"Temple of Rejuvenation (Group Meditation)"

Close your eyes, and allow your soul into your body. Your soul is all around you, so breathe it in and allow for a soul connection.

Now open your heart to each and every member of the circle and allow unconditional love to flow from your heart to the rest of the group, and then allow yourself to receive love from the rest of the group. This can happen purely by intent, as humanity finds it very difficult to receive. If you cannot receive or you have the issue of receiving, you will not be able to receive your abundance. If your heart is resisting the receiving of this unconditional love from the rest of the group, then allow your heart to be opened and allow this unconditional love to gently wash the resistance away. Stay with this feeling of your heart being cleared, and open.

Allow the energy to swirl in a clockwise motion, clearing and clearing, as the energy shifts. Allow your energy to rise and your vibrations to rise, and take your energy higher and higher, and at the same time, connecting to Mother Earth through your base chakra, feeling your feet anchored strongly to the ground. Allow the energy to flow through your feet and through your base chakra, connecting you more and more strongly to Mother Earth.

Now connect all your other chakras with each member of the circle.

Start by connecting with the Divine through the crown chakra. Allow the Divine Love to flow to and fro. Where there is a feeling of resistance in your body allow the energy to clear and allow your vibrations to increase higher and higher, higher and higher and allow yourselves to connect with the Great Central Sun through your crown chakra and through your heart chakra. Give intent to connect with Mother Earth through your heart chakra and through your base chakra.

And now, open the third eye, the intuitive centre and as you connect with each member of the group, bring your own intuition, your own truth, to the circle.

Now, open the communication chakra, the throat and allow clear communications between you and the rest of the circle, a clear understanding and a clear knowledge. Communicate in truth.

There is a chakra between the throat and the heart, the thymus gland, the chakra of the new age. Set the intent that this chakra be opened and allow it to start moving. This will strengthen your immune systems.

Now, connect with your solar plexus. Allow true feeling into your solar plexus and allow it to cleanse the emotion. Acknowledge the emotion that is there and bring in the feeling, the true guidance. Allow Love into your solar plexus and let your soul see any feelings or any emotion that is there.

And now connect through your second chakra, the sacral, centre for creativity, for love of the opposite sex, sex itself and money. Allow a feeling of creativity to flow to and from each member of the circle.

Also connect through the base chakra and allow a connection to Mother Earth. Bring a feeling of well being, belonging and of enthusiasm into your body.

There are other chakras on the feet, on the knees, under the arms directly opposite the heart and the hands. Allow all these chakras to connect with the rest of the group. Allow the energy to start rising higher and higher, giving and receiving the energy from all these chakras. Ask your guides for assistance, if needed.

And now, through the centre of the group, there is a column of light connecting the heart of Mother Earth and the heart of the Great Central Sun. What has been constructed here is the temple of rejuvenation that was practised in the days of Lemuria, the true temple of rejuvenation.

Whatever your issues are, throw them into the centre of the circle and allow the energy to take your issues away, and to bring you the answers. Set the intent to have all issues in your own life resolved. Whatever your dreams are, allow the fears to surface that keep your dreams being dreams and not reality. Allow yourself the courage to step into those fears. Now place your dreams into the centre of this circle and ask for emotional healing and mental clarity, sobriety, to receive abundance, to walk into whichever dreams you choose.

Now take yourselves to the heart of the Great Central Sun and allow your vibrations to rise and rise, and whatever sensations come into your body, allow your soul to see them and release them. As your vibrations rise, the lower vibrations will create sensations within your body. Acknowledge the emotions and release them.

As your vibrations go higher and higher, you will uncover more and more emotion. This temple of rejuvenation is allowing your vibrations to increase higher and higher so that you can feel your emotions, acknowledge them, and release them.

Leave the heart of the Great Central Sun now and move to the Kryon energy. You will find a change of energy as you move. Allow your soul to see whatever sensations the change has brought up, acknowledge and release them. Once again, whatever issues you have in your lives, ask Kryon for the answers.

Now go to the heart of Mother Earth and let Mother Earth welcome you and release the loneliness and the longing that at a deeper level you have for your home planet. You have brought many gifts with you, open your hearts and share these gifts with Mother Earth. While you're here on the Earth Plane, it is a challenge to learn to love, and to enjoy love. The Kryon teachings are all about having fun here on the Planet Earth, finding love, joy, excitement and ecstasy in your lives. Go deeper and deeper into the heart of Mother Earth and, once again from an earthly perspective, ask for advice on whatever issues you are dealing with. If there are any feelings still in your body, allow Mother Earth to take a look and to work with these feelings, these emotions. Acknowledge and release them.

When you are ready, come slowly back to normal waken consciousness…



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Kryon (South Africa)

Kryon (South Africa)

Planet Earth has been through a special experience is the last few thousand years: - the separation from God. Kryon is here to take you on the journey home, and to connect you with your inner divinity, for you are all magical beings of this universe, magnificent beyond your comprehension.


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