The Great Human Awakening

Greetings dear ones, for I AM Kryon of Magnetic Service.

It’s wonderful to be in Santiago on 11-11-11, and this channeling is by appointment only. Everybody in this room is the same soul group; you are all healers on a journey and you’re all moving through to the new energies on the 21st of December, 2012. There are many changes coming to your lives; the new world is coming and humanity is awakening. We cannot allow the consciousness of this planet to drop any lower than what it is now. Don’t get mixed up with consciousness and technology; technology will take you down a road that will only cause you problems, deep, deep problems.

Love is the only way. The more that’s in your body, the less and less technology you need. Your bodies are being upgraded, just like a computer upgrade, and you are being shifted to a new level of consciousness. In this room you’ve all done a lot of personal growth and inner work. The new world is coming dear ones, and this is a special time. This is a time when will be beginning to say goodbye to the old Earth and welcoming the new world; a new world that is led by conscious men and women who have walked their path and that have found love. This is a polar shift on an individual basis; you are changing your polarities from negative to positive and the more inner work that you’ve done and the more harmony that’s in your body the easier you will find this shift. Nothing is by chance; as we say, you are here by prior appointment and love is the only answer. There is no answer for this planet other than to move back into love, and to connect fully with the universe and with Mother Earth. For many, many years now, 3600 years, the planet has slowly but surely decreased in consciousness. It might not look that way but you have been disconnected from God, from the universe, and now you’re moving back to your divine connection.

You will become magical beings of this divine universe and will walk a magical path. This new world coming will take a few years to evolve; on the 21st of December 2012 you will feel a very clear shift of energy in your body, a very decisive shift as you move from negative emotions into love. For you in this room it will be very clear and your lives will be changed from that day onwards. It might take you some time to become fully complete, but nonetheless your energies will be switched on so that you have a love-based energy to create your new world. As you’ve already learned, negative thoughts and negative emotions create a negative reality. It will be like a switch is thrown and if there are any negative energies in your body, they will slowly but surely be released. For some this switch has already been thrown, and your chakras will constantly be moving in a clockwise direction, and slowly but surely you will be creating your lives out of love.

Chile is a very big country, maybe the longest in the world from north to south. This country holds many different energies, and it will not be a very easy shift for a nation like this; different energies will flow in different ways from the dry regions in the north to the cold and the wet in the south. It is not really the climate that is the problem, each different latitude will have a different energy and a different way forward, and this will not be an easy flow for Chile. Those of you who are in this room will be called to help the people who aren’t as fortunate as yourself and hold a space for their healing. There are some of you in this room that don’t think you are a healer, but you all come from a soul group whose job it is to heal this planet and to see that the shift goes through smoothly.

Most average people will find this shift very, very difficult. This shift also means that resources will be shared out much more evenly and equally. There will be much joy in the way you feel; love will be continually flowing through your energy system as it is now. At the moment love can flow through your energy system and be turned into negative energy. After the 21st of December 2012 love will flow freely through your bodies and create a love-based reality. There is the possibility of much pain and suffering surrounding you, but you will not experience this. Your experience will be one of moving from the 3rd dimension into the 4th dimension and becoming Christ conscious almost on automatic.

So we ask you to close your eyes and to connect to Mother Earth through the soles of your feet and through your base chakra, and to Father Sky through the crown chakra, and allow the love to flow, and feel your bodies. Feel what you’re feeling… observe your feelings… allow your feelings to come and to go… feel any sensations in your body.

Dear ones we’re here to hold this energy; to let you feel what the energy will feel like on the 21st of December 2012. We’re going to take you to the new world… let the feelings in your body come and let them go… drop deeper and deeper into your bodies.

Your spirit guides are at your feet and holding you in a space of love. The umbrella of Kryon is here holding these specialist angels that understand the Earth plane and this room is going to become like a container so that you are going to be held in this energy. Allow your energies to go higher and higher allowing your hearts to be open even more than they are now… send love to everybody’s heart chakra in the room… allow the love to flow. We’ve done this many times, but never on the Earth plane, we’re taking you up in consciousness many octaves, depending on who you are and what your consciousness is.

