The dawning of The New Age

Greetings Dear Ones for I AM KRYON of Magnetic Service.

It is wonderful to have you all here this very night for it is a warm summer’s night in February in Cape Town at the Marina da Gama and there is much love in the air. South Africa is changing and changing rapidly and the energies are running very, very quickly but have not been very easy to work with for the last few months.

There are big shifts of consciousness arriving on your doorstep. There is a new government coming to South Africa, a new state of being. It will take many people by surprise what happens in this country but there are great shifts happening on many different levels, in fact on all levels of consciousness in South Africa there are big changes coming.There are difficult times ahead for South Africa for change is never really easy and a lot of people enjoy the status quo for many, many different reasons. What you get used to is hard to let go of even if something better is on the plate it’s hard to let go of what you know, even when you are asked to step into a new consciousness of love.

There is a whole new world beckoning, South Africa in particular, on the continent of Africa. A completely new state of being for many, many people and for those of you who have been doing the work, for many of you your work will be coming to a close on certain levels, particularly levels of survival. A lot of work has been driven through fear of not having enough and this fear will gradually release throughout this year and abundance will begin to flow. South Africa will also reap abundance on many levels but as always those who have got will always reap more abundance than those who haven’t and those who have will always be challenged to give a part of their abundance to others less fortunate than themselves.

For some people it is very difficult if not impossible to reap abundance. Their consciousness is just not in place to be able to accept abundance and love. For some people life will always be a struggle. Some people will never be able in this lifetime to open their hearts to love because their childhood has been far too difficult and painful. They come to this planet with far too little experience in the realm of humanity and too many issues and certain people will always be suffering but then that is their journey, it’s their choice and this one must accept. To go and rescue this kind of person at your own expense will cost you dearly. It is not to say that we do not encourage you to help all peoples of the world but in helping someone else it is also wise to help yourself and whatever consciousness is born out of helping people less conscious than yourself it is always worthwhile hanging on to.

Yes Dear Ones, there is a great, great new world, a fantastic new consciousness arriving on this planet and the consciousness is that of pure undiluted love, a deep, deep Divine connection deep to your soul and your soul will connect directly to the Divine and will emanate Divine love from the core of your being outward releasing whatever is in your body that stands in the way of these emanations flowing from your body.

We have always said in these Kryon channellings that love is the only way and the time will come when you are creating out of pure undiluted love and these day are very, very close by. There is a new energy here, a new consciousness here, a new state of being here. What the Spirit world has promised you not only in these channellings from Kryon but in the oracles of old; in the Mayan mysteries, in certain books of the Bible, a new time is dawning and that age is where you will create out of pure love. In this age one can expect that once again the Gods will walk on this planet bringing a new age and a new status for every human being, whether elevated status or a lesser status but in truth nobody’s status in the new energy can be made any less than what it is.

The ripples of the work that you have done on yourselves over the past few years is being felt on this planet and it is as if you are like a pebble thrown into a still pond and the ripples of your new energy is being felt all around you and it is as if you are healing others totally automatically. Dear Ones, we are here at the dawn of a new era, a complete new world is beckoning.

Your energies are clearing and the love is filtering through into your hearts. With this new connection the love will flow from the outside inwards and it will flow from the inside outwards connecting, merging and manifesting more and more love, more and more brilliance and more and more light. There are new connections to be made in your energy field, a direct connection to Father Sky and a direct connection to Mother Earth. As you connect more and more deeply to Father Sky and Mother Earth the energies you connect with will make your inner mother and inner father totally conscious and you will parent yourself in such a beautiful intrinsical way.

As the inner child heals and as fragments of the child come together you will walk between heaven and earth as a magical child. You will live your truth. In this room this night you are all seeds of a new age and it is for you to germinate your seed and keep it growing with the Divine emanations of love. It is for you to receive the Divine energies, this constant flow of Divinity, flowing from within and flowing from without just like the sea on the seashore ebbing and flowing just allowing the love to ebb and flow in and out of your aura, in and out of your energy field sending, receiving, accepting and giving.

The more love you can receive from the Universe the more love you give to your life. Love is all around, it is what is in the empty spaces between the cells of your body and those empty spaces they are not empty they are full. Full of everything, full of the Divine, full of Divine thought, full of Divine will, full of Divine passion and full of Divine desire.

As you live this life and as you become more and more conscious, more and more of the Divine flows through you. It is for you to allow these Divine ideas to constantly flow from your heart and your aura into the world. Allow these ideas to manifest, this is the way in which your gifts come, allowing yourself to expand and contract but always expanding and expanding and allowing your mind to flow like a river becoming stronger and stronger so the flow can intensify.

