"Releasing shame and guilt"

Greetings dear ones for I AM Kryon of Magnetic Service.

It is wonderful to be channeling to a small group like you this evening; you have all worked together not only in many lifetimes but in almost every lifetime. You are all powerful Spirits in your own rights and you are here this night to receive this very, very special message. A message of love, one that will bring joy and freedom to your lives, a message that is not only intended for you personally but also for the world.

This world is going to be changed and changed very quickly. There are new energies entering the earth plane, not necessarily new energies but energies that have been with the earth plane since time began. One of the main energies is the energy of reconnection – reconnection to the Divine, where most people will be connected directly to the Divine and will feel an absolute Divine connection. We say most people even though eventually all the people will receive this connection but first there is to be a change in the hierarchy on this planet, a major change. These changes are happening as we speak. In past channellings we have mentioned that some politicians in parliament operate within the light and within a certain time frame – that message was meant for South Africa. This is now a message meant for the entire world; governments of the world will have to begin to operate within the light and if these energies are not complied with then the offices will become redundant. Only politicians who operate within love, truth and in integrity with themselves will remain in power.

This will bring dramatic change to Western Europe and to North America. It will bring dramatic change to the commonwealth of the English speaking people for they have not been led well or by truth, they have been led by greed and lust for power. Dear ones, a new world beckons you. It is up to each individual to step into their own truth and power. People in power who do not operate within the light will receive no energy. Their Chakras will be simultaneously closed down and they will not have the energy and power to rule or to control. They will begin to spend their wealth to retain their wealth but it will never happen. A man’s heart must be the way of his leadership, not negative emotional bonds to power. This kind of government will no longer be tolerated by Spirit.

There is a beautiful world opening up for the light workers; the people who operate with Spirit are learning new tools, new ways of being and new ways to manifest. As you bring your fragmented inner child to wholeness, and many of you are getting there, you will find co-creating a reality. It will be so much easier than at any time in the history of mankind and you will lead the way into manifesting more and more, you will manifest in the Light, for the love of yourself and of others. As your inner child comes into a state of wholeness and you begin to heal your inner parents, give yourself parents that are the true archetypal parents and you will become magicians like no other. You will conquer this material world and you will search for another world to conquer. Manifestation will become so easy that there will be less and less joy involved in it and the true joy will come from loving. Of course you will love what you manifest but you will love more and more the effects of the manifestation. As you heal yourself you will automatically manifest a new world that surrounds you. We have always spoken of the pebble on the still pond and the ripples, those ripples will affect many, many people and in turn they will create their own ripples.

There is great momentum on this earth plane connecting to Spirit, love and understanding, honing one’s emotions, becoming truly centred and balanced, able to co-create with Spirit in an absolutely amazing way. The true sense of the word magic is the physical manifestation of Divine Will – magic will look like magic if it is not understood but more and more of humanity is beginning to understand itself and you dear ones lead the way to the future. You not only lead yourselves and face the challenge of walking alone into a new dream but you have the challenge of taking everyone on this planet with you to the new world… to the new beginnings… to an earth plane that is honest and fair and shares its wealth with all… and truly understands its wealth. There are very few on this planet who truly understand the true wealth of this planet. There is energy in absolute abundance... that energy is pure love, it always has been and always will be. As you release your fears around love your relationships will become absolutely beautiful. Your relationships with the opposite sex will not become like your own dreams but like Divine dreams. Dreams you could never even imagine. As you become closer and closer to members of the opposite sex you will be able to dream a reality that is even more amazing than one that you could ever imagine… you will have the energy and power to deliver into the Universe and onto the earth plane a new world worth living in. A new world where there is true love, where all cultures will mix with freedom and ease. It is a world where all the ancient medicines will be revealed, where all the magic of the ancient cultures will be revealed, honoured and revered.

There is hard work to be done; a work that will unify the peoples of the planet… not divert, divorce and separate, but bring them together in the name of love, joy, fun and freedom. The wonderful diversification of all the cultures of this planet will be knitted and meshed together and will create a world beyond belief. As you heal yourself you heal the world… the joy you feel will be not in healing the world but in healing yourself… in creating a life that you truly dream of for yourself. Choices will become more aware and more apparent… a true understanding of this Universe will become clearer to all… most people on the earth face emotional suppression… that suppression will be released and behind the veil of this emotional suppression a new level of consciousness will be revealed... a completely new type of human being, a human being based in genius and brilliance, based in love, light and devotion not only to himself but to those who share the planet with him will be revealed.

Dear ones, this has been promised and you have the work to do… but dear ones, you are getting closer and closer with each day that passes to creating your own reality, a reality based in love and truth.

The truth about humanity is that humans are good… inherently they are good and caring… inherently they are wonderful and beautiful… as your beliefs begin to shatter and falter you will begin to recognize your beauty, brilliance, genius and caring. As your shame and guilt begin to fall away - the energy that we bring this night is here to shatter shame and guilt, to shatter the negative ego and allow it to fall to the ground in broken pieces - out of this cocoon of negative ego a beautiful butterfly will appear, a person able to create a new kind of world… a world where women and children are safe to play, to walk the streets after dark, to experience themselves in their human bodies in the fullness of being human. This is an energy that we have long waited to bring you… it is only now that you are ready to receive this energy… shame and guilt shall be shattered and completely released from your psyche and your biology.

