The blanket of love

Greetings Dear Ones for I AM KRYON of Magnetic Service. It is wonderful to be here with you all in Salzberg this night, this very night. There is much love in the air and there is much change. Change is coming but all the change that comes is for the better. The change will come with love. Love is the only answer, love is the only way. There are becoming more and more problems on this planet. As the population of the earth plane grows it creates many, many problems and the way that the earth is run at the moment, the way of life, is no longer sustainable. There is a new shift of energy coming.

A shift first of all into Christ consciousness and the next shift is into a consciousness with no name but it will be consciousness where all creation is created through love.

As you go through your healing processes and you become clear you will no longer be creating through negative emotion. There is logic in healing and the more and more you heal yourself the more you will understand. You will understand the logic behind the healing for there is logic in love and logic in healing. The more skilled you become at healing yourself the easier your healing will go. Healing means to make whole; and by definition we are all fragmented. It is a step by step process to heal the fragmented inner child. This healing can only happen through love, through loving yourself, through concentration and understanding, by allowing Spirit to flow through your body. Spirit will regenerate your body. Allow yourselves and your DNA to flow. Love is the only way.

Close your eyes and allow spirit to enter this room. Your spirit guides are at your feet and the angelic realm is becoming more and more present. Allow your hearts to open to everybody in the room sending and receiving love to and from everybody in the room. Allow the love to flow connecting with each other, with the Divine for you need the love of spirit to enjoy a functional life. We always say in these channellings love is the only way, love is the only answer. So let the love flow like the Salzag flows through Salzberg, just let the love flow. Let the feelings come and let the feelings go… be with yourself, take time out to feel yourself, feel what it feels like to be you… life is a feeling not an intellectual process. What you are feeling you will create, what you are not feeling you won’t create. When you are feeling love you will create a loving reality, when you are feeling angry you will create an angry reality, when you feel hurt you will create a hurtful reality. So take the time to observe your feelings, and let the feelings come and let the feelings go. We say once again; life is a feeling not an intellectual process.

We are here this night, this very night to take you into a new world, a world where love flows. You never see the Salzag stop; but human beings stop the flow of their love and the reason for this is the inner child. The fragmented wounded inner child is hurt or full of fear, often fear stops the flow of love. All wounding is surrounded around the energy of love. Observe yourself, observe your breath, and feel your feelings. Allow the love to flow… let the love flow through your heart into the heart of everybody in the room and receive love from everybody in the room. Allow your vibrations to go higher and higher and higher. You are all being lifted into a new vibration of love this night, this very night and you are being fully supported by spirit world. Feel the thickness of the spirit around you, feel Spirit descending on you like a spiritual blanket. Letting the feelings come and letting the feelings go, just being with yourself, loving yourself.

You are being led into a world of change. But first of all the change must happen on the inside. Emotions create thoughts which create your reality. Thoughts create emotions which create your reality. Once again let the feelings come and let the feelings go. Let the love flow, let the love come and let the love go. As you let the love come and let it go then more can come and more can go and the love will expand in your body. For the journey of life is to be creating out of pure love and the new energy, that I as Kryon bring, is co-creation in pure love. You are creating consistently 24 hours a day and you are creating out of love and out of negative emotion at the same time. Allow the love to flow and drop deeper and deeper and deeper into your bodies and where you feel any pain in your bodies just place your awareness, or maybe any negative emotion. At the core of your pain or negative emotion you will find a wounded aspect of your inner child. Let the feelings come and let the feelings go.

The time has come for the new world to enter your bodies and we want your vibration high for the vibration of the new world is a high vibration, a love filled vibration, a vibration where you can create a new world for yourself. So allow this new world to flow into your bodies. The new world is going to flow into your body from right to left so just feel this new world coming into your bodies… and as this new energy comes into your bodies it will dissolve the old energies that no longer support the new world.

The time has come Dear Ones, to live your life in a different way for too much creation happens through anger, through hurt, through resentment. Allow this energy of the new world to flow through your bodies, cleansing, releasing and purifying your bodies, allowing the love to flow from left to right. Allow yourself to think of a personal problem and allow this new energy of the new world to flow through this problem. All a problem is is an absence of love… you are being taken into a new world, a new existence. You are already creating your own new reality but more and more of your reality will be created out of pure love. So as your problem releases allow your dream to manifest. Think of a dream you wish to manifest and allow this new energy to flow into your dream, energizing your dream… whatever your dream is. Your dream and is only a dream because of fear… your dream would be manifest if it weren’t for fear, so allow this new energy to flow through the fear and allow it to release and dissolve the fear. Just be with yourselves in this moment… and feel what you feel.

We are going to raise the vibration in the room even more so you can see what the new world will look like. Allow you vibrations to go higher and higher and higher. There is much fear of this new world and also much hope of the new world. Just hand over the hope and the fear as your vibrations rise. Allow the vibrations to rise, allowing your energies to be cleansed and purified… observe the new world from the TV screen of your inner mind and let the love flow… let the love flow into this new world and in this new world observe your parents and your children for this new world belongs to you. It is a new world where you will co-create your world with Spirit and you will have much more energy. One of the simple reasons for this is that so much or your energies are negative and they are against your dream in this present moment. This reason for this is the wounded inner child and this inner child needs to be seen and needs to be healed.

Dear Ones, we are entering a time where so many people have done so much work and now those of the new age that have done that work are beginning to break through into the new world. Soon there will be enough that have made the change that will change mass consciousness and this is going to happen very shortly and when this happens a blanket of love will descend over the planet cleansing and purifying all of humanity and we allow this blanket to descend over you, this small group here in Salzberg this night this very night. Allow this blanket of love to descend and cleanse and purify your energies and just feel the feeling, feel this blanket of love descend and flow all over you.

This night, this very night, we are releasing from your energies the energies of destruction and bringing this energy of destruction into balance. Sometimes you need to break something down to rebuild it but too often on the earth plane the energy of destruction is used for the wrong reasons. So allow the release of the energy of destruction from your bodies… allow yourselves to feel your bodies and be in this space and just know that you can always have this vibration… In a short period of time you will be able to hold and maintain this energy, for the love is beginning to flow like a mountain stream, your hearts are being opened so the flow can continue, a continuous flow. So feel the flow of love through your hearts without this stop/start energy… with this energy your healing will become so much easier… allow the love to flow.

You are the love, become the love, just be the love and observe your life from this new dimension. What would you do differently in your life from this vibration?

Allow the love to flow and observe your new life, the new world, and become that world… in this moment you are that world…

For Dear Ones, this is Kryon signing out. Go well, God bless and take care. Thank You.


I AM ROSE 1st August 2009 9:46 pm

Kryon and David.
Heart to Heart Love for this amply timed message for me.
Love is the key.
Love is the answer.
Love can build bridges between Hearts.
My Inner child is Embracing and Melding this Simple Truth.
In Love and Gratitude.
I AM ROSE :smitten:


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Kryon (South Africa)

Kryon (South Africa)

Planet Earth has been through a special experience is the last few thousand years: - the separation from God. Kryon is here to take you on the journey home, and to connect you with your inner divinity, for you are all magical beings of this universe, magnificent beyond your comprehension.


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