"Love is the way forward"

Greetings dear ones for I AM KRYON of Magnetic Service.

It is wonderful to be here this night, for this night is filled with Spirit, love and transformation. This night is about love, stepping into the truth of your own femininity and your own feminine love. It is about releasing the energies of your parents and opening up to Divine parenting. It is about giving the inner child a parent that it always wanted. Within you there is the truth of parenting and a deep understanding and knowledge gained in many thousands of lifetimes on this planet.

Love is the way forward. In understanding there is acceptance, and in acceptance there can be forgiveness and the more you forgive your parents the easier your life will become. There is much energy attached to your own inner parents, to the way you feel about and view your parents, to the truth about your parents. As a child becomes more whole it will require stronger and better parenting. We all know that our parents did what they could, they simply did their best. In their own relationships they struggled. It was their challenge in their life. Often at that time in life during the inner child’s formative years parents struggle most with one another. There being expectations around each other, experiencing and experimenting with sexuality and expecting so much from their sexuality. Your parents had much to contend with for they lived in difficult times. Many born from parents’ who lived during the First World War and people today with parents who lived during the Second World War and having their family structure demolished and broken, aiming to achieve great things in the new industrial world that came to them and not really having deep meaningful spiritual guidance in their own lives, the kind that you are receiving today and have done for quite some time now.

The Kryon energy on this planet is getting stronger and stronger. It is an energy contained within all; it is a consciousness like Christ consciousness. But it is far beyond Christ consciousness and is a consciousness with a complete and different understanding even though many of the teachings have a similarity there is a great extension to the teachings of Christ. As the Kryon channels speak from around the world there will come a whole philosophy that will one day become one. There will come a greater understanding of who we are. The magicians within you all shall arise and dance to your own dreams and your own music. It will open your own hearts and create a world that you wish for yourselves, making those around you look upon you with envy. The envy will not last forever for as you open your hearts to all it will be like the ripples on a pond and all will understand the way forward. Each journey requires a well, walking from well to well. You cannot sit at one well and venture very far into the Universe or around the earth. There are many wells on this planet full of wisdom, truth and understanding. The channellings from South Africa bring you a particular well of information and knowledge that will take you from the lowest emotional state into the highest states of ecstasy. This knowledge will bring your dreams to reality and bring deep and meaningful truths into your lives, truths that make sense, things you can understand, truth even though often in the abstract can be easily learned and easily lived. Truths that will make this world as one again. We bring great feeling and meaning into your lives and that is our solitary intention, this is your world and it is for your own creation. You all have the magic within yourselves, so it is for you all to open yourselves up. This is often described as a lotus flower – petals opening up for the sun to shine upon them.

There can be many gifts as you open up but what stops you opening are the fear, lack of trust, lack of understanding of where you’re living, the actual disbelief of your own magic. Love is the only way, we have always told you that. True manifestation comes through true love, through true understanding. There are many things you do in your world that are not in divine alignment but it is a direct reflection of your social condition. You are not to blame. Your parents were your first gods and as you get beyond the age of 21 it is time to make the Universe your god, your divinity. It is for you to learn to read and understand the universe. Follow the path that it lays out in front of you. Know that you will always be safe, always be cared for, totally concurrent with what your media reflects back to you. There is so much love on this earth yet in black and white print you would think there is so little. That is not the truth as you become stronger your inner parent becomes more healed and you will become softer more gentle for there is great power in gentleness. Be you a man or a woman there is great power in being gentle – gentle but firm and strong.

There is only one real way to become permanently gentle and that is to become strong. To become strong depends upon your Divine connection, how open you are to the Divine. The more open you are to the Divine the stronger you become. It is the Divine that gives you strength. Strength is an energy as is power and the more the Divine sees you can love, the more strength, power, abundance and money you receive for your journey is into love - the love of yourself so that you can love all. Love of yourself is about consciousness, being conscious of your own beauty, strength, power and connectedness.

