The Sacred Uncles

Greetings dear ones for I am Kryon of magnetic service.

It's wonderful to be in St. Gallen this night and to be with you all. This is a room full of healers, and you are all on a journey into consciousness. We always say in these channellings that a new world is coming, a completely new point of view, and a completely new way of living.

There is much love in the air, the energies for 2012 are here already, and it is for each individual to shift your energies and to allow your hearts to be open and move forward into the new energies. It is all up to you now; you are all receiving the technology and the understanding. Slowly but surely your hearts will open, and your hearts will constantly be open: and through your open hearts you will release your pain, you will receive your love and you will grow and expand into a new type of being, a magical being that walks this path between heaven and earth. You will begin to create your life purely out of love, your relationships will begin to fall into balance. You will find peace and harmony within yourselves and your connection to the Divine will become stronger and stronger as will your connection to Mother Earth, creating a new kind of respect within yourselves, allowing for great expansion in your lives, allowing you to live your dreams and allowing yourselves to move into a new reality.

David has already spoken about your energies which will completely change, initially your inner mother and your inner father will begin to create with love, and slowly but surely your inner mother and your inner father will dissolve, and they will melt away and you will connect to your true mother and your true father, that is Father-Sky and Mother -Earth. You will find this peace and harmony flowing through your bodies. There are many skills to learn along the way, so what is not working in your life, you will find something correspondingly in your inner world not working for you here on this planet. The trick is to heal your entire family constellation and not just the inner child; you are here first of all to take that backward step to heal your inner parents and get them into a space where they can love one another on all levels. In this way, when your inner parents start loving each other, this is the key to self-love.

When in your meditations you see that your inner parents love one another, then you will feel the self-love in your body. For those of you that feel inner conflict now, when this inner-love begins to happen you will feel completely different within yourself and the inner child will have the energy and the space to grow.

Love is the answer to every problem. You are in this world for one reason and one reason alone and that is to learn to love, to become that magical being that walks that magical path between Heaven and earth. It is becoming clearer and clearer what the methods are that you need to use to get there.  As you get closer and closer to 2012 and you will begin to feel that oneness, the connection to Father-Sky and Mother-Earth, oneness with the universe.

You will begin to wonder what your past was all about, you will wonder why sometimes things were so difficult in your lives and you will never forget your lessons. You will always understand; this journey is a journey into the unknown and the fear of the unknown will begin to drop away as your inner family constellation begins to flow with harmony. There is a direct connection between all the planets, all your organs and all your family members. The secret of all this is to heal the entire constellation all at once.

The gateway is always through the father. It is not to say that the father is more important than the mother, for without the mother you would not exist, and without the father you would not exist. We want you to create the same universe on the inside, that means your father equals the sun, and he occupies the top three chakras in your body and your mother equates with the earth and she occupies the lower three chakras in your body. The child belongs in your heart.

It is for you to bring all these things into order without forcing anything; allow things to happen and recognise that certain things didn't work. For example, if your mother and father didn't love each other, then it is to bring your mother and father into a space where they can love. If for instance they are so limited that they can't love, then they need to be taught to love. There is always a way to bring a person without energy of a certain aspect into wholeness.

Whatever is missing inner your life you can see in the abstract world, the world of thoughts and emotions. Every emotion has a positive and a negative side and it is the goal to bring these emotions into balance remembering that and each thought has a corresponding emotion. In these techniques you work through the emotional realms and break the cycles that do not work in the emotional realm. You have to remember the universe is like your family. Once again your father is the sun and your mother the earth. You must give to your father what he requires to be a good, strong, loving father; remembering that your father had a mother and that your mother will always choose a husband like her father, your father will choose a wife like his mother.

Everything is a mirror, everything is a reflection. These mirrors have to be gently broken and dissolved allowing for the mirrors to flow through the emotional realm. You will reflect your parents and your parents will reflect their parents and this goes back to the very beginning of time, through the energies of your grand-parents and great grand-parents, through your past lives and your ancestors.

