"Message for 2006"

Greetings Dear Ones, for I AM KRYON of Magnetic Service.

Once again it is wonderful to be with you here tonight. This is the year 2006, a new year, a new step, a greater step into the future. There is a new energy, a higher vibration – a completely new world in which you will find love and joy. Love is always the answer. In the year 2006 your energies will stabilize and fortify. You will become love and love will emanate from you. You will get deeper into your truth and into the core of your being. Love will flow into your body, connecting to Mother Earth and Father Sky with the sacred connection flowing through your bodies. These two great energies - the sacred masculine and the sacred feminine - will be merging within you. Love is the only way. All of creation occurred by the merging of the masculine and feminine energies.

There is much fear on earth around the feminine, the unknown. In the Italian language, “left” is “sinestro,” which also means sinister. You have been misinformed about the feminine, dear ones, for many thousands of years. The left-hand side of your body is the feminine side and is not sinister – there is nothing to fear on the left. To embrace and worship the feminine would be your greatest gift. To allow the feminine to flow through your body and allow the masculine to manifest the feminine is the answer to all your dreams and questions. Love is the only way – love is the sacred way. The known is very powerful on planet earth but it is merely a blink in the eye of the unknown. It’s like a postage stamp placed on a billboard - too small to notice. The level of consciousness on planet earth is expanding and this year, 2006 there will be a great explosion of consciousness that will affect every single continent on this earth.

The ruling parties have great difficulty holding the reins and holding onto what they’ve got. There is a new and powerful energy coming to this planet and those who have been working on themselves diligently – who have been listening to and reading these channellings will step into their truth and become more of their authentic selves. The social conditioning has turned you into sheep but the love that burns in your heart, that creates the courage, will allow you to roar like a lion. You will step into your own truth and make love on this earth as you have always dreamed. Step by step the new energy will overtake the energy of the old world. We are moving into an integration period NOW, five years before 2011 and there are great, great shifts happening.

One can anticipate a great shift of power moving eastward. At the moment the U.S.A. is approximately 54% of the world economy. By the end of this year it will be less than 50%. The great markets to the east will open up and the balance of power will shift eastwards - the west no longer being able to totally dominate the planet as it has in the past. Dear ones, there is nothing to fear for love is the only way. The clearer and more balanced you are, the easier it will be to weather whatever storms come your way. I have always told you this – first heal the past, then the future… and you will become very present. By being present you will live your life more fully and fulfill your dreams and wishes. Many of you out there are getting used to processing yourselves, processing your issues, releasing your negative emotions and becoming your authentic self. Emotion equals issue. ‘Emotion’ is the feminine polarity and the ‘Issue’ is the masculine. Emotion is the inner energy you feel in your body and the Issue is the external manifestation of that emotion. Therefore, the more you clear your emotions, the more you become pure feeling and free of issues. The more anger, sadness and fear that you release, the more love you will become.

I have told you that you will become creators of your own destiny and reality. Your dream will come true when your emotional body is crystal clear and full of love.

I have spoken before of the four archetypal energies – the magician, the warrior, the king and the lover. The greatest problem on this planet lies with the archetypal lover where the feeling toward the lover is grief. Grief comes as a result of being deeply hurt through unconscious parenting. There are many of you working on yourselves that would love to have children. They will come, but only when your emotional bodies are clear and when you have done the work.

Healers will no longer be permitted to bring wounded children into the world. It should be clear to you now that even if your desire is strong it is only when the time is right that you will be given children. You have all been promised children and know this to be true. Remember, love is a very special thing. You live in a magical universe and need not buy into mass consciousness - the consciousness of hospitals, doctors, medicines and the consciousness of the material world. Illnesses are created through emotion and untrue belief systems. Serious illness is a combination of many issues, emotions and untrue belief systems. Every illness may be cured if you start working on it with just a fragment of belief and you must continue working, working, working. The more you work on yourself, the more practiced you become and the easier it is to see your issue. Release is easier to achieve if you avoid judging yourself about working through the issue. What one day looks unassailable, can the next be very attainable.

Those of you connected to the Kryon family have been given a gift this year and will be able to double the pace of your own healing and will feel this shift. Have no judgement upon yourself around your issues and it will be so much easier to look at yourself and say, “Hey! This is me, this doesn’t work for me – I can release it and let it go.” Love is the only answer. At the age of 21 your inner parents are also your genetic parents. You will inherit their good points and their failings. You will inherit what is true and what is untrue. You will inherit what is conscious within them and what is unconscious. Work through these issues and you will open up to absolute knowledge of Father Sky and Mother Earth. You will become all-knowing beings. You will become masters of your own destiny and dream a new dream for planet Earth – a dream where there is love, joy and freedom. Those of you with power will be vested with infinite power. Those of you with the power of love will affect all those who do not possess it. You will bring love purely by healing and receiving the gifts of love. You will heal those who follow you - your soul group, your family and your friends, those who believe and those who don’t. You will heal them for this is the year of great healing, of great momentum and of great understanding.