There will come a time when your third eye is energised and you will see it as a sapphire or an emerald or a diamond, whatever your consciousness is. Your third eye will begin to rejuvenate and revitalise. You will receive the power of the Gods and you will become the power of the Gods.

There is only one way forward and that is into love, into consciousness, into a whole new world. You will have a myriad of fantastic points of view. No one will ever tell you “no you are only dreaming” for your dreams will begin to manifest almost instantaneously. Those that doubt won’t have the time to say no. The power and speed of manifestation will become so quick.

Yes Dear Ones, there is a brand new world waiting and as we speak we allow the room to fill with Spirit and your friends from the other side, from Spirit world, are at your feet they surround you in awe of how far you have come. There could even be the slightest of envy at the experience that you are all having here on the earth plane. This is your lifetime, this is your chance here on the planet to live your dreams and to step into your truth and become your God-self. You have the most amazing support that surrounds you in the etheric world, in the Spirit world. They want you to be whole, they want you to have everything, they want your dreams to come true. It is just for the asking. This new world is for the asking.

There have been times in the past where the Divine has walked this planet, when the consciousness of this earth was very different, it was much lighter and freer. The consciousness was very different and humankind has taken a fall in consciousness to the advantage of very few and in truth it is not really to their advantage but to the loss of the masses.

This new consciousness is about to be resurrected on this planet. A new consciousness where all are equal, all know God, where all step into an unbelievable truth. It will be unbelievable what happens on this planet in the next few years. From where you sit now to where you will sit in the next fifteen years your mind cannot stretch that far yet! Your minds are in process and they are clearing. Your minds are being purified. Your minds are being reconnected and this connection from your soul to the Divine will double your brain capacity but it will not be in an intellectual presentation that your mind operates at this new level, it will be a completely new form of intelligence.

It will be for all intents and purposes of this channelling a Divine intelligence that flows through your minds and your bodies to allow you to become who you chose to be in those fateful moments before you slid down that magical cord on your way from Spirit world here to this magical earth plane.

The earth plane may not look magical in this moment but there is room for magic and magic will happen on this earth plane. Great magic for the Great Ones will return. Men or gods like Merlin the magician will return and bring their consciousness to this planet and they will bring it in such a way that all human beings can be clear and understand this consciousness and lift the consciousness of this planet.

There are those who have lived as gods and demigods on this planet and they will also return to this earth and they will also come as teachers and bring us a new consciousness. Dear Ones, this is the dawning of a new age, THE New Age. This is Apocalypse now. There is no turning point. This is the way forward, there is no turning back. Those who think they can turn back they will only be walking forward not backwards.

The gap between yourselves and your DNA will begin to expand and the love will flow more and more through your bodies. Your organs will begin to do the job that they are supposed to do. Your heart will begin to love and your kidneys will begin to relate. Your adrenals will become great healers of your body. Your liver will become filled with fire and passion. No longer will they contain the negative emotion that is creating most peoples reality on this earth plane.

Once again mysticism will supersede science and the mystics who believed that the mind came first and matter second will once again become the leaders on planet earth. Mother Earth will celebrate this happening in many, many special ways. As Mother Earth begins to sense and to feel this new consciousness arriving she will definitely wish to celebrate and there will be a great gift for this planet, a gift of fertility, a gift of knowing God.

Everyone on this planet will come to know God. There is a great difference between knowing and believing. The energy of believing is shaky and shoddy and those that pretend to have faith – they pretend to have faith. There is no true thing as faith, what supersedes belief and faith is knowledge, is knowingness. When you know something you know it. When you know God you don’t need to have faith and you don’t need to believe, you just know. You can let all that wasted energy of faith and belief go by and there will be so much more energy for creating a life and a world that you truly want. This is what it is all about. It is about light, vibrations and energy. It is about love, it is about metamorphosis, it is about accepting the truth of who you really are, it is about challenging those beliefs and proving them either right or wrong. Either way that belief will stop being a belief and become knowledge, true knowledge.

There has been a great suppression over the last two thousand years of Divine knowledge because Divine knowledge can only really be carried in certain people who carry a certain energy. Those people are the ones who can turn belief into knowledge. It is not a journey for everyone. Everyone on this planet has many gifts to bring but there are a special group of people on this planet whose gift is to bring knowingness and to bring knowledge of God, the Divine to everyone on this planet. The way they do this is through a process of gnosis, challenging every belief and every emotion, every thought and bringing those thoughts, beliefs and emotions into absolute balance, purifying the body at all levels purifying the mind at all levels, becoming pure and becoming Divine, becoming love.

