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Greetings Dear Ones, for I AM KRYON of Magnetic Service.

Once again it is wonderful to be here this very night in Marina Da Gama. There is much love in the air, but love can mean many things. Love can create a great stirring in the hearts and solar plexus of men. The solar plexus is about power and the heart is about love and where there is love there should be power and where there is power there should be love. As you drop more and more into your bodies not only this night but as you do your own personal development work on yourself, you will find yourself dropping from your heart into your solar plexus and creating love where there is power and that will create a totally new dynamic for you as you learn to take your power and ground yourself on planet earth.

There is much love and many dreams in your heart and most of your dreams take a little more power than you already have, so it is for each and everybody to claim a little bit more power with a lot of love and create the dreams you dream of. As your energy drops with love and with power into your second chakra, your creative centre, you begin to love the world in a very different way. You begin to capture the hearts and minds of others that surround you and they begin to want to be like you and wish to follow you. They wish to step into your footsteps and follow in your life the way that your life will be. All in this room without exception are healers and you all have very special gifts and very special powers. Your energies work in a very different way to the average man. Not to say that you are any more or less important, that you are better than anybody else or less than anybody else because everybody on this planet is of equal importance but everybody undertakes to have different levels of responsibility. Each person in this room has a level of responsibility that requires them first of all to heal themselves in order to heal the world and to heal those that surround you and come to you. In healing yourself you become a catalyst for others, you become a leader in this world. As you heal yourself you step into a world where you begin to create your own reality, where you step into a level of personal power and power around love that many people wish to have in their lives. As you step towards this level of personal power you'll be stepping into new personal relationships, into relationships that will not only fulfill you but will fulfill others and will be like a dream come true.

As your heart begins to empty from all the wounding of your childhood and releasing the karma that you came into this planet with, you will find yourself with a new level of perception, a new understanding, a new state of being, a new way forward and that way forward will bring you to heaven here on earth. You will walk between heaven and earth in a magical realm, in a Universe that you have created and where you live your dreams. It is no mean feat to create your consciousness to be so clear that you create your own reality out of love.

Many of you have come a long, long way on this journey and many of you are just starting this journey but this is a journey where your life will be fulfilled, where you step into a new reality, a reality where the fire burns in your heart, where your second chakra is also on fire and where you are creating with fire, passion and love taking yourself into a state of abundance just like an oak tree whose roots go deep, deep into the ground and whose branches and leaves stretch towards the sun, whose harvest every year is true, true abundance.

Oak trees live for many hundreds of years especially in the colder climates. They grow slowly, they grow with patience, they grow with ease and they grow with a passion. They grow to love themselves and to create a reality of their choosing but their roots are so deep and solid into Mother Earth and their branches push so high and that is something for you to emulate. The way you become rooted here on Mother Earth is to ensure that your inner mother occupies the lower three chakras of your body and your inner father occupies the top three chakras and you allow yourself to develop from this configuration of energy. Any other configuration will keep you in a healing process that has you wandering around in circles not only day after day but year after year going more or less nowhere, always in the same direction from the same pivotal point. Even if you do not request this configuration of energy it will slowly but surely happen but it will take so long that your life will be almost over before you realize what your goal was.

When you enter that configuration of energy the lights will truly go on and the roots under your feet will sear deep, deep into Mother Earth and really connect. You will also deeply connect with Father Sky with that eternal wisdom of everything known to man on this earth. You will know everything. Every question that you ask will almost have an immediate answer and a truthful answer but you will require a certain amount of personal power in order to act on that level of wisdom, that level of Divine guidance.

So different people of different consciousness will get different answers to their questions but step by step of the way the journey is to become more connected to Mother Earth and Father Sky and to reclaim those aspects of the inner child that are not yet part of your whole self. Many of you in this room have done a great deal of work and operated in one consciousness or another bringing love and peace in one way or another to this earth.

There is no right or wrong way to become conscious for out of all actions you will derive consciousness. In all undertakings and all steps forward into your dreams you will become more and more conscious of who you are and how to operate on this earth. Therefore it is not advisable to sit on the fence for long and to ponder what is right and what is wrong. It's always good to jump off the fence and if you get your fingers burnt you will soon withdraw your fingers from the flame and know not to jump back onto that same side of the fence but don't let getting your fingers burnt keep you sitting on the fence forever. You must one day take the plunge. You must know what is right and what will work for you. You must know what you've been searching for and what your heart is longing for by finding out the things that you don't want and finding out the things that you do want. Everyone's dream is a different dream and as you live your dreams you become more whole. You bring a uniqueness, you bring yourself to earth and we are all waiting here with baited breath to really meet the enlightened you, the true and authentic you, the part of you that brings with you your gifts.

