"Love is the answer"

Greetings Dear Ones, for I AM KRYON of Magnetic Service.

Once again it is wonderful to be here this night in Marina Da Gama. The energies are very special and they have been intense over the last month or so. People are becoming aware of love in their hearts and the difficulties that love can bring. Much energy has shifted now. You will find love so much easier. In our channellings we always say "Love is the way. Love is the only way." For many of you in the room tonight (and reading this), true love has been elusive. The experience of love has been elusive in your lives. There is one simple reason for this - your parents did not know how to express love and express the love they had for each other. They felt shame, fear, anger, and guilt – many emotions around love. Love is everything and at the same time it is no thing. In the atmosphere around you there is pure love. The air that you breathe is love and your life is love. If you cannot experience this love it is probably you that blocks the flow of energy from within yourself. As with all these channels the story is always the same – you have become your parent’s relationship. It is not how your parents treated you but how they treated each other that made you as you are. If your parents had a good and loving relationship then you will enter the outside world and also experience loving relationships with yourself and the world. However, if there was no love in your life as a child and your parents did not really love one another, then you will find love increasingly difficult, if not impossible, to achieve in this lifetime.

Inside everyone there is a great yearning for love. Love is the answer. It provides guidance. Love is all encompassing, it is like a flower in bud and in blossom. The plant is always striving for the sun and the energy of love. That energy comes in many, many different ways. Love is found in every single aspect of earth, wind, fire and water. There is love in anger, in sadness, in hurt, in hatred and of course there is love in love. You can sense and feel yourself in and around love. Are the chains of an anchor circling your body? Does it feel as if you are you are walking around wrapped tightly in candy floss and don’t know how to get out of the sticky mess? No matter how heavy the chains are or how soft and sticky the candy floss is, love is always elusive. Everyone else can see why you can’t love yourself but because you are in the middle of your own bondage, you don’t realise that you are avoiding love. You don’t understand how to let love in. Love is the answer. Love is the only way. Every single problem is marked by an absence of love. The problem is love itself. Everything is a paradox, a paradigm and is inter-related. Every problem exists where there is an absence of love but if you let love flow, the problem will resolve itself. Remember, problems from your external world stem from an inner emotion. Emotion is the feeling within that equals the issue on the outside. This issue is the external manifestation of emotion and every emotion is the absence of love – every single emotion comes from the past. In the present there is love. In the present there are four emotions: Anger, Sadness, Fear and Love. All these emotions are love itself. You do not enjoy feelings of anger, sadness and fear and would rather choose to feel the bliss of love but feelings of anger, sadness and fear are a guide on your way to find love. They actually reveal to you that there is no love, where love is lost, where a light has never shone, where the darkness still prevails. So, close your eyes and welcome the Kryon energy of love deep inside. This is a new heightened energy of love and love is the answer.

Dear Ones, I AM KRYON of Magnetic Service and it is wonderful to be with you. Right now, your guides and angels are at your feet. Be aware of a wash of love. Your guides and angels are in awe of the work you are doing on this planet – the work that you are doing for yourself. This work is being echoed, not just around the earth plane, but throughout the Universe and many, many Universes beyond. All of you in this room this night (and reading this) come from a very special soul group and all of you have worked in the past with the Kryon energies.

This night go deep inside, then deeper and deeper. Go beyond the limits of time and space and find the lifetime where you were all working together as one in Atlantis for the same cause – the light. Observe yourself in that lifetime, observe the way you loved in that lifetime. Love is the ultimate goal. Love is the Divine connection, the great coincidence that connects us with the Divine. Every coincidence is a connection and every coincidence happens inside. Each connection happens in the material world. In truth there is no such thing as a coincidence. Coincidence is meant to be. It is a reflection of the work that you have done on yourself. The more coincidence you experience the more connections you receive externally in the material world.

