"Love is here to stay"

Greetings dear ones for I AM Kryon of Magnetic Service.

It is wonderful once again to be with you in Durbanville this night; the energy is very high in Durbanville and the summer weather is now with us. There is love in the air - there must be love in the air, it’s all that counts - love is what everyone desires and longs for. Love is the answer; it’s the only way – love, light, freedom, joy - stepping into the realms of ecstasy. For those of you who have worked with these channellings over the past few years your energies will be becoming very clear, there will be very few people with energies as pure and clear as yours, but there is still work to be done - we are stepping beyond this dimension into the next. In the next dimension there are completely different challenges.

If you compare doing this emotional processing with climbing a mountain then know that there is still a little further to climb. It is rather like climbing a cliff face and having to climb underneath a precipice, up and around and over. You will feel so much freer within the next two to three months as there is a complete shift of energy happening evolving directly from Cape Town, South Africa and shifting through the dragon lines around the planet. There is peace, harmony, contentment and love. Major energies have been tackled and dissolved. There will still be one or two very difficult issues to overcome but you will be feeling much more peaceful. Your heart will be feeling much more full of love, in fact you will be feeling more and more full than at any other time in your life. We are heading towards one world with one religion, with one heart and that heart is full of love for all. It is here already; all that has to happen is that your own hearts have to open. You should be getting very good at processing now - processing your heart to open; bringing love, joy and freedom into your heart and into your life and relationships. All those who are around you will be feeling your vibration. You will become a target for admiration; the peace that echoes through your body will vibrate to all those that surround you.

All the major religions teach the same path, the same story, the same philosophy – the basics of religion is LOVE. It is no different for Christians, Hindus, Jews, Muslims or any other major religion - the main thread running through religion is love. We have always said that there is something missing from each religion perhaps something forgotten. These channellings have been brought to the Western World, we’ll say to the Christian world. In the Bible there is something called “chastening” which in new age terms really means “to process” - Christianity has forgotten how to process emotions. Christ was self-realized and he understood what processing was; this has been lost to Christianity. Slowly but surely disillusioned Christians have stepped into the New Age and learnt and understood the need for processing issues and opening the heart. This will gently but surely flow back into Christianity and Christians will once again be able to rejoice in the true spirit of Christ.

There are those who have come to Christ and come to God through Christianity; it has been a very difficult struggle for them without the art of processing. In many instances Christians look down on processing and perhaps the teachings of Jung and psychology. If they were to understand that chastening actually meant to clear and purify the aura then they would become more understanding of their own issues and their own problems and why so many people have left the Christian Church.

Step by step as the knowledge of the New Age filters through Christianity the more modern Christian churches will embrace these teachings. Slowly but surely more Christians will step into Christ consciousness - once again shifting the energies on the planet. As we speak this kind of education or work is happening in the Christian Churches and people are becoming more conscious of the need to process their issues. The most difficult issues to process come from stress in childhood - death of a sibling or parent, abuse, etc. It is very difficult for a person who has gone through a difficult childhood to actually touch God and that is why processing is available to release these negative energies.

Negative belief systems hold people in the bondage of their own fears - fear is basically the absence of love - processing allows love into the fear. If love is God and fear is not God and love is Divine and fear is not divine, then by processing our fears we are making our fears free - we are releasing them by placing the Divine in their space.

It is now the end of the year 2003 and we’ve covered much ground as we’ve stepped into the New Age. It has been a very difficult, challenging and testing year; all the difficulties, challenges and tests that you have all passed were there to create stronger, more powerful, more understanding people to lead into the New Age. The New Age needs people of power and stature. We have often heard complaints like “why when we are doing this work and doing our best doesn’t Spirit help us more?”. You are being helped to become strong and powerful, to hold your energy, to stay in integrity, to open your hearts and maintain an open heart at all times even under the greatest duress.

Ever since these channellings began in Cape Town we have spoken of great changes on this planet and said that great changes create great conflicts. Great changes create fear; wherever a person has to step into something new, something unknown, there are fears that rise in those spaces. These channellings have been brought to you to enable you to become strong and powerful; to hold the energy of change with an open heart so that you, holding the energy, will not fear the changes that are happening. You have all had to change yourselves and you have all had to face the greatest of challenges - Spirit truly honours you for this. Spirit is truly at your side holding your hand as you walk through these difficult tasks. Trust is the first thing given by the Divine and is the first thing taken away. In order to learn to trust in Spirit and truly know Spirit and Spirit’s motives, allow yourselves to expand as human beings through these challenges that you have been brought to.

You are here on Earth as healers – there are major changes coming to this planet. Within the next 30 years with the current usage of oil you can expect all the wells to dry up. Oil has driven the western world and the industrial revolution. Man, in the western world in particular is on a path of self-destruction. Your leaders are not planning for the event of running out of oil; they are not planning for a change in the economy; they are not planning on bringing new energies or free energy into use. The way of the west has become so big that you can barely see the wood for the trees. The western world was started off by insecure nations running out of energy and space (farmlands) and expanding into the New World; committing genocide on all continents and when genocide was over attempting to demolish the spirituality of the indigenous populations by missionaries etc. The lack of spirit in people as a direct result has created the epidemic of AIDS on this planet. AIDS is basically an illness spread through the poor populations of this world. The people are only poor because they are poor in spirit - they have lost their spirit. The only way a person can heal him/herself from AIDS is to regain his/her spirit and allow spirit to flow through their bodies and their hearts - to reconnect to Mother Earth and to Father Sky, to reconnect to the sun, to reconnect to their inner parents, to purify their energies and to recognize the greatness of their being.

