The Gateway To Healing Is Through Your Feelings

Greetings dear ones for I AM Kryon of magnetic service.

From where we are looking, it looks like you are having a lot of fun. You are enjoying these energies, more importantly, letting these energies go the closer and closer you get to 2012. To the end of 2012 the negative energies will release so quickly. You will be moving into a new consciousness, a consciousness that even in this moment it will be unbelievable from what will be like.

There will be a certain level of death and destruction along the way. But the ones who are Christ conscious will feel safe and secure; the ones that can sit calmly in the centre of the storm, and all of you will be Christ consciousness by the end of 2012. Your spirit guides are here in full support of you, and you will find it easy and easier to release negative emotions, and this disconnection that you have with your family will resolve very quickly.

As everybody around the world begins to understand what healing really means, it will become infectious, it will become so easy. You have to be gentle with yourselves, for releasing negative energy does not always feel good, but these energies nonetheless will release. You are being supported at all levels, and there are global shifts here to support your energies. We know that you are all deeply sad by the loss of lives in Japan, but you have to know that the poles are shifting, and this is absolutely imperative for your emotions to shift and to change, to bring the earth plane into a new consciousness, and in-turn to bring yourself into a new consciousness.

If you feel the energy now and compare to what you felt earlier, you will feel totally different, you will feel more solid and more secure. You in this room are all healers, and you all have been on your spiritual journey, healing yourselves. And sometimes the healing has felt like a cat with a rubber band on his tail; this makes the cat chase his tail and jump up and down. You have all learnt a lot, and you are all beginning to realize what healing is truly about; it is about healing the entire family unit, or the family constellation that lives inside of yourself. You are not healing relationships, but you are making every single aspect of your inner family constellation whole and complete. And automatically once the person is whole and complete they can relate; a whole and complete person can communicate and relate at all levels to all people.

The new world is coming dear ones. This experiment of releasing and losing the indigenous populations of the planet and allowing this planet to live in darkness is over. Allow the love to gently flow into your bodies… your spirit guides are at your feet, and the room is filled with love and with angels, and the Kryon energy is here in full force. You are all dearly, dearly, loved. Sometimes it does not feel this way, but it is you on an individual level that blocks this love. That angry little child that it is hurt just pushes away the love. The more strongly that you parent yourself, or the more consciously that you parent yourself, the more safe, loved and secure that child will feel inside of yourself; and in turn you will feel safe, secure and loved. When the entire family constellation is resolved and complete, you will be fully connected with Father Sky and the Great Central Sun, and fully connected with Mother Earth. That is what the journey is, it is from unconsciousness to consciousness, from disconnection to connection; and you will become that magical being that walks that magical path between heaven and earth. In Christian terms your will become God's will. You are always swimming downstream; life just gets easier and easier, and the more connected you are to Father Sky and Mother Earth, the more you will create your reality out of love, and your reality will automatically happen. The energy will just flow through you and flow into your dreams and manifest your dreams.

The love is beginning to flow dear ones… and allow the love to flow through you… allow your eyes to close… connect to Mother Earth through the soles of your feet and your base chakra, and to Father Sky through your crown chakra… and be with yourself, feel yourself, and observe what you are feeling… learn to know what you are feeling, for the gateway to heal yourself is through your feelings.

The love is coming dear ones. You are on your way to a completely new dimension; and you are all awakening; your chakras will spend more time creating through love than through fear, anger and sadness; and you will feel well, safe and secure on the Earth plane.

The world has been shocked by the ferocity of the earthquake and the tsunami in Japan, but everything is interlinked. The governments of this new world order are creating a very negative reality on this Earth. This kind of behaviour has to stop. The people have to be informed of what is going to happen in 2012. Every single human being has to have a fair chance. Those who know what is going to be happening in 2012, and are withholding information will suffer greatly, no matter how many plans they make, and no matter how they think they can protect themselves. This is an energetic shift. No matter how deep you think you can bury yourself in this Earth, you will have to go through the magnetic shifts that are happening. Those who will find it easiest are those who become Christ consciousness. It doesn’t take forever to become Christ conscious. As we say the spirit world is in full support of anybody that is working to move in that direction; and the energies are in such shape now that you will find releasing negative emotions very easy and you will easily bring love to your inner family constellation. In turn that will bring love to your entire family. Not always, but we will say 9 times out of 10. It depends of the contract that you have with your family.

You have all come on a great journey, to observe a great event. Dear ones we say that love conquests all; whenever you can, act with love and observe your spiritual practices every day. The most important thing is to heal what is masculine first; that is to make whole your internal father, paternal grandfather and great-grandfather, through visualisation. You will feel great shift after great shift and you will get stronger and stronger day by day.

Once again dear ones the new world is coming and we invite you to feel your hearts and feel how your hearts are feeling… this is how they will feel at the end of 2012. Allow the love to flow through your hearts… Christ consciousness is about love. We’ve said this before in these channellings and we will say it again; self-love comes when your inner father and your inner mother love each other.

Allow the energies to flow through your inner mother and your inner father, healing the wounds that keep them distant from one another, that stop them loving each other, dissolving the barriers that come between the two of them. They have chosen each other because they are good mirrors of each other; and they will be repelled the deeper they look into each other as they see each other´s dark side. Allow the light to go into the darkness… hand-over the darkness to Kryon, to your spirit guides and to the angels that are in the room… just let it happen… let the darkness to flow through your heart… don´t be afraid of the dark… everybody, without exception, in this room has ascended in one lifetime, at least one lifetime in their past lives… you all dealt with the darkness in the past and you have all succeeded… allow this lifetime to expand and to energize and allow this inner wisdom, this inner understanding, that helped you ascend previously to come into your bodies… let the feelings come and let the feelings go.

Feel this lifetime… and go back to this lifetime…and remember this lifetime… it could have been in Egypt… could have been a Toltec… a Mayan… an Inca… a North American Indian… you could have had lifetimes in India… all these places of enlightenment are not a secret… it was easy… it is only here in 2011 that is so difficult… because the veil is so thick and all the sign posts are covered and because the truth has being withheld.

The new world is coming dear ones… allow the energies of the room to go even higher and higher… and allow your energies to go to the level of 2012… let go of the negativity that anchors you into this heavy 3D reality… allowing the energies to go higher and higher… you are very very close to the energies of 2012… allow the new world to flow through your hearts… you have much support dear ones… you have been given the energies of the new world… allow it to flow through your hearts. Your spirit guides and angels are surrounding you… and we are shifting the poles more and more to support your own magnetics… some places in this world will not benefit from magnetic shifts… but humanity as a whole will… it is to honour those that have made this sacrifice and to let them go.

The new world is coming dear ones… allow the energies to go higher, higher and higher… meeting the energies of 2012… and allow yourselves to be in this energy… and allow it to flow all through your bodies… hand your mother, father and your inner family constellation over to these energies… allow whatever disconnects them from one another to begin to dissolve… by the end of 2012 you will become whole and complete… be patient with yourself… don't push the energy into the outside world… use your energies for your inner world… for now, this room is at the energy of 2012.

Go well and God bless, for this is Kryon signing out. Thank you all.


COBALT 3rd May 2011 11:07 am



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Kryon (South Africa)

Kryon (South Africa)

Planet Earth has been through a special experience is the last few thousand years: - the separation from God. Kryon is here to take you on the journey home, and to connect you with your inner divinity, for you are all magical beings of this universe, magnificent beyond your comprehension.


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