"Magician Energy"

Greetings dear ones for I AM Kryon of Magnetic Service.

It is wonderful to be here tonight on this very auspicious occasion – polling day in South Africa. Ten years ago on the first voting day of the new SA bombs were going off, there was violence and a great deal of fear; whereas now the elections today the 14-04-04, the three 4’s are bringing peace and prosperity to the world and that is what its about in SA. There is peace and there will be true prosperity in this small country at the very tip of Africa. There is a very understanding and responsible government at work, maintaining a balance between the West, East and Africa itself; doing what it can for its people and staying in true integrity with the Divine will for SA.

There is a lot of love in the air in this country today; in the past the stock exchange would crash, business would stop months before elections and there would be a great deal of fear surrounding change. Today no one fears change; not in the way that change was feared in the past - the greatest fears in SA have been overcome and there is nothing more to fear. The biggest fear was to step into the greatness of SA and into the greatness of your own humanity. SA has changed in many ways and it has held Divine principle within its change. There have been many changes with the Europeans in the minority still wielding a great amount of power; in a way this power has been rescinded slowly and gently to the African native forefathers of this land. As this energy gently flows and passivates there will be equality through all races and creeds, slowly and surely there will be a great understanding between the religions practiced in SA and the deep Spirituality of the African. The African’s Spirituality is not truly respected by Christians and many African people, in a way they feel let down - many have taken a step across the divide into Christianity, but there is still great belief in the ancestors and the ways of old. More and more people on the New Age path understand about the ancestors and a great shift of energy is coming. The Government takes guidance from the ancestors as much as it does from Christianity and other religions and forces - the guidance of the ancestors is to make peace with the white man that conquered the African people and set up a colony on this land.

In general the white people that live in SA are part of the rainbow nation, a nation that was conquered by the white man in the 17th and 18th centuries. On the continent of North America the prophecy about the rainbow nation is that a new nation will be born to bring an understanding and knowledge to all peoples and races… to bring love, freedom and joy to the hearts of man… to bring satisfaction and understanding… to bring back the family circle… to put the role of men and women back into perspective… to bring humanity back into alignment with nature. The rainbow nation is not here to stop technology but to open your hearts to a world that is truly possible, a world where your hearts will be filled with love, a world where rules and laws are not necessary for when your hearts are filled with love all rules and laws fall away. A world where one religion can be formed - in the beginning it will be the understanding of all religions and teaching people of other religions the understanding of each other’s religion and seeing the thread of love that flows through all religion.

Wherever there is division there is no divinity because there is no division within the Divine. All religions must be respected and seen as helping humanity on their journey towards love and towards God. No religion on this planet has dominion over the Divine. Each religion is set in place to guide people to the Divine and the Divine waits with open arms and an open heart for all people seeing it. As you have heard many times in these channellings there is a special road, a special route that is unparalleled by any other. Kryon has taught a journey to the Divine through love, from a space in a person’s heart where there was absolutely no faith and no belief in the Divine. Through these channellings you have been taught how to step into your truth, how to step into your power, how to open your hearts and how to step from no faith and no belief into faith and belief, how to experience God or the Divine. There is much talk of belief, but the word belief in the Kryon dictionary basically means “fake it or make it” taking a person from a state of not knowing into a state of knowing there will come a time when you will all know, feel and experience God and the Divine.

You will experience and know God in such a way that you will actually know you’re not alone, not believe you’re not alone, you’ll know you’re not alone. You will find and feel a strong guidance and you will feel this love, and you will know… you will know. The more you step into truth and love and the more you trust yourself to step into truth and love; the more of divinity you will appreciate and feel great gratitude in your hearts. It has been a very difficult journey along the way to find the Divine because there has been a definite fall in consciousness on planet earth between the 15th and 16th century ‘till today. You will recognize the rise of the western world has come about during this time span. The industrial revolution has also taken place within this time span. The west is very close to falling and is in a state of decline. The decay comes from within. People living in places such as North America and Europe feel the lack of soul and spirituality that their religions are bringing. This is creating a new energy, described as the New Age, and bringing rituals into their practice from the Native American Indians and from many other ancient cultures and as with the Kryon channellings you are being given more and more information and more knowledge that takes you to a space of Christ consciousness, a consciousness where you will know God where the part of you that made you suffer will die and in its place will be a definite Divine connection that you can truly feel. This connection will connect from the crown chakra to Father Sky and from the base to Mother Earth and from your heart to the heart of the Great Central Sun and from your heart to the heart of Mother Earth.

More and more people are getting connected. Kryon is not here to predict the future, but to raise your consciousness to a level of Christ consciousness and beyond; which will give you a consciousness that will allow the earth plane to rise above terror and fear and step globally into a consciousness of love, joy and freedom - a consciousness where conscious decisions can be taken to lead humanity to a new dimension… a new era… a new awakening… a new feeling… a new experience; that experience would be termed “bliss” in the old energy. Your heart will feel twice the size that it is at the moment and there would be no ungodly actions taking place on the planet. We speak of understanding other religions and we speak of one truth; Divine truth. We speak of love, joy and freedom, we speak of a world without barriers and boundaries - dear ones this is imminent!

