"The Loving Series ~ Chapter 1"

Greetings Dear Ones, for I AM KRYON of Magnetic Service.

It is wonderful to be with you on this beautiful evening in Marina Da Gama, Cape Town. The energies this night are soft and gentle but also of a very high vibration. Love, in a truly romantic way, is in the air much like spring when flowers blossom and birds and animals begin their mating season. There is a whole new world, a whole new beginning. Love is the beginning and end, for love is all there is. Love is the answer to every problem. It may sound strange, but in every problem you will find there is usually an absence of love. You are all healers - having come a long way in this lifetime - and you are going to go much, much further.

You have all taken your baby steps and learnt to crawl and walk. The path, as you walk your talk, will get much easier. You’ll still have challenges to face, for you are all on a journey into love and this journey is the deepest and most mystical of experiences for human beings. There are many types of love but most human beings seek romantic love – the love that you find with a person usually of the opposite sex. There are pitfalls in same sex relationships in romantic love but it is not an impossibility. There are also pitfalls in relationships between people of the opposite sex because of their different ideas, ideals and their great expectations. Romantic love is not what it seems – it’s about the heart and the throat chakra and communicating clearly what you truly want from life. It is not often that a human being communicates clearly from the heart in a romantic sense.

Romance is often frowned upon and thought of as an impossibility – it could even be considered flaky. Romantic love is a profound fulfillment of ecstasy and a connection to your twin flame, your soul mate. With the feeling of spring, comes the feeling of romance. As with any form of synchronicity, once you find romantic love you will experience a new relationship, not only with another person or a person of the opposite sex, but with the Divine. You will be creating a whole new world and point of view for yourself and your partner. You will have extra energy for your creation. When romantic love flows there is much more energy for the creation and growth of your sexuality and joy.

As we said in the beginning, there are those of you who have come a long way. You have journeyed far and deep into your souls and into your unconsciousness. You have let go of darkness, pain and suffering and your hearts are now blossoming and opening. Your life on earth is becoming more and more comfortable. With each foray into the darkness you come out on the other side much stronger, more powerful, wiser and with a deeper understanding of exactly who you are.

Romance is an exciting game of love... for it is a game. Love also has a spiritual meaning and understanding and a deep commitment to the self. When you step into romantic love you step into the feminine, into the unknown and the acceptance of Divine Will and you also step into truth and trust. To enter into a relationship of Divine Love - a relationship of great beauty -you will have already created a great deal of trust in your own life and in your own self. This kind of relationship is everybody’s dream. There is a seed planted in every human being that connects to the seed of another human being. These two seeds are almost identical – one, is the masculine and the other, the feminine. This is where the difficulty comes, for with same sex relationships, the seed within a man would normally be a masculine seed and the seed within a woman, feminine. These two seeds belong together – they germinate and grow together at more or less an equal pace. We say 'more or less' because one grows a little, then waits for the next one to grow and so on and so on – patient, loving and trusting.

This seed inside is impregnated in a coal-black diamond so hard it is very difficult for the seed to grow beyond the diamond itself. The challenge is for the seed to evolve and grow and break through the hardest known object on the planet. The gift of the seed growing, breaking and shattering the diamond is a gift of true abundance, a gift of true love. This is a journey not for the faint hearted. It is for those who are driven in a search to find love and appreciate love for what it is. However love always comes with a sacrifice. When you offer up the thing you deeply love to the Divine then the light will shine through the diamond and germinate that seed.

So, close your eyes and go inward. Place all your consciousness in your hearts. Your guides are at your feet in awe and honour of the process and in awe of how far you have come not only in this lifetime but in all the lifetimes. Your guides and masters are in this room tonight and it is filled with Spirit of a very, very high vibration. It is not the normal, thick Spirit energy but the high vibration energy of romantic love. Feel this vibration in your heart and let the darkness and shadows in your heart release and flow. Now, connect your heart to the hearts of everyone here in this room tonight (and reading this) and where there is pain or emotion let Spirit flow into that pain and emotion and into the shadows and darkness. Let your hearts clear and fill with love and light.

One thing about darkness is it never emanates – the light always encompasses the dark. Where light is shone into the darkness the darkness always become light – always. That is law. No matter how little light, the darkness will never be the same again. The secrets held in the darkness of your heart are those of true love, joy and abundance. They are the merging of the masculine and feminine energies. All creation comes from the merging of the masculine and feminine energies. There is great resistance to this phenomena on this planet but it is meant to be... for this is your journey. Explore the dark regions within. Your journey begins in the darkness. You do not expand but continually stay in the light and shy away from the darkness. Your expansion, your personal growth comes from exploring the dark regions of your own being. There can be no shame to your own darkness, there is only joy at the opportunity to explore within and find light, love and joy.