Allow your feelings to flow and to come and to go… allow the Kryon energy to flow into your third eye… into your pineal gland… into the very tip of your nose… into your throat chakra… into your heart… your solar plexus… your 2nd chakra… your base chakra… and connect with the heart of Mother Earth. Allow the love of Mother Earth to flow through your base chakra… into your 2nd chakra… into your solar plexus… into your heart… into your throat… into your 3rd eye… crown chakra… and connect with the heart of the Great Central Sun. Allow the love to flow as you are on a journey to a world of love, to something you’ve never experienced before.

This has to be an experiential meditation to go to the fourth dimension, for the fourth dimension cannot be understood through a three-dimensional body, so be in your bodies and in your feelings where you’re being held in a safe and secure place. Allow the love to flow, and let the feelings come and let the feelings go. Be with your bodies and feeling any negativity in your bodies… and hold this negativity… be with it and feel it… and hand it over to Kryon.

The new world is coming dear ones and these are very exciting times. Feel the love in the room beginning to expand… feel yourselves becoming like sponges and soaking up the love… allow the love to dissolve any energies that are in your bodies and any karma that has to do with the military in your country; genocide or murder against the indigenous peoples, genocide or murder against any people of Christ consciousness, or any karma to do with the military, rape, pillage, murder, killing or torture, and allow these energies in your body to dissolve and to release. It is these energies that can stop the flow of love and break down the masculine structure within yourselves.

Be with your feelings… be in your bodies and feel whatever your feeling… let the feelings come and let the feelings go… hand over to the Kryon energy any military feelings or any karma that you’re aware of and of any members of your family going back three generations that served in the military.

Let the feelings into your body… let them come and let them go… observe your breath… feel whatever you’re feeling… dropping deeper and deeper into your bodies. There is a lot of fear in the room, and there is a new way a way of love, and there will be no persecution or any military in the new world. It will be a world filled with love, a world of freedom, of excitement, a world of caring and sharing, and a world where your families love each other. It is a world where you will be held by the universe, your heart and your mind connected to the universal heart and mind. Let the feelings into your body… let them come and let them go… allow your vibrations to go higher and higher and allow your spirit guides and your angels to hold you… allow your angels and your spirit guides to make themselves known to you. Maybe they will tickle your face or your nose, or maybe scratch your ear, so that you know that they’re with you. Feel their love dear ones, feel their love… everybody loves you for absolutely no reason whatsoever.

In the new world everybody will love each other, you will love everybody, and the love will flow. So, allow the love to flow… allow the love of Mother Earth to flow into your bodies. Mother Earth is also going to ascend, first of all to the 4th dimension and then to the 5th. This evolution will take time, and what will take the most energy is to keep humanity balanced and loved; that is why we’re doing this process today here in Santiago, Chile, so that you can feel the energies of 2012, but also so your DNA and yourselves can be activated. Allow your DNA and your energies to be activated so that you can receive these new energies.

The planets are all moving into place, and your bodies can feel this as you are all connected to the universe. Your connection will become much stronger. Allow Mother Earth to ascend beneath you, and feel Mother Earth ascending from the 3rd to the 4th to the 5th dimension. Feel these energies move into your body, the energies of the Sacred Mother.

Let the feelings come and let the feelings go… feel your energies being cleansed and purified, and your cells and your DNA being activated. Today is the 11-11-11, and this day is when the masculine and the feminine begin to truly merge and when the father truly holds the mother… allow this to happen in your body… allow any blockage or any resistance to be dissolved and healed… let the feelings come and let the feelings go… we’re allowing a shift of energy… allowing your inner being to move closer and closer to harmony… harmony within yourself… a reflection of the universe… you are a microcosm of the cosmos.