Each person in this room has many, many gifts to bring to this planet not only for yourselves but also for mass consciousness towards a new understanding and a new consciousness. As you unfold and open like a blossoming flower you will bring a new level of consciousness to this earth. In a way your energy is designed for you to connect and explode the myths of mass consciousness. Many people speak about believing but there is nothing worth believing. To believe something you know not whether it is true or false. You either know or you don't know, so each belief in your life should be challenged. As you challenge it by taking action around your belief learning to understand whether your belief is true or false your belief will no longer be a belief it will become knowledge. You will actually know something and there is a big difference in the energy of believing something and knowing something.

The energy of belief is like the energy of a leaf just blowing around or like tumbleweed blowing around in the desert just waiting for the wind to stop blowing so it can have a rest from being blown about. To actually know something is to lay a foundation stone deep into the earth in a secure place and know that you can always stand on this stone, that it will never move, and it will always be there for you. It will be that anchor that holds a space for you in your body so that your energy, your feeling, your internal expression is no longer shaky but is powerful with absolute focus and clarity.

Your life is to be lived. We are not saying that what you believe is not true, we are saying that what you believe should become knowledge. Either way whether it is true or false it is still knowledge, it's still a foundation stone. Your lives are to be lived. When you are living you are loving and when you are loving you are living. Loving is the feminine and living is the masculine. Living is the doing and loving is the being. If you love too much you get walked over and nothing happens in your life and if you live too much you get worn out and forget how to be. There is a balance and a merging between the masculine and the feminine. The energy of the recent channellings has been about the coming together of the masculine and the feminine. You have all come from families where the masculine and feminine did not merge very well and that is the reason why abundance becomes so difficult for you to find.

True abundance always flows as the masculine and feminine begin to merge. Allow yourself to step into your truth and allow love to flow through your body. As you allow for your masculine and feminine connection, be you man or woman, let these energies flow through your body in subtle, deep, meaningful ways as you learn to watch yourself and see where in your life these energies aren't flowing. Teach yourself to read the Universe and understand the language of the Universe. The way that you interact and interrelate with the Universe will give you a tremendous sense of well being, power and love.

The Universe wants you to be whole, it wants you to be one, and it wants you to be responsible. On the journey to oneness you learn the art of responsibility, the ability to respond, the ability to read the Universe and do certain things in order to be whole. You will be guided into becoming whole by facing certain challenges in your life and looking deeply within yourself, finding out what is love and what is not love. What is not love can become love and what is love will stay love. You will become more and more love, more of you will become love and as you clear out the dark corners of your own psyche and dust away the cobwebs from parts of yourself that you have forgotten what they are for then you will become a different person, a new person, a person living a very different and clean life very much like a sharp knife cutting through butter.

You will be able to cut through your problems and open up a way forward for yourself and step into a clear reality that resembles the dreams that you have been dreaming. Every time you look deep inside yourself you will recognize that you are becoming more light and less dark and that is what enlightenment is, being light on the inside and shining light into the world. The worst thing you can pretend is to be light and to suppress, oppress or deny any aspects of your dark self will only cause you problems. Those aspects of your dark self continue to create a reality in your life 24/7, 365 days of the year, every year, until you have the courage to actually have a look inside that dark corner and see what is there. Each time you look in that dark corner and you open up and you shine the light inside that corner you will find something very precious and beautiful in that dark corner that's been locked away for many years. As you release the dark energy from around that beautiful part of yourself it will create an aspect of wholeness within you and you'll feel more safe and secure and more at one with Mother Earth. Your roots will dig even deeper into Mother Earth and you'll expand further and further towards Father Sky. You will expand more and more into the gifts that you are here to bring to this world, gifts for yourself and everybody else.

Tonight Dear Ones, there is much love in this room. You are all here with the intention of opening your hearts to receive more of your gifts. Your Spirit Guides are at your feet and the angelic realm and the Kryon energies are here in a full and forceful and loving and holding way so that you have the courage to look into those parts of you that are holding you back on your journey to a new life and a new self, they hold you back from taking the next step into your new level of consciousness.

