"Overcoming obstacles on the journey to consciousness"

Greetings dear ones for I AM Kryon of Magnetic Service.

It is wonderful to be with you on this night. In many lifetimes small groups of people worked together on this planet and on other planets throughout the galaxies. You are the healers that have come to earth to carry out tasks and to work in specific ways.

Close your eyes look inward for a few moments and allow your energies to settle and relax. Connect to Mother Earth through the soles of your feet and to Father Sky through your crown chakra. Let these powerful energies connect you all and stabilize you as a group - a group of people that have come together on this earth plane for the first time. Allow the energies of recollection to embrace you - the recollection of working with one another, mainly in the days of Atlantis and Lemuria. On this planet life has many twists and turns for those of you who are together. Be as one and realize your own soul through being together.

Develop a connection to each member of the circle through your heart centre. Let love flow from your heart to each member of the group. Open your heart to receive love from each person and whatever feelings are in your heart acknowledge them… let them come and let them go. Allow the energy of love to build up in your heart and wash away any blockages that are present. Let the energy of love expand through your body and beyond... beyond this universe. In this way, the love will grow. It will expand more and more and wider and wider. The energy of love will flow all around the earth and return back to your own heart, first one way and then the other. Watch as the energy expands, connecting with the crown energy. Then love and truth will pour into your hearts. This, dear ones, is the Temple of Rejuvenation!
Through your solar plexus, connect to each member of the group and allow this yellow energy to move backwards and forwards, opening your solar plexus, giving and receiving and where there is any pain or discomfort let the energy release and dissolve whatever feelings you have. As you begin to clear your solar plexus, drop down into the second chakra, the creative chakra and once again let the connection work through your second chakra, giving and receiving this creative force and acknowledging all sensations. Then let the connection drop down even further to the base chakra - your connection to Mother Earth. Once again, connect to everyone’s base chakra giving and receiving this energy of nurturing, fight or flight. Acknowledge any feelings in your body, acknowledge and release... let the feelings come and let them go... let them come and let them go.

Now, connect from the throat centre - your communication chakra. Connect to each member of the group, once again moving through the energy of clear communications. Where there is any blockage in the throat chakra, let this be cleared and purified. If you are not expressing yourself clearly, be aware of this and release and take into your day-to-day life the understanding of where you are not communicating clearly.

Connect to each member of the group through your third eye, the ajna centre, allowing your third eye to look round the room and see people from the past, a distant past. A past where the lessons were the same as they are today – lifetimes combined in Egypt and many of the ancient civilizations. See the lives which you lived with one another on the earth plane in those distant times gone by and once again, connect to one another through your crown chakra. This chakra which connects directly to Father Sky is the masculine connection of love and understanding. In these past lives you were not always the gender that you are today although your features will be very similar and you will recognize yourselves.

Connect through your crown chakra to the heart of the Great Central Sun and travel beyond this life, beyond this space and beyond this time, to the heart of the Great Central Sun. Go to a time when you journeyed through the Sun on the way to this earth. Remember the truth of who you really are... and whatever questions you want answered. While you are in this space, ask questions and the answers will come and the Great Central Sun will enthuse and fill you with energy. Also connect to the Great Central Sun and allow this love to fill your heart. Come slowly back through your base chakra to the heart of Mother Earth. Your base chakra will be opened and whatever energies are resisting this connection will be cleansed and purified. These energies will be dissolved, going deeper and deeper into the heart of the mother. You may now request whatever forgiveness, understanding or acceptance is required... for this request will be granted.

The art of forgiveness comes through acceptance and understanding. All people on this earth at one stage have had a failing of the mother energy. What is required is some acceptance and forgiveness... forgiving yourself for choosing your mother and forgiving your mother for whatever failings may have occurred. Once again connect from your heart to the heart of Mother Earth and allow your heart to fill with the feminine energy, the beautiful feminine energy. Where there is fear surrounding the feminine acknowledge this fear. The feminine is many things. Most of these are misunderstood because of mass consciousness. The feminine is frowned upon by religion and government, cannot be controlled and comes from the unknown. Each woman in her feminine power is a mystery to be unravelled by a man in his masculine power.

Each one of us, male and female, contains feminine energy... of which mystery is a part... mystery, to be unravelled, in order to find out the truth of who WE really are. Release and let go of the parts that do not belong to you such as your social conditioning and your connections to mass consciousness so as to unfold like a flower and become more and more of your soul. The more soul you become, the more you blossom. You can use the analogy of a flower opening. A flower always opens wide when it faces the sun. It is full of beauty after its struggle as a tiny seed pushing through the earth and coming into full bloom. A human being is no different. A human being also has a journey, a very special, remarkable and amazing journey. Starting as a seed and overcoming many obstacles. The bigger the obstacle, the stronger you become. No matter how difficult, each obstacle is assailable, each can be overcome.

So dear ones, look within your own hearts and find the next obstacle in your journey to consciousness. If you have not gone beyond it, it is because of fear. You see the obstacle ahead of you and are afraid. Let the fear enter your body and as it does so, acknowledge it, then release it... and let it go. In overcoming this obstacle - whatever it may be - you’ll be stepping more and more into love, more into Divine energy, thereby releasing the splits, the psycho-dramas and the blockages, as well as the unconscious thoughts that are not concurrent with your dream. In your imagination see yourself defeating this obstacle and stepping into your dream. Become the person living the life that you dream of... go deeper and further into your dream. See yourself as you would like to be in 2 or 3 years time. Ask for advice, and permit that feeling from the future to come back into the here and now.

