Love is in the air

Greetings Dear Ones for I AM KRYON of Magnetic Service.

It is wonderful to be here this very night with all of you here in Vienna. There is a beautiful energy this night. It is not by chance that the Viennese Ball is on tonight in Vienna, the night after Valentines Day. There is much love in the air and in this room… there is much Spirit. The angelic realm is present and your Spirit Guides are at your feet. Allow yourselves to close your eyes and go inside and feel the Spirit that is in this room, feel your Spirit Guides at your feet. They are in awe and honour of the work you're doing here on this planet. There are a great many shifts happening as we speak and there are many shifts to come.

Dear Ones, love is in the air. There are many changes going on and the change is happening on the inside and manifesting externally in your life. One of the great shifts that is happening is that the masculine and feminine is beginning to merge and this means there is great expectation in relationships because the relationship between men and women on this planet is virtually a non entity. This has been a great struggle for all of humanity throughout the eons and ages. There is much love this evening, Dear Ones.

Allow yourselves to scan your bodies and feel what you're feeling… be with your feelings… just hold the space around yourselves… allow your energy to merge with the person next to you and let the love begin to flow. There is much love in this room this night. Drop deeper and deeper into your bodies because as much love as there is in this room there is as much fear around love. There is much fear around the merging of the masculine and the feminine energies. Just allow the energy to flow and feel in your bodies where your masculine and feminine energies resist each other. There needs to be gentleness, tenderness and softness to allow these energies to merge… there has to be tenderness and a move towards oneness… so just feel your bodies and feel the resistance.

This night we will speak of 3 different ways of where the masculine and feminine should be merging. The first area is with the inner mother and inner father; the position of the inner father is in the top 3 chakras - the throat, the third eye and the crown. The mother belongs in the lower 3 chakras - the solar plexus, the sacral and the base. Just allow yourself to feel where your inner mother and inner father is in your body. When you connect with them allow them to move to their respective places – the father in the head and the mother in the lower 3 chakras. Allow yourself to feel this energy moving. The inner father has a special connection to Father Sky and the inner mother has a special connection with Mother Earth. Both the inner father and inner mother are both combined masculine and feminine energies.

Allow them to take their respective places and acknowledge the masculine and feminine in your inner father and the same in your inner mother. In that way you will lessen the polarity of the masculine and the feminine. Everything on this earth that is manifested is masculine and everything un-manifest is feminine. That implies that when there is a merging of masculine / feminine energies then manifestation happens. The creation is of both masculine and feminine and every creation is of masculine / feminine energies. Where there are issues of inner-mother / inner-father it creates a blockage in the flow of the masculine or feminine energies which inhibits your ability to create. That is why it is so important to release all your issues around your physical mother and father. So whatever you feel about your mother good or bad is just so. Do not judge yourself. Do not force yourself to love your mother but accept the truth of your relationship with your mother.

Allow yourself to go inside your bodies and check what you're feeling about your mother without judgement… just allow the energy to flow. Whatever you're feeling in this energy will be released. Allow the flow of energy. This energy of the inner mother in the lower 3 chakras is the connection between yourself and Mother Earth and the less issues you have with your mother, the stronger your connection to Mother Earth.

All abundance flows through Mother Earth. So where there is any anger, resentment or hatred, acknowledge these feelings and give them to Spirit and allow the love to flow – allow in forgiveness and let bygones be bygones. Everybody always does their best – sometimes the best is not good enough but as you get older and wiser and look back on the past it is good to be able to accept other peoples' failures. Allow the energies to release. It is no different with your inner father. Whatever emotional issues or beliefs you have around your father that don't serve you, accept these beliefs and emotions and hand them over to Spirit and let them go. Allow more and more energy to flow through your crown chakra through your 3rd eye and throat chakra into your heart. Your body will know exactly how to do that and the same with the Divine Mother energy from Mother Earth, this time from the base chakra, the sacral and the solar plexus and allow these energies to merge in your heart where the inner child sits. Allow the energy to merge and begin to formulate creation.

Another relationship that you will have observed is the one between your mother and father and that relationship is the one between husband and wife. That relationship is present in the body as masculine on the right and feminine on the left. Check in your body – are these two energies in the right place? Is your masculine on your right and your feminine on your left? If this is not so, allow Spirit to adjust your energies. Once again allow these two energies to merge together. This is your partnership energy – that energy that you save for that special person in your life and this meets centrally through your body drawing a straight line through all your chakras. For some men, maybe they still haven't let go of their mother and for the ladies – perhaps they have not let go of their fathers. Just observe what’s going on. There is a special place for that special person and if your mother, your father or a child is in that place you will never find true love.

You may thing that unconsciously this is a very safe thing to do but it’s a sure way to a slow death.

So, acknowledge who is in that special place in your heart and if that special person that you are in love with is not there, then release whoever has taken that space in your heart, let them go, thank them for the lessons of the past and release them with love.

Now allow yourself to feel your energies as they begin to clear and to configure. You are heading on a special journey to a new world where love is the only answer – where every problem gets filled with love and becomes a problem no more.

The third configuration of your energy… in every quadrant of your body is either your grandmother or your grandfather and as you are facing forward on the right you will find your paternal grandfather, on the left quadrant you will find your paternal grandmother. At the back, if you are facing forward, on the right rear quadrant you will find your maternal grandmother and on the left your maternal grandfather. Just allow your energies to reconfigure, you are holding a space where this will happen in this room and reading this. Allow your energies to come together in this configuration and just be with this feeling for right in the centre of your heart is your inner child. First allow love to flow through this child. At last you have this configuration of energy. Many aspects of your fragmented child will wish to return, so just allow the fragments of your inner child to return, the parts that are hurt and wounded. In this energy they will love to return. Allow yourself to feel your energies re-energising your whole body. Allow yourselves to hand over any wounds that belong to your grandparents, whatever their suffering was, let it go… Just feel held in this space. Allow your grandparents to connect to Father Sky and Mother Earth, the same with the inner husband and wife. Just know that with your energy in this configuration you will walk through life with no problems.

What you feel you create… So just observe what you're feeling in this moment… If the feeling doesn't support you hand it over to Spirit and let it go.

Dear Ones, this is the true configuration of your energies. In a functional family this is how your energies will be configured. Allow your bodies to be energised and when you feel any blockages just allow the energy to flow through the blocks and set the intention to maintain this configuration of energy. Just be with yourself to get in touch with the reason you have come to this planet. Dear Ones this is the energy of the New Age – this is what you're working towards. Allow yourselves to step outside yourselves for you will recognise when you look at yourselves that your Merkaba is charged and that you are connected directly to Mother Earth and Father Sky. Be in your connectedness and allow the love to flow.

Dear Ones, this is Kryon signing out. Go well, God Bless and take care.




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Kryon (South Africa)

Kryon (South Africa)

Planet Earth has been through a special experience is the last few thousand years: - the separation from God. Kryon is here to take you on the journey home, and to connect you with your inner divinity, for you are all magical beings of this universe, magnificent beyond your comprehension.


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