So, observe yourself in the empire of Atlantis and be aware of your feelings. What is it, right now, that you are feeling? In these channellings a feeling is exactly what you are. You are your feelings and your feelings create reality, emotions. There are many emotions that come from the old empire of Atlantis. It was a lifetime where all the people who work with Kryon met and knew each other. There is no such thing as coincidence, yet again there is every such thing as coincidence. Coincidence is your connection to the hearts of one another.

Open your hearts to your friends and neighbours in this room and to those people that you knew from Atlantis. First of all, connect to those who you recognize. In that lifetime there could have been much betrayal and many difficult issues to face. You have come back to this planet to experience exactly the same lifetime here – exactly the same issues and emotions. So, as you connect to those you perceive to be strangers but in truth are old friends, let these coincidences connect once again within yourself. As much as you have enemies, so also do you have many powerful allies in the days of Atlantis. You were all powerful healers and were respected for your knowledge, wisdom and understanding of the earth plane.

Connect with everyone in the room. Let your hearts open wide and receive the love from all here. Where there is any pain or resistance acknowledge this. Whatever you have the courage to acknowledge, you can release. It will dissolve and you will never have to feel it again – you’ll feel the next wave and the one after that but it will never create a reality in your life. Love is elusive. Love is everything and love is no thing. Love is the energy that drives your life. You derive love and energy from the food you eat and the air you breathe. The fire of the sun keeps your body warm but it is the love from the sun that actually warms your heart. The waves of the ocean generate much energy and power - this energy and power is also love.

Acknowledge all these areas of love in your own life and how you can receive love. Be aware of the people who give you the greatest love and who bring you the greatest gifts of love. In particular, your parents, who strive to love you and to be loved and cherished by you. They strive to care for you and for you to care for them. In actual fact you and your parents are one. Your parents are the greatest gift. Take this opportunity to observe the relationship between your mother and father. Imagine your parents sitting in a magical ball as you watch their relationship. Observe the areas in their lives where they can and cannot love. The reverse is also true.

Bring in the energy of Mother Mary and Christ. Let these two beautiful and totally earth-bound energies created purely for the healing of mankind to go to your mother and father. Let the childhood pains in your mother and father heal. Let Christ and Mother Mary teach them to heal and to love the inner child within them. The issues of your inner mother and father are also the issues of your inner child. If these are not dealt with then the issues of the inner child cannot be resolved. Issues with your inner mother may block the energy flow from the great heart of the Divine Mother and thus to the inner child. It is the same with the inner father.

Let the issues of love be healed in your inner mother and father. The healing happens quickly as you focus the energy of Christ and Mother Mary in this way. It is rather like shining a laser beam into the darkness that penetrates deeply. Working in this fashion gets to the core of issues and emotions.

Love is your dream. It is everyone's dream. The connection with the Divine Mother/Father making up the loving triangle with the Divine Child is the ultimate. When you are connected to Mother Earth and Father Sky in such a fashion then your will is Divine Will. Life is bliss. Your energy is powerful, strong and constantly connected. You have worked through all the issues of depression, all the negative emotions and issues of anger, sadness and fear are of no consequence. Because you are so connected to the Divine you are full of love no circumstance can shake you. You are in a state of absolute faith and trust. All your fears are released and you feel a blissful energy within.

You will be feeling this energy constantly by the year 2010. This is the energy that you will be living in in 2010. All your fears, anger and sadness in this moment are being held. Feel and be in this state of being. Be in this state of Divine guidance and let these problems pass onto Spirit or to Kryon. Listen to the answers you need to hear and if you need to take action, then DO IT! Release those emotions that need to be released. It is vitally important to let go of emotion. Emotions create thoughts that create a reality and thoughts create emotion that create a reality. So, where there is negative emotion, let it to come into your body and into this new energy... where it will dissolve and release.

This energy or emotion that you are feeling is not the energy of your child’s emotion. It is the energy of your mother that you took on in your childhood and it is no longer necessary to carry it. This emotion – be it yours or be it your mother's – is creating a reality in your life. Emotions create thoughts that create a reality and thoughts create emotion that creates a reality. So, where there is baggage or negative emotion directly pertaining to your mother, you will feel this in your three lower charkas. Let this energy move into your body. It will automatically dissolve the emotion that you have had the courage to allow into your bodies.