You only have to look at people in general in the world to see their worn-out look. They are trying everything to get ahead in life but life seems to be like a treadmill. One of the main reasons for this is issues and affairs of the heart. If issues and affairs of the heart are not resolved then you can expect to have no abundance in your life. When your heart is fully healed then you can expect to have no problems with abundance whatsoever - when you step into true love, true compassion and your inner state is of compassion then you are in the NOW. When you are fully present within yourself and are fully connected to the Divine – then you will lack nothing, you will want for nothing, you will have every single dream that you wish for.

The reason that it is taking so long for you to heal is that your spiritual leaders have taken you on such a round-about route; firstly finding Christ and then God. So many people lose faith along the journey that it enters mass consciousness, which operates like a pressure cooker separating you from the Divine, from what you really desire. Those of you who have walked the path, whose words have been made into action, whose lives are being lived in integrity will be stepping beyond the boundaries of mass consciousness and stepping into a life of truth, love and compassion. “Love is here to stay”. Whoever wishes to fight love will be fighting a losing battle - love is all there actually is - when you’re fighting love, you’ll be fighting love with love – it’s a way of trying to help you see the very truth of your existence.

The year 2004 for spiritual people will not be as difficult as it has been in the past - that is not to say that there will not be challenges; it is to say that you will remain calm, connected, wise and understanding. When your challenges come, they will come and they will be difficult - you have all the knowledge and the wisdom to handle these challenges and face them head on, to hold your energy and your space in whichever circumstances you find yourself. The challenges will not go away - as you embrace the challenges Spirit will give you the energy to fight your way through - to get you through. The energy will ALWAYS be there, it has always been there - your level of trust is at such a state now that you will know that you will get through and beyond your challenges. You will feel so much fuller within yourselves - full of Spirit and full of love, you will not be able to be taken off center, you will maintain your center and you will handle with ease whatever comes your way.

Please close your eyes and go inside… place all your awareness in your heart… allow your heart to connect with each and every person in the room… allow love to flow to each and every member of the group. As you connect, feel the strength that comes with the connection... feel how strong connecting with another human being on the heart level makes you feel. If there is resistance in the energy then it is a matter of acknowledging the resistance, releasing and letting it go. You were told in the last channelling that you have 16 times the power of intent - 16 times as much energy to resolve any issue that you wish to work through - speeding up your healing process 16 times.

Allow a connection through the soles of your feet to the heart of Mother Earth… and through your crown chakra to the heart of the Great Central Sun and Father Sky… allow the energy to build, feel your strength, power and resolve… now allow your resolve into your heart… allow your heart to be healed wherever it needs to be healed. Once your heart is healed you will be able to let go or forgive whoever has troubled you in your life… all relationships that are not working will be able to work.

Go deeper and deeper into your heart… as you move through you heart recognize those relationships that are unresolved… set the intent to bring each relationship to resolve - perhaps old boyfriends, girlfriends or relationships with one’s parents, relationships with all living family members, all people that you have known…

Take time to resolve what you can… while you are in this space feign an understanding of the damage to your energy field that these unresolved relationships are creating. Any unresolved relationships will ensure that your present relationships cannot be smooth and harmonious… allow a reconnection to these old relationships and allow a forgiveness, a letting go… thank these people, these relationships, for the lessons of the past… resolve them and let them go.

When a child is particularly young and a family goes through crisis then this can do damage to the heart - it can cause breaks and fractures. Take yourself back in time where this thing happened to you… focus your energy and awareness into your heart, into the breaks and fractures. See before your eyes the healing… see the cracks begin to be cleaned and purified… then welded and fused together as if nothing had ever happened. You will be left with this memory of the past but no longer with a difficulty or an emotion. It has always been said that those closest to us hurt us the most. With a deep sense of reverence acknowledge those that hurt you… thank them for the experience that has brought you to where you are now. As your heart heals allow the feeling and the emotions to release and flow away… allow love to flow into your heart… the kind of love that conquers all… the kind of energy that you’re looking for in your heart… the energy of a warrior, king or passionate lover... allow that energy into your heart. You are all magicians and your heart has been healed by Divine Magic... you made magic by being here this night and by learning to use magic on yourself… because of this you will be able to use this magic on others.

As your own heart begins to heal you will be able to see those with broken hearts easily; you will understand why they are the way they are. If they ask for help you will be able to give it. The only way you will be able to keep your heart the way it is now is to give it away… give away the secret of how you healed your own heart… allow more and more love to flow through your heart… deeper and deeper so that your heart becomes cleaner and cleaner.. more and more pure… more and more Divine.

Human love and Divine love equal compassion – allow the two to mix and flow through your body… to the tips of your ears… to the tips of your toes… to the tips of your fingers. As your heart heals acknowledge the aches and the pains… thank them for the lessons of the past and release them with love…

Somewhere in your heart lies a bottle of champagne… take out this bottle… take off the cork and celebrate… celebrate a brand new heart and a brand new world…

Go well and God Bless for this is Kryon signing out…



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Kryon (South Africa)

Kryon (South Africa)

Planet Earth has been through a special experience is the last few thousand years: - the separation from God. Kryon is here to take you on the journey home, and to connect you with your inner divinity, for you are all magical beings of this universe, magnificent beyond your comprehension.


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