The Love Is Coming

Greetings dear ones, for I am Kryon of Magnetic Service.

It is wonderful to be here in Sao Pedro, Brazil. For many, many things are changing in this world. Sometimes it just doesn't look that way, the sun, the moon and the stars are all moving into a new age, and the energies are supporting the Earth, into changing the consciousness of this planet, and slowly but surely the consciousness will change. Something’s will get more difficult before they get easier, but we have a mantra here, take it easy, chill out and relax.

You are here to learn and here to give yourself a new consciousness, you are here to learn about life and you are here to become whole and complete, and one with yourself and the universe. You are here to release all negativity, and to create your world with love, and this will happen in your lifetime, you are all being supported by the new energies.

And this new love is coming, and there will come a time where there is peace in your hearts, and there will come a time when you fully connect to mother Earth, and bring a new consciousness to this Earth. There is a time that will come when the system stops abusing the Earth, for the system is going to change, it is going to become much softer, and a great sense of understanding will flow into the system, and those that are in control of the system will have to evolve or they will have to step aside, conscious men and women will have much more influence over the way that this Earth plane is run, and they do now.

This will take a few years but these changes are beginning to happen. A new consciousness is coming to many, many people and there are those of you that have been working on yourselves for 10, 20 years now. those of you are getting more and more whole and complete now, and you will feel love in your hearts and in your minds and there will be a big shift of energy this year and it will take place immediately after the solstice, on the 26th of December 2013 where many, many people will ascend to a new level of consciousness, and these are the ascended masters that come to this Earth, they have come to teach this Earth plane a new way, a completely different way, a way forward into the new world.

You always have to remember the Koran, where one of the lines says: “Only at your mother’s feet you will find heaven on Earth”. And this work is about family constellation, this family constellation is based on the constellation of the solar system.

The new world is coming dear ones, as these masters ascend they will bring their message to everyone, this is evolution, this is the true meaning of evolution and this is moving into a new levels of consciousness, into a new era where love conquers all. Where love flows through your hearts, and everybody will be on a journey to become whole and complete.

There has been suppression of consciousness on this Earth plane for 2000 years and those that are continuing to suppress consciousness, they will fall away. Their conscience will change them, even the most unconscious will become conscious, this consciousness that allows 1% of the people in this world to rule 99% is about to change, everybody has got special gifts to bring here to this Earth, and everybody is as important as the other person.

So just allow the love to come and just drop into your bodies, and just feel your bodies, and feel whatever you are feeling and allow the love to come into your bodies, and become like sponges, soaking up the love, for the Kryon energy is here and just feel the energies of Kryon. Becoming like a sponge, soaking up these energies, and allowing for your vibrations to go higher and higher … allowing the love to come and dropping deeper and deeper into your bodies, and just feel what it feels like to be you, for we are going to take your energies to the 26th day of December 2013, and feeling what consciousness will be like on that day, and allowing your energies to go higher and higher everybody on the Earth plane will have a shift of energy on that day.

So just be with your bodies, and feel what it feels like, connecting to the 26th day of December 2013 … for this is the beginning of a new era, an era of evolution for mankind, peacefully evolving to a new consciousness, to a new way of government, to a new way of loving, where everybody begins to ask the questions, and where such government departments as the military begin to lose their power, and where all of mankind begin a journey to find a way to live lovingly and peacefully among one another.

For the love is coming dear ones, we always promise you that the love will come, that you will never be the same again, and just allow a connection to your spirit guides, and allow the energies in your body to go higher and higher, just observing your breath, and releasing what no longer serves you … and just whatever is in your body let it come into your body, and feeling the energies that don’t serve you...

And just remember your dreams, what are your dreams? ... What are your dreams? And maybe you think that your dreams are ashes, that you never left your dreams. For in this new era, you will live your dreams, your dreams will begin to come true ... your bodies are going to change, your bodies are going to become lighter and freer and much more flexible, your bodies won’t have the heaviness and the darkness ... there is going to be a consciousness that expand throughout this Earth, a consciousness that will spread like wild fire throughout the world … a consciousness that will create love, a consciousness where you will love everybody and everybody will love you,

Magic is coming to this world, so feel the magic coming, feel the energy of the magic, and allow the magic to dissolve the fear. Allow the magic to dissolve the fear that stops you living your dreams... and know that you are being lifted to different levels of consciousness, and allow your energies to go higher and higher...

The consciousness of technology will begin to slowly disappear, and the consciousness of love will replace the technology, so allow yourself to feel the love, the love and the magic, and allow these energies of love and magic, to flow through you ... and just let the love and the magic flow wherever it needs to flow, let it flow into your inner father, your inner grandparents and great grandparents. Reuniting the sun within you ... just let the feelings come, let the feelings go.... dropping deeper and deeper and deeper into your body....

Just allow these energies of love and magic to flow through your fathers, through your fathers mother and grandmothers, healing and releasing whatever needs to heal and release, and reuniting the connection between all different aspects of the family, allowing your energies to go higher and higher ... and feeling your stomachs, and this is where the family constellation lives, allow the love and the magic to flow through your stomachs, through the base chakra, the second chakra and solar plexus, and allowing these energies to do their work.... just allow the energies of the love and the magic, to allow changes to happen on the inside of you .... And let the love flow where there is no love, let it flow to the part of you where there is no love..... Where there is pain in your body, just let the love flow into the pain... and allow the love to dissolve the pain, allow the love to make the connections... and just allow the love to flow ... and dropping deeper and deeper and deeper into your bodies, and allow the energies of magic to flow into the fear, dissolving the fear.... and let the feelings come and let them go.... and allow the energies of 26th day of December 2013 to go through your bodies ... allowing these energies to activate your cells and your DNA ... and just feel that activation, and allow the energies to speak to you... receiving the activation... and just feeling the support of Kryon's energies... and feel this energy of ascension flowing through you... and let the feelings come ... and let the feelings go ... and so feel this energy of ascension, and its activation of your cells and your DNA ... for dear ones these are the Energies of Kryon of Magnetic Service, we are here to change the world one person at a time.

Go well and God bless

For this is Kryon signing out

Thank you all.



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Kryon (South Africa)

Kryon (South Africa)

Planet Earth has been through a special experience is the last few thousand years: - the separation from God. Kryon is here to take you on the journey home, and to connect you with your inner divinity, for you are all magical beings of this universe, magnificent beyond your comprehension.


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