Power in Resolution

Greetings Dear Ones for I AM KRYON of Magnetic Service.

Once again it is wonderful to be with all of you here in Marina da Gama, Cape Town this wet and stormy night. Once again there is much love and much change in the air, and reservation and fear always comes with change. Fear comes if you are about to step into the unknown. If there were no fear there would be no need for change, as you would already be doing what you wanted to do.

In the past few channellings there’s been a lot of information about meeting your twin flames; and whoever is present this very night is absolutely not here by chance, but by pre-destined and prior appointment. You paid a high, high price with the Spirit world to be here this night. We like to have a little joke here and there, but this is no joke.

You Dear Ones, are the ones who are going first, first into a new world, to a world where your masculine and feminine merge together, where they flow together with ease. You have done the work and become who you are meant to be. You have come to a state of wholeness. There is a whole new world beckoning and a whole new world coming. What beckons will come and what is coming will one day arrive. We play a little with words here, with nuances, and there is power in the spoken word. If you listen carefully with deep intent you will hear message within message within message as we speak this night.

Dear Ones, there is much love waiting for you all. You could say this is a passionate kind of love; and it is passionate love at the same time. There are many, many things waiting to happen to you, things that you are all dreaming of and the dream will one day become a reality. The love we speak of is almost ecstatic. As you meet your twin flame your own energies will be very, very different from what they are this night.

As you begin to feel that merging of the masculine and feminine energies within, you will feel solidity within yourself, you will feel a vibration in your heart and the lightest touch of ecstasy; and the joy will permeate your life forever. This is not dependant on external forces and not dependant on twin flames; this is dependant on your inner masculine and inner feminine merging.

You have done the inner work necessary to take you to this epitome of your life. As in the story of Aphrodite and Psyche you will know that there are many challenges ahead but you will manage to get through. All you have to do is keep walking, walking, walking. It is part of the process that your inner feminine comes to respect the inner masculine. She knows that your inner masculine is the one that she wants to be with for all your masculine qualities, strengths and weaknesses. It has to be a choice of your feminine for your masculine has always loved your feminine, always, always, always; but the choice is actually hers especially in your particular cases.

We have often spoken of the inner mother and the inner father – the father occupying the top three chakras and the inner mother the lower three chakras and the inner child taking the space in your heart. As more and more of the child heals your inner parents begin to dissolve and you inner child becomes more and more mature and more and more whole and more and more capable of parenting itself.

This particular energy will have to be resolved of the child parenting itself and yourself attaining maturity, mature enough to relate in a very, very difficult playground. Meeting your twin flame will not be a walk in the park. Sometimes it will be and sometimes not. Sometimes it will take you into the realms of ecstasy and other times your relationship with you twin flame will take you to the depths of despair but always because you are mature you know that the despair is a wounded aspect of the child that requires healing. As you release the despair once again more and more wholeness will come and more and more true inner joy will truly permeate your life.

Joy is the infusion of the Divine. Joy is the infusion of the masculine and feminine for the Divine is the masculine and feminine infused together. As your inner masculine and inner feminine begin to merge the more and more Divine you will become and you will feel. You will feel that joy and sometimes the ecstasy.

We ask you Dear Ones, to close your eyes and drop deep down into your bodies. We ask that your inner feminine begins to sort out her affairs within yourself. To do this, allow in the energy of the ant for instance who has always got everything sorted out. Just feel what this energy feels like for the ant is in the symbol of infinity, its body makes two round balls. Just feel how conditioned this energy is to order.

Allow your feminine energy to begin to feel order, in order if you pardon the pun, to really get used to order, to respect the feeling of order and orderliness. The feminine is not used to order. The feminine is used to flow. No matter who you are or where you are in your lives, be you man or woman, you all have a feminine side. A woman will find her joy in her femininity and a man will find his joy in masculinity but the masculine will always honour the feminine but the feminine will have to make a sacrifice into a state of order, in order to be able to relate truly to the masculine.

This is the difference between a girl and the energy of a woman. When a woman has sacrificed her girlish femininity, the adolescent femininity, she will step into womanhood. This is not the same for a man but yet within a man he also has to make a sacrifice and that is that his feminine must also come to order. There has to be order within the feminine. That order requires removing a rogue type of energy, a crazy, crazy energy. With the feminine containing this energy it is very, very difficult to relate, well it’s impossible to relate, the masculine won’t be able to handle it and the feminine won’t want it handled.

So, a woman has to go through a process in order to bring her own femininity into order. It is a little bit like putting garlic through a garlic press! The feminine has to change form, change its shape and change its colour but nonetheless its feminine and you must want this change.

The next step on this journey is never to take more than you need. The feminine must never take more than she needs, just like animals in the wild never take more than they need. The feminine has a capacity for wildness even in this altered state.