Dear Ones, this is a gift that you give to yourself for being here this night ( and reading this). This is also a gift from Kryon to you for all the lifetimes that you have worked together with Kryon. These are gifts to rectify the imbalance of the issues of the empire of Atlantis which create imbalances on planet earth. Atlantis brought great technology but it also brought disconnection from the Divine Mother and Mother Earth. All your issues with your own mother are a direct reflection of the issues with the Divine Mother. Observe your parents relationship and let these barriers, these walls, these issues, dissolve. The stronger your connection to Mother Earth, the more powerful, beautiful and expressive your life will become. It is always those who are closest to you that hurt you the most. The earth plane is structured so that you have to reach into the depths of your insanity to find forgiveness for those who gave you love and for those who inflicted pain on you. It is always structured so that there is just enough inside you to break through those shackles and move into the next level of consciousness.

Your dreams are your guidance. Those who feel unworthy of living their dreams will find pain and resistance in life. The less they strive towards their dream, the more intense the bodily pain becomes - a pain that will turn to sickness. If you are willing to change that mind set and look at that emotion, Spirit will give you the gift of release, a change of mind set, a change of belief and you will no longer be who you used to be. You will always be one step closer to the Divine and to becoming enlightened. The greatest key to who you are is your parents, the ones who are always closest to us. Even if you have suffered abuse at the hands of a stranger you will find that abuse resting in the energies of your parents somewhere – no matter how secret, how deep, how dark, or how hidden. The abuse always flows through one or the other parent.

Your parents came together because they are mirrors for one another. That mirror is exactly equal. It is a reflection. There are no circumstances when that reflection is not valid – never ever. A mirror is a mirror is a mirror. You say “This cannot be possible. This cannot be true. My parents are two opposites." but the planet is based in duality – everything is either masculine or feminine. Each emotion has two polarities and a fulcrum and in your lifetime it is for you to balance your emotional state and release all beliefs that don’t support you. There can be beliefs that they support you but are not in Divine alignment. As they fade away you will step into a state of being of success. True success is not in the material world or in any other world but in your own world. Everything is in equilibrium and absolute balance. Every single emotion has been touched, tweaked and refined and brought into balance.

Think about that for a few moments. Let the energy of equilibrium and balance flow into your bodies through your heart centre. Where there are pains, no matter how small or subtle, acknowledge them as they can be the most damaging. It is always the last straw that breaks the camels back. Observe the subtleties going on in your bodies. Whatever you are feeling you create. Now, your parents, who struggled with the energy of love, will take their rightful place in your heart. At the same time there is a little child somewhere in your heart that doesn’t know how to love and needs to be loved. Find that child in the darkness and put the child in a magical ball. then let Mother Mary and Christ go to the child, who may be hurt for whatever reason and remember that you in this room (and reading this) are the sensitive ones. You are very, very sensitive. What won’t affect the average person in the street may affect you deeply because you are all extremely sensitive. Sensitive to everything even to a feather dropping. And no matter how the child was hurt, acknowledge that hurt. Let the child express what he or she feels and let Mother Mary reward the child with love. As the child heals and begins to feel safe and comfortable around love you will reserve a very special place in your heart for this child.

Once this child is healed and placed in your heart it can never again create a negative reality around love. You will find it safer and more secure to love, embrace and connect with the people around you, but most of all will be that beautiful connection with yourself. All these Divine coincidences coming together. The faster you let in the energy of coincidence, the more you will receive in this lifetime and the more you will become. In truth you are that already, you just don’t know it!

Dear Ones, go well and God Bless for this is Kryon signing out.



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Kryon (South Africa)

Kryon (South Africa)

Planet Earth has been through a special experience is the last few thousand years: - the separation from God. Kryon is here to take you on the journey home, and to connect you with your inner divinity, for you are all magical beings of this universe, magnificent beyond your comprehension.


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