"Overview of the future planet"

Greetings dear ones for I AM Kryon of Magnetic Service.

It is wonderful to be with this precious group of Lightworkers once again; this group is anchoring many difficult energies into the earth in the beautiful city of Cape Town at the tip of Africa. Much work has been done since we last spoke and many things in the world have changed. The fear-based politics of the United States continues relentlessly, the greed and the need of the United States is draining many other nations dry. Each human being has a rightful place, belongs and has a gift for this planet. There has to be a fair world as all on the earth plane are equal, maybe not materially but definitely spiritually. All are equal and have an equal connection to the Divine; all belong in the arms of the Divine no matter what race, creed or colour. All mankind is equal in the eyes of God, the Divine.

There are many difficulties and challenges on this earth and of course without the United States these difficulties and challenges would not be quite the same. The United States is about to become the shortest running empire of all time. The British Empire lost her power to the United States at the end of the Second World War; since then much has changed in the hearts of men. It has become a much sadder world, a world where emotion and feeling is not truly respected and where technology is on the increase. The more technology one has the more power one has at one’s fingertips but the technology on the planet at the moment is in the hands of unstable people… people who have taken their power in this world and taken it relentlessly without condition, love and caring for humanity and the state of the earth. If there was caring, love and understanding in decisions taken by the powerful nations there would be equality, sharing and caring and the consciousness of this planet would be far beyond what it is today.

The ones that hear and listen to this channelled message and the ones that read it are the conscious ones of the planet; the people who are becoming conscious… with consciousness comes responsibility and an understanding. As you become more conscious you become more powerful, have better understanding and are more aware and awake. It is for you to find a way to direct your power and energies and to focus your intent to deliver peace to this planet; to bring love, joy and freedom to this planet and to set it free from those people who rule and live by fear, who actually live their lives in fear and absorb it. Of course in general terms you all have fear; for those of you who have worked with the Kryon energies, and there are many, and in particular with these channelings your fears will be releasing at a high and rapid rate; you will no longer be too concerned when what looks like a setback happens in your life as these setbacks are generally a shift of energy that manifest themselves in your material world. In truth you are releasing negative energies and allowing love, truth and personal power to come into your lives… your own power is at the centre of the storm… the storm can blow all around you and you know deep within that you are safe, secure and loved by the Divine.

The energies are shifting for all of you that have listened to these channelings and read them every month over the past few years. You are reaching the cusp of the work that you really have to do upon yourselves. The energy that you are connected to will actually do the work for you. You have found the way through! You have found your way into the darkness, through the darkness and beyond into the light. You have brought love into your own hearts and the hearts of your families and in turn brought love into your neighbourhood and into the world where you live. You have created a great deal of awareness and understanding around the psychology of man… and you understand.

The government of America at the moment is based in fear; we must not judge them for this as that is their consciousness, a fear based consciousness that fears Islam amongst many other things. The American people have been taught to fear that religious consciousness. In truth Islam is a beautiful religion with many special teachings and much wisdom, very little difference to the Christian teaching if it were looked at in essence. We don’t say there is no difference because there are differences, but in general both Christianity and Islam reflect obedience to God.

The people of the United States of America live in the most highly technical and abundant society there is on earth; perhaps on a par with two or three European countries but in general terms they are the richest and most “powerful” nation on earth. Due to the fact that the United States government was elected through fear by half of the people, in fact less than half, means that half the people of the United States voted for love and hope… and that those that live in fear actually won the day.

There was a time when the United States didn’t live in fear, they lived in economic expansion and abundance, going forward and creating their own lives and their own world. We look forward to the challenge of a fear based United States attempting to control what part of the planet it can. This enactment will create an awakening of more and more souls on a spiritual path. It will make more and more people go searching. Fear in the hearts of man creates suppression; it creates a compression and and a state where there is no expansion; as you know through the teachings of Kryon you must be in an expanded state to be able to receive and to create. Therefore, if the United States is going to operate through fear and a fear-based government, then one can expect the economy of the United States to get smaller and smaller whilst other nations to the east and the developing nations of the world step into an expansionary state and create and receive more wealth for themselves.

Dear ones this is an overview of the future planet - You are the ones who will expand into the world and open up your own new world into a totally new state of being. You will become the examples of an expansionary way of living, opening your hearts and minds to the Universe, receiving universal guidance and truth and living your lives without fear. You will be a shining example for those that live in fear and feel they have to protect themselves. You will become the focus of envy and jealousy. We ask that you release those energies from within and as you release them you will no longer attract that negative form of energy.

There is a new world ahead. The politics of the world has always been in flux; people searching for power, creating power, and becoming powerful, people losing their power. All empires on this planet have come and gone. There is only one empire that has ever remained and that is the Empire of the Divine. No matter which empire you belong to if your heart is open and connected to the Divine your life is good, peaceful and free. Once again, only the great churches of the world will remain in this new and expansive universe, this new and expansive way of being on planet earth.

More and more people are connecting to the Divine and in general terms the borders between nations are fading away. The more work that you do on yourself the more amazing your life will be and we know you can already see this. Many of you have a real hunger and a thirst for this channelled knowledge that we bring; in these channelings we always bring liberation and expansion. For any human being to be happy one has to be gently expanding from within, clearing out negative emotion and bringing in Divine love; releasing the splits, the dysfunctions and the unsatisfactory ways of being. The more your heart is open to the Divine the easier these energies are dissolved and the easier and easier your life becomes.

