Love is your True Nature

Greetings dear ones, for I am Kryon of magnetic service.

It's wonderful to be with you all, this afternoon here in San Jose, Costa Rica. There is much love in the air, and much love means much change; and many many changes are coming to this planet, and many changes are coming to Costa Rica. There is a new world coming, a completely New World. There has been a great fall in consciousness for humanity, and this is being rectified. The consciousness of the planet and of the human beings who live on it is going to go back to a new level, to a level where there is love. Where there is joy, and where there is freedom. There's going to be a consciousness where you comprehend your reality and the spirit through absolute and pure love.

Dear ones, there is a new world that is coming; it means that you will have to change, it means that you will change on the inside. All of you in this room are healers and the first role of a healer is to heal oneself… most of this knowledge is lost and this is the knowledge that we bring through David… this lost knowledge. Through the duration of this channelling we are going to allow you to feel the energy of 2012. We are going to let the energy of the room rise to the energies of 2012.

We are all here to open our hearts and connect with one another. So open your heart to the universe and truly connect to the universe; allow your energies to go one step closer to the energies and synchronicities of your solar system for there truly is a New World coming; one where your anger and sadness’s and hurts will be a thing of the past; a whole new world is coming and you are all on the cutting edge of this new information. We are here to take you one you step into this journey, into this new world.

We want you to remember dear ones that everything on this planet is light, vibration and energy and that you in this room are all light, vibration and energy; that you all have dreams and that they are leading you into the New World. The New World is a world of your dreams. We ask you to relax and close your eyes and to connect to Mother-Earth through the soles of your feet and your base chakra. Feel Mother-Earth beneath you. In the centre of Mother-Earth there is a beautiful pink heart, see that heart beating and feel your own heart beat. Observe your breath and allow yourself to descend into this pink heart… becoming like a sponge soaking up this beautiful pink light… this pink energy is the energy of the Sacred-Mother and the Sacred-Feminine. Allow yourselves to soak this energy up and allow your heart to synchronise with the heartbeat of Mother-Earth. Observe your breath… keep breathing… you are here on a journey.

You are all on a journey to love… you’re all on a journey to create the life of your dreams… allow the love to flow… and as you are connecting to Mother-Earth allow the feelings in your body to come… and let them go. Let the feelings come and let the feelings go… dropping deeper and deeper and deeper into your bodies. We want you to feel the moon going around the Earth… just imagine that the moon is going around the Earth and just feel this…. and be you a man or woman you all have a feminine side… allow your femininity to connect with this lunar cycle and synchronise with the moon and let the love flow and at the same time allow your hearts to open wider and wider and wider and allow for a connection from your heart to everybody in the room… allow your energies to go higher and higher and higher… and allow a deep connection to your neighbours… allow your heart to expand into your neighbour's heart and receive the love of your neighbour…

Now let's imagine there's a beautiful green heart in the middle of the great Central Sun… and the green heart is a symbol of the Sacred-Father and the Sacred-Masculine… allow this energy to flow through your crown chakra… through your third eye… and allow it to merge and flow with the feminine aspects into your throat chakra… into your heart… into your solar plexus… into your second chakra… your base chakra and connecting with the heart of Mother-Earth.

Once again observe your heart… be with your heart… allow your heart to open even wider than it already is… by 2012 your heart will be fully open at all times… dear ones this is the New World and this is where we are headed. Allow your energies to rise higher and higher and higher… your spirit guides are at your feet and there is so much love in the air that it is for you to allow your energies to open to this love… to become this love… love is your true nature… love is your authentic self… you are loved, you are dearly, dearly, dearly loved.

Your spirit guides are at your feet and they are here in love… they are here in awe and honour of the work you have already done. Allow yourself to feel your spirit guides… ask them for a signal that they are here, maybe they want to tickle your face, or touch your ear… allow yourself to go into a space where you can feel them… you are all spiritual beings and you are in your physical body at this time… sometimes enjoying this earth plane, sometimes suffering… and, the suffering is coming to an end dear ones, for all your suffering is created by hurt.

Where you feel any suffering in your body be with this feeling of suffering, just let the feelings come… and let the feelings go. We are here this afternoon to take you to the energies of 2012. Allow these energies to rise higher and higher and higher; the many, many energies from spirit world in this room allow the energies to go higher and higher and higher… The energies of the angelic realm are also filling the room and they are here all in support of your process; allow the love and the energies of the room to go higher and higher and higher… Kryon is here also, like a warm loving blanket… allow this warm loving blanket to descend on you… and feel the love… feel the love of Kryon.