There is going to be a massive global shift of energy that has never ever been seen on this earth before. I do not wish to be specific about exactly what will happen because the truth is the healers of the world are creating this shift. You, the healers, are creating a shift of energy that is forming a new reality for this planet and it will happen in your lifetime. You will see a completely new world on planet earth. Many of you are getting closer to ascending to new dimensions. Those of you who do will spend much time here on earth, in this reality, helping, teaching, energizing and uplifting those who don’t know about Spirit and who don’t understand love. Consciousness is love and love is consciousness. I say this in almost every channeling. Those of you who ascend and stay on this planet will be like pebbles thrown in a still pond. You will cause a ripple and the ripples will move outwards and touch the shore. No matter how big the pond your ripples will stretch to where they are meant to go. You will be felt on this earth plane, you will be measured, respected, acknowledged, and understood.

There is a whole new world, a completely new and fantastic point of view. No-one will say, “No, you are only dreaming.” When you are clear in your emotional body your dreams will instantly become true. You will bring this knowledge and understanding and anchor this energy on planet earth. You will be revered by humanity and revered by Spirit. You have undertaken a great task. Many of you who are great spirits have been born into unconscious families and have had very difficult lives. You have had to walk through the darkness, through the dirt and mud of your life but as you keep walking the dirt and mud clears away. I say, “Keep walking. Don’t lose heart!” No matter how difficult the issue, Spirit is always with you, by your side. Remember, the processing for you is now twice as fast. This should give you great heart as you work through your issues. It will make you feel good inside. You will feel love and honour for yourself. Love will come at you from all angles. Of course, there are those of you who fear love - but this is a great place to start - healing your fear of love.

One of the great stumbling blocks on this planet is the very misunderstood energy of shame. Shame can be likened to handcuffs or manacles in your life. They hold you fast and imprison you resulting in a lack of self-worth and self-esteem. Many of your parents may have wished for children of the opposite sex and thought that these children would make their lives everything that they wished it to be. But parents cannot rely on a child to make life better than it is. Only you can do this. Only you have the power to change yourself and your reality in the external world.

There is a great deal of love on this planet. Love is everywhere. Love is absolutely everywhere - in every single corner of every dimension. Dear ones, remember you are loved for absolutely no reason whatsoever. Sometimes it is you who block the flow of love through your social conditioning and misunderstanding of what is expected of you in this lifetime. This lifetime is not about money. This lifetime is about love. Of course money is important but dear ones, money can’t buy love. Those who truly love themselves have no issues with money - You can be a millionaire and be unhappy. You can have 10 cents in your pocket and be happy. But you will never be poor if you have love, appreciation and gratitude in your heart - for these are energies of a high vibration, a vibration that shows love and respect to yourself.

So, let’s bring in the energies of love, appreciation and gratitude and direct them towards your inner mother. Let them expand and release her from any childhood hurt or pain, sadness, loneliness, or emptiness. You will have inherited issues your mother had and these will become inherent within you. You cannot heal the inner child if the inner mother or father is not healed of that specific emotion or issue.

Visualize your mother and father receiving this love, appreciation and gratitude. Fill both your inner mother and father with these energies. Even if you were deeply abused by your parents you can still accept the fact that they gave you life. Always bear in mind that whatever issues or emotions your parents carry, they are inherent in you. These are your challenges and the tasks that you face which you must overcome in this lifetime. Ensure first that your inner parents are absolutely crystal clear of inner wounding. You can use the consciousness of Christ and of Mother Mary and tap into this energy that has healed almost all problems over the last 2000 years. Christianity may have been taught badly but Christ consciousness is still there, available to you for healing these energies, particularly the archetypal energy of the lover. Things easily healed with Christ or Mother Mary are those to do with grief, hurt, heartache, loneliness and shame. Being alone can feel shameful and of course there is much shame attached to our sexuality. The shame of sexuality can also be healed in this way.

The energy of creation lies in the 2nd Chakra and this is where the sacred masculine or feminine may make your dreams come true. This is where you can push your dreams into the Universe and allow them to manifest. The sacred feminine brings through the unknown and the sacred masculine makes the unknown known. There is nothing sinister about feminine energy - what is sinister on this planet is that mass consciousness has made the unknown appear sinister. The feminine energy, the unknown, is half your life force. It is a magical part of you, an unknown part of you, a part that the masculine side of you should be excited about. It reveals more of the very truth of who you are. Remember, you are all magical beings of this Universe. All of you are the most amazing creators living on this planet. But the energy of shame (handcuffs and manacles in place) completely stifles you. It holds you in that prison cell and stops you creating the reality that you really wish to embrace.

So, let the sacred masculine and feminine flow through your body and merge in your second chakra. Observe the handcuffs, manacles and prison cell. As the masculine and feminine energies merge in your body, observe the prison cell beginning to dissolve. Watch as the manacles, handcuffs dissolve and release and set you free to open into a new world. This is the year in which you can become shame free and guilt free and release those energies and the need to suppress those energies and open your heart to the courage of a lion. This is the year in which you will be able to step into your dreams, move on and move forward. As the shame and guilt dissolve, a great energy to create your dreams will you will take hold.

Dear ones, I welcome you to a new year, an amazing year for all those who work in the light. I ask you to sit in the sacred masculine or feminine energy and let shame and guilt dissolve – become energized and free. 2006, the year in which your energy will shift YOU into new dimensions.

This is Kryon signing out in awe and honour of the work that you are all doing on this planet, my lightworker family.

Go well. God Bless. I love you all.



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Kryon (South Africa)

Kryon (South Africa)

Planet Earth has been through a special experience is the last few thousand years: - the separation from God. Kryon is here to take you on the journey home, and to connect you with your inner divinity, for you are all magical beings of this universe, magnificent beyond your comprehension.


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