The Dark side of the Moon

Greetings Dear Ones for I AM KRYON of Magnetic Service.

Once again it is wonderful to be with you all this very night in Marina da Gama. There is much love in the air as much as there is trouble in the air. The energies have been very difficult over the last few months if not the last eighteen months. This difficult shift of energy is slowly but surely coming to an end and you will begin to find relief by the end of August. New energies are on their way and you will have cleared from within yourself whatever you needed to clear as long as you were working on yourself arduously. It is important that you work on yourself with a clear conscience with true understanding of where you are going.

There is a new world coming but a new world means there is change and change is always difficult to administer, overcome and step into. There are many on the planet in positions of power whose lives are what they want their lives to be but of course there are the poor and those people whose lives aren’t what they want them to be and there is a collision on its way of these two levels of consciousness, two different types of people. In Western Europe and the United States the standard of living and quality of life is much better than you can expect in other parts of the world, at least money wise. These two areas contain most of the wealth on the planet but things are slowly but surely changing as other nations in the southern hemisphere begin to understand the art of manifestation and understanding.

Of course as the new powers of India and China become more and more wealthy also wanting to become more material orientated, the balance of power gently but surely shifts on this planet. There are problems with food shortages, raw material shortages and oil prices rising higher and higher and many difficulties that were never expressed or realised before. On the way too there is a new level of consciousness. There is also a new level of consciousness approaching us from the west. Many people are following a more spiritual path – meditating, praying and many different types of holistic therapy and this is catching on quite quickly and is disturbing for organised religion and religion that has been around for a long time.

There is much truth in what the organised religions have said but Christ was to bring through the energy of a new era and somewhere along the line this new era never really happened. It was Christ himself who predicted that it would be mankind who would perform far greater miracles than he ever performed, this has not really happened and it has definitely not happened en masse.

The planet has changed and much technology has arrived on this planet since 2000 years ago. Also consciousness has changed and at certain periods in the history of man, and the planet, consciousness has changed as we’ve gone from one era to another to another, from one age to another.

At the moment we are stepping into a new age, the Age of Aquarius. There is a problem in taking this new step and that is that the step into Pisces was never completed. There were certain energies and forces on this planet that blocked the way to true Christ energy flowing into man’s consciousness. A great power base has been built on this planet as a result with a few people controlling most of the wealth on the planet and also controlling most of the people on the planet. As much as the west seems to be free, it is not totally free although in a way it is much freer than other parts of the world but in other ways it is much less free because of social conditioning.

When one dissects the words “freedom” and “liberty” and what they really mean one must question: “are you really free in the west?” The answer to that must be a resounding “no”. On the other hand one must question “are we better off in the west than our counterparts in the east?” Financially one could answer “yes”. Money is not everything. There has to be true inner peace, there has to be true joy and freedom and then you really know what freedom and peace are, what your own power is, how you really love yourself.

The west is a little bit disturbed by the goings on in India, China, Brazil and South Africa and other emerging nations around the globe for this mean less control in the hands of the west. What does this mean on an individual basis? It means if the USA has problems with its economy it no longer affects everybody in the world, it affects a lot of people but these new economies are holding a different energy an energy that is not reliant on the United States or western Europe to drive their economies. Their economies are becoming stronger and stronger and in a way this is creating safety on the planet, for the power base around the globe is shifting even though one has global companies there is still a shift of power.

Some time ago we predicted that the US dollar would be valued at much less than it was a few years ago and this is so. The Euro for instance is much more powerful against the dollar than it was and also many of the other currencies around the world. This slide in the value of the dollar will continue to happen. As long as manufacturing for the US is done offshore then there will be a slow and gentle reduction in the value of the US dollar. That is not to say that the US will become a poor country – far from it, but there will be people deeply affected by what is happening not only in the US but also in Western Europe where the standard of living will begin to reduce for certain people. It will create social problems in these nations where there was none before.

There is also a different energy in the nations of India, China, Brazil and South Africa. There is a major shift of energy coming to these nations. This shift of energy is to bring more and more peace to the planet, more structure and more balance. The peoples of the west will feel fear around this happening but it will happen anyway.

