The Energy of The Flower Of Life

Greetings Dear Ones for I AM KRYON of Magnetic Service.

It is wonderful to be with you all this very night for we know you all from many, many lifetimes gone by and we know that you are all very involved in your own spiritual work and your own spiritual journey. This night there is much love and peace in the air and much harmony.

Just allow the room to begin to fill with Spirit and to fill with love and the Kryon energy. Allow yourselves to relax and your hearts to open. This is a very difficult time in the history of Zimbabwe and there are many challenges facing the nation and facing the way that you step into your reality.

There is a new world dawning, a new way of living that will be entering the consciousness of this nation. In fact as we speak, there will be a new way to manifest your realities, a very different way to the ones experienced in the west. It will take time to manifest in your psyches but those of you who do your spiritual work will find this new way of living, this new way of creating abundance and wealth and the new way of creating a whole new world a whole new reality.

Much of the world will sit in awe as they look at the way Zimbabwe changes as they see a new way of living. It is not a totally new way of living as your ancestors knew the truth. They understood Spirit and they understood the spiritual world. They knew how to create their own reality and they knew how to work with Spirit, with the Divine, to create a world of their own choosing.

Their world was a primitive world, one living very close to the land. They had a deep understanding of Mother Earth and a deep, deep connection to Mother Earth and the animal kingdom that was abundant in those days in Africa before colonisation. Everything in those days was not all well either for there was a misunderstanding of society, a patriarchal society. It was a patriarchal society driven by men who were in charge and often it was a society of small kingdoms and the king often had many wives.

Zimbabwe has changed a lot since those days but there is still, deep within your psyche, this tribal way of living. It is not to say the tribal way of living is wrong but in your mind your aspirations are that of the world the white man has created for himself, a material world full of motor cars and big houses. That is what you aspire to at the moment and there is nothing wrong with your aspiration or your dreams.

In the days of your ancestor the motor car wasn’t even invented, but manifestation is about the masculine merging with the feminine. The masculine must merge with the feminine in order to create a reality here on earth.

You have had in your political realm a form of government that is very austere and dictatorial. However, it is creating many challenges for you on a day to day basis, challenges around survival, manifestation and creating your reality giving yourselves a life that was promised to you 27 years ago that has never ever happened up till this day. The day will come when Zimbabwe manifests a reality worth having in the eyes of its youth and the younger people.

Manifestation is all about energy. Abundance is energy, love is energy, everything on this earth is light, vibrations of energy and the illusion is so strong that money pays for everything. This is an illusion that paper money will buy you what you want. This is not so. This may look so but it is a delusion.

At the moment the central bank is your master or so you think but that is not true. Paper money is only worth the paper that it is printed on, or the value that you give to that money and if you say to yourself “I am not worthy of having so much money” then that is your issues of how you value yourself.

For so long not only in Zimbabwe but all around the world money has become almost like a god and how much you feel you are worth is how much money you actually have in your hand or that flows through your life. How much you have is how much you feel you should have. What you create in your life can be created without having physical money in your hands. It can be created in a totally different way. For now, money is a vehicle for you on the way to create your own reality.

Everyone in this room from some lineage in their family is from a family of healers or Sangomas. You all have Sangomas in your lineage and you all know how to heal; it is in your energy and you are all on a spiritual path of healing yourself, of bringing yourself back to a place of wholeness, a place where you can create your own reality much more easily, a place where in time you will be able to circumvent physical money, paper notes.

You will learn how to manifest your own reality without using money. This is not a physical impossibility. This is a possibility. This is a possibility at this moment you believe to be impossible but this is not so.

Your government feels it is trapped in a place between east and west. The great central banks of the east and the great central banks of the west create foreign currency shortages in Zimbabwe. This has gone on now for some time and business really struggles with this situation. Your leadership wants to lead you into a place where you can stand on your own two feet and where you can hold your own in this world, a place where Zimbabwe is recognised and where the people are free; the old ways have gone and there are new ways. It is not to say that the old ways cannot create the new ways, they can create in this energy.

The Sangomas of old could create fantastic wealth in this new energy but the first thing that happened with colonisation was the destruction of the warrior energy in Zimbabwe. The second thing that happened was the destruction of the spiritual energy, the spiritual force, the spiritual knowledge and the spiritual understanding of the Sangomas of Zimbabwe has been lost and the oral tradition has been broken and lost.

