The energy of friendship

Greetings Dear Ones for I AM KRYON of Magnetic Service.

Once again it is wonderful to be here this very night at the beginning of summer. There is a new energy flowing into the earth plane. It is the energy of friendship between the sexes. This is a very difficult energy to master and once again we bring through a lot of love this evening and at your feet you will experience your spirit guides who sit in awe and in love at the journey you are on, a journey of self discovery and a journey inward to release the ego to become your own soul in this lifetime.

Once again, there is much, much love and there is much loving coming to Africa and to Cape Town for there are many new energies coming. Over this last year there have been many energies that have been very difficult to integrate but as integration happens, pay day will come. Many of you have been through very difficult times this year. You have been faced with big challenges and difficult situations and you have stepped into these difficult situations and faced what you had to face. If you didn’t then you’ll have to face it another day for your challenges will come back and back until you’ve faced them.

Those of you in this room are a few of the people who face their challenges, look inward and walk into truth and become more and more truth. There’s a new world waiting around the corner; early next year your realities will completely shift creating a whole new world, a new fantastic point of view, a whole new way of being. It is time to step into that new world, a world where you will become a friend to yourself. You will love being with yourself and you’ll enjoy yourself. As long as you’ve done the work and stepped into your own truth faced and your challenges then there’ll be less challenges to face. You’ll be much more trusting and more able to step into your truth and step into a place of friendship with yourself to walk into a new world, a world where there is infinite joy and peace. When you have to face challenges there will be trust in your heart knowing that you can face them and walk through them. With every challenge faced many gifts arrive. You become stronger and wiser more knowledgeable, more loving and caring.

With these energies inside your body it will be much easier to become your own friend, to really love and honour and be yourself, to be accountable and to be authentic in all realms of your life. When you don’t have these gifts in one area of your life it will impact all other areas of your life. You are here to make this world a better place, first of all for yourself, and then for all those that surround you. Christmas time is coming, a time of joy but in many people’s lives Christmas is not a time of joy it is a time of difficulty and perhaps there is no money and a time for loneliness. Each experience for each person is different, no two people are alike and even if two people have the same experience, they are experiencing it in a very different way.

Tonight we’re going to take you deeper and deeper into your soul to connect with that part of yourself that is your inner friend, a part of you that dreams of friendship and can love and honour another person and let that person love and honour you in a platonic way where there are no sexual innuendos and you can hold another person’s heart and they in turn hold yours where you will feel safe with this person and they in turn will feel safe with you.

For many people friendship is easy but for others it is difficult, to maintain boundaries and relate and understand one another and offer each other support, caring and guidance and walk through the world in a special way, a way that makes you feel comfortable and safe.

We ask you to close your eyes and go inside. Place your feet firmly on the floor and allow that connection to Mother Earth through your base charka and connect to Father Sky through your crown charka. Allow these two energies to flow through your bodies and to merge and connect within. Allow yourself to drift by and flow to wherever you wish to flow to. Let your mind go wherever your mind chooses to go… Allow your hearts to open and connect to everybody in the room through your heart sending and receiving love from your own heart, with the oneness and the love that’s in the room this very night. What is friendship? A connection to someone else on a different level than a relationship between husband and wife, a totally different relationship. If you are to be a successful husband and wife then you are to be successful at friendship, honouring and respecting one another caring deeply for the other person and being able to understand one another and understanding yourself, caring for another and caring more for yourself.

Once again being friends with another you become more and more friendly with yourself. To be friendly with yourself is very important for you to be able to bring to yourself the things that you really want you have to be friends with yourself. Being a friend to yourself comes before loving yourself, it’s the step before loving yourself and a very necessary step.

So just allow yourselves to drift into the past and observe the friendships of old, the friendships that have come and the friendships that have gone, the friendships that were successful and the friendships that were just friendships. Wherever forgiveness is required towards your old friends allow the energy of forgiveness to flow into your old friendships through your hearts and into your old friend’s hearts. Why did you move on? What actually happened? Were you ever able to be friends? Allow yourselves to be held in this space, a space of friendship, a space of love, honouring and respect. Like everything if you fell out with a friend in your early life or if you got hurt by someone you trusted as a friend it often leaves a scar placed in your heart and makes friendship more difficult to attain in later years. Just allow your mind to ebb and to flow like the ocean on the seashore just remembering the friends that you have, remembering those people that you cared for… Maybe a person of the opposite sex wanted your friendship and you wanted something different. There are a great deal of difficulties dealing with friendships with people of the opposite sex because once you’ve stepped over the line the friendship turns into something else when sex is involved in a friendship with a person of the opposite sex.