Fear is the opposite of love and as always in these Kryon channellings we have spoken about emotions and fears and how these things control your life. There are great misgivings in the teaching of Christianity. There are great flaws in these teachings for there are great absences of wisdom and knowledge. Of course before the years of Christ, 2000 years ago, Europeans were pagans and there has been a conversion from people being pagan to being Christian but many, many secrets of the pagan people have been lost in this transition to Christianity. Many of these secrets brought freedom, many of these secrets brought love. All your Greek mythology is a journey to love and to power, explaining the gods and humanity. The coincidence of Jesus Christ and the Roman Empire happening together created two opposing forces. These were two opposing forces within the Roman Empire for what was the Roman Empire eventually became the west and so much of our language is still from the Latin and so much of our understanding of life comes from that particular era. There had been great days in Rome, great surges of consciousness flowed through Rome but no longer, not for a few hundred years have we experienced great surges of consciousness arriving to the west through the energies of Rome. It is as if there is some form of vacuum holding consciousness at bay.

There is a big difference between consciousness and technology. Technology can teach consciousness but consciousness is not technology. Consciousness is about human life, how we live, how we love, how we relate, how we express on an individual basis as much as a national basis. Technology has overcome the pursuit of consciousness. Of course these two are not the same yet they can walk and march side by side but the more conscious you are the less technology you need. Technology is taking people away from their consciousness. It is creating barrenness, emptiness and sadness within the hearts and souls of man. It is creating an elite on this planet, an elite that controls most of the planets resources whereas before technology it was not possible.

Dear Ones, there is much love in the air, there is much change and we can expect a great change in leadership and a great change in direction.

We will speak of this split within the Roman Empire because there is great division in this world still today and this split is within the hearts and souls of men otherwise it would never have manifested, but there is a part of man so connected to Spirit, that loves Spirit and wants to be with Spirit and experiences so much of life through Spirit – be it through the abuse of alcohol, abuse of drugs or through natural processing through meditation and prayer and through religious outpouring. Another aspect of man is that part that just can’t believe in God, it just doesn’t trust God because of the pain that has been inflicted on humankind. Those who have felt the most pain are the most resistant to the Divine.

In the 2000 years since Christ the word “belief” should have transcended into “knowing”. When we speak of belief we mean believing in God to knowing God. It is possible to know your God, your Creator. Deep within our bodies there are dark spaces, spaces that don’t believe in God and don’t trust God, that are angry with God.

On the other side of things there are those aspects of humanity who are truly addicted to Spirit in one way or another, the great escape on planet earth – to escape your duties, all the mundane duties of your life, to escape the absence of love in your life. It is quite easy to leave your bodies and go to the Spirit world and be blank and absent here on planet earth but this aspect of your nature is absence, is spaceyness, is due to fear in your bodies. It is a lack of connection through the base charka to Mother Earth. The art of mothering is not what it should be. On this planet there is no greater value than the value of a woman and the value of a mother. The value of motherhood has diminished over the years and over the centuries and today young mothers with young, young children put their babies in the crèche or kindergarten and go out to work not really respecting the damage that will be done to their children. A child needs its mother always, always, always. A child needs to be close to its mother at all times. It needs to feel safe and secure. It needs to feel wanted. It needs to feel loved. Whatever the reason should the mother be away from the child, be it for a few hours a day that child will feel abandonment, rejection and a whole host of other issues and that child will one day be an adult and one day create abandonment, rejection and hurt and whatever other wounds it creates through the absence of the mother. This will be so, but this also sets up a dichotomy. How are we to learn the importance of mothering if we don’t understand the absence of mothering?

Dear Ones, Dear Ones you can no longer go along this route of mothers going out to work and leaving young children in the hands of others. There is no love in that. It has become a very awkward mixed up situation on planet earth with the masculine and the feminine, with the roles between man and woman, and of course everybody wants to be free, everybody wants liberty. Every man wants to be free to earn his wage and do what he wants with his own money. The woman feels the same way. Every woman wants her freedom but when a man and a woman choose to have a child there has to be freedom in that choice, there has to be responsibility in that choice.

If a woman chooses to be a mother then that is her destiny and a life choice and she will feel freedom in being a mother. If a man chooses to be a father then he will feel free being a father, he will feel freedom in fatherhood but if things are done for the wrong reasons there will be no freedom. You will have to fight for your freedom, fight in a very, very different way.

