Reawakening Yourselves

Greetings dear ones, for I AM Kryon of Magnetic Service.

It’s wonderful for us in the spirit world to be back in Lithuania on this cold winter’s evening.

Dear ones, a new world is coming and the universe is moving into order; the planets, the stars and the solar system are moving to create new beginnings on this earth, completely changing the energies of the earth plane.

This will be a process, dear ones, this will be a process of learning, for those in power—not all of those in power—will have to let go of much of their power and much of their wealth. The energies of this planet and this world are changing, and for 15 years now, David has channeled the same message. You will stop creating through negative energies and create a new world out of pure love and there will be two shifts of energy.

The first shift in consciousness is from this third dimension to the fourth dimension, and the second shift is from the fourth to the fifth. Not only will human beings shift through this consciousness, but so will the earth plane, she will also ascend. You’re headed towards a completely new world, a beautiful, beautiful world of peace, love and harmony. There will be absolutely no room for war; there will be deep and intrinsic connections between human beings.

You are all healing and your world is changing. For those of you that are healers it is for you to claim your power; this is being supported by many different energies, and Kryon is the energy that is the umbrella for all these energies. Energies and entities of great wisdom, love and understanding are here to hold you in a space—not just for tonight, but forever—into a completely new world, a world of pure love.

There are seven billion on this planet, and there are so many people to be present with this ascension. In spirit world there are queues and queues of spirits waiting to come to this earth to be present as the earth plane evolves and moves to a new dimension, taking all populations with her to this new dimension. And this is happening now and your consciousness will be very different by the twenty-first of the twelfth, 2012. You will look back at this old world, and look over your shoulder, and you will see a crazy world that you are leaving behind, a world where everything is upside down, where nothing is the truth, and you will be moving into a new world of pure love and pure truth.

The new world will be a world led by the conscious; the old world is the world ruled by the unconscious. Your bankers, the hierarchy of this planet, and the monetary system, it’s already beginning to fail, this system will totally fail. And all the different hierarchies that are holding this system together will begin to collapse. You’re headed into a new world where you are whole and where you are complete, and where you are connected to the divine, both the Divine Father and the Divine Mother, and you will be free, free to live your life as you please, and allowing the love to constantly flow.

Just like the sun constantly shines in the solar system, your solar plexus will begin to glow, and your heart will begin to expand, connecting you to the heart of the solar system, and also allowing your mind to connect to the universal mind. Those who have done their inner work will be on the first wave into these new levels of consciousness, and you are all being deeply, deeply held and guided into this new consciousness; you made it here tonight and it was exactly the way that is meant to be. Your cells and your DNA are being activated, your hearts connected to the universal heart, and your mind connected to the universal mind. You’re also connecting to each other, for you are all one. The love will always, always, always flow. We say to treasure your bodies, feed them and exercise them well, and they will uphold you and support you in this transition.

You have all learned and understood this night what it is to be Christ conscious, when the wounded or the hurt aspects of yourself come together and become one and all the issues in your family constellation are released; that is when you become Christ conscious, that is when you are the king of your own life and when you’re walking that magical path between heaven and earth and the love is constantly flowing through you. You’ve recognized the lies and the dishonesty of the old earth and you are free from the dark side and the love flows through you and you emanate love for all to share. You are connected to all of mankind, and you will begin to lift the vibration of this planet and of those who live on the planet.

So just allow your hearts to open even more than they already are, and allow your heart to expand; just let it fill with love. Let it fill with love, just like the first time you ever fell in love, like you never feared getting your heart hurt, and just allowing your heart to expand more and more, expanding into the person who sat next to you and expanding to fill up the room, just filling more and more with love, it safe to allow your heart to open this night. Nothing can happen to your heart with your eyes closed here in a meditation, only good things can happen. Just be with your heart, and place all your consciousness and all your awareness in your heart.

Allow the TV screen in your mind to play back through your life, see all the loves that you’ve won and lost. And just be with your heart, dear ones, your spirit guides are at your feet, they’re here to hold you and to love and to guide you. They’re here to see what you can’t see, like a periscope on a submarine, with a telescope you can see across the ocean and your spirit guides can see your journey ahead of you. So just allow all those feelings to come and let them go and allow your spirit guides to take you wherever you need to go, observing your breath and relaxing, going deeper and deeper and deeper. Be with the love that’s in your heart and share this love with everybody in the room, sending your love to everybody in this room this night, and receiving the love from everybody in the room. This is how the new world will be: no competition, just love, loving each other, accepting each other, being with each other.

Allow the energies of the room to expand, and allow your energies to go higher and higher and higher, and feel Mother Earth beneath your feet, holding you, loving you, caressing you. Let whatever feelings are in your body, let them come and let them go, and have the intention to hold each other, to love each other, and to go to this new dimension, in the fourth dimension. You will not understand this dimension; you have to wait until your mind is sane and is upgraded to a fourth dimensional mind, but just feel all these energies in your body and feel how the love flows, how the love cancels out the negativity.

As we said in the beginning that the Kryon energy is the umbrella of many, many energies, and Lithuania has been a conscious country in years gone by and it has a language filled with consciousness and filled with love. Your ancestors are here this night, this very night your pagan ancestors that lived within nature, that lived with the land and the spirits of the trees, and the many different spirits; for these people this was true, and they present you with these gifts this night, reconnecting you to these ancient spirits, to this ancient world.

