The energy of wealth

Greetings Dear Ones for I AM KRYON of Magnetic Service.

Once again it is wonderful to be here in Marina da Gama in Cape Town, for there is such a wonderful loving energy here in this place. The new world beckons, the new world awaits and slowly but surely, step by step, with each step you take you step more and more into the new world. A new fantastic way of being. A state of being you never even imagined existed. As you release your past, the emotions of the past, your old ways of thinking, a whole new world awaits you.

Dear Ones, we say once again there is so much love not only in this room around you but in your own hearts. Sometimes you go into a very, very scary place, and every flower before it flowers is held so tightly in a bud and every one of you in this room is waiting to flower, to open, to experience themselves as they truly are. This is a wonderful collective energy this night Dear Ones, for in this room everyone has worked together side by side in both Atlantis and Lemuria who all worked as healers in those lifetimes but there was a completely different consciousness in both Atlantis and Lemuria to what there is today on planet earth. It is your responsibility to bring back that consciousness to this planet, to bring back that true understanding of human nature and what humanity is all about.

Everybody is on a journey and that journey can be called evolve. Evolve is love spelled backwards and love spelled forwards. It is a journey into loving yourself more and more and more. Taking yourselves into a totally new reality. To a completely new world where you create your reality as you think your reality. And what has been happening in the past is the reality that you create has been mixed up with negative emotion and negative thought patterns. Slowly but surely your negative thought patterns and negative emotions are releasing. The more and more negative thoughts and negative emotions that you let go of, simply by placing love in those emotions and thoughts, will become more and more love. You are love, for evolve is to become love. You can only become more and more love.

What can happen as you enter a dark space in your own psyche is that you can get bogged down for a little while walking through the darkness, but you know where you are going, just knowing you are in it and have to get through it, for that is the nature of darkness. It is the nature of your negative energy. Whilst you are emerged in your own darkness you are alone and you don't know where you are or where to turn, just know that you have to go through it. Often there comes a time in people's lives where they get stuck in the darkness and can't get through, but they think they can't get through. But the power of prayer and the power of meditation will take you through this darkness.

What is actually happening is that while you are in the darkness, this dark space, what has actually happened is that as a child you were wounded and that child has the power to create its own reality. Constantly this child, this aspect of the child is creating a reality and generating negative energy around it. This is a way a wounded child attracts and brings attention to itself. You will notice this wounded child as you create your own reality, for where your own reality is not concurrent with love you have to know that an aspect of your wounded child is creating that reality.

Since this has gone on for quite some time that reality wherever that child sits has created a dark space around that fragment of your own inner child and as you begin to acknowledge this you see, “Ah, there is something I need to deal with”, and you decide to have the courage to face it and you step into face whatever problem you have. If you do it on the inside you will step into a dark space. If you do it in an external way you will face the creation of that inner child but it is so much easier to step into the darkness within and go to the child, basically all you have to do is allow the child to express itself. Your duty or your job is to listen to this child and hear this aspect of your child and allow it to express itself. To allow the expression of the child without judgment is to sit there, be with the child. Sometimes the child can be in so much fear or so much rage that you don't actually know what to do with the child, but all you can do is be with the child, sit with the child, love the child, hold the child in a safe space so it feels safe that it can express that frozen emotion that creates those negative thought patterns. Emotions create thoughts create reality, thoughts create emotions create reality.

So in this work we break the negative cycle in the emotional realm. This is a realm where one needs to be able to feel, to feel one's self, to feel what is going on inside and what kind of a reality is coming towards you as a result of this feeling? Everybody on this planet has a wounded child, that is how your karma is driven. First of all you choose the parents that you need to use to be able to work through the karma that you bring to this planet and always those parents will carry the energy that you need to work with, or the absence of the energy that you need to work with. We always talk about absence because we use the example of abundance.