Many things are being resolved this night, dear ones… so, let the feelings into your body… let them come and let them go… this is the night that your energies are being activated… you are all at a level of consciousness where this can happen…. allow and feel the energies in your body, and feel these energies shift and change… Some things will release, others will be energized and certain energies will be moved closer to where they belong. Inside of you it’s exactly like the universe that was out of harmony; we’re moving your inner energies into harmony and at the same time lifting you to a new vibration… you’re now at approximately 85% of what the energy will be in December 2012.

Allow your bodies to relax… observe your breath and allow yourselves to be held in the energies… allow for a total release of military energies and the karma that went with it… allow your energies to go higher and higher… higher than you’ve ever been lifted before…

In this moment all energies to do with sexual abuse or incest and prostitution from the past is being held, and all the karma that goes with that. Everybody on this earth plane has been a little bit naughty, not only in this lifetime but in lifetimes gone by, and all this is being resolved. So, take your time and let the feelings come and let the feelings go… allowing your energies to rise higher and higher…

And now you should be beginning to experience the 4th dimension… you are at about 90 % of the energy of December 2012… there’s still some negative energies holding you back, so just stay in your body and letting the feelings come and let them go… allow the energies of the 11-11-11 to flow through you, activating yourselves and your DNA and dropping deeper and deeper and deeper into your bodies… let the feelings come, and let them go…

You’re now being held at 95% of 2012… stay in your bodies… observe your breath… let the feelings come and let them go… continuing to allow the energies of 11-11-11 to flow through your bodies, activating your cells and your DNA. This is the great human awakening, a journey back to the divine, back to consciousness, a journey back to harmony with the universe. If there are any energies within you that are sabotaging this shift, just hand them over to Kryon and the Kryon energies… let the feelings come, and let the feelings go… allow the new world to come to you…

The energy in the room is at 99%, and you’re all being held at that level of consciousness… feel and observe what the new world feels and looks like… let the feelings come, and let the feelings go… we’re here to hold this energy… once again, allow yourself to feel the merging of the masculine and feminine energies… what is your dream? Allow yourself to dream your dream…

Continue to allow this activation, and allow the energies to move up and down your spine, cleansing and purifying your spine and flowing into your mind… allow your mind to dissolve in the love… allow the mind to move to the heart, handing over the authority that the mind has had over you to the heart.

Your heart is the new mind of the new age… allow the new chakra of the new age to open… it is situated between your heart and your throat… allow the thymus gland to energize and to awaken and see the beautiful turquoise light of this new chakra…

As this year goes by there will be new energy centers opening in your bodies… let the feelings come… and let the feelings go… allow the love to flow… allow yourself to be in the flow of love… for each individual in this room this night, the turquoise chakra wishes to speak to you… listen to the words of the turquoise chakra…

And, when you feel you're ready you can come slowly back to the room. Dear ones, this is Kryon of Magnetic Service. We’re here to honor you and to love you… we will be working through the night with you… we’re here to elevate your consciousness and make it a smooth ride into this new world.

Farewell and God bless, for this Kryon signing out. Thank you all.


netdragon 28th November 2011 9:47 pm

I can understand the first part, but saying incest and prostitution is naughty sounds a bit judgmental. I believe that part of the falling away of the veil also involves less judgement. In response to: "In this moment all energies to do with sexual abuse or incest and prostitution from the past is being held, and all the karma that goes with that. Everybody on this earth plane has been a little bit naughty"

netdragon 28th November 2011 9:48 pm

Hmm. I think I may have been being too judgemental. I think Kryon was talking about they karma that goes along with it, and since I wasn't there I don't know how they expressed "little bit naught". Sounds a bit playful in hindsight.

maniktwin 29th November 2011 9:09 am

This was pretty decent and helpful.

Toni 29th November 2011 5:16 pm

Thankyou ~ I am starting to understand the balance of power ~ too much positive & we end up with soldiers (pooh 4U to clean) ~ too much negative & we end up with death (weep 4me to clean). This be the wee & poo or 1 & 2 of it. Only the 3-5yr olds have natural laughter with this.


marc 4th December 2011 1:42 am

'May the heart of Earth flow
To the heart of the Heavens
Through my heart
And may my heart be
The heart of every sentient being'


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