We speak of the inner world Dear Ones, always in these channellings; we speak of the inner world. What is on the inside we create on the outside and unconscious parenting can only but create unconscious children and we in the new age really understand the pain of unconscious parenting. Parenting is not for the young uninitiated unconscious because we are all born unconscious. Consciousness comes with age not the new age, just with age. As you grow older you become wiser. What that means is that your inner masculine becomes stronger and stronger, enough to contain the inner feminine. The more feminine you contain the more wise you are, the more loving you are, the more unafraid you are, the more capable you are of living your dreams, the more capable you are of living at peace in a relationship, of being able to speak your truth and hear another persons truth.

In a relationship you have to speak the truth and you also have to be strong enough to hear your partner’s truth, it might not be what you want to hear. A true journey to consciousness is through conscious parenting, through whole people having whole children, through whole people meeting whole people, through a whole woman meeting a whole man and creating whole children. This is the consciousness that the new age brings, this is the consciousness that came with Christ. It should be very obvious to see that that consciousness never really flowed. There is much hurt, pain and sadness on this planet. There is a distinct absence of love and a joining together in the true sense between the masculine and feminine, man and woman experiencing deep meaningful love, sexual love or unconditional love or just love in its purest form. It is the greatest subject on earth; it is the greatest dream for everybody, to know how to love – to find someone to love and to find someone to love you.

What does this mean to love someone and have someone love you? It means integrity, it means honesty, it means sincerity, it means listening, it means holding, it means understanding, it means caring, it means oneness, it means loving, loving is what it means and living and loving is what it is. It is to hold a space for yourself to be exactly who you are, to give to yourself exactly what you want.

Dear Ones, this planet has come a long way. The consciousness of man has come a long, long way but there are hidden energies tripping you up along this journey not being forthright and not being truthful. These energies are claiming your power. You are pre-programmed since childhood to be powerless to accept the rule of authority. What you should be accepting is the love of God and know that your work is God’s work and doing Divine work will make you happy. Doing Divine work will bring love and joy and freedom to your hearts. Who will give this energy a name? We will call it the number 13. We will give it a description. That description will be “the dark side of the moon.”

We ask you Dear Ones, to close your eyes and go inside. Deep inside yourself you will find the dark side of the moon. This is a feminine energy that is corrupt, not honest and not sincere yet it is bound in the hearts and minds of all humanity. We ask that you go deep into your bodies and connect with the dark side of the moon for “as within, so without.” There is no difference between the Universe outside – the sun, the moon, the stars, the lights. If you look closely enough at the way yourselves your DNA and your atoms are structured then you will see the same within. The moon in relation to the earth is the child. In relation to the earth the moon is feminine and the earth would be masculine. This may all sound a little esoteric but it surely is!

This energy on the dark side of the moon is a little saboteur that operates within the hearts and minds of every man and woman. Just allow yourself to connect with this energy and be with this energy. This is like the energy of the absence of the mother. This is the energy of a child that does not have a mother. If you have followed these channellings from the beginning you will begin to understand the relevance of the mother and the child. Inside you you have your inner mother that is the mother that is not the archetypal mother, it is the opposite. You have aspects of your inner mother that are opposite to the aspects of the archetypal mother. As inside of you you will have aspects of the child that are opposite to that of the magical child that lives within. The child that is healed and pure will create a reality through love, the child that is hurt and wounded will create a reality through malice and evil but this is the journey of man.

So we bring to your attention, Dear Ones, to this energy of the child that lives on the dark side of the moon, the dark side of the feminine. Allow this energy to move into your body and through your body. Take the time to observe what kind of a reality this has been creating in your lives… Once you start getting into touch with the feeling you know your healing is almost over, feeling and healing it rhymes. Once the feelings start coming and you become conscious of your feeling the healing starts happening. The trouble comes when you deny your feelings – suppression, repression and denial. Who is feeling what here? What does the child feel? Don’t deny yourselves the answer. Sit in this held space for the room is full of Spirit, connectedness, oneness. Your Spirit guides are at your feet in love and respect, in awe and in honour of the work that you are doing. They know that this night in your life is a very, very important step of the journey to consciousness. The dark side of the feminine merging with the dark side of your inner child creates a formidable union creating only the worst of scenarios.

