Replenishing the inner mother and father

Greetings Dear Ones, for I AM KRYON of Magnetic Service.

It is wonderful to be here this night. Amongst us is a group of healers with a very special challenge ahead of them. They are aware of the love surrounding each and every one of you. Your journey, as always, is into a special love, a very deep and meaningful love. Most of us have had a difficult relationship with our mothers and this makes life very challenging - but a challenge that can be overcome nonetheless. The absence of a mother’s love is a very deep and painful experience and the sooner we accept this reality and adjust, the more peaceful and productive our lives will become.

Mothers have a great deal of personal power, knowledge and understanding. This comes to them through the birth process. Each woman enjoys a consciousness that no one else or no other process can deliver to a human being. Love is the only answer and love is the only way. Obviously mothers are by far the most important thing to a child in early stages of development but the stronger and more resourceful a child becomes, the less dependant it is on its mother - if she has done her job properly. It’s always an awkward situation when a child leaves its mother’s arms and steps into the outside world but it should also be a proud moment - a mother’s job well done. Where there has been an absence of a mother in a child’s life - which can come about in many, many ways - the child may feel deeply insecure and not truly know how to nurture or nourish him or herself. The things that you never had in your life are the most difficult to heal or to give to yourself. It’s very difficult to understand and know what you’ve missed.

Of course you can look around and see what others have - and work out that they have what they have because their mothering was much better than yours. Whenever a person is in their personal power they can take on and work through whatever the Universe delivers. In the case of a person whose mother was absent or abusive this is much more difficult. To make things work in your own life will be virtually impossible. The child within will be totally terrified of women or the mother, or what the mother stands for. The child will feel empty and unable to live their dreams. It’s a difficult path for people to walk but love has its way. The Divine has a way of replenishing the inner mother and father and the wounded inner child inside you. There’s always a way through this. To become conscious and aware is the greatest gift you can give to yourself. When some mothers stamp their authority on their children, disciplining them in a harsh way, are they aware of the damage that can be created within the child? This kind of behaviour can create problems in learning and turn a child into a rabbit that sits in the middle of the road staring at the headlights coming straight at it. It is the most tender, gentle and sensitive aspect of your own inner child that gets wounded first, that gets shut down in these abusive situations. The more it goes on the more of yourself you shut down, turn away and switch off.

Tonight is the time to switch-on some of those parts that you closed down in your childhood; you are now strong enough to contain these soft, sensitive, gentle energies. Strong enough to hold that space with sensitivity that will make you psychic and see the world in a very different manner. It’s all about loving and caring for yourself enough. Let this part of yourself, this soft, tender animal back into your psyche. This is the part of you that can love, cherish and adore not only yourself but someone else, someone special who may want to be part of your life.

So, close your eyes and come into your bodies and feel yourselves in your bodies. Feel your feet deeply connecting with Mother Earth and your crown chakra connecting with the heart of the Great Central Sun and Father Sky. You are being held in a beautiful womb of energy – a feminine energy. Within this space you are the masculine manifesting here on earth. The womb is soft, round and curved and you manifest yourself one step at a time, in a straight line, but not always facing the same direction.

Be in this cocoon of feminine energy, be masculine and manifest within this energy. Let love flow into this cocoon of light and into your own masculinity (whether you are male or female you still have a masculine side). Relax, feel comfortable and safe. The feminine always nurtures the masculine and where a woman has a father who’s not very powerful in his masculine behaviour, it will prove difficult for her to be the mother of a child. She needs to learn much from her own father, who is strong and present. Initially, in our development, the father should always sit in the crown chakra, the third eye and the throat chakra and the mother should always sit in the lower three chakras – solar plexus, sacral and the base. If your energy is configured any other way you will find it very difficult to manifest life on earth. The father figure within you can only connect to Father Sky and the mother figure can only truly connect to Mother Earth. The process is to slowly but surely resolve all issues with your father and your true connection to Father Sky - the same with your mother. Slowly but surely your inner mother dissolves and becomes Mother Earth and you become a beautiful child that walks between heaven and earth and brings heaven to this earth. On the right hand side is the masculine and the left the feminine.