You are all on a journey from unconsciousness to consciousness… from darkness into light… allow the light to flow and permeate your bodies, connecting with the energies of love once again… opening your heart wider and wider and wider and allowing your hearts to expand to the size of this room… and as you expand to the size of this room you will feel the angelic realm… allow that to expand into your energies merging your earthly energies with the energies of spirit.

You all on a journey and the final destination is authenticity, that true you… so allow your energies to go higher and higher and higher; higher and higher and higher… this afternoon you're going to the energies of 2012… and at the moment the level of your energies is between 80 and 90% of what it will be in 2012… the New World is coming dear ones and this day we wish to end your suffering… so feel what makes you suffer the most… what is it inside you that makes you suffer the most will not be part of life after 2012. Allow whatever makes you suffer to permeate your body… and place your awareness with that part of yourself… and go back into your childhood… and let the thoughts and feelings come… let them come… and let them go. Observe what your thoughts and your feelings are.

You on your way dear ones, to New World, a world without suffering, a world where you will be deeply connected to the divine… a world where you know your spirit guides… where you can see your spirit guides and they will hold your hand and lead you into a new vibration… the New World will be very, very different than the old one. We will all be living in abundance and you will all live the lives of your dreams… it'll be a world where you love your wife or your husband, a world where relationships flow, a world where we connect deeply with other people irrespective of their gender, the colour of his skin, irrespective of many differences. You will honour and respect each other fully and automatically in a deep, deep meaningful way… you will no longer feel alone… you will feel one with the universe… you will connect to the universe and you will feel absolutely safe and absolutely secure.

Your energies are now at 90% of what you will feel in 2012… allow your energies to go higher and higher and higher allowing their deeper and deeper connection with Father-Sky… those of you that go first… and you know who you are… will feel fully, fully connected to the universe… you will become absolutely whole… you will become that magical being that walks that magical path between heaven and earth. The energies are now at 95% of what they will be in 2012 so observe your life as we move closer and closer to 100%... everybody's life will be different… it will be totally personal. You will choose your life, you will choose it to be the way that you want it… all your decisions will be love based… you will be deeply connected to Father-Sky and Mother-Earth and you will know your connection in your whole family constellation; you are all leading your families into this new world, into the world of your dreams.

Observe your energies, what is not a 2012 energy… let it come… and let it go… and feel your crown chakra, feel your deep, deep connection to the heart of the great Central Sun, to Father-Sky… the energies of the Sacred-Father are returning… all the Sacred-Masculine energies are returning… all the Sacred-Feminine energies are returning. You will feel more love, you will feel more open… many of you have been here before, on the earth plane… you are all ascended… all of you in this room in one lifetime or another you are all ascended and many of you have suffered great persecution as a result of ascending to true divinity and now this persecution will release. This is a different time, the entire planet is on a sentient status and moving through to New World… for you in this room, you are leading this new consciousness, you're moving into this new world and we ask it of you that you access past lives where you ascended and allow these energies to return, allow the knowledge and wisdom to flow into your bodies… go back in time back, back, back, back, to that time when you became an enlightened being on planet Earth… and allow these energies to flow through you and allow these thoughts to go deeper and deeper and deeper into your bodies… and now this is the minimum energy that you will feel in 2012…

You are holding the energy of 2012… this is why this afternoon it is a small select group that can hold the energies of 2012… and feel what it feels like… just be with the feeling… life is not an intellectual process… life is a feeling; whatever you're feeling you will create and you will hold this energy with ease in 2012… and feel the deep connection that you have to Father-Sky and feel the deep connection that you have to Mother-Earth.

In past channellings we have only been able to hold this energy for a few seconds but now we are asking you to hold the energy for a few minutes… let go of what no longer serves you and what doesn't support this energy of 2012. Feel the lightness and the freedom… feel the safety and security… feel the oneness… allow your energies to expand, moving higher and higher and higher… you're being deeply, deeply, supported by spirit world, by your spirit guides, by your spiritual family… can you feel them? They are all around you, they are willing you on… you are loved… you are all dearly, dearly, loved… and this time you will experience ascension without persecution. It is not for you to worry about others… just be sure of what your own body and your own spirit is saying… spirit will take care of the others… as you ascend your energies will awaken the others… it is for you to focus on your own ascension process… allow the love to flow and continue to observe what your life looks like in 2012…

Dear ones, this is your world, this is your world of love, that is why there are so many beings on the planet at the moment, all here to experience ascension…

Dear ones, go well and God bless… for this is Kryon signing out. Thank you all.



mgnnel54 4th December 2010 10:30 pm

Dear Kryon,(David)
Thank You So Much for that meditation... :smitten:
It was beautiful!!
Is there anywhere I could get that in real voice taping???
If so please e-mail me back..I would love to have that and meditate to it often..
LOL, Madonna


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Kryon (South Africa)

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