The Magical Key

Greetings dear ones for I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. It is wonderful to be with you all this night, here in Tallin, Estonia, there is much love flowing from the universe, shortly there will be a full moon, and an eclipse, and this is the signalling of new energies, new love and a planetary transformation.

Many people were expecting many things on December 21, 2012, but energies like this take time to have an effect. The universe works slowly with you all, and you all here to grow, and to expand. Your natural state of being is one of love, there are many fallacies about human nature, the wounded human nature is very different to true human nature. Your nature is one of love and you're being returned to your nature.

All the hurts and hardships that you've work through will be one more step to stepping into love. When you become love, you will feel beautiful and you will create a beautiful reality, and you're all being supported by the universe. In fact you've been supported for the last 20 or 30 years, and there is a new energy coming. It is going to dissolve a lot of hurt, a lot of hardness, a lot pain inside your body but like all energies you've got to allow them to come into your bodies.

Everybody has had a mother, and every mother for every child has a magical key and tonight you will receive that key from your mother, and this magical key will bring you to a beautiful reality. This magical key will lock doors that should be locked, and this key will open doors that need to be opened, and ultimately this key will set you free.

So I want you to close your eyes, and go inside, and allow yourselves to connect to Mother Earth through the soles of your feet, to your base chakra, and also connecting to father sky, through the crown chakra.... and every bodies dream is to experience love. Just allow the love to come inside your bodies. The Kryon energy is here, and it is full of love, and it is full of love for all of you, and in order to perceive the love become softer and softer… become more and more gentle… more and more receptive... and there may be aspects of yourself that cannot receive the love at this moment, none the less allow the love to flow into your bodies… become softer and softer and softer, you need strength sometimes to become soft… and allow the softness… softness ... and your spirit guides, they are at your feet, they want you to know they are here. So maybe expect a tickle on your ear, on your cheek or your neck… they will touch you where you are sensitive, where you can feel them. They are here to help you, to be with you, and you are not alone, you have never, never been alone, and you never will be alone, spirit is always with you.

They are here to love you, yes sometimes they get you into difficult situations, but they always holding you, always with you. They will get you into the difficult situations, and they will get you out. it is a matter of trust, and in some people there are energies that flow into them, that break the trust, if you feel that you can’t trust, just feel the feeling of not being able to trust and hand it over to Kryon, and receive the gift in return of trust, where you can trust your guidance… and just let the feelings come and let the feelings go.... and drop deeper and deeper and deeper into your bodies ... and just feel the love ... and allow yourself and allow spirit to bring a picture of your mother ... let’s allow the love to flow between you and your mother ... and just let the love flow more and more and more .... And when you feel the time is right, ask your mother for this magical key.... and push your mother to give you this magical key. I want you to ask the magical key to go into your mind, your mind is in 2 halves, the left is logical and the right is intuitive, masculine and feminine... just ask the key to open the doors between the masculine and feminine side, between the logical side and the intuitive side… allow these doors to be open, and allow the love to flow from the intuitive mind into the logic ... and let the love and the logic flow into the intuitive ... and allow the intuitive to become logic, and allow these two sides of your mind to begin to work together...

Maybe it’s coming spring time now, it’s time to ask your spirit guides to spring clean your mind ... see the spirit guides in your mind, giving your mind a good spring clean... and let the feelings come and let the feelings go... just place all your awareness and consciousness by your third eye… and maybe you are due for a change of a light bulb in your third eye, and just ask your spirit guides to check this out.... and this magical key belongs to you for ever now, not just for tonight, this is for ever, this key will go wherever you want, it will do whatever you want. For you are magical beings of this universe ... and the magic is being returned to you ...

Once your right side of your mind begins to flow with your left, this will help you with your relationships, the right side the masculine, and the left side of your body is the feminine, but it is the opposite in your mind, a lot of the things in this world aren’t as t it seems, just ponders this for a while, why is the left side of my brain masculine and the right side of my body masculine, why is the right side of my brain feminine and the left side of my body feminine. What is going on here? Just ponder this for a little while….

Just imagine the sky on a cold winter’s night, where there are no clouds and you can see all the stars in the sky... and the sky is like your brain. Just allow each star to join your mind where it is supposed to, and the same with the planets, and the moons. For you are the solar system and the universe, and the solar system and the universe it’s you, your mind connects with the sky, all the celestial beings that are above, picture this in your mind, being reconnected to the solar system… and just allow us with this key to help you with this connection ….

And as your connections come, observe your mind begin to light up…. And as your mind begins to light up you are bringing a different consciousness in to your body … and this in turn will help you release negative energies, and just allow these energies to release, let them come and let them go … hand over these negative energies to Kryon or to your spirit guides, whatever you are thinking or feeling or dreaming, let them come, let them go … and as your mind begins to clear, as the energies of love flow through your mind, connecting the left and the right, the logic and the intuitive, the masculine and the feminine, your body will begin to follow suite …

You’re going to another world dear ones, you will one day create your reality out of pure love, as your bodies are cleansed and purified, then you will connect more and more strongly with heaven and with earth.

So let’s have a look at your connection to Mother Earth, place all your consciousness on the soles of your feet, and this is where the roots come out into Mother Earth, so let’s ask the key to go to the soles of your feet, and open the doors on your feet to a greater connection to Mother Earth… and the key will open the doors on your feet, allowing the roots to go deeper and deeper into Mother Earth, let your roots go so deep to the centre of the earth, and in the centre of the earth there is a beautiful pink heart, and it is filled with mothers love, and allow the roots to go deep and deep and deep .. drying up these beautiful energies of the sacred mother, and allowing these energies to flow through you, and if there is some kind of blockage around this area, allow the key to unlock this blockage…

And take your key also to the base chakra and allow the key to unlock your base chakra … and see what magic this key performs… and maybe it will empty a lot of darkness out of your energy field but at the same time it will also allow a connection there, every bodies experience will be different …

I want you to put your hands on your thighs facing the sky, so now we have the energy of father sky move through us, and the energies of Mother Earth, through the right hand ask the key to unlock your right hand, and receive the energies of Mercury the sacred masculine … and through your left hand ask the key to unlock your palm and receive the energies of the sacred feminine, which is Venus …

And now ask the key to go to your heart, and ask the key to unlock your heart so that you can receive the energies of the loving moon. The soft and receptive energies, like the energies of a baby, like a stigma of a stamen of a flower … and just accept this softness and receptivity of the heart, and as these energies are flowing into your body, allow them all to cleanse and to purify, to heal and to release, solving any resistance or any blockages, and allowing yourself to be brought into harmony with the universe. ..

And the beautiful energies will flow into your body, and the negative energies will release, bringing you closer and closer and closer to a state of love.

Allowing the vibration of yourself to go higher and higher and higher, and at this higher vibration, once again hand over what stops you trusting.… and just allow the love to flow, let the love flow … just allow the love to flow, and just allow the father to take his position, the son, in your bodies, the same with your mother, the same with the moon, your baby … the same with Venus, your sister, your wife, your daughter and the same with Mercury, the son, the father, and the brother... and allow these energies to bring order to your physical body ….

For dear ones, this is Kryon signing out.

Go well and God bless and take care.

Thank you all



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Kryon (South Africa)

Kryon (South Africa)

Planet Earth has been through a special experience is the last few thousand years: - the separation from God. Kryon is here to take you on the journey home, and to connect you with your inner divinity, for you are all magical beings of this universe, magnificent beyond your comprehension.


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