the past in the next two to three years. Be aware in your own mind where fear is controlling you, or stopping you living your dreams. Acknowledge and be aware of your fears this night. Now, let’s put light in the darkness and see what shines the brightest. Will the darkness shine through the light, or vice versa. Of course the light will expose those dark places and enable you to see within yourself. You’ll probably wonder why there was ever darkness there in the first place. Some fears are valid but there are mechanisms within your body to reveal these fears in the moment. What you have been feeling is fear from the past - a past event from your childhood that stops you actually living your dream. It could even be fears from within your mother’s womb. Whenever you feel an energy that totally encapsulates your body, it is normally fear or else an energy from pre-birth. So, experience your dreams and where you feel a fear, perhaps in your stomach - for fear can be found anywhere in your body - experience it and be aware of the age at which you first noticed or felt it. Then, let it go. In this energy, dear ones, this night, whatever fear you acknowledge, you can let it go.

Tonight, there is a warm, loving consciousness and we understand your condition, the condition of fear. It can easily stop you from loving, caring, nurturing or just being with someone. Fear creates such aloneness, such solitude. A fear of being touched by another human being - as much as you like it, you may fear it. So now, be aware of your bodies and the experience of being born - going through that birth canal. In this moment, activate those actual feelings through the power of intent - the fear of birth and being part of this earth. On your journey fear begins from conception onwards. As you are all creators and all masters of your own destiny, you can readily answer the question “What stops me creating the destiny that I truly dream?” One of the most significant things is a frozen fear - the inability to release fear. Being unaware of what fear really is. So, as you are in this energy, let your fears ebb and flow like the tide on the seashore. Your fears no longer serve you.

One of the greatest fears of all is the fear of your own light, your own brilliance and magnificence - you are all magnificent and brilliant in your own light. What stops you manifesting this is once again is a fear. So now, let that fear - which is mass consciousness - enter your bodies. Experience it. Now, once again let the energy on the outside permeate to the energy on the inside. Let in the light and release your fears. And what about the fear of the ultimate human dream, the fear of love, the fear of experiencing true love in a relationship? What is the fear of truly merging with a person of the opposite sex and creating a reality of your own choosing? It is non-existent if you allow this fear enter your body and let it come and let it go.

Dear ones, this fear started long, long ago, before you were even a twinkle in the eye of the Divine. It is ancient and everyone has it. So, once again, let these fears ebb and flow like the sea, and be aware that what you are letting go of is not millions but billions of years old. Fear. There is no reason to carry it around any longer. Fear does not create a reality but more importantly, what you fear you create.

Fear can even be found in your cells and your DNA. Just take a little time to observe your DNA - that miracle helix that is at the core of your body – and release it. This is the fear of your mother and father, your grandparents, great grandparents and all your ancestors. And now, tonight, we will anchor this fearless reality here in Cape Town. Let the energy of fearlessness flow through your body and crown chakra and through the soles of your feet and then anchor it firmly into the heart of Mother Earth.

Go well and God Bless, for this is Kryon signing out. Thank You.




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Kryon (South Africa)

Kryon (South Africa)

Planet Earth has been through a special experience is the last few thousand years: - the separation from God. Kryon is here to take you on the journey home, and to connect you with your inner divinity, for you are all magical beings of this universe, magnificent beyond your comprehension.


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