Release the energy of anxiety

Greetings Dear Ones for I AM KRYON of Magnetic Service.

Once again it is wonderful to be here with you all in Marina da Gama on this stormy night in Cape Town. There are many changes and much love beginning to flow. There is a new world beginning to happen and a new state of being emanating from the darkness.

Everyone has a dark side and throughout these teachings we have taught you how to work with your shadow side, your darkness, with the part of you that doesn’t function in the way you would want it to function. These teachings are now beginning to pay off. There is much love and many changes happening. There is a new world happening. A completely new understanding of how things really are. There is a time and a place for everything and this is the time for love. It is a time for gentleness, for you are all going through much healing and much change in your own lives. There is a whole new world waiting to open up.

Inside your own darkness is where you find your own genius. That’s where you find your own gifts if you have the courage to go there you will find only more love and beauty within yourselves. Once again we reiterate this; there is a beautiful world just around the corner, a new world where you can create your reality out of love and no longer out of fear.

Fear is the great enemy of love it is the opposite of love. Fear stops you loving. We have always said that fear has very many subtleties. Fear is not like a big hammer that hits you on the head and says “I’m here”. Fear can be very, very subtle, almost unnoticed and fear will change your mind without you even knowing it. Fear will lead you away from your heart without you even knowing it. Fear will keep you bound up away from your dreams, away from whatever do aspire to but fear can be conquered, not always easily, but it can still be conquered in much the same way as you have run through your past emotions and cleared a space inside yourselves for you to be able to work with your fears.

Your fears will stop the love flowing. Fear is like a dam wall in a river just blocking the flow and not allowing the flow and there must be a flow, there must be a flow of love always. The energy must always flow. Love is the flow but fear should not be the guide of where the love must flow otherwise that’s a waste of love. You must allow your heart to decide where the love must flow.

Sometimes it is very scary but you don’t know it’s scary and just like a train on a train track the points can be thrown either one way or the other. One track leads to love and the other to fear and you hardly know that you are changing direction as you move down those railway tracks and you subtly are moved away from where your heart wants you to go. You can make all kinds of excuses, all kinds of reasoning as to why you are not going to where you want to go. Even your thoughts can be affected by fear. It is a little bit like light waves can be affected by gravity. Light waves don’t always go in a straight line light can be manipulated by other forces and other energies.

Fear is a force that can manipulate your thoughts as part of your emotional realm. There are good reasons for fear but the fear that we speak of this night is fear that is cast and set in the past. Fear that continues to be like background music in your life, it’s played for so long you don’t even know it is there, like a gentle form of anxiety always creates anxious circumstances in your life. It always creates an anxious reality in your life. Emotions create thoughts create reality – thoughts create emotion that creates reality.

So if you have anxiety in your make-up you will always create some form of anxious reality. It stops you living your dreams as you would like to live them; it stops the flow of love going to where you want it to go.

So we ask you to close your eyes and sit with your feet flat on the floor and just allow yourself to connect to Mother Earth and Father Sky. Dear Ones, in the room tonight there is much Spirit and much love for you all and you are fully supported in your process here this night… Allow yourselves to observe your bodies and feel your body, just feel it feel what it feels like. Take your time… and just feel whatever fear may be in your body even if it is just a small bit of anxiety. This will come first of all from an aspect of your child that is wounded or hurt in some way and lives in fear of this same event happening once again in your life but far beyond that we go far back in time to past lives, back to the days where you were creating Karma.

Let us just stay with the feeling, when we follow the feeling this will first of all go back to the many aspects of your inner child that live in fear. Once those are all resolved it will take you into a past life where you felt this fear, where you first came across this fear.

For all of those in the Kryon family there are many, many fears from the days of Lemuria and Atlantis where you had the keys to life, where you knew the truth of life, where your consciousness was sky high, completely different to your consciousness of the day, completely different to your consciousness of today. You knew how to create your reality in those days. Those who belong to the Kryon family, the Kryon soul group were the great healers and mystics in the days of Atlantis and Lemuria and knew how to bend reality, change reality and create the life that you wanted.

At the same time there was a force that would not accept the feminine way, a scientific force that would not accept the world of the mystics and this is no different today on planet Earth in 2008. The difference is that the consciousness today is much lower than Atlantis and Lemuria. It is even lower than the consciousness in Egypt two or three thousand years ago. The consciousness of this planet has slipped. It may look different but it is not so different. It may look different because of all the technology becoming available one can argue that technology is consciousness but true consciousness is a relationship inside yourself, the way that all aspects of yourself relate to you and one aspect of yourself can fear the other aspect and create a dynamic within yourself that one fears the other so that you are always living in fear. With this form of internal strife going on within yourself and that fear, often you don’t know its there and even when you get in touch with the fear it is like you run away and move away from it to one pole or the other. You move far away from the fear of changing your behaviour.

