"Releasing Terror"

Greetings dear ones for I AM Kryon of Magnetic Service.

It is wonderful to have you all with us this night as there is much anger in the air and the energies are very turbulent at the moment. There are major shifts of energy under way, particularly dealing with the feminine energies. For many thousands of years the feminine energies have not been heard with true integrity. The feminine, being the unknown, has been manipulated and twisted by the powers that control the planet - for instance the Roman Catholic Church and others belonging to societies which hold great power over the planet. These forces have managed to manipulate the feminine energies on earth and this has been a great loss to mankind; to both men and women as both men and women contain feminine energies.

As you heard in the last channelling there is a new energy, a powerful feminine energy that has been brought and anchored solidly into the earth plane. This powerful energy will not be shifted. However as this energy becomes anchored and stronger the weaker feminine energies will be under great pressure. There will be many behaviour patterns to be changed within your own psychology. Love and understanding of yourself must be exercised. There must be peace in your hearts as this new energy will bring real joy to the world. The anger mentioned previously is short term and has to be exercised as that anger is in the past, it goes back to your upbringing and the way that you were treated as children. This will come out more and more and you will be able to see your parents’ relationships more clearly as the anger of the inner child begins to flow you will have to evacuate and release the anger. The child is creating a reality in your world; before you can co-create with Spirit in the true sense of the word – we mean co-create a reality that you really want - the inner child must be healed, it must be safe and placed in your heart. The child must have parents that are enlightened – which means that you as an adult must have the life skills to contain and love the child and give the child within its needs and see that its wants are met.

Your own inner child is deeply wounded in the area of the feminine. This has not gone on for only one or two centuries but for thousands of years on the earth plane - there is a great malfunction and this is being put right. One of the greatest problems on the planet is sheer terror. It is written in the headlines of major newspapers - there are constant wars going on in the Middle East and other areas of the world and terrorist acts here and around the world. These acts are a direct reflection of the consciousness of humanity and the sheer terror that goes on within a person’s own psychology and biology.

Terror is the main reason for passive/aggressive behaviour as it suppresses your energies and locks you in bondage. When a child is newly born for instance and the parents are angry around the child, even though not within earshot, the child is still connected to the parents and feels the anger; the child is helpless and unable to do anything and it just moves into a state of terror. Where sheer terror is imprinted into your psychology and biology it will take a great conscious effort to face and release it. Passive/aggressive behaviour comes in many forms and normally operates at very unconscious levels. Most people in the healing professions have a conscious intent to “do good” but if you have experienced terror in your childhood it can pin you to the ground and can suppress your energies to a deep level.

People who are likely to suffer from terror are people who have lost a sibling or a parent or had a great loss early on in their life, usually before the age of seven and to a lesser extent as one gets older. One’s parents in general do their best for their children, however relationships are not always what they should be and when people aren’t getting out of a relationship what they should this creates animosity, anger, upset and violence in the home. Whatever dysfunctional behaviour goes on around a very young child even during pregnancy, can cause inherent terror in the nature of a human being. The intention must be set to release terror from within your own psychology and biology.

Often a good sign of knowing whether there is terror within you is: Can you tell the truth and communicate well at all times? If you find the truth difficult to speak, or perhaps to own up to certain things then you may find terror within yourself. Terror within a person’s psychology and biology is the greatest form of pollution in mankind at the moment.

The intention is set to release terror from the human race per se. Within the next two to three years terror will become easy to release as many people are working with these issues. As more people work through their issues around terror it will create a holding energy for all those around to release their own terror, the terror of the child within. It is very similar to the fairy tale of Lilliput where very small people nail the giant to the ground by pins - there are so many that he cannot break loose and break free. This is a true representation of the effect of terror. As this message goes out the people in the room will be experiencing the terror within their own bodies. They are being held in a space where it is easy to release and let go and as the energy releases love will take its place. You can well imagine the reality that pure terror creates. Abundance will be almost completely non-existent and you will go from one problem to another until this energy is cleared, nothing in your life will go smoothly there will always be upsets. This energy can lead to violence, abuse, anger, lying and all other dysfunctional practices. Where this energy is re-stimulated in your life you will not be present in your own body. You will not be in control of your own life, you will not be able to function as a normal human being would, your abilities to create will be totally suppressed, your sexuality will be down and your true will to live on the earth will be dampened. There is the likelihood of heavy depression, heavy sadness and heavy emotion, but as we speak this energy is being released.

