Greetings dear ones for I AM Kryon of magnetic service.

It is wonderful to be amongst you this night. In lifetimes gone by all of you on this planet and other planets in other galaxies have worked together with spirit and the Kryon energy. Tonight you are here to work with a particular wound - a very complicated issue that affects relationships, so we will hold the energy for relationships on this planet.

Relationships on this earth plane are a difficult thing and are often misunderstood. Love is the only way. From time to time your partner will cause you great anger or grief. Be careful not to judge as your partner can be a reflection of your inner-self. Your pain and hurt belong only to you. Managing relationships is an age-old issue going back many lifetimes. Since the event of Christianity, relationships have become more difficult and more misunderstood. There is a great difference between men and women – both have different energies and different purposes. Even though the same energy flows through both, it is converted into a completely different energy in men and women. These energies aren't meant to be the same. The life purpose of men and women isn't meant to be the same. Men have a particular role in life and so to do women. Today, these roles are merging and becoming the same, this is not the way it is meant to be.

We have often spoken of the Universe - the sun being the masculine, the earth the feminine and the moon feminine to the earth. The sun contains 90% of all the energy in the Universe and the rest is distributed through the planets and stars. This energy holds the entire spectrum together.

When a man is not in his masculine energy with his wife it’s a very uncomfortable space. It’s also uncomfortable for the woman to have to step into the masculine role. This situation has worsened in the last few years. Tonight we are in Austria and in both the first and second world wars, many men were killed in battle; as a result, a sacred masculine energy was lost. This was true also for the rest of Europe. The sacred masculine energy has the power to hold a family together in safety, security and love. Of course relationships have always been problematic but these last two world wars have made the problem so much greater. We have seen many women step into the masculine role causing an imbalance in the relationship. In some cases they don't have a choice because the husband cannot hold his space against other men and therefore cannot get out of life what he dreams of and what he chooses to do. There is a gap in generations of the gift of the sacred masculine flowing from father to son but it is time, once again, for men to learn what it is to be a man.

In his true masculine energy a man is not rude and aggressive but rather strong, powerful and loving. In moments where gentleness and softness are required he will have these qualities too. In other situations where he needs to assert his masculine energy he has the power to do so, but of course in a proper and respectful manner. The anger he would use would be controlled and caring. It would be directed like an arrow and used like a lion with its cubs. For instance, when a cub is out of order, the lion would merely taps the cub on its head and automatically the cub understands and has clarity and direction. The pat is used to focus its energy and stop it being so naughty.

This would be the same for a man in his masculine energy. He would have thought about the subject and his anger would be under control. All he would have to do is speak from his heart. But this is no longer happening in the west. Men have forgotten what it is to be men. So many sons grow up with absent fathers and never know or understand what it is to be a man. They do not receive the masculine knowledge that a father would pass on to his son. Also, in other traditions the son is handed over to a mentor to help in industry and business; the reason being that there is too much emotion between father and son making it difficult for the son to hear his father's words clearly. These men who step into the sacred masculine energy have full control over their senses and their actions. They understand women and love and hold a woman in a sacred space. She feels safe and secure in the arms of such a man and would trust him with her life.

This kind of relationship rarely happens in the west. There are many secrets and many keys to men and women in relationships. Men and women are created to be together, to love and understand one another, to stand side by side and support one another, to share their dreams and as equals both walk the same path. There is no stress in one person wanting one thing and the other wanting another. There are hard places in people's hearts. In relationships these places are easily defined and revealed. Relationships are a fast-track way to consciousness especially if you have the courage to walk that path and continually look at yourself and accept the heart-ache and pain rather than project that onto your partner. As we have always said, the Universe is a mirror, an absolute mirror. It is not a mirror when it suits you or when it doesn't. When you encounter those ugly, dark parts of your psyche, it is not for you to project that onto your partner but rather for you to look within and find the truth which will always guide you to your childhood. Remember, you will become a reflection of the relationship of your parents.

Where your parents failed in their relationship, more often than not, you will also fail. So, look carefully at these failures and recognize them. These weak points can become your strength. Human-beings are meant to meet a life partner and work through their childhood pain together, letting the masculine and feminine energies merge and become one. The creative force of two people in love is phenomenal when compared to that of a single person.

Perhaps at the beginning of a relationship a couple are like a jigsaw puzzle trying to find a fit – the one compensating for the other's weakness. Slowly but surely as you find difficult places in your psyche and work through these, difficult situations and weaknesses will become your strengths. You will be more able to create the reality of your own choosing. If you can be true to yourself and your partner, if you can show restraint and acknowledge your anger and recognize that your partner is acting as your mirror, you will be well on the way towards a beautiful, loving, caring relationship.

Relationships are not easy for men as they are missing part of their masculine energy. Each human-being is like a seed and inside every seed there is everything that is required for it to grow. Inside every man there lies the sacred masculine – the truth of his very existence. For many lifetimes man has worked at being a man. All the answers to his masculine position will reawaken the masculinity within. The older a man becomes, the more masculine he becomes and if his focus is to become stronger as a man, then that will happen.

So, we ask that you close your eyes, go inside and access your sacred masculine and let this energy flow into your heart. We ask the ladies to connect with their sacred feminine and let this energy increase and become more powerful. The men too can do the same with their masculine energy. Where there is any resistance to this energy, acknowledge it and let it dissolve. Men who have not allowed themselves the use of the masculine energy may fear such a tremendous power.

Once again for the ladies – there is tremendous power in the sacred feminine. You will feel far more powerful in your sacred feminine energy so let this energy rise and where there are spaces and emptiness, fill them with love. It's like sending water to germinate a seed. Send the love to reawaken your sacred feminine or sacred masculine. A woman operating out of her sacred feminine will find relationships so much easier as will a man.

A man's journey is a little bit different to a woman’s. A man claims his masculine energy and as he goes through life, becomes stronger. The more he works in his sacred masculine energy, the more he will begin to enjoy the feelings of power and love. He will feel stronger, but at the same time much more gentle. There is a big difference with women. Women claim a tremendous amount of feminine energy through childbirth but serious complications can occur when they are in a relationship with a man who is searching for his masculine energy. A woman is asked to trust the man of her choosing and support him because of the gap that was left in the sacred masculine with the two world wars. In Christianity there is so little focus on masculinity that often a woman has to step into the masculine role.

Dear ones, this is about to change. To their benefit, more and more men are doing work on their masculine energy and on their approach to life. Visualize your partner or a person of the opposite sex, then see how much closer you can bring this person into your life. Feel the power, strength and ability that you have to hold your partner. Experience this new energy of being in a relationship with a person of the opposite sex and what it will feels like to deal with problems or issues in the relationship. Maybe, in this meditative state you would like to say something to your partner. Start by saying something they don't want to hear, something that you’ve put off time and time again. Now, see the way in which it is received in this energy and then tell them something they’ve been waiting to hear for a long, long time. Perhaps there's a person of the opposite sex that you have wanted to ask out on a date, for instance. Now, from this energy, from this space, ask this person out.

Dear ones, this is the energy that you have looked for to bring love and joy into your life - not only in this lifetime but in many other lifetimes gone by. Relationships are the most difficult thing of all human endeavors so use your powerful feminine or masculine energy in all your relationships.

Dear ones, go well and take care for this is Kryon signing out. God Bless.



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Kryon (South Africa)

Kryon (South Africa)

Planet Earth has been through a special experience is the last few thousand years: - the separation from God. Kryon is here to take you on the journey home, and to connect you with your inner divinity, for you are all magical beings of this universe, magnificent beyond your comprehension.


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