It is very important to be able to have friends of the opposite sex, to be able to care and love someone of the opposite sex in a platonic way. If you have never been shown boundaries in your childhood around people of the opposite sex then you won’t have boundaries and you won’t know how to operate within those boundaries but like everything on this planet boundaries are energetic and if you don’t have them then Spirit can bring them to you if you so wish. Just allow the love to flow into your bodies to those parts of yourself where the love needs to flow.

As always in these channellings we’re unblocking blockages that found their way into your body and into your psyche. Often you wonder why you can’t get this or you can’t have that. Just observe what you can have and what you can’t have as a result of your issues around friendship with people of the opposite sex. Allow yourself to move into a new dimension first through the power of intention allow yourself to move to this place where you can be truly friends with yourself, a deep meaningful space… Allow the energy to flow and shift inside your body. Everybody in this room is being worked on by Spirit. Allow Spirit to flow through your body opening up parts of yourself so that you can receive friendship. Allow connections to all old friends from Spirit world and allow connections to old friends and new friends, to old loves and new loves. Allow yourself to move into a new world for the new world is coming and it’s coming much quicker that you could ever imagine. The pace of your own healing is speeding up as more and more magnetic shifts take place on this earth and take this planet into a new dimension.

For all those of you who are doing work on yourself you will see results much more quickly after being processed or after your healing sessions you will begin to see almost instantaneously a new world appear before your eyes and a new wave of consciousness which takes a certain amount of steps but those steps will come much more easily. You will be able to walk up two or three steps at a time as opposed to one at a time.

Allow yourself to move into a new world where you’re more connected where you feel you belong and where there is a space of Oneness, happiness and joy. Everyone on this earth has in a way come alone and must go alone. Dying is also an illusion for we’re all part of the Divine, we’re all part of the interconnectedness, we all belong together here on this earth. Allow the energies to flow into your heart to flow to wherever they need to flow, whatever Spirit is showing you in your minds eye, whatever thoughts are coming allow the love to flow to these areas. There is a new government coming to this planet earth, a different state of being, a different understanding, a new way forward… government is slow to act and as your energies increase and you begin to move into realities of your own choosing then that must be reflected by government, by the way the planet is run.

Many people are catching on quickly now as to how to create their own reality and how to make things happen in their lives. Of course it’s a small percentage because it’s a small amount of people who really understand the art of creation and manifestation and like the pebble in the small pond the ripples will reach everyone, everyone who is out to create their own reality, everyone who is out to live their dreams. This world is changing, this world has always changed, everything is always changing and evolving and you are all evolving to a new kind of human being and to a new state of being where you create your reality and where you are creating less and less of a reality through negative energies and creating a reality more and more through love and authenticity, creating a reality more and more of what you are interested in, a reality that you came to this earth to manifest.

You all have gifts to bring to this earth plane and it is for you to expand into your gifts and to expand into who you have to be to manifest these gifts and often you must let things go, you must release, let things go in order to let new things come. Allow Spirit to bring into your minds eye what you have to let go of to let it in… Just be with who or what you have to let go of in order to let go of it, just be in that space a holding space and allow it to flow through your body and your heart… the energies of forgiveness, love and surrender. Allow yourself to move towards whatever it is you dream of and that you want to come into your heart and also what’s in the way of you being friends with yourself… The energies of forgiveness, love and surrender will allow you to let go of whatever needs to be let go of.

In a way you’re forgiving a part of yourself, you are allowing a part of yourself to come close to you once again. You are letting go of what is no longer necessary in your lives. You are bringing love into your own hearts expanding the energy of love more and more into your own hearts and your own lives stepping into a whole new world, a world where you can live the impossible dream. Allow the energy around you to intensify be in the new dream… what is your life going to look like in a few months or a year from now, taking yourself into a whole new world, a world that you’ve dreamed of, a world where you’re calm and at peace with yourself and where you are truly centred no matter what is happening around you and if you are truly centred usually only good things will be happening around you. You will be creating for yourself a magnificent reality.

Allow your hearts to clear and to release and let go. Allow your energies to expand and allow yourself to move to that new reality.

Dear Ones, in this energy we’re taking you into a new world, into a new experience and all new experiences have difficulties you don’t often know how to handle certain things but that is a matter for learning as you release the emotions a new world will come to you.

Dear Ones, go well, God Bless and take care for this is Kryon signing out.



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Kryon (South Africa)

Kryon (South Africa)

Planet Earth has been through a special experience is the last few thousand years: - the separation from God. Kryon is here to take you on the journey home, and to connect you with your inner divinity, for you are all magical beings of this universe, magnificent beyond your comprehension.


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