We ask you to close your eyes, go inside and find a time in your lives when you were terrified... your parents were so big and you were so small… perhaps some event happened that completely threw your parents out of control. Whatever it is there is a blanket of soothing energy over this group this night with the pure intention of going to the core of terror and fear and releasing it once and for all. Your guides are at your feet in absolute awe of your experience here on earth and the room is full of Spirits and a deep and intense love We ask you to go through space and time and to follow the energy of fear and terror… follow the thread back in time, deeper and deeper… and deeper and deeper, allowing yourself to find the child within… the child that has suffered so much terror… allow yourself to find this child… and allow this child to be held in this energy of sheer safety. Let the child know how safe it is… let the child know that its safe to express whatever it feels around this terror… tell the child that it is absolutely normal for it to feel whatever it feels… allow the child to express its feelings and to be connected to the Divine. This child has lost its image, its connection, it’s lost its faith in God… it felt it was all alone in the world, it felt so unsafe, insecure, hurt and wounded. Go deeper and deeper… and deeper and deeper as this energy is like a taproot, sucking you dry of all your energy before the energy can come to you… your energy feeds the terror of this small child… allow yourself to see the terror for what it is. You can now disconnect yourself from the terror and see it as an adult looking inward towards one’s self... allow this energy to release and bring your child into your heart… allow it to be truly connected within your heart… let it feel all the love that you can muster and let it know that this can never happen again…

Allow this love to flow through your energy field clearing away this pattern of behaviour… clearing all the dark energies, forces and events that preceded this pattern. This pattern can create shame, guilt, heartache, loneliness and the deepest and heaviest of emotions. The planet is coming of age and this kind of energy can no longer be tolerated - this energy will not be welcome in the New Age. The energy of parenthood is being completely shifted and those people working on themselves will realize that if they carry energy such as this they will imprint their children with it. These cycles that have gone on for generation after generation will have to be cut and stopped as a completely different energy will replace this terror. To become a parent should be seen as a sacred exercise. People should not have children to make themselves feel good, they should have children to make the child feel good, to revere and honour the child and look after the child’s needs, to ensure that all its needs are met. The only way that this can be done is to ensure that your own needs are met before you pursue a role of motherhood or fatherhood. If you cannot meet your own needs then your child will grow up with those needs. Make no mistake, if your relationship is not in order then the child will grow up dysfunctional and out of order and control. No matter how much love you pour into the child, the child will pick up the parents’ relationship - the child will become the parents’ relationship.

Until now relationships have not been what they should be. Men have not known what men are and women have not known what women are. The western world has seen to it that the ancient cultures that did understand the difference between men and women have more or less wiped this knowledge from the face of the earth. This knowledge is to be brought back and there is to be a true understanding of a man’s and woman’s role in the world. The energy is to become available so that men and women can love, honour and respect one another, live in a relationship, contain and strengthen themselves as individuals and yet meet in a relationship to bring love, honesty and integrity to that relationship. So often in relationships you’re looking after one another’s inner child and that is totally unacceptable; it is even more unacceptable if children become involved.

Motherhood and fatherhood should be seen as sacred tasks and mothers and fathers, should be honoured and respected for their role in society. Mothers in particular need the space in which to bring their children up in the very young years. A child needs to spend time with its mother, safe and secure here on Mother Earth - that is why the earth is called a mother. The child needs to remain connected to the mother and the mother needs to be connected to the earth… all a child’s needs are manifested through the mother and all the adult’s needs are manifested through Mother Earth. If there is a break in connection between a child and its mother then the connection with Mother Earth will also be broken and as the child attains adulthood abundance will be very difficult to manifest. If you have ever looked at an oak tree and seen how deep the roots go into the ground and grow deeper and deeper you will see there is much more growth underground than there is above the ground. There is solidness and security before the tree begins to bear fruit and become mature with age and as it matures it bears more and more fruit and its fruit is always good. But human fruit i.e. human children are not always pure for the nurturing a tree gives to its seed is considerably different to the nurturing a human being gives to its child. It should be the same; it should be cared for and nurtured and loved until maturity and as it matures the parents should let go and not hang on. In hanging on to your children it is just another reflection that you have not dealt with your own inner child. In truth you will not manifest the reality that you are looking for if your inner child is not fully healed; that child continually creates the reality of the wounded child, a victim of circumstance is within you creating a reality. The victim has great power; it has been given great power and is damaging your relationship with yourself. Much time must be spent on healing this child. So often it is said “I have dealt with this and that stuff”, but the truth is if you are not living in abundance and abundance means having all you wish for, then your inner child is not fully dealt with. Once your child is fully healed, nurtured and cared for and placed in your heart only then can you truly begin to manifest and co-create with Spirit the reality that you are truly looking for.

There are many people with money on this planet but very often money does not bring happiness. A person who is truly abundant will have money and happiness and there will be love and joy in that person’s life.