Dear Ones, this is your journey and love Dear Ones, is power of the Gods. When you stand in your power, you stand in love. When you stand in love you stand powerful and almighty.

So allow your eyes to close and allow love to flow. Allow your hearts to open. Allow yourself to find your soul at the core of your being. Allow the oneness and the love to come to you. You do not need to try to do this just allow it. There is no effort required, just allow it. This is your nature, your very nature is love.

Allow your very nature to emanate from the core of your being. Just let that nature flow through your body like sunlight flows onto the earth, like reflected sunlight bounces off the moon and flows onto the earth. Just be like Mother Earth and absorb these Divine emanations. In your natural state your selves and your emotions become calm and transparent, clear like a beautiful mountain lake. In the clarity, softness and expansion the love can fill you up. Fill you more and more and more till you overflow…

Just allow the love to flow, just let this new consciousness come to your soul and accept the Divine connection. In this energy you become multi-tasking. So at the same time as this is happening observe your third eye, pineal gland and your pituitary gland. Just allow them to light up, become like a precious stone. Depending on who you are and depending of what you are here to bring to the earth you may see these glands as a diamond or an emerald or a sapphire, maybe a ruby, whatever belongs to you belongs to you.

Just allow your third eye to energize, your pineal and pituitary glands to energize and to grow and expand. Allow the melatonin to flow into these glands through your mind, allowing your mind to expand and flow. Allow your minds to expand and flow into each other’s minds and into the Universe.

Where you have issues around your father allow these issues to present themselves and allow in the energy of love and forgiveness and surrender. Receive these energies in their pure form, not judging. Maybe at the same time have a little dialogue with your own father. Maybe there were times he wasn’t there for you, maybe there were times when he was absent, or maybe there were times that he punished you unjustly. Whatever the case maybe this can no loner be carried. Thank God for the miracle of forgiveness and allow it to happen. In this energy, the energy of your father and the relationship with your father is being purified and cleansed. The deeper you can forgive your father the more intrinsic your connection to the masculine Divine, Father Sky, to all that is wisdom and to all that knowledge, to the Divine mind…

As your mind clears allow it to drop into your heart …… for that is where true love and true thoughts are, in your heart. Your heart is the most potent and most powerful level of thinking. Your heart is deeply connected with your birth. Your heart is deeply connected with your soul and truly understands what needs to be done for you in this lifetime.

So allow your head to be healed and caressed by your heart. Allow your head to be loved. Allow your head to be educated by your heart. What you have been taught about thinking and thought and intellect, on this planet is not much compared to the truth of who you really are. If anything, on this planet education is suppression. The education on this planet is suppression of consciousness. It is not expansive. Education should be about love, about the Divine, about connection, communication, expression and embrace.

The more you can love quite simply, the more you know. It is all there in the Divine mind. Those people who have brought fantastic ideas to the planet, they have connected to the Divine mind. All thought is Divine thought. Your challenge is to break through the bondage of your human body and become all those Divine thoughts, all the purity and clarity, the knowledge and wisdom of the Divine and with it will come the power of ecstasy and joy. With it will come an open heart, freedom to express, freedom to love, freedom to be exactly who you are.

Dear Ones, you are the exalted ones – you are the ones who will go first. You are going first to support this planet in its next step of evolution… and the next step beckons… the next step is so very, very close. Some will never make it but for most this planet will become a whole new place to be, a space of oneness, collectiveness, belonging and caring.

Dear Ones, the way you have been looking at your lives on this planet has been back to front, upside down and inside out. From now on this form of vision is being rectified and you will begin to see this planet through the eyes of the Divine and you will become that Divine yourself. You will operate more and more like the Divine and less and less like that of a human and within that you will be maintaining your human identity for you are a special group of people in this Universe doing a great and exalted task and we in Spirit world wish to honour you and send you our love.

Dear Ones, this is Kryon signing out. Go well and God Bless and take care. Thank you.



Janis Gilbreath 2nd March 2008 10:38 am

Wonderful message. I tried to share with a much larger group, but they had already read it several weeks ago. As I just received it from the Webmaster of David's site, would like to know how I can access these messages earlier. The copy I received was dated March 1st, not in February.
But I love the Kryon messages and have read them since their original inception by Lee Carroll, then picked up David's wonderful versions from Africa.

Mariù 2nd March 2008 1:00 pm

This message is part of the March Newsletter and I think it has just been added on their site and then the march meeting will be on the April Newsletter and so on. But if there is another way to get it would be interesting to know! Did you try to ask those people that said they had already read it how they received the message? :roll:

Lots of love! :smitten:


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