Let your body fill and expand with this feeling. This is Kryon’s gift to you this Christmas... and as you expand more and more you will find it easier to receive this gift. Open your hearts wide to Divine love. Let the Divine fill your hearts. As the love comes in, so too, let the love go out... do not hang onto it. Remember, if you let it come it will just come.

One of the greatest difficulties for people on the planet is the 2nd chakra - the area of creativity. It is also the chakra of creation and pro-creation and there is such a lack of understanding and truth on the earth plane surrounding this chakra that we feel it is necessary to bring real clarity to this area of your body. So channel all your awareness into this chakra – you are still being held in the womb of Mother Earth. There is so much guilt and so much shame in the area of the 2nd chakra. Acknowledge the guilt and the shame, thereby releasing any sexual guilt or shame. In the truth there can be no guilt and no shame around sexuality, for your sexuality belongs to you. It is as unique as you are. There is no one way to do it. There are also no rules surrounding the act of sex. In order to have meaningful sex, the 2nd chakra has to be connected to the heart chakra, so two people experiencing the deepest of intimacy connect not only through the 2nd chakra physically but also through the heart chakra. In the heart there is all meaningful consideration for the partner. The heart, will always choose a partner that one could love and permits the energy to flow in a circle through your genitals in both directions, giving and receiving.

We have spoken before of the whole person and wholeness should come first if you are wishing to experience the true tantric sexual experience. It is the person who is not truly whole who does not experience true ecstasy. “Tantric” meaning “connection to the Divine”. This is attainable and in all these channelings you have been given wise counsel on the need for emotional healing - the need to see one’s energy clearly; the need to see that one is in balance; the need to see that you have the life skills to achieve such healing. When all these are in place then it would be truly possible to engage in a beautiful, intimate and sincere relationship with a person of the opposite sex and create a world with your partner that you actually choose for yourself. You will find that the partner you choose with your heart has the same dream as yourself. The direction of your life is not difficult; you’ll be heading the same way; wanting the same things; enjoying the same friends and circles - a loving partnership. Intimacy will become easier and easier. In this state of wholeness you will create a space of safety, trust and loyalty. To get what you really want out of a relationship you have to have all these things in place and the child must be whole within yourselves. In fact, all aspects of the child must be reclaimed. A relationship like this is no place for a child. A child is to be held in safety with two parents who love and honour one another. Your inner child or your physical child is one and the same. Intimacy is a deep feeling and in many people it is a deep need. The neediness in the state of intimacy comes from not being able to look inside oneself... that is the need.

If you need to be intimate with another, acknowledge this need and let the energy come and then also let it go. The need will only push away a true relationship where true intimacy can be obtained. Give to yourselves the gift of intimacy. Beyond all those dark shadows of the shame and the guilt there are also golden shadows. There are the gifts within the darkness for every cloud has a silver lining. As you release the darkness and have the courage to walk into and out the other side, it will always be stronger, more powerful, more loving and with a lot less fear. The more love there is in your body, the less fear there is.

Once more permit the energy of love to flow into the need for intimacy... and let it come and let it go, let it come and let it go. This fear of intimacy is inherent within humanity. Fear of intimacy is in mass consciousness. Take hold of this fear and look to the centre of this group connecting the heart of the Mother Earth to the heart of the Great Central Sun. As you release this fear of intimacy a great shaft of light brings a deep inherent connection to Mother Earth, and true, new and deeper levels of intimacy become attainable. It is everyone’s dream to love another person deeply and intimately.

There is a new energy being anchored into the earth here in Cape Town this very night opening up new levels of your own consciousness to another way of loving - a very special way of being. For those of you who have been on this path of enlightenment and conscious living, you will find it much easier to connect into this energy now than at any other time in the past... be it in this life or any other lifetime, present or future. An energy of intimacy and deep meaningful relationships coming to this earth, an energy of understanding between the two sexes; the energy of care, honesty, integrity, understanding and respect - the qualities which have been missing for so long in average and above average relationships on this planet.

Soon this earth plane will see an entirely new way of being. Mass consciousness has been shattered and one can expect a new hierarchy within the next 10 years on this planet. That means different governments doing things differently. You can expect the major religions of this world to have major shifts in consciousness. There will be a new leadership, a new way of thinking - in consciousness and understanding. Everyone will begin to help one another. Through these channelings we are leading you to a new world, to a whole new way of being, to a feeling of fullness within your bodies. A feeling of love, joy and freedom. A feeling of self-worth. Part of the shame and guilt around your sexuality is a person of low self-worth and self esteem - a feeling of not deserving. Everyone on this planet deserves and everyone will love. That is the way consciousness is headed.

For those of you who have been working on yourselves to become more conscious and for the Light Workers around the planet this is Kryon honouring you for the work you have done. You have shattered the prison cell of this life on earth, not only for yourselves but for all those who live on earth. The work you have done is amazing. It is totally beyond Spirit’s expectations. We always knew you could do it. There has been an amazing amount of help from Spirit and you must honour yourselves for working with Spirit and Spirit working through you. It is you who have taken decisions in your own life to make this world better to live in, not only for yourselves, but for all. Those of you working on yourselves you will all be in the new world, but in ten years from now the world will be a completely different place. So many barriers have been shattered and so much consciousness has been anchored in the earth in the face of great diversity and a lack of understanding. There’s always a choice on this planet, it’s either love or fear... and more and more the choice is becoming love. That is your choice and that is your gift.

This is Kryon signing out. Go well and God Bless and take care.



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Kryon (South Africa)

Kryon (South Africa)

Planet Earth has been through a special experience is the last few thousand years: - the separation from God. Kryon is here to take you on the journey home, and to connect you with your inner divinity, for you are all magical beings of this universe, magnificent beyond your comprehension.


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