Yes dear ones, there is a new energy coming… an energy of parenthood… it is an energy first of all that is honest and revels in integrity. Good parents are like good oak trees… they stand solid and their roots are firm and deep in the ground… they stand tall and they reach the sky… their lives are full of abundance. Anyone having children with the thought that that will bring love to them is living in a fool’s paradise; children are a handful and a lot of work and a space must be created for a mother and child to bond… a family unit must be created… with the man creating a holding energy around his entire family in much the same way as the sun holds all the planets in space in their perfect place. The sun is the masculine and the earth is the feminine and the moon can be seen as the child. The child revolves around the mother as the earth revolves around the sun. That is how a father should be holding that beautiful space for his wife and family to revolve around him so that the woman can experience motherhood in safety and a secure environment and bring up the children so that they feel safe on planet earth.

This is a very dysfunctional world with many dysfunctional people. Having children whilst you operate in a dysfunctional manner just creates more and more dysfunction. With the new energies coming, more people are stepping into this new energy and working towards these goals. The energies of the younger people are very different to the families into which they are born and enlightenment will become much easier for them as these energies become anchored on planet earth. A family unit is intended to be like a ball of love… love in this instance is about respect, honesty, integrity, dignity and understanding the roles of men and women.

You who are working on yourselves will be allowed to reap more and more abundance. Money has been used as a tool to ensure that you do the work; it has been a part of your contract. As you become more enlightened you will find it much easier to work through issues… you will enjoy working through your issues. Money will become less and less important because it is more and more plentiful… you will see that the more your heart is open the more money and abundance you will have and the more likely you are to accept yourself as a woman in true womanhood or a man in the true sense of masculinity. The energies will be a given for a man to hold a woman in a sacred space where she can embrace her femininity and her womanhood.

Men and women are meant to be together here on this earth. You are allowed to experiment in your relationships in many, many different ways but boundaries have to be set and respected by all parties – masculine to the feminine and feminine to the masculine. The more enlightened you become the more functional your family unit will become and the more tolerant of each gender you will become. It won’t only be tolerance, it will also be intrigue and there will be a will to understand and explore many things that bring a deep sense of intimacy in your relationships, and a deep sense of love and reverence. When you are in a relationship of this manner you will feel true love not just for your partner but for yourself. The way that you handle your own relationship is by giving yourself a partner that can hold you in a space, either as a man or a woman that allows the true joy of a relationship of family life in a manner befitting to enlightened people. There will be an effective manner of conflict resolution where absolute respect between man and woman or husband and wife is maintained and understood. There is a great difference between men and women… men’s energy operates in a horizontal plane and women’s energy operates in a vertical plane. These are analogies to show you the difference. The more deeply connected to Spirit you are the more workable your relationships will become and you will find ways of understanding one another. Men and women speak different languages; a woman is connected to the feminine and therefore to the unknown, and a man to the masculine or to the known and these energies are inter-personal, inter-relational. The more connected to Spirit you are the more these energies will fit together like a beautiful jigsaw puzzle and will create a beautiful relationship between man and woman. It will be like a dance of Spirit where trust, honesty and loyalty are an integral part of the relationship.

Your dreams in a relationship of this nature will be equal… both husband and wife will have the same dream, wanting the same things. Spirit will see to it that these dreams are liveable and workable. The closer to Spirit you are the closer to manifesting your dreams you are. The energy in new relationships is also being anchored here. In order to really get in touch with this new energy Spirit is asking all to go to deeper and deeper levels of intimacy, trust, understanding, patience and communication. One of the greatest problems around communication is once again the energy of terror... where there is terror involved in your own life communication will be difficult.

Just allow this energy that affects your communication skills… see where it comes from… just follow that thread through time and space once again… see where this energy affects your communication and once again find the child that finds it difficult to communicate. Allow the child to express its deepest fears… you are being held in a container that is so tight, warm and solid tonight that these highest frequencies of fear are being released. Allow the child to express its fears around communication and let the child know that this is exactly how it’s supposed to feel when under whatever kind of threat. As it releases its fears, frustrations and anger allow the child to come into you heart and once again give it parents that can communicate in a beautiful and eloquent way… in absolute integrity, totally unshaken by circumstance.

Dear ones, this is the beginning of the end of terror on planet earth… the magnetics have been shifted… the energy is set.

Go well and God Bless for this is Kryon signing out.



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Kryon (South Africa)

Kryon (South Africa)

Planet Earth has been through a special experience is the last few thousand years: - the separation from God. Kryon is here to take you on the journey home, and to connect you with your inner divinity, for you are all magical beings of this universe, magnificent beyond your comprehension.


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