So allow yourselves to relax and place your feet flat and firmly on the floor and allow yourselves to connect deeply with Mother Earth. In fact, feel your feet sink deeper and deeper into the heart of Mother Earth or if you are sitting on the floor feel your whole body sinking into Mother Earth. Allow Mother Earth to nurture and nourish you, to energize you, to love you, to hold you. Go back in time further and further and further. Feel yourself as a child in your mother's womb and allow yourself to be supported by Mother Earth as if you are being held in the womb’s energy. Whatever your mother was feeling at the time that she was pregnant with you and you were in her womb, you will contain these feelings in your own psyche and emotional state. Feel whatever you felt you were feeling before you came to this earth. Allow yourselves to be held by Mother Earth and by the spiritual presences here this night, by the angelic realm and Christ, Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene. Allow the energies of the mother to hold you and don't judge what you are feeling. Maybe some of the energies are very uncomfortable and unwelcome in your body or maybe you have been suppressing or repressing some of these energies.

Tonight Dear Ones, is a sacred space. It's a space where you can allow the energies that you have been suppressing and denying to come into your bodies for you are being held by Spirit. The journey to this earth is not an easy one, to leave the Spirit world as a fully conscious being, enter your mother, loose a certain level of consciousness, have a certain level of consciousness and be impregnated by another level of consciousness is not an easy path for an unborn child. So whatever energies are in your body that you wouldn't normally like to feel let them come in and as you are allowing these energies into your body just watch the TV screen in front of your mind and observe the realities that these energies have been creating.

Just observe these feelings, emotions and energies and let them come and let them go. Let your thoughts come and let them go. This is happening now. Allow your hearts to open and to connect with everybody in the room sending and receiving love to everyone in the room and allowing love to flow.

Maybe for those of you whose mother's had heart murmurs or broken hearts when you were in the womb just allow those feeling to come and let them go. Whatever feelings are in your heart let them come and let them go. During the nine months of pregnancy you will have been imprinted with your ancestral lineage bringing through all the patterns of behaviour of your family and each of your grandparents. Take the time to observe your grandparents as you are going through this process. Even if you never met them your body know which energy the brought you.

Observe first of all your mother's mother. What energies did your mother's mother bring to you? They will be conscious and unconscious energies. The conscious energies will look good and the unconscious will not. So whatever energy is coming from your mother from her mother just let this energy come into your body and honour and respect it. Let the energy come and let it go. Become one with this energy no matter how painful or unconscious some of these energies may be. Acknowledge these energies because to be aware of these energies is to overcome them. You become stronger and more powerful than the energies and are able to release and let them go and part of you will release and transform. Your body knows that there is a very special place for your mother's mother in your energy system so just allow her to take up life in that quadrant. There can be many unwelcome energies about life, love and living to look out for.

These lessons have all been the hard way. To really understand the mirror that the Universe puts in front of you is not an easy art to learn. The more you practice the easier it gets. The mirror has been known since life began and always comes in the abstract. Your emotions are on the inside and your issues in the material world. Your emotions are your issues manifest. So if there is a broken heart in your mother's mother then you will go out into the world and create a broken heart scenario where you will break your heart and continue to have your heart broken until such a time as you recognize this and ask the question "Why is this happening to me?" "Where does it come from?" For the intent and purposes of these teachings these energies came through the four directions where each of your grandparents sit.

So, in this energy, whatever patterns of emotions you are acknowledging will automatically be released. Acknowledge any resistance that flows into your body. Let the resistance come as it is part of the process and what you resist will always persist. So if you feel discomfort or uncomfortable with what you are observing just be in your body and be supported, allow support in. Maybe one of the emotions and issues that's in your family is a lack of support. Acknowledge the lack of support and if you have resistance around support, which is also an issue, say to yourself that you don't want it.

Drop deeper and deeper into your body into those parts of your body that you have not really wanted to explore for many lifetimes. You're in a space here where you will be able to acknowledge and release issues that have not been resolved for lifetime after lifetime. As your heart is open to all members of the group allow love and honouring in for yourself to be able to release and let go knowing that you are stepping more and more into your dream. Your dream is like a carrot into wholeness and your pain is a stick in your way to wholeness. It's always good to stay a little bit distant from the stick but somehow or other the carrot is always there and you learn to love life and learn to love pursuing your dreams. You learn to love healing yourself and becoming whole and realize where there is pain there is great bounty and abundance.