Tonight we wish to take you to your fear. We wish to hold you in a space where you can be with your fear, this subtle fear that one aspect of yourself continually runs away from and never really has the courage to face. Part of the issue is that it’s been playing so long like background music that you don’t even know it is there.

We ask you to drop deeper and deeper into your bodies and you will feel the fear coming into your body as you drop deeper and deeper and the fear will make you want to kick out of your body and it will make you not really want to be there. It will make you not want to be in your body, it will stop you being present and it will change your behaviour. As soon as you begin to touch upon this fear it will create even more anxiety within you and you will stop being original and authentic and you won’t face the dilemma or the issue that you have to face because of the simple fear that could have happened in the early stages, and probably did, of your childhood when you were so soft, gentle and tender and so vulnerable, so easy to wound. It could be that your parents weren’t getting along, having an argument close to a newborn child or a child a few weeks old, that’s all it takes to wound a child and create fear within it. This fear will freeze and constantly radiate a reality in your life. This fear will emanate out into the world and of course what you put out into the world will come back. Your emotions are your issues. The emotions are the inner manifestation and issues are the external manifestation in the material world.

So it is up to you to have the courage to drop down into this fear and just to know really that that’s what it is, it is just a feeling, another feeling, an old, old stale feeling that has been there year after year after year making you feel anxious. Anxiety is like a long, long worn out record it just goes on playing the same old tune day after day, week after week, year after year. Every minute of your life it just goes on and on.

We ask you to be with yourself, to be with this fear, to actually hold the fear inside your bodies. This fear might not even have come from a child being wounded. This fear could be just inherited from your ancestors into your grandparents, into your parents and now you have got it. Everybody in the family lives with this fear, this anxiety, this low level lack of acceptance but you can actually live your life in real abundance and you can have absolutely everything that you ever, ever dreamed of. You can have it all!

The anxiety begins to branch off and create thought patterns such as “I am not worthy – I’ll never be happy – I’ll never have any money – I’ll never be wealthy – I’ll never be truly healthy.” All these different thought patterns come from the same base, the one of anxiety. Just allow yourselves to feel where you feel the anxiety, the energy of anxiety. Allow your hearts to open and actually feel what your heart feels like. Does your heart feel open? Does it feel closed? Because we are working with the energy of anxiety, the likelihood is that in this moment your heart will be closed.

Anxiety has the power to close your heart, it has the power to close all your chakras, it has the power to block the flow. It has no power if you acknowledge it is there, you can be with it, you can be with your anxiety.

All humanity has fear of something; but where does this fear, this anxiety, come from? Where did it all start? Each and every person has their own basis for their own anxiety. You will find yourself going on a journey into the child and beyond into past lives but where really does anxiety begin?

We wish to take you back in time, once again, back to the very beginning of time, back to a time when you were whole and there weren’t even two of you just one of you. In those days you were close to God, you were a part of God, the Divine and you knew you were a part and you knew which part you were. In the very beginning, to come to this planet Earth you had to split into two separate halves. This is the beginning of every single human being’s journey. This is the reason why there are twin flames, as every single human being split at the very beginning of time. Every human being split into two parts. Part of the journey was that one day those two parts would find each other here on earth and once they found each other their journey would be to find heaven here on earth together.

It is almost impossible as a single person to find heaven on Earth and here are some of the reasons why: First of all you are masculine and feminine; you are also mother and father to yourself once you have walked through the rites of passage of releasing your genetic mother and your genetic father. As part of the journey, as we have explained, as you release your genetic parents and you connect more and more with Mother Earth and Father Sky you become the archetypal mother and the archetypal father for yourself. As the child expands within yourself and overtakes the 7 chakras you eventually become that magical child or an enlightened child that walks this Earth between heaven and Earth.

There is more that you can do alone as a single entity. When two twin flames come together they create a completely different reality. They create a completely different dynamic on the earth plane with that dynamic: First of all there is much more energy that flows as long as you can constantly keep processing the issues that come up between the two and don’t get stuck and don’t get blocked. As long as you can continue to return the light, the energy that belongs to you, continue to bring back the parts of you that perhaps can’t relate or don’t know how to relate, it is about bringing back love and a connectedness, that connectedness is to the other half of your true self.

What we are here to do this night, this very night is to release that energy of anxiety that you carry from the very beginning of time. For everyone in this room, your twin flame lives somewhere on this planet this night.

It is up to each individual to get your body and your energy to such a space that you can receive such an equivocal mirror of yourself. You have to find yourself in a space where you are actually loving yourself, because your twin flame is exactly like you; might not look exactly like you but energetically they are, cell for cell, exactly like you are. So part of you hates part of yourself and your twin flame will reflect this back. You will see it in each other and you will hate each other part of the time but the relationship will be very, very difficult.

Where this relationship will become easier is if you’ve learned to process yourself, to stand in integrity and to take responsibility for every single thing that you are thinking and feeling good and bad. It is for you to know that if you’re thinking that your twin flame is thinking exactly the same time. If you’re feeling whatever you’re feeling your twin flame will be feeling exactly the same. You can repel each other like magnets or you can stick together like magnets sticking together.