On this earth at the moment there is much wounding within the feminine. Women traditionally embody the feminine in greater proportion than men but as women have been the weaker sex they have been more easily frightened and more easily hurt than men in general. The women/feminine are the ones giving birth to new generations. The less wounded the woman/feminine is the more able to bring powerful new generations to the fore to guard this earth’s heritage of love and beauty – the enigma of paradise on earth will be revealed. If women are wounded, particularly the mother energy then the feminine is very hard, very difficult to approach, very difficult to trust. There is at this time a great intense difficulty in accessing true feminine knowledge and understanding.

The Pope himself speaks out against feminine power but this power is what used to make this world turn around and in fact still does but in a very limited way. The feminine within you keeps you connected to earth, to the mother and we have often said in these channellings that true manifestation can only come through the mother being deeply connected to Mother Earth. Only then can you manifest the abundance that you seek. For example - have you ever seen a tree without roots bearing fruit as only a tree like an avocado, oak or horse chestnut can bear fruit as these trees have deep roots right into the earth. It is because they know their own mother and understand who the mother is that they root themselves into the mother and continually accept the energy of Mother Earth, everything they need they take.

Deep within everyone on this planet the mother is wounded to a greater or lesser extent and the more and more you heal the inner mother within yourself the better place this earth will be to live on. Your inner child requires a mother. A mother that provides all the child’s needs and whatever justifiable ones can be provided for. The needs of the animal kingdom and all plant life is provided for and it is no different for humankind except humankind has managed a way to block its needs being fulfilled. Humankind has found many ways to hurt itself through not having its needs met, through not fully understanding how to have its needs met, through not feeling worthy enough to have its needs met. Great ones, dear ones, if you knew the truth of who you really were, which on certain levels you do and on other levels you find totally unacceptable and unbelievable then you would be truly amazed, you would be truly amazed. There is nothing in this Universe that you cannot have. There is nothing in this Universe you cannot create. The energy and the power are waiting – either at the feet of the fingertips of every single individual that lives on this planet. The great alchemists of old knew the secret of human evolvement, human evolution.

Many of the alchemists fell off their pedestals and took the high road, not serving the people as they should have, maintaining their own power above and beyond others. Those of you who have been reading and working with these channellings intensively for some time have had this knowledge and information and you will begin to see fragments of your child return to become whole. Now the focus is shifting slightly to the inner mother and the healing of this intrinsic wound will be swift, the energy is perfect for this exercise. Once you have between 90% and 100% of the fragments of your inner child together then it will take no longer than 6 months to fully heal the inner mother. Once you have dealt with the deepest of childhood fears you will find it very easy to heal the inner mother and to begin to nurture this child within, this magical child. As you nurture the inner child you will create magic on this earth as only a child can create.

You will create so much love and so much forgiveness in your own life that you will be blessed with abundance in a similar way to a very fertile oak tree. You will notice that the wood of the oak is hard and strong, it is a sought after wood completely different to that of pinewood which is soft and grows very quickly. As you follow this information and knowledge you will not become a pine tree you will become an oak with your wood within so solid and strong and able to bear and carry so much fruit. There is an end to the process. The end is when the fragmented child is altogether and the fragmented mother and father is altogether; the inner mother operating freely and easily within the feminine energy and the inner father operating freely and easily in the masculine energy and very much like the kundalini energy spiralling from Mother Earth to Father Sky and from Father Sky to Mother Earth. You will have an absolute clear connection to the knowledge and wisdom held in Mother Earth. This is the journey you have come on this earth to walk.

We say “walk from well to well and drink where the water is sweetest, drink from where you get most nourishment and move on”. Walk down every avenue you need to walk but don’t be sidetracked. Don’t be sidetracked by fear. Consult fear when you have to but know that’s what it is, it is a fear, something that holds you in tension, something that holds you in space, something that holds you away from your dream.