Many people obviously lack abundance. If you wanted to experience a lack of abundance you would choose parents who didn't have the energy of abundance. You normally find many, many other energies associated with not having abundance. For example one could be quite angry because one is not quite as well off as others, or one could be sad or one could be hurt, one could be disappointed. So all these are sub-divisions of no abundance. That is why abundance is such a difficult energy to truly master. True abundance, true wealth is far more that having money in your pocket. It is generating a world and a life where there is love, where there is sexuality. We bring the word sexuality to you because wealth is a sense and it is use of all the senses, all the senses coming together as one. There are very few wealthy people on planet earth, there may be many rich people but very few wealthy. Some rich people have to switch their senses off, for instance the Mafia, they couldn't be wealthy they can only be rich, for they take from others. If you are taking something from someone else then you are taking something from yourself or somebody else will take something from you. That means you are not whole and there is something missing. If you have to use violence to get your riches you can never ever be wealthy, you will never find real love within your heart if you are taking from others and not truly creating yourself. So wealth is an abundance of all the senses working well together, becoming sensual, full of love, full of emotion, the right kind of emotion. Full of love based emotion. A little bit like a silk gown touching your body, the softness and the sensuality, the passion, the feeling of silk rubbed gently against your body that lights everything up floating against your naked body. That is what wealth is. Wealth is the gentle touching your body; you must love the feeling of your riches, of your money, of your wealth. For in loving what you have is wealth; it is owning what you have.

There are many, many aspects of abundance. There are many aspects of sensuality. There are many aspects of sensuality, love, abundance. So allow yourself to be this energy this night, this energy of wealth… feel the seduction of wealth, allow this wealth to seduce you. Seduction is a strange energy. Seduction is allowing you to be taken by someone else. Of course you are all willing. After the fact you can always deny that you were willing and after you could be quite angry that you were seduced. Sometimes seduction has a fun side. To be seduced by wealth can be quite fun, it can also be quite nerve racking for wealth has many, many, many aspects to it and many people have sexual hang ups, hang ups of many, many varying different types. The worst kind of hang up is a hang up around wealth because you are all so wealthy really. To the very core of your being you are wealthy, full of love, full of abundance, full of seeds just waiting to be germinated to grow. You could call your seeds ideas. You have to choose which idea to pollinate or fertilize, to nurture, to nourish. You have to choose. Once you start growing a certain seed, or a certain idea, you have to keep on with it, you have to say this is what I want for it. That little seed will begin to grow and sprout, it will have to push through layer upon layer upon layer of your consciousness in order to become fully manifest. Beautiful as a flowering rose, expressing its beauty to the world. But the truth is you can see that flower within yourself and you know that flower is blooming, you can feel it and you will bring to yourself all that that flower needs to bloom, you will constantly bring that energy in, you will love to bring that energy in. Energy is sensual, it is passionate, it is love, allow yourselves to feel this kind of energy.

Sometimes when you are seduced you love to be seduced, sometimes you dream so hard, so long that somebody has to actually seduce you to give you what you really dream of. So allow this energy of seduction of wealth to enter your bodies, to flow into your bodies. Like always know you are being seduced for there is something you always, always wanted, there is something you always dreamed of, something you have always dreamed of having, go dream inside yourselves. Find that dream, find that dream as a tiny seed… As the seeds begin to sprout maybe there are some directions, some sign posts along the way that you are going to need that you may have forgotten about, hidden away in a dark corner. Just take your time, go to this seed, this plant, however it looks for you. Look at the sign posts, look for the things that stopped you growing, for you are much older now, much wiser but you still have the same feelings… Sometimes a little seed gets buried in a very big wall, in such a tight place that it has to push and push and push. What is it that you have to push and push and push? What is it that you stopped pushing in your life? What is it that you stopped looking out for, because you were too scared, too terrified?

So just be in that energy… For unlike a plant in the ground, thank God for the miracle of whatever stands in your way. Physically you have to put your life into gear, walk into whatever you have to walk into, once the emotion around it is released it is so much easier, it is so much easier to hold. It is so much easier to do it as a group. For when there is a group energy going in the same direction it helps everybody, you just get pulled along. So allow your hearts to connect with everybody in the room. Allow your hearts to open, to receive the group energy, sending love to everybody in this group and receiving love from everybody in this group. Allow the group to push what you stopped pushing. Allow the group energy to release what you had long forgotten. For this night is a special night. This night is a night where you allow the energy of wealth into your bodies, reactivate the wealth inside of yourself; everybody's wealthy in their authentic state of being. Allow this energy of wealth to come into your body and whatever is in its way let it dissolve.