Deep down inside yourselves you will find this tradition. It is sewn in seeds deep inside your heart and you are all on a journey to rediscover the truth of your very own ancestry because you all have energies that are very, very sensitive. You will find it very difficult to live in this world the way that it is and you need to learn how to step into your own reality and how to heal yourself and how to once again gain respect for the Sangomas, the respect that they once had.

What happens at the moment is that the people who have the energy of the Sangomas have completely lost respect because they have lost part of their tradition. Some of them know who they are and others don’t even know who they are but all of you in this room are of the consciousness. The problem is that the oral tradition has been broken. What would have happened in the past is that the elders in the village would have recognised that you were a Sangoma and they would have taken you away to be taught how to be one and you would have been brought up in that tradition because they know that your energies are so fragile that you cannot live in the normal energy and enjoy a normal life unless you are brought up in such a way.

You all have such a deep connection to Mother Earth and Father Sky but at this moment your energy is fragmented. In the old days those fragments of your energy would have been pulled together. They will have been brought together by the skill and expertise of an older Sangoma and you would have taken his place. There has been no one in your life to mentor you or to bring you to a place of true consciousness where you could command the respect of your people and lead them into this new way of living and into a new way of enlightenment and a new way of creating a new world and a reality that works for them.

It is not only this lineage that you have lost but you have lost many skills along the way, much understanding much knowledge about love and about power. In the old days the Sangomas could bring rain when there was drought. They could make people fertile when there were no children. They could do many, many things. They were close to Spirit world but like many people who have great power, the power often got corrupted.

When power gets corrupted and when you are close to Spirit that means that you lose your power, one must always stay in a state of absolute integrity, which is to say, to think and to do as one. To stay in absolute atonement with integrity and to be close to your own soul is to follow your heart and live your dreams. It is to know yourself, to be yourself.

You all have the potential to be great and powerful leaders in this new country of Zimbabwe but your energies must be clear and pure. You must start at the beginning yourself and reclaim your personal power. There is much power vested in you but it is for you to realise and recognise your own personal power and to take your own power in this world.

It is not to go smiling by everyday situations that don’t work for you; you have to take your power to make sure every situation that doesn’t work for you begins to work for you so that you can create the reality that works for you. You all have much love and space in your bodies and you all wonder what is going on in this country, you even wonder if it is worthwhile staying. The truth is, it is worthwhile staying but you have to do the work on yourselves and you have to take your power step by step of the way.

For the men in this room it is for you to realise your masculinity and to step into your manhood and to learn to act as men in a good way and to hold your power and your strength as a man. For the women, you will find your joy in your femininity; you can also hold on to the masculine but masculine and feminine must be held in balance. You also need a good powerful masculine energy to enjoy your life but that is not to let the inner masculine and feminine tip out of balance and you then lose the joy of being a woman. Your life belongs to you in the feminine, but not too feminine because you need to have the masculinity to create boundaries, structures and borders in you life, to hold you in a space, that is what the masculine does. The feminine comes from the unknown, it comes from nowhere and it comes from somewhere. Everything is a contradiction in the feminine and there is logic within the feminine. There is logic within love.

Allow yourselves to close your eyes and go inside and allow your feet to be flat on the floor. Allow for a deep connection to Mother Earth and to Father Sky through all your chakras. Allow love to flow into your hearts. You all know each other. Allow your hearts to open and allow a heart connection with every member of this circle, allowing love to ebb and flow from their hearts to yours and your heart to theirs.

You all know each other in the spiritual realm and you are all great friends. You are allies you all work together as healers not only on planet earth but in many, many Universes beyond this. You are all great Spirits. Allow your hearts to open and where you feel resistance in your hearts acknowledge the resistance, acknowledge the hurt and the pain. This all came from the past, it is not in this moment; it is hurt and the pain that you carry. Allow the group energy and the Kryon energy to dissolve this hurt and the hardness in your hearts.

Part of the art of manifestation is that your hearts are open and soft and loving and they can expand into the world and allow for joy and freedom to enter into your life. There is much softness and gentleness in your hearts and in your being and way and this is a beautiful energy but the softness is not protected by hardness, the softness is protected by strength by being strong and strength always comes from the energy of integrity. Once again that is to say, to think, to feel and to do and you will find your strength in the energy of integrity.