Part of this journey is that you will stick together and repel each other at the same time. It takes an intense amount of emotional healing to get yourself into a space where you can even begin to have a relationship or ever a conversation with your twin flame. Each person in this room either knows who the other person is, by knowing we mean that you’ve met them, you perhaps don’t know that they’re your twin flame or you are going to meet your twin flame within the next few months to the next two years.

If this liaison is to work you will have to become masters in the art of absolute integrity and absolute honesty. You will have to become masters of the art of healing and processing yourself. This will take you into new realms and into new realities that very, very few human beings in all the time that Mother Earth has been around have ever, ever experienced.

The people in the room this night and those of you who read this channelling, you will know exactly who you are and you will know exactly what you’ve got to do. You have chosen a very difficult path but at the same time a very rewarding path, a path that will take you into new dimensions, into new realms of love and ecstasy that you have never even dreamed or imagined could ever happen to you.

The Earth plane, Dear Ones, is shifting. The energy of the Earth plane is moving into a new realm. There are many, many things happening that ten or twenty years ago one would never have imagined could happen on the Earth plane. The new powers in the world – Brazil, China and India are only getting stronger and stronger and will create a new power dynamic on the Earth plane. It will make it very difficult with so many people involved to have the great American dream: a big car; a big house. The fuel consumption is just too high.

New technology is being brought forward and is available. It will take a few more perhaps even cataclysmic events to allow this new technology into the world but it will come within the next ten to fifteen years. It will mean green power and a new way of energising the material world and will also mean a new way of building the material world and a new way of living in the material world. It will also take massive jumps in consciousness and spirituality.

The whole planet will become more and more spiritually aware. For people like yourselves who are light-workers you are streets ahead in consciousness of the masses. We have always said that as you shift your energies the masses will shift with you. There are some aspects of the masses that just will not accept the shifts the way they are and will want to carry on in the old world but the old world cannot sustain itself.

There are many, many beautiful energies coming to this planet. The light-workers are doing great justice to themselves and justice to planet Earth shifting the energy of this planet and moving into a new dynamic, to a new world, to a very special place where Spirit can bestow upon peoples of this Earth new gifts, new energies but what must be very clear is that there must be a true understanding and a very clear state of awareness of how you become who you are in the first place.

The bottom line is that you copy your parent’s relationship. That relationship is imprinted within yourself. It is not your blueprint but it is imprinted over the blueprint of how relationships should actually be. It is like taking off an old coat and having a beautiful new suit on underneath, you look completely different. Normally the more beautiful your clothes are the more beautiful you feel. You don’t always feel that great in an old coat especially if the old coat is making you do many things that you don’t want to do.

Dear Ones, that old coat is coming off and as that coat comes off you will shine like the morning star. You will bring love to this Earth because you want to bring love to yourself. Everything works both ways, everything!

So allow the love to flow through your hearts and feel your hearts now. Feel the difference from when we asked you to let the love flow before. Feel the softness and gentleness of your heart as Spirit has released this anxiety from your body… The anxiety may come back, in waves, and that is Spirit’s way of releasing the anxiety. Whatever you can feel you can let go of. What you can’t feel you can’t let go of. You have to become conscious and aware of what you are letting go of.

Allow your bodies to become soft and gentle not in a naïve way for the relationships you are all asking for in the room are not about naivety they are about power and love. It is about taking the next step into the next dimension. Humankind is being prepared for a completely new world, a completely radical shift of energy.

Dear Ones, you in this room are the first wave. You are like the prototypes that are going first. Just allow yourselves to let the feelings come and let the feelings go.

Dear Ones, this was meant to happen this way. You and your partner, your twin flame, have been on a long and amazing journey through the mists of time… waiting for this event to one day happen. It is like two pieces of a jigsaw puzzle coming together. It will have great meaning. You will have new intelligence. This form of relationship will have a new intelligence, a new state of being, a state of oneness and a state of true understanding, two levels of telepathy. You will understand what each other thinks, you will know what each other thinks and you will know why they are thinking it. It will demand great levels of honesty and integrity.

When it happens Dear Ones, for you it will happen. You will have what it takes to make it work.

Dear Ones, we are anchoring in this new energy of twin flame status here in Marina da Gama releasing the anxiety that you’ve carried for thousands upon thousands of lifetimes that anxiety of thinking you would never meet your twin flame ever again.

Go well, God Bless and take care. Thank you. This is Kryon signing out.


Teresa Newell 2nd June 2008 4:13 pm

I felt like this was Kryon talking directly to me. Reading my thoughts of the questions I have within and then responding. As I read the channel a question would arise within me and then Kryon's next sentence was the answer to that question! WOW, what an amazing feeling. Thank You for allowing this message to come to us. It has added to my spiritual understanding so very much. I am forever grateful and in love with Kryon. Love Teresa


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Kryon (South Africa)

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