So, please close your eyes and go inside… allow yourself to feel this energy that cocoons you, this energy of shame and guilt… this night dear ones you are deeply connected to Spirit on a very deep and intrinsic level… you have been connecting to this channelling for many weeks and you have been preparing for this very night. Spirit has walked with you for the days and weeks preceding this channelling... once again this energy will be anchored in Cape Town, this energy that will shatter and completely alleviate the existence of shame and guilt within the biology of mankind… shame and guilt have been used to control you and have been part of mass consciousness almost since time began… they will no longer be part of the human condition.

Allow yourself to see the cocoon of shame and guilt that surrounds you from top to toe… generally the energy of shame and guilt cocoons a person, rather than having a specific place in the body of the person… you will feel this energy as if it were a blanket that wraps all around you… allow yourself to see this blanket of shame and guilt… shame and guilt are anchored deeply in the past… in your psychology, your childhood and in your past lives, lives going back to the beginning of time… allow yourself to see and to feel the shame and guilt that cocoons you… allow the new energy, a very powerful monolithic energy, to flow through the cocoon and to dissolve and shatter the cocoon… as the shame and guilt flows out of the cocoon allow it to flow directly into the heart of Mother Earth. As you see it flow allow it to connect and anchor in Mother Earth… allow your energies to shift and you will find yourself, as this energy gradually dissolves, with the ability to be totally clear… you will have about you a healthy ruthlessness that cuts like one of the sharpest swords… like a sword named “Excalibur”… a sword that could only ever fight on the side of love and truth… the side of good… you will have the clarity and focus to see good in everything… you will have the clarity and focus to cut away anything dark or negative that tries to sap the good.

You will find that you stand up straighter, stronger, clearer and more powerful than ever before… you will take action in your life that you never dreamt possible… your anger will be clean, crisp and direct… you will command authority and respect… you will no longer be woolly, able to be manipulated and twisted… you will not rescue… you will give your wisdom but not your energy. Whatever your venture is you will be clean, clear and crisp… you will know the truth and operate from your own heart at all times… you will not be forced out of integrity… you will hold your own space and your own centre… this will not be an ability, this will be your nature.

There is a great big hole being pushed through the centre of mass consciousness directly above Cape Town. This hole will expand, getting bigger and bigger and releasing shame and guilt from this planet… in its place will be deep compassion, with all the actions that have been previously spoken of. There will be a deep reverence for Spirit, love and truth and that will be firmly anchored in the west. There will be a new way of living and of understanding. There will be an acceptance and an understanding of the past. There will be true forgiveness and human beings will rekindle true joy within themselves and become king or queen of their own lives as they step into absolute truth… step into absolute Divine order of a very bright nature.

Dear ones, the heavy emotions of the past for most of you who read these channellings are behind you; your centeredness and balance will be much closer to your heart… your thoughts will be pure and clear and your leadership skills will excel. Once again, leadership will be your true nature. Dear ones you are the leaders of this new world, you are the ones who have gone first. Anyone who goes first is in the lead. It is for you to lead your people and they will come to you, to a new world, to a new state of being for that energy beckons you now. There will be much clearing out of closets to be done along the way… make sure that they are cleaned. Feel the enjoyment and the beautiful feelings that come as your energy becomes clearer, brighter, cleaner, guiltless, shameless… accept the right to be on this earth in your full power and glory.

Allow Divine love to flow through your heart knowing that you are deeply connected to the Divine… the connection is permanent… the connection has always been there but now you will see it in a new light… you will stay deeply connected, permanently… you will receive deep, strong guidance in your own life and you will walk into a world that you really wish to be in. Dear ones this will be a peaceful evolution of the human spirit at a revolutionary pace. Those of you who are connected with us this night but not present in this room will feel your energy clearing this very night, this 8th day of September 2004, you will begin to feel yourselves living this shameless beautiful approach to life and your hearts will open and expand into the world.

Dear ones allow yourselves to expand more and more and more beyond this cocoon into the new world… a world where there are many precious gifts awaiting you… a world where you live your dreams… where you are your dreams… a world where love truly conquers all… a world where you heart is open to love. Dear ones you will experience all this on the earth plane as you step higher and higher into new levels of consciousness.

We honour you dear ones… we love you… we send our love… for those who wish to release their shame and guilt, it is merely to be requested… trust that you will receive it… it will come instantly and you will feel it. So dear ones we leave you in this space of beautiful energy, clarity and focus of moving forward to a new world. We truly honour and salute the work that you have done and are doing. Allow yourselves to feel the love wash through your aura as you expand more and more into the Universe beyond the new world.

Go well and God Bless for this is Kryon signing out.



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Kryon (South Africa)

Kryon (South Africa)

Planet Earth has been through a special experience is the last few thousand years: - the separation from God. Kryon is here to take you on the journey home, and to connect you with your inner divinity, for you are all magical beings of this universe, magnificent beyond your comprehension.


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