For a few moments let your energy configure in such a manner so that you feel what you will - true healing can only begin when your energies are configured in such a fashion. If your energies have another configuration, your healing process will be like walking uphill - it will be difficult and it will be completely unsustainable. Truly sustainable healing can only be effected when your energies are configured in this manner. Almost instantaneously you will begin to feel stronger, more resolute and more resolved… as long as there is no power struggle within you, such as your mother struggling to take the place of your father in your head and your father walking away from his responsibilities. Slowly but surely your healing will configure this energy and the relationship between your inner mother and father will get better and stronger. The more safe and secure this relationship becomes, the more secure the inner child within you will feel.

Feel the shift of energy within. Everyone in this room is shifting right now to that configuration of energy. You are all being deeply supported by Spirit here tonight and there is much love for all of you.

Should you have come from a family where the mother is dominant and the father absent you will have copied this configuration of energy within yourself – you chose to copy it that way but you can also choose to undo it and replace the configuration as it should be. This is the planet of free choice. Initially, as a child, you made an unconscious decision to let your father be absent within you and your mother dominant. All of you in this room tonight have made a conscious choice to let their energies be configured in such a fashion.

Dear ones, your Spirit Guides are at your feet. They are here this night in love, awe and honour of the work that you have done and that you are continuing to do. You are all headed to a new world and a new state of being. The new world demands that your energies are configured in such a fashion – you father in your top three chakras and your mother in the lower. The masculine energy on the right and the feminine on the left. Be in the space that makes the mother and the father equal. They both carry different energies and handle different situations and they are both created to do different work internally and externally. Men and women each have their own work to do and both jobs are of equal importance. The children are to be nurtured and loved and held in a safe space. The man must meet all the woman’s needs to ensure that the mother of the child can do so. Often children are born and the parents are disappointed with the sex of that child. Some parents want a boy while others may want a girl… and often the child buys into this – girls become tomboys and boys become sissies. Maybe the boys choose to please their mothers and the girls their fathers. Whatever the reason, it is yet another hurdle you they to overcome.

If you felt that either your mother or father wanted a child of the opposite sex, and as a child you bought into it, just allow yourself to feel that energy. Perhaps your mother could not handle having a boy child – maybe the mother hated men and the father hated women. Whatever your decision, acknowledge it for it cannot be reversed. Let the energy in your body manifest, release and clear. Let love flow through your bodies and expand. Let it flow to where it’s needed most. Love is light and light is love. Whenever you light up a dark space within your own psyche you will always be surprised at what’s inside for there will always be many, many gifts in the darkness for you to receive. If the darkness lingers, it will eventually create sickness. The pain will be the stick and the gifts the carrot. You might have done things in your life one particular way but who is to say that way is right? Perhaps there’s another way, there usually is. Remember, there’s always an answer to our problems - an answer filled with integrity and rightness.

Now, let love flow into and expand throughout your bodies. Let it create more space between yourselves and remember this is not about your parents loving you, this is about you loving you. It’s about you loving yourself enough to become exactly who you are meant to be. You don’t have to dance to anyone else’s tune on this planet, only your own. If your dreams or spirit have been broken by an abusive childhood, know that this is not the end. There can still be love in your lives. This is possible. Your parents are no longer your parents for you are now a parent and you can change the way that you nourish and nurture yourself. You can choose the way that you do things for yourself and the way you think about yourself. Imagine your parents together and observe the way they are acting – their behaviour and how they treat each other. If badly, you will most likely do the same. Whatever their behaviour is toward one another, no matter how secretive, manipulative or even loving, you will almost certainly copy this behaviour. Your parents are inside of you now so allow them to sit in a magical ball and let Kryon or your special angels (Mother Mary and Christ or whoever you like to work with) heal their behaviour. Deep within there may be a terrified child that won’t allow your parents to function in a good way. If there is such a child inside your parents you can create another magical ball and let the terrified child jump out of your parents and into the safe ball where Merlin the magician will take care of it. Terror is the base of all dysfunction. The beautiful aspects of human beings are like gentle, white, fluffy and loving animals and often these are the first things that suffer abuse. These aspects of a human being get lost in a manic world. You dream of the gentleness, softness, warmth, and caring of the family but in order to manifest this within yourself, you have to manifest it first within your inner parents and heal them so that they are strong enough to hold the space of such softness, tenderness and beauty.