Where there is fear in your hearts around the energy of integrity acknowledge this fear because the energy of integrity is an easy energy to master.

To stand in your power and to live your life as you believe is not an easy thing to do in a country like Zimbabwe but when you operate out of love things will get much easier. You will create the reality of your own choosing and you will begin to step into a state of oneness of wholeness, power that you wouldn’t allow yourself to have. You psyche is equal to the consciousness of Zimbabwe and energy is energy and behaviour is behaviour.

Inside you there is a part of you that loves to be dictated to and there is part of you that loves to dictate. That energy must be resolved. It is exactly the same issue whether you love to be dictated to or you love to dictate it is exactly the same issue.

So allow yourselves to find in your hearts that part of yourself that loves that energy. Sometimes you are on top and sometimes you are underneath and just allow yourself to find that energy in your heart. There can be no shame or judgement around this issue because this is the energy that you came to this planet to work with and to learn to understand. Of course there is a middle road there is a different way of doing things. The energy of dictatorship is not divine. There is another way of doing things.

Allow yourselves to feel in your hearts this energy and allow it to present itself to you. Let it come into your bodies and really feel what it feels like. Feel what your body feels like in this moment and just observe your feelings in your bodies and let the feelings come and let the feelings go. Just see the times in your life when this energy had power inside of you and let the energy come and let it go.

If you feel that you don’t want to be here in this moment it is not by chance for this is a very powerful energy. Allow Mother Earth and Father Sky to support you. Observe all the things that you are missing in your life by having this energy in your body.

It is not just material things that you miss by carrying this energy but it is also things like relationship and love, peace and harmony and joy. This is a destructive energy inside of your psyche and it is an energy that won’t want to easily leave you but when you see it and acknowledge it allow yourselves to hand this energy over to Spirit and let it go, just let it go.

Allow into your heart a beautiful form of democracy that can work in its place. You all know the flower of life and just observe the energy of the flow of life and let the energy of the flower of life replace this energy of dictatorship in your hearts. Within the flower of life there are very many intersecting circles and many points where there can be checks and balances so that harmony and peace is constantly maintained.

Allow into your hearts love, joy and freedom in this beautiful energy of healing. Allow your hearts to soften and to clear and to release. See within your hearts all damaged relationships due to this energy. Allow it to release. Let the energies come and let the energies go, let the energies come and let the energies go. Allow your hearts to get softer and softer. From within the softness allow the truth to reveal itself. Allow the love to flow. Allow the masculine and feminine energies to merge.

At the moment in this room there is the energy of Sri Sri Ravishankar. Just allow yourselves, each one, to receive a private message from Sri Sri Ravishankar. Just allow yourselves to hear what he has to say. At the same time just letting your hearts get softer and softer and softer and letting the love come more and more into your hearts, allowing the energy of your inner mother to go to your lower three chakras and your inner father to go to your upper three chakras; your crown chakra, your third eye chakra and your throat chakra. Just allow this to happen and allow your masculine energy to stand on the right hand side of you and your feminine on the left. Hand this process over and let love do the rest.

Everybody in this room has a dream, they have their own dream. Allow yourselves to connect with your dream and allow your energies to go to the vibration of your dream dissolving the obstacles along the way from your past that stand in the way of you living your dream. Allow your energies to go higher and higher to meet the energy of your dream. Allow in love to flow through your hearts allowing the masculine and feminine energies to merge and releasing the past.

Dear Ones, here in Harare in Zimbabwe we anchor in the energy of the Flower of Life, a whole new way of democracy and a whole new understanding of love and relationship. So as you release your past allow a beautiful future in love to manifest.

Dear Ones, it has been wonderful spending this evening with you. Go well and God Bless for this is Kryon signing out.

Thank You.


Joseph Keogh 5th February 2008 1:30 pm

This is the first Kryon channeling I've read that didn't come through Lee Carroll, Kryon's channel in America. Every Kryon channeling is packed with information and wakes me up more. After reading this one from David Brown, I'm realizing that I've found a way to understand humans from other continents and their realities. As the people of Zimbabwe ascend they're going to be able to teach the West how to reconnect with Mother Earth, something most of us have never learned. I send thanks to Kryon and David Brown.


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