As you heal these difficult issues in your life you become more whole. The more whole you become the more abundant and responsible you are. The Universe can only truly live through responsible people. The Universe is asking you to have the ability to respond to whatever circumstances and situations you are put in.

So allow the love to flow through your hearts from your heart to everybody else's and from everybody else's heart to your heart. Everybody in this room is an aspect of you and you are many aspects of them. Be honoured and full of respect and reverence for each other. Where there is no respect and reverence that is a place for healing, that is a reflection in the mirror for you to heal.

So now let’s take a little time and observe the energies that come from your father's mother. Observe what energies your father's mother brings and of course there are many. If it is discomfort then you will feel that discomfort and if it is love you will feel the love. For all the discomfort and negative energies that you can own and release you will fill more with love and create a reality filled with more love. As you are feeling the energies of your father's mother just allow that she also takes up a place in your energy system exactly where she is configured to be. In this Kryon energy this will happen and we wish you to be aware of what is happening in your body and your energy field.

You will observe that there is much love between the two grandmothers in this energy. It may not have looked so in real life but you should be beginning to see your grandparent’s souls on a soul journey helping you to expand your consciousness and understanding of this Universe and teaching you how to become authentic and become your real self. Let the love come, for real love is coming this time not pseudo love. This love will propel you into a new dimension where you create your reality through it. It could be where all things are very easy but also where all things will be very enlightening.

As you take steps going forward into a new dimension you will be taking this body with you and it will heal and become renewed and energized. It will become more alive and responsive. You will understand your sexuality much better and you will come to love and enjoy it in a very different way to what you are experiencing at the moment. Your sexuality will become liberated. So just observe what you are bringing in from these two grandmothers around your sexuality and hand over what works and what doesn't work, hand over what is true and what is not true. Allow Spirit to give these aspects a spring clean allowing yourself to become free and become more connected because your sexuality in this configuration of energy is very difficult to manage but not impossible.

As you step into the new dimensions your sexuality will be the main centre for creation not only a sexual creation. Every creation is sexual but there will also be physical manifestations that will get clearer and easier as you release negative energy around your sexuality and you will create a life of your own choosing.

In this moment allow your sexuality and heart to connect. Let your heart drop and move into your second chakra. As this is happening allow your two grandfather's energies to move into their correct position in your energy system and once again observe the energies that the grandfather's bring. Just let these energies come once again into your bodies. Somewhere in your body you will find the shape of an obelisk. Just observe in your energy field where this obelisk belongs it is a symbol of masculinity and both men and woman require masculinity. When you have found this obelisk in your energy allow it to drop into a special place in your energy field. In this energy it will be guided into the correct place. For a man it will be seated in the base chakra and for a woman it will be seated in the second chakra but as you are following this process just allow whatever energies are in your body and let them come and let them go and let them come and let them go. Whatever thoughts come into your mind once again hold these thoughts with love, let them come and let them go. At the same time as all this is going on at the core of this energy you will find your inner parents. Observe your parents as energy and observe your grandparents as energy, observe the obelisk as energy and allow the chakras in your grandparents, your parents and yourself to light up.

Allow these energies to move as they know how to move and as these energies begin to spin and move they will energize the merkaba and you will begin to feel safe and very secure on this earth. Whatever feelings are in your bodies let them come and let them go. Just allow these energies to take up terminal velocity surrounding you. Allow yourself to be in this space and allow the energy of Father Sky and Mother Earth to flow through all your chakras. Always hand these requests over to your Spirit Guides and allow for your energy fields to cleanse and purify knowing that you are all dearly loved for absolutely no reason whatsoever, knowing that you are loved for absolutely no reason whatsoever …

Let go, release, let go. What belongs to you you will keep and whatever you let go of for something better will always, always, always come. You are all entering into a new world, a totally new state of being, a new state of understanding, a new level of connectedness. You are all breaking through mass consciousness and creating a whole new world, a new fantastic point of view. No one to say "no" and to tell you "you're only dreaming" because your dreams will always come true.

Go well and God Bless for this is Kryon signing out.

Thank you.



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Kryon (South Africa)

Kryon (South Africa)

Planet Earth has been through a special experience is the last few thousand years: - the separation from God. Kryon is here to take you on the journey home, and to connect you with your inner divinity, for you are all magical beings of this universe, magnificent beyond your comprehension.


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