As we bring the masculine and the feminine together we are looking towards a phenomenal expansion of the human spirit for both the man in the relationship and the woman. As these two energies come together you will require absolute single-mindedness. This will cost you all you’ve got to get what you want to get with this shift in consciousness – this will cost you all you have got. At the same time it will take absolute focus and absolute clarity on your journey to merge with the unknown.

You don’t know what you are getting into but your heart only glows at the thought, like a fish chasing a luminous sinker or a moth going to the light.

Dear Ones, this is the journey to the sacred marriage, a marriage of your inner masculine and inner feminine. So allow yourselves to be with your feminine side and feel the energy this very night and in this energy she can transform and transmute and become the next step in your evolution. Let her accept and acknowledge the masculine and allow to dissolve what stands in the way of this sacred marriage. Dear Ones, what happens on the inside happens on the outside. Once you have taken all you have got to get to this sacred marriage know that you will blossom. Your seven chakras will open and blossom. The energy of pure, pure integrity will flow through your chakras and through your human veins at the same time. Energies on all levels will become pure. Love will descend into your hearts. You will have come and done what you are supposed to do on this planet. You will have made your way into a space where very, very few have gone to in the past.

Dear Ones, we bring you this new energy. This new energy is attainable to all; all that pursue it. Just say “keep walking, keep walking, keep moving to that new, new world” into that world of your dreams. Allow yourselves to keep loving, just keep loving. Allow the love to flow.

There is a price to everything but quality things always have a high price and what your soul is in search for is a thing of the highest, highest quality. It is your divine essence, the sacred marriage.

So we ask you to first sit in this energy and be in the intent that your masculine and your feminine, that have already been preparing for many, many years, attain a consciousness where they can meld and merge and marry and become one. Through the power of intent you will receive this gift. This is no ordinary gift but this is a gift of the gods, this is a gift that can only happen in heaven and you will create heaven here on earth.

Just allow the energies that are in your bodies that need to shift to shift. Feel where the pain is in your body. Always at the centre of your pain is the energy of a inner child waiting, waiting, waiting to come home. It is not the child that will marry but it is the essence and the energies of your masculine and feminine. They will come together, they will be as one, for they are meant to be one and they fit perfectly together, they fit together like no other, they will create together an energy of such vibrancy, such expansion, such love.

Allow yourselves to be connected to Father Sky and Mother Earth. The journey is to become that magical child that walks between heaven and earth and you will truly have magic in your hearts when you have accomplished this sacred marriage. In this energy Dear Ones, we heal what won’t allow the marriage. We let go of what doesn’t work and can never work and transform what doesn’t work but what can work. Dear Ones, there is a new world coming, a world almost of make believe but this world will become reality.

There is a new shift of power coming to this planet, a whole new world, a new fantastic point of view. No one to tell you “no” or say “you are only dreaming”. Let us just spend some time being in this energy allowing your masculine and feminine energies to merge and get used to each other. Allow your feminine energies to settle down, calm down and become peaceful almost become unconscious, fast asleep like that of sleeping beauty. Let your feminine energies sleep, relax and become peaceful and know that you are entering a new world, a world human beings have only ever really dreamed of before.

Dear Ones, you are entering the space of the Divine as you enter into this sacred marriage, into this space of Oneness, caring, understanding and loving – into absolute safety and security, into absolute reassurance into a space where the father loves the mother and the mother loves the father and where the child sits between mother and father and the child knows that it is loved by its mother and father and the child also knows that the mother and the father love each other on all levels.

Dear Ones, this is the journey, this is the goal for every single human being and this path has been hidden for so long. This path has been hidden from humanity for so long by forces of darkness by energies that wish to control.

Once a human being has attained this level of consciousness he cannot be controlled. You will live your lives in abundance, joy, freedom and in ecstasy. There is only one way and that is forward – keep walking – walk into every single issue, face every single challenge and you will find yourself strong enough, conscious enough to allow your inner masculine and your inner feminine to merge. When this happens the aspects of yourself that need healing will heal almost automatically. It will be as if there is a crescendo and it just keeps on getting louder and louder, louder and louder. There will be a state where it gains more and more momentum, more and more movement, more and more courage and power taking you into the world of your dreams.

Dear Ones, this is Kryon signing out on this wet, rainy night. Go well, God Bless and take care.


kamilla 19th October 2008 7:23 am

Thank you Kryon for message full of love and hope and showing us our way and future. You give us hope and perspective and vision - many thanks

kamilla 19th October 2008 7:23 am

Thank you Kryon for message full of love and hope and showing us our way and future. You give us hope and perspective and vision - many thanks


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Kryon (South Africa)

Kryon (South Africa)

Planet Earth has been through a special experience is the last few thousand years: - the separation from God. Kryon is here to take you on the journey home, and to connect you with your inner divinity, for you are all magical beings of this universe, magnificent beyond your comprehension.


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