Allow these connections to flow and feel these energies. Your ancient brothers and sisters, they spread this beautiful consciousness around the world, become like a sponge, soaking up the consciousness of your ancestors and your ancestors’ love; they will be taking you on a journey, a journey home, a journey to the very truth of who you are.

Consciousness moves through Lithuania into the Americas, into Asia, and throughout the world, teaching the ancient cultures how to love, how to live with the earth; consciousness passed this way many thousands of yours ago, and this consciousness will come back, and you will receive this consciousness once again, emptying your body of old negativities and the love that’s already there will be energized and expanded.

Lithuania is old ancient people, and they are very close to those of Native American peoples, to the Toltecs of the south and southern Mexico, and the Mayan and the Incas, to the great shaman of the Russian lands. All these peoples knew how to live and love upon this earth. They knew how to keep their hearts open and stay connected to Mother Earth and to Father Sky. Allow these energies of the Native Americans to support this process this very night, and just feel this energy come to you and come to the room, for this is an energy of love and of power they forsake their land for the white man to have this experience of separation so we would never walk down this path ever again. Once you move into the fourth dimension you are constantly connected, fully connected to the divine.

The Native Americans may have a special message for each one of you this night, allow yourself to listen, to hear what they have to say to you. Open your inner ears and let them speak; allow the vibrations of your body to rise higher and higher.

And now we bring you the spirit of the Toltecs, and feel this energy, this new energy, ancient but new for you this night, and allow it to awaken your cells and your DNA, and allow it to connect you to the spirits, the animal spirits, to the spirits of the plants, to the spirits of the great pine forests. Many of you have lived these lives with the Native Americans to the Toltecs.

And now let us bring you the spirits of the Mayan, who had great and ancient knowledge, who knew this time was coming. Everyone, without fail, in this room had a lifetime with the Mayan, and let them bring you the knowledge of these end times. Let them bring you the love and the forgiveness and a deep connection to Father Sky, and let them bring to you their deep understanding of the universe and its cycles.

There are many, many aspects of yourselves being reawakened this night; many, many changes are coming, and you will be deeply connected to the Earth, to the Universe and to each other. And just feel the love, and let the love come higher and higher and higher, and just take the time to feel your bodies, allowing your vibration to go higher and higher and higher, feeling Mother Earth beneath you and her energies ascending, taking you to the fourth dimension. Allow the love to come, the love to flow, for very shortly, dear ones, there will be an onset of love flowing through your bodies, and you will merge and flow together just like these two rivers here in Kaunas, constantly flowing, constantly merging.

You’re here on a very powerful confluence where the masculine and the feminine will merge, and just allow the spirits of these two rivers to teach you how to flow and how to merge. That is why we’re here in Kaunas, this night, to allow the masculine and the feminine to flow and to merge, allowing the new world to flow into your hearts; in the new world, the masculine and the feminine flow together.

Feel your energies going higher and higher. Allow your energies to go higher and higher and higher, and feel the connection to Mother Earth and to Father Sky; this is what it will feel like in less than a year from now. On the twenty-first of the twelfth 2012 the end of one cycle, or many cycles, and the beginning of new cycles. You will enter the dimension that is very different from this one, and eventually you will ascend to this new consciousness, an even higher consciousness.

The fourth dimension of Christ consciousness will only allow you to create from love. There will be no ruling and no controlling, just a flow of love, and you will constantly and always be connected to Father Sky and to Mother Earth. We’re going to allow you to sit in this energy for a few more minutes, to let your body be used to this energy. Your cells and your DNA are activating to a new level of consciousness, but you will bring love first of all to your own human body. Illness and consciousness will become a thing of the past and you will begin to live the life of your dreams.

You’re now in a fourth dimensional vibration with a three dimensional mind. Slowly allow this vibration into your mind, upgrading your mind to a fourth dimensional mind, allowing this energy of love to connect what is disconnected. Let the feelings come and let the feelings go. You’re feeling the energies of these ancient cultures, but all these cultures that we mentioned earlier, they all ascended to Christ consciousness and they’re bringing to you their gifts, their energies and their ways. They’re awakening your inner knowledge so that you will easily find your way. You are all being reconnected to the universe so that you can go into your world and heal yourself and heal all those that surround you.

Be with this new vibration… let your body feel what it feels like… and observe what you observe… let the feelings come, let the feelings go, allowing yourselves and your DNA to activate to this new vibration and moving you into a new vibration of love. The new world is coming, dear ones, and just know that this is what it feels like.

Go well, and God bless, for this Kryon signing out. Thank you all.



Peg D. 9th March 2012 1:16 pm

It is extremely important that you do not get stuck in fourth dimension! The lower dark energies can still reach 4d. It is in the 5d or higher and where most of us are going that we are freed from lower frequencies. Those that choose to remain in 3d will go to another place to continue there path with no judgment.

I experienced some spiritual friends that got stuck in 4d. They were extremely sticky energies and invaded my sovereign space. It took a couple of weeks to get them out of my field.

You have to bless them in love and let them go so you can continue your path to ascension.


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Kryon (South Africa)

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