The energy of wealth is very special. For if you have a rock inside your heart the energy of wealth will dissolve it by placing it in a silk bag, covering it, caressing it, loving it, being the rock, feeling the rock, understanding the rock, melting the rock. There is always something inside that rock, something special. With the energy of wealth it can't get lost. It'll hold on to what is so precious inside that rock. Maybe something you or even your family have long since forgotten, discarded, thought “I will never be able to have this”. So let the energy of wealth do its thing. Watch the way the energy of wealth works, moves with charisma with caress, with panache. That is how wealth works. With absolute elegance, using the least amount of energy see how the greatest amount of work gets done. These are qualities of wealth.

Let the energy of wealth hold you. Feel as you go deeper and deeper and deeper into this energy. Feel held, feel deeply held by this energy. There will be a difference, the difference being swimming in the Dead Sea compared to swimming in normal water, you are held in this energy. Feel this holding energy. Feel it holding just you. Allow this energy to permeate you but hold you at the same time. This energy has it all. It has everything you want feel. Feel the responsibility. Feel the love in your hearts. Feel the connectivity. Whilst you are being held by this beautiful energy of wealth just observe inside your body for maybe broken wires, loose connections and observe what it is that this all about and allow yourselves to be connected up on the inside. Claim your inner connection so that you can have the external connection, the connection to the material world.

Maybe at the same time allow love to work, for love is wealth and wealth is love and they are still not the same, for there is a wealthy love and a loving wealth. Just allow your bodies to be energized by it. This energy really is right this night. Allow the clearing and cleansing as it moves through you. Maybe your dream for you is outdated, dreamed of when you were young, when the seed started to grow. It is no longer necessary, and what is necessary is to see that part of you in order to live that dream. When you were a young man or a young woman you began that dream but you never really managed to make that dream happen, allow that aspect of yourself this energy to live that dream… so there can be no regrets or left over energies. So you can have that energy divulged of other dreams, lonely little dreams. Just allow more and more to come. Keep your feet flat on the ground connected to Mother Earth and to Father Sky. Acknowledging both Mother Earth and Father Sky as both masculine and feminine, sinking deeper and deeper and deeper becoming your own dream, allow yourself to have your dream, bringing in the energy. Allow yourself to have this dream to bring the energy through the whole thing as you are present… allow love to flow more and more, more and more sensually, those senses that you have closed down over the years allow them slowly, slowly to open.

As your eyes open, allow energy to flow to your eyes, allow your ears to open, allow energy to flow to your ears, wherever you need love, the area of sensuality, allow it to flow. Send it to your skin, send love to your skin allow your skin to be invigorated, energized. Send the love to your entire body. There is so much love Dear Ones, there is so much love. It is the most wasted commodity on planet earth. It is all everybody wants. It is actually all there is. Everything is love.

Allow yourselves to become more and more love and more and more love, give to yourself this gift. Thank God for the miracle of making your life. Let energy flow to aspects of yourself that it has never flowed to. From conception onwards certain parts of yourself have never had energy and this is your Karma today. Part of this karma is being broken, at least erased. To the depth of your bone structure let love flow. As those fragmented aspects of your inner child see this, they slowly, slowly will return to their rightful place in your heart making you more and more loving and more and more free, more and more abundant, more and more wealthy. Just sit and feel what this energy feels like. Everything on this planet is light vibrations of energy. Whatever you are you can have, but you must give it to yourself, whatever you don't want let go of, you have to release it, let it go. Maybe, just maybe, somewhere in your life there is someone that you need to forgive, that you forgot about. Just allow Spirit to bring the memory of that person to you. Don't rush it just allow. Softly, softly, slowly, slowly let the image of that person appear in your mind’s eye… it could even be a childhood friend. Allow the energy of love and forgiveness and let it go. Exactly where it needs to go… and whatever you release allow in the energy of wealth and love and let it flow to where it needs to flow to…

For Dear Ones this is Kryon signing out. Go Well. God Bless and take care. Thank you.


I AM ROSE 1st August 2008 8:51 pm

Dear David and Kryon,
Beautiful message of LOVE.
An experience this week,put my flowering Rose on hold(my inner child,searching for answers outside).
It has taken many breathings and embracing The LOVE Within...
Now "The Rose" is in flower...
It flowers with Love in my Heart...
Love..Grace and Gratitude for this message.
In Love and Light.

Ashley 19th January 2009 3:45 pm

thank you david & kryon, I found this just when i needed it and was ready to embrace it. i appreciate you speaking your truths. love, ashley


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Kryon (South Africa)

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