Let the magic happen – allow your parents to heal and the terrified child within to step into that magical ball where Merlin will release them. Let your mother and father slowly but surely heal from the inside out. It is imperative that your parent’s energy is configured with the father in the top three chakras and the mother in the lower three. When your energy is not configured in such a fashion it leads almost to madness. When the world comes at you with something you don’t want to see or don’t know how to handle, it can create volcanic anger and rage. This anger and rage is there to protect either the terrified child within or the mother if the top three chakras have been configured. A mother cannot handle the energy in the same way a father would. So, see to it that the energy in the inner mother and father is also configured accordingly so that once again it is safe and secure for the inner child. And remember, let love flow.

Tonight you will become exactly who you are meant to be and live your life as you have dreamed it. You can become your dream and manifest your reality thereby stepping into your unconditional truth. If you are strong and powerful you can do Divine work but if you are weak and quiver like a leaf in the wind, the work cannot be done. We cannot emphasise this enough - your energy has to be configured in this manner so that you can hold the space that life has in store for you and embrace it in a kind, caring and loving way.

Dear Ones, this is Kryon speaking as never before and sharing the secret of your energy, something that has been withheld by powerful people in religion for many thousands of years. The world’s sacred sites reveal that the feminine nurtures the masculine but the masculine always holds the feminine. Take for instance St. Peter’s square in Rome. You will notice that the square is shaped like a womb which is feminine. At the centre of the square is an obelisk, the symbol of the masculine.

It is for you to nurture, care for and hold your own masculine. Your masculine on the inside is a reflection of what you will manifest in your life on the outside. There is a consciousness that is all-powerful and this controls the planet. It may seem a little abstract right now, but we ask you to accept this feeling and be in the abstract. Be aware of holding your own masculine within yourself and know that if you nurture and love your own masculine you will be able to manifest your dreams on this earth.

You are all great creators and creation requires energy. If there is a war going on inside of you relating to your childhood or if your parents’ relationship wasn’t good then nurture and love yourself. Ensure that your parents are in this configuration and that they slowly but surely heal. Watch as the relationship between your parents becomes good and loving. All manifestation comes with the merging of the masculine and feminine energies. Father is the masculine, mother the feminine and the child is in-between.

Eventually the child will resolve all issues with its mother and father and be tapped directly into the energy source of Mother Earth and the wisdom of Father Sky. This child will have the energy to manifest whatever it dreams. At the moment much energy is being used to suppress anger and deal with the bad patterns of living and communicating. You will lie to yourself and not admit the truth. The throat chakra and the second chakra are directly connected – whatever you say you create. The spoken word is part of creation. Say what you are thinking and feeling and actually do it… otherwise all the energy will be wasted. There is nothing that you can dream about that you cannot do. Anything and everything on this planet is possible.

The feminine is the unknown and the masculine the known. It is about stepping into a new reality, a new level of truth, a new level of honesty. Every single person on this planet has parents. Recreate your parenting within yourself through Divine love. Send love to your parents and create a new way of nurturing and nourishing and protecting yourself. Be aware of your space and the child within you will slowly come back to wholeness and oneness. There will be times when the child will need to express its rage or anger. There will also come a time when you become more conscious that the mother can once again hold the child within you. The child will be safe and secure and grow up to be well adjusted, focused, positive and powerful. The child will be able to create its own reality in a very honest way. The gentle softness of love is the way. You owe it to yourselves. You have come so far and owe yourself this love. Just knowing it is there within you is enough to allow that special person to come into your life. Treat others as you would yourself. Remember emotion is the unmanifested dream. Emotion is inside you and what you wish to manifest is on the outside. As you clear and release your negative emotions you will have more energy to manifest your dreams.

Go well and God Bless for this is Kryon signing out. Thank you.



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Kryon (South Africa)

Kryon (South Africa)

Planet Earth has been through a special experience is the last few thousand years: - the separation from God. Kryon is here to take you on the journey home, and to connect you with your inner divinity, for you are all magical beings of this universe, magnificent beyond your comprehension.


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