Your spiritual gifts are hidden in the darkness waiting for you to discover them. Life would be boring if, too easily, you knew who you are and what you are capable of. It is the tension, the fear and emotion around the darkness that makes life what it is. It is the courage you have within your own heart – the will and the desire to expand and grow - that leads you into those dark spaces - spaces you will light up and then let go. This step-by-step journey to explore and release the darkness will help you discover, through your own soul, truth, integrity, greater love, more freedom and abundant joy. The true state of being is the state of oneness. Oneness with the Universe as well as a connection to the heart of Mother Earth through your base and heart chakras and a full connection to the heart of the Great Central Sun. Connections unimpeded by any issues whatsoever from your crown chakra and your heart chakra. Love is the only way, love is the journey. Love is the stick and the carrot on your journey to discover the truth of your inner being. Experience the beauty of letting go for by so doing, something better always comes.

So, let your hearts expand and receive more and more love. Connect even more closely with the people in this group (or with others around you if you're reading this). Expand into their energies and be aware of whatever you feel. Nothing is right and nothing is wrong... everything just is. Let whatever you are feeling come and go. Be with that feeling... just be. The feelings and emotions inside will dissolve and release and be no more. When you fight or are angry and filled with emotions, you cannot obtain what you really want out of life.

Be calm. Connect through your feet to the heart of Mother Earth. Then connect to the sky, to Christ consciousness and the consciousness beyond the Christ to that of the magicians. Let your energies settle and be still like a mountain lake. In the mirror of the calm waters be aware of the reflection of the mountains and let your emotions calm and relax. As you relax and become centred be aware of those hard parts of yourself in your heart that stop the love flowing. When you are so calm, peaceful and relaxed you can see these hard parts which were placed there when you were a small child, very small – from conception to seven years old, when you felt that your mother or father never loved you, that is where those hard parts came from.

You have all disconnected from your mother and father but now, let these hard aspects that are in your heart dissolve in the softness and gentleness of the light. Sometimes light can be harsh and powerful like a laser and at other times it shines easily through a diamond and refracts and becomes beautiful. Slowly but surely let the light penetrate the diamond and with the help of the soft light, you will find the diamond in your heart that contains the seed.

Tonight, let us focus the light and energies of Kryon into a force like a laser beam through that diamond and into the seed – the seed of rejuvenation and romantic love. At some point in our lives most of us have had our hearts broken. This is part of the human experience, part of our journey. As a child, teenager or young adult you may have experienced a broken heart – your heart was wide open and full of love for another person and this love was rejected.

Now, go back in time and find that moment when your heart was wide open and so full of love. You were so innocent, sweet, trusting and serene in that space of pure love. Re-live the moment when your heart was broken and release the energies that filled your heart at that time of great disappointment. This release will enable you, once again, to find love. Now also release the emotion and the fear of being disappointed. Let your hearts connect to one another and expand and remember this. You are all loved for absolutely no reason whatsoever. Expand and become more connected. Let the love flow from your heart to the rest of the group and from the rest of the group back to you. Let love intensify and grow. Make yourself soft on the inside and expansive. Let go of the pain in your heart from that moment you were hurt. Feel the joy as your heart clears with this welcome release.

You are all much older and wiser now and in your wisdom - should you ever trust your heart to someone else - fully understand that your heart is in safe hands. This is very difficult energy to work with. Be slow and gentle. Do not rush as you allow the energy to dissolve and release. Wherever there are dark energies around this event let the Archangels Michael and Gabriel dissolve them... Darkness attracts darkness and light attracts light. Let love flow into your hearts once again. Let the energies soften (more so than ever before) and become gentle. The release comes with this softness and the gentleness. Everyone in the room is supporting you in this process and Spirit is here too. Be with the Kryon energy and allow yourself to be held in this energy.

Observe closely your diamond and the seed that was in the diamond. Let your hearts rise and open and acknowledge the fear you feel at opening your hearts in this manner. Acknowledge this real fear and welcome it. The fear of having your heart broken again is intense. Be aware of your diamond and seed and whatever other energies have come into your body. Be in a space where you can acknowledge your fears – let them come and let them go. Hand over all the fears around love and romantic love and the shattering of this diamond and the germination of this seed. Let your fears go to your Spirit Guides and to Kryon. They are far beyond your mind’s comprehension.... so, just hand them over.... let them go. These fears are not only from this lifetime but are a great karmic debt that is now resolved.

Once again be aware of your heart's softness and tenderness. The energy of love will protect that tenderness and the energy of wisdom will protect that softness. The tenderness and softness should only be touched by a special person - one that you already know or one that you will soon get to know.

Dear ones, this is Kryon signing out of Chapter 1 of the "Loving" series of channellings.

Go well, God Bless and take care.



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Kryon (South Africa)

Kryon (South Africa)

Planet Earth has been through a special experience is the last few thousand years: - the separation from God. Kryon is here to take you on the journey home, and to connect you with your inner divinity, for you are all magical beings of this universe, magnificent beyond your comprehension.


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