If the consciousness of SA can change in 10 years from violent elections to completely peaceful elections one may ask “what will the next 10 years bring?” and we suggest to you that you open your hearts to the next 10 years - don’t close your hearts. Open your hearts to the forces of evil that attempt to control this planet, which Spirit will not allow and let them feel the love. Let these forces feel true love from the hearts of men and women around the world. Let a new soulfulness arrive on the continent of North America and Europe; it is here that the biggest expansion of consciousness is required - it is these nations that have created the material world and the material divide, creating 1st, 2nd, and 3rd world nations. It is the Spiritual leaders of these nations that have plundered and destroyed the Spirituality and the culture of many of the ancient tribes that belong on this earth.

Spirit is bringing you back to spirituality and a deep understanding of life on planet earth; we’re offering you deep guidance. The truth is all the guidance you need is in your own heart and it is for you to stay in true integrity within yourselves, that is to say, to think, to feel and to do as one. As you stand in integrity in such a manner your chakras will all be open - your will centre and your emotional centre will be completely balanced and you will face even the most trying of challenges with relative ease. We bring word that the healers of the world are coming back. There was an attempt to destroy this energy in Europe in the 15th and 16th centuries; these people lost their rightful place on the planet and in society. The healers are coming back with more and more power, with a deeper and greater understanding as a result of this experience, and these powers that wish to undermine true social structure must be forgiven; it is only out of their own insecurity that they seek to defend their status quo.

People are born to heal and to minister. These are not made people. People with healing skills and powers are born that way with an energy system quite different to the average man, and with great Karma for going through a life with great difficulties. You've often been angry at these difficulties; if you used your anger correctly the anger would have taken you and pushed you into the darkness and out he other side into a place where life was cleaner and clearer. More and more people who are healers on the spiritual path have energy which is becoming much clearer, a there will be a more serious consciousness of people who are healing themselves and bringing themselves to wholeness. This consciousness is to become a great force, a force to be reckoned with; a force that will hold great power and understanding, a force that knows no barriers and no pain or hurt that it cannot dissolve. It is an energy that knows no person it cannot forgive; it knows no person it cannot love. It is an energy as bountiful as the sky, as deep as the ocean and as rich as the tropical jungles at the equator. It is a connection from the ancients to the modern, from the abstract to the completely material. It is an energy that will transcend all evil and only knows love and light, it is an energy like the sword Excalibur that fights only on the side of good.

This dear ones is about love, about a true awakening of the human spirit. This dear ones is not evolution, this is revolution. The power of this Spirit is multiplying as we speak and this particular energy comes from the west, from the place of the Magician, a place that makes magic in the world. It is a place that knows no fear in the darkness, it is an energy that can have fun in the darkness, and it will bring love, joy and freedom into your hearts.

So dear ones, close your eyes and go deep inside and reconnect with your own magician… the magician within that you have tried to banish and avoid… that you have tried to deny. The magician has not been welcome on earth until now… it is time to make magic dear ones… deep transient magic… the energy of the magician can wreck havoc on the energy of darkness. With a full heart the magician can light the darkness in the hearts of millions. It is time now to welcome back the magicians of old… the great ones like Merlin himself. Merlin will incarnate as a powerful energetic grid around the earth with an energy far more powerful than the Christ consciousness grid and this grid will not be accessible to all, it will only be accessible to those who live in the light. It will only be accessible to those whose hearts are truly filled with Divine love… it will only be accessible to those who stand on the side of love and truth… it will only be available to those who wish to make the earth plane a fair and honest place to live. The magician’s world is a very different world to that of people who have attained Christ consciousness, in magic great responsibility is required and therefore a connection to this grid can only be given to truly responsible people. From this grid will glow the new consciousness… will flow new dreams for planet earth… will flow answers to humanities problems... will flow magic to fill people’s hearts. The definition of magic is: the PURE manifestation of Divine will. We accentuate the word pure because it will be a pure manifestation, there will be no variants from pure, and that is the energy that will come to this earth.

So the ones who are the magicians, allow your hearts to open… allow the magician within to receive his/her power and energies… allow the magician to heal your heart… to allow your heart to grow so that you may not falter in the face of this new energy… so that you may bring this love, joy and freedom to earth with absolute impeccablity, integrity and responsibility. Over these coming months your magician within will re-awaken and will rekindle his/her passions and desires, and bring a great state of awareness to each individual that carries this energy. Dear ones, you are truly the sensitive ones that have had to become very strong to contain this powerful energy and this energy will only grow at the amount that you can hold and contain… it can only grow at the pace of your personal growth. Do not hurry this energy along… be gentle with yourselves. The magician will now stand among the great Masters for this almost invincible quest… to retrieve the earth from the darkness that befalls it. Dear ones you will be guided strongly and you will gain a full and deep understanding of the new world and of the new dream.

Dear ones go well and God Bless for this is Kryon signing out.



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Kryon (South Africa)

Kryon (South Africa)

Planet Earth has been through a special experience is the last few thousand years: - the separation from God. Kryon is here to take you on the journey home, and to connect you with your inner divinity, for you are all magical beings of this universe, magnificent beyond your comprehension.


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