"The Healing of the Inner Child"

Greetings dear ones for I AM Kryon of Magnetic Service.

It is wonderful to see you once again. Today is about love, it’s about the heart, and it’s about the truth of your very existence.

Love is the energy on which you thrive, it is the opposite energy to that of fear – love is the energy of expansion, contraction is the energy of fear. Love is about expansion; your own lives must expand for you to feel love in your hearts.

The more you love the more you expand and the greater your auras become; the more prevalent and pertinent your feelings are towards yourself; you’ll be giving yourself true love, that special feeling of fullness and warmth, the feeling of abundance and joy, a total lack of inhibitions - the ability to say exactly what you feel and wish to say.

Love is the next step beyond integrity – integrity being to say, to think, to feel and to do, as one – the ability to implement integrity with ruthlessness - which is clarity, focus and action.

Divine love is one hundred times more powerful than human love; but you are Divine, Divine love is within you. Allow the feeling of Divine love that is within you, sense and acknowledge this feeling and realise this connection; be with this connection and allow love to fill your hearts. To become fulfilled is to be filled with love, to be filled with honour and respect for one’s self. As you are filling your hearts with love feel the strong connection that you create with Mother Earth; she offers you this human experience here on earth, she offers you an experience of stepping away from the Divine, and then remembering the Divine, and the very truth of your own existence.

Allow the energies in your body to multiply and grow; the only way true love and true happiness will come into your heart is through expansion - through expanding your hearts, by loving those who you find difficult to love and by honouring them, by seeing the reflection in the mirror and by dealing with that reflection and by letting those people go, honouring their journey in life.

Do not spend much time rescuing and helping others, first of all it is for you to help yourself, for you to charge your own glass, for you to be strong and powerful. If you go searching for those to help, let it be known that within you there is part of you that needs to be helped; there will also be part of you that loves to rescue.
Acknowledge the part of you that needs help; sense what area of your life this is and allow yourself to connect with your inner rescuer and enter dialogue with this part of you that wants to rescue others. Set the intent with this rescuer that this rescuer begins to rescue yourself, let this rescuer use all his/her magical knowledge, all the wisdom, all the arcane knowledge for this beautiful part of you to actually work for you. The stronger and more powerful you are, the more expansive you are, the more you touch other people with your own aura.

You will not have to go out and physically help another; your energy alone increasing in vibration will raise the vibration of those who surround you. Your close circle of friends, or even in a distant unknown circle, even people who you have never met on the other side of the globe will be helped by your vibrations increasing.
People should only be helped when they come to you and ask for help. It is a spiritual law that if you go seeking to help others then eventually you will lose a great deal of energy; helping others and not helping yourselves leaves you in a situation of depression or perhaps little abundance; know that in helping yourself you are helping all those on the planet. Know that this is the way it’s meant to be. First of all comes love, joy and freedom to your own self; second of all, you can only give this gift if you have it within yourself.

The ability to be ruthless, to be clear, to be focused and to take action; the ability to stand in integrity, which is to say, to think, to feel and to do as one, will be second nature. You will become so powerful and so loving at the same time.

So now, allow your hearts and your minds to connect and allow the energy of love, wisdom, and power to flow through your bodies; allow this energy to clear any negative energies that stand in its way. Your true sense of knowing will enter your bodies, true sense of trust in the Divine, true sense of beingness, a oneness with the Universe; this is what you will feel, you can no longer feel alone.

Allow yourselves to stay connected and whilst you are in this process notice that there is an aspect of the inner child that fears the Divine. Search your body for this child; you will probably find this child in the darkness, hiding away; there is a lot of light entering your bodies now as we speak; allow that light to enter the darkness where that little child hides and when you find that little child allow the child to be held in a safe space.

Let that child express all its anger, all the resentment that it feels towards the Divine, this is part of your experience also. You cannot have been allowed to step so far away from the Divine, part of you knows this and part of you doesn’t; do not feel angry, and at the same time allow this child to express his/her anger in any such way that he/she wishes, just holding the child in a safe space…

Enjoy the feeling of the love, the power and the wisdom merging within your bodies at the same time; when this child is tired of being angry, tired of expressing in whichever way he/she is expressing him/herself, then allow this child into your heart, into the sanctuary of your heart; true co-creation with Spirit means first of all for you to heal the inner child. If the inner child is not healed that child will create and create and create an experience in your life until it is seen, until it is noticed and until it is healed.

Until the inner child is truly healed and truly whole within that sanctuary, that Divine sanctuary we will call your heart, you cannot truly co-create with Spirit; so once your inner child is brought to wholeness it is almost as though your will becomes Divine will.

Allow the child to come into your heart and allow yourself that feeling of wholeness. When you feel the child within your heart, acknowledge the child and really connect this child to the Divine and to Mother Earth. Hold this child in a place of real safety and give this child fully enlightened parents who are going to look after the child and love it until immortality.

When you feel you’re ready come slowly, slowly, slowly back to normal consciousness – Go well and God Bless, take care. This is Kryon and his entourage signing out. And so it is.



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Kryon (South Africa)

Kryon (South Africa)

Planet Earth has been through a special experience is the last few thousand years: - the separation from God. Kryon is here to take you on the journey home, and to connect you with your inner divinity, for you are all magical beings of this universe, magnificent beyond your comprehension.


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