Of course there’s still action to be taken in the world but the action becomes easier and easier – things in the past you could never do are so much easier to do today through the way that you have released negative energies and given yourself life skills. As you step more into love and truth you will shine like a beacon for the world to see. If you look back a few years there would have been great fear around yourself about shining like a beacon but that fear of being recognized and seen as a leader of the Light becomes less and less and you become more powerful, more loving and less afraid.

We invite you dear ones to be in the energy of this channelling for at this very moment your guides are at your feet in awe and in true honour of the work that you have done for yourselves. Allow them to wash your aura with love and we ask that you sit and embrace these energies and the love of Kryon as you anchor in more and more profound energies into the earth plane. There is great work for the healers of the world to do and Spirit is bringing forward much support, power and energy for you to use. The more you learn and the more you understand, the more you will be given to learn and understand… the more your hearts will be opened and your joints will be freed from the bondages of the past… your bodies will have the opportunity to become alive, young and fresh… you will be able to move through with smoothness and ease not only mentally and emotionally but physically too.

This world is to become your world. Once again the healers of this planet will take their power and rule the spiritual side of this planet. Healers are born… they have gifts, many gifts… gifts far beyond the gifts of the average man. They have the gifts of auric sight, clairvoyance, clairaudience, the gifts of healing and seeing far beyond the physical… they have the gift of love and a direct connection to the Divine.

There is to be a new empire on this earth and it is to be called the Empire of Love. It will be an empire where all people are truly equal. Even though people have great gifts of healing they must never see themselves as anything but equal… neither less than nor more than, just equal. As you heal yourself don’t go looking for power… power will find you. It will not be a power that you abuse but a great power that you will use with humility, understanding and with the guidance of the Divine.

Healers in general will have a greater capacity for creation and manifestation than the average man. There is to be a new world order and this will be the new world order… an order where people live their lives in truth and love and give of themselves in service to the people and awaken what is dormant in the masses. They will awaken a new focus, a new way of seeing the world, a new way of being in the world.

Those of you who have constantly worked with the Kryon energy and the energy of these channelings will be feeling strong and robust. You will be feeling open and powerful… you will not be overawed by your tasks to come and neither will you feel any form of arrogance. You will know that you have a job to do and that you are capable of it and you will be honouring yourself by tackling that job. You will be well paid or you will not be well paid… if you are deserving then you will receive all that you deserve.

You have put much effort and energy into your own lives, into healing yourselves, into becoming the persons that you are meant to be. It is time for you the healers of this world to inherit this world… to step into a world that you really want to be in, a world of absolute integrity and a world of absolute truth… a world in which you wish to be living… a world in which you wish to bring your family and children to… the new age is dawning… a whole new world… a new fantastic point of view… no one to tell you “no” or say “you’re only dreaming”… this world belongs to you! As you heal yourself you heal others. The echo of your healing will reverberate around the globe and love and joy and the manifestations of love and joy will once again echo around the world. Whatever actions are taken at the highest levels of government will begin to echo that love and joy. There is real education coming… not just educating people’s needs to please peoples heads to make some people look intelligent and others less intelligent. There is to be real education of the body, of the heart, of love and understanding. It is time to bring the focus of education down from the head and drop it into the heart.

If the heart is closed then nothing really worthwhile goes into the head. With an open heart real truth and real understanding will go into the head. It will be full of wisdom, truth and real understanding. Not only will you have a beautiful wisdom but your heart and your whole body will be filled with love… full of warm caressing ecstasy. You will walk this earth carrying wisdom, love, warmth, joy and caring with you as you step into the new world. This is the new age that is coming, coming faster than anyone ever thought but it is coming nonetheless.

There are already people on this planet that contain that energy; the love, warmth, the head and the heart connection and the wisdom. These people are like elements in a kettle that will warm all the water for all of us. There is no turning back there is only stepping into love and truth, a perfect balancing of the mental, emotional and physical fields of your energy. You have been given the skills many times in these channelings. Those of you who are working easily, quickly and receptively with this information can expect to step into the new world with ease. The clearer you become the easier and easier you will feel about the whole process. The challenges that you face you will face with ease, confidence, direction, focus and absolute ruthlessness… clarity, focus and action.

We ask you dear ones to sit with your eyes closed and open your hearts to one another and allow love to fill your hearts and connect with the heart of each person in this room. We have all been together not only in this lifetime but many lifetimes beyond and this is the lifetime where you make it! This is the lifetime that you receive enlightenment. Of course the work is up to each individual. Within this room this night the energy is set for enlightenment in this lifetime. You will once again be deeply connected, first of all to the earth, the mother, the sun, the moon, the stars and you will have a sense of belonging, a sense of ownership and a sense of being. You will have a sense of knowing exactly who you are and why you are here and what you’re here to do… you will have the courage to do what you have to do.

We ask you to be in this energy this night and become this energy, this powerful loving wisdom. Allow this energy to expand through your body and where there is resistance allow this energy to move into the resistance and clear it away so that you can be counted on in the weeks, months and years ahead.

Go well and God Bless this is Kryon signing out.



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Kryon (South Africa)

Kryon (South Africa)

Planet Earth has been through a special experience is the last few thousand years: - the separation from God. Kryon is here to take you on the journey home, and to connect you with your inner divinity, for you are all magical beings of this universe, magnificent beyond your comprehension.


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