So allow the feelings to come and allow the feelings to go. If you see darkness inside, within the darkness you will see the dark side of the moon and the dark side of your inner child. There will always be a dark side to the moon but it is not necessarily true of the child for this child has fallen under the influence of the dark side of the moon which creates a reality that flows from within and manifests in the physical world. Dear Ones, this is the energy that walks alongside the Roman Church. This is the energy that keeps it in power but good always, always, overcomes evil. Evil is live spelt backwards. There are evil connotations to evil but it is best seen in the light of evil is life spelt backwards – it is anti-life. That is the energy of the wounded inner child and that is how it expresses itself; that is how you see the wound in the child through the bad things happening in your life. Once you become conscious of this wound that is inside yourself, that wound can be opened, cleaned, healed and transformed to a magical new reality but there is great difficulty healing a child that is hidden behind the moon and lives only in the dark. There are great complexities. There is a great lack of trust between the child and yourself and yourself and the child. The problem comes when you as adults don’t know how to handle such an aspect of the inner child in fact not even know that one lurks there for lurk is the correct term or phrase for that is what the child is doing it is lurking, revelling, having fun on the dark side of the feminine. Together, the dark side of the feminine and the dark side of the child create more and more darkness and more misery in your lives.

Dear Ones, whatever we become aware of it the healing process has begun. Later this month there is an eclipse of the sun and the moon; this eclipse symbolises the end of this relationship between the dark side of the inner child and the dark side of the inner feminine. It is like a trap for all who carry this energy it is almost impossible to see, but this lunar eclipse symbolises the end of this energy and a new energy will be moving forward and that is the energy of the healed child always knowing that the feminine has a dark side but the masculine will be strong enough to hold that feminine. The masculine will also be wise enough to put that dark side of the feminine where it belongs and no longer allow the seduction of the masculine by the dark side of the feminine.

Seduction might be fun in your teenage and early years but seduction is not a clean energy unless the intentions are absolutely pure. When you arrive at that state of consciousness then you will ask for what you want and you will get it and it will be clean and it will be pure. There will be absolute honesty and absolute integrity. The deepest and most profound levels of love will be accessed. Inside everybody there is an inner masculine and an inner feminine. Inside everybody it is the masculine’s job to get stronger and stronger to contain the feminine. This containment of the feminine is the containment of life itself; it is the understanding of life. The bigger and more powerful your masculine the more and more feminine you can hold within the masculine.

There are two types of feminine. There is a feminine that can be held and there is a feminine that flows. The feminine that is held that is the one with which you manifest, it is what the masculine manifests with; it is purely by choice, not decision, choice, it is purely by choice that that feminine is held and contained by that aspect of your masculine. It is very important that you know this, for within choice there is freedom. If you take responsibility for the choices you have made you can be free, you can be free.

So let us allow the child that has lived behind the dark side of the moon for so long, it is time for you to do a little astral-travelling and go and capture that child, put it in your arms and look deep into his/her eyes and fill it with love, just fill the child with love through your own eyes. Let the love flow deeper and deeper and deeper taking you deeper and deeper and deeper than you have ever been inside yourself discovering more and more and more about yourself. That is the journey. The journey is to find out who you really are and who you are not. Just hold that child, that aspect of the inner child and love that child and hold that child sending more and more love at the same time to your inner masculine giving it the knowledge and the wisdom to discern the light side of the feminine and the dark side in all of her disguises, all of her games.

See that your masculine soul understands there is always a price to be paid for being seduced and what seduced means is having fun getting something that you don’t really want. Wherever you feel resistance in your body let the feelings come and let the feelings go.

Dear Ones, you are stepping into a new world, a new fantastic point of view, no one to say no or say you are only dreaming.

So this is Kryon wishing you all well as you are stepping into a new reality releasing behind you the number 13, the energy of the dark side of the moon coupled with the energy of the dark side of the inner child, releasing it with love and empowering your masculine to see seduction when it is coming and to know that it just won’t work.

Go well and God Bless for this is Kryon signing out.


Allison 3rd September 2008 2:29 pm

I am a mother. I consider it my second most important job, only being true to myself is more important. And that, in and of itself, allows me to be a great mother.

I disagree that leaving my children during the day will cause them to have issues as adults. We are always connected, my sons and I, even when I'm not right there. They feel comfortable in their environments and with their caretakers during the day. They are allowed to grow and learn in a different setting.

They will grow to be strong, independent men. They know what they mean to me, regardless of whether I work away from home or not.

kamilla 19th October 2008 7:44 am

thank you for most profound deep meaningfull message reaching to the heart of the mistery of existance. my inner feelings and knowledge have been confirmed, further thoughts and investigation encouraged. You simply showed me I am on the right Path. Many many Thankyous with my love :smiles: and Joy


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Kryon (South Africa)

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