So we ask you to close your eyes and allow your hearts to open wider and wider and wider and wider. Allow your hearts to connect to each member of the group connecting deeper and deeper to each other’s hearts like an oak tree would connect with its roots deep into Mother Earth. Connecting to all the elements within – the fire, the passion, the anger, the water, the ocean, the love, the air, the breath, the Divine, the earth where you belong and where your roots are.

Hold all these energies for all these energies belong to you, they are yours. Allow yourselves to feel the king or queen within, the lover, the magician, the warrior, for all these aspects belong to you. Do not deny yourself any of these for as you step into the energies you may feel trepidation at the tasks ahead of you. As you step into the energy of the lover you might feel your greatest fear of loving another but the magician is always there, always able to make his magic. Whatever resistance is in your body to connecting with others allow the magician to release it, for within every single man or woman on this earth there is a magician. One that can make magic and transform and transmute any energy whatsoever – one that can open any blockage - all it takes is acknowledgement, understanding, and love. For this is white magic – magic of the Divine…

This is about love and romance, not with another but with yourself, giving to you the things that you dream of and you wish for and always wanted and loved. All these things belong to you so accept them and own them and where you have difficulty in receiving allow the inner magician to heal your issues around receiving. It is the feminine energies that are the receiving energies. Your feminine side is your receiving side and your future. The more fear you have around your future the more difficult you will find it to step into the future and receive the gifts and the dreams that are truly yours. The more clear the inner mother is the easier the steps will be into the future, the easier the feminine energies will flow into your body, the more accepting of feminine energies your body will become, the more and more magical you will become.

The more energy you allow to flow through you the more you can manifest, the more stable and strong you will feel on this earth. This is why it is so important to look at your own mother with acceptance and understanding, judging without judgement. That is to say – judge within yourself what has to be dealt with but accept your mother for the job she did in rearing you. She was also born with a wounded feminine and an insecure knowledge around the feminine energies, womanhood and motherhood. As you open more and more, be you a man or a woman to healing the mother within yourself you will find great courage, great strength. As any woman who has ever become a mother knows it takes great courage and strength to bring a child into this world and bring it up to the best of her abilities.

Now as you go deep within yourself ask your magician to bring your inner mother to you and allow your inner mother to present her wounds, those wounds that she knows of, those wounds that she would have liked herself to deal with and allow those inner wounds to be magically healed, allow the Kryon energy to flow throughout your body to heal your own inner mother in a beautiful, mystical, magical way… and for those of you who are mothers if there is any guilt rearing its head during his process, acknowledge the guilt, let it go for even if there were times that you felt you did not do your best, you actually did your best, you gave of yourself, you gave of all your energies, you gave all you had, it was your instinct to do so. Perhaps your knowledge did not match instinct but that is neither here nor there, its intent was pure, it is pure in every single mother without fail no matter how good or bad a job you feel you’ve done. It is for you to know that you did everything absolutely possible for your own child and you acted with absolute integrity within the Divine plan.

So allow the energies to move through your bodies clearing, releasing and healing what needs to be healed bringing back parts of the mother that are missing from your own biology/psychology/energy field… We said the energy this night was perfect. Enjoy this experience regaining the true archetypal mother within yourself and once again anchoring this archetypal energy here in Cape Town, South Africa where mothering among the native population is probably as good as you’ll get anywhere on earth, it is their energies that are so solid and entrenched in the earth that makes this event so possible.

So dear ones be with the energies and where there is resistance in your bodies allow this resistance to clear and release. Stay with the intention of being your own best mother for dear ones your lives now are changing at a rapid rate. Transformation will come quickly and easily and with transformation will come co-creation – co-creation with Spirit at a faster and faster level than ever before. It won’t be long before your dreams are reality.

Go well, God Bless for this is Kryon signing out.



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Kryon (South Africa)

Kryon (South Africa)

Planet Earth has been through a special experience is the last few thousand years: - the separation from God. Kryon is here to take you on the journey home, and to connect you with your inner divinity, for you are all magical beings of this universe, magnificent beyond your comprehension.


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