Allow love to flow into those dark spaces within; we always say that every problem is the absence of love. What are the energies that are missing in your life? If you are to become just like the universe, each planet has its own aspect and it also has its own purpose, nothing in this universe is without purpose.  The universe is held together in this manner, for each planet has a specific purpose and as the astrologers all know depending where the planets are this allows energies to flow through you. If you have problems with, for instance, an uncle, then the planet that reflects the uncle cannot reflect and work through you. If you have a problem with your inner father or if there are issues with your real father then at certain times the sun won't shine into your life. The stronger that your father was and the softer and more caring and more loving then the more sunshine you will have in your life. This is why it is so important to reconstruct the father.

Your father has many, many aspects to him. In your father's energy he will also have a mother and a father, he will also have aunts and uncles, cousins, nephews, grand-parents and great grand-parents and all these energies need bringing into balance. As you begin to bring these energies into balance and harmony, automatically your inner-mother energy will begin to flow into the feminine.

Allow yourselves to close your eyes and connect to Mother-Earth through the soles of your feet and to connect to Father-Sky through your crown chakra. Allow these energies to flow through you, allowing for a deeper and deeper and deeper connection. Your spirits guides are in the room, they are at your feet in awe and honour of the path and the journey that you have walked.  They are here to support you and hold you and love you. The secret of this life is to be held by the Divine; this is the father's job, to hold his family's constellation together and not to control it and manipulate it. Just to hold it so each family member can have their experiences, make their mistakes and learn their lessons. To be held is rather like a ship on the ocean; the ocean will hold the ship and allow it to float and the ship can sail wherever it likes.

Allow for a connection with everybody in the room, allow love to flow from your heart to everybody else's heart, receiving that same love from everybody else in the room. Allow your energies and your bodies to expand; expanding into a new world. The more expanded you are the more you can receive. You will expand and you will contract; just like the universe, but generally expanding, expanding, expanding. When you are in a process of expansion you are in a state of love and even when you are in a state of contraction there is still love flowing, it just doesn't feel quite the same. It is for you to know that you are your own universe; you expand and you contract just like the universe expands and contracts.

We are here tonight to expand into a dimension of love. There are many spiritual beings in this room here to hold the space; they are allowing you to feel what it will feel like in the year 2012. Whatever you feel you create; if you feel good you create well. When you are not feeling good the creation is never quite so good. Do not forget the negative emotions and feelings; you need to be there and to hold those feelings. Once again, if you can hold the feeling, all will release and let go. You are all on your journey into a new world, a completely new world, a completely new point of view. With no-one to tell you “no” or say “you are only dreaming”.

Your dreams will all begin to come true, for everything on this earth and in this universe is light, vibrations and energies. Allow yourself to visualise your father and to just see how this man looks. He will have many good traits and at the same time he will have limitations. Your father's gifts will be your gifts and his limitations will be your limitations. Where you see your father's limitations just allow into your father the energies of love and allow your father to release these limitations remembering that your father's limitations are his problems. It's the places where he needs to grow. Once again, all a problem is is an absence of love; and the love can flow into the problem and resolve the problem.

Allow Divine love to flow through yourself into your father and into your father's limitations, onward and into your mother's father and into the energy of the father within the inner mother. Let it flow into your grand-parents and great-grand-parents, into your past lives and into your ancestors and back to the very beginning of time and into your constellation. Let it back through your entire lifetime and into the present moment. Just allow the love to flow and feel it flowing. Observe your father change as you allow this love to flow. This is the way and the journey, the journey of allowing yourself to move into a new world. A strong inner father is what spirit brings you, it belongs to you; this is what you are working with this night, this very night.

The stronger your inner father is, the more this will allow your inner mother to move into the feminine. Where your father has limitations then your inner mother must compensate. This happens exactly the same way in the outside world and what this does is stop your inner mother from being in wholly feminine mother mode. The more your father is like the archetypal father then the more your mother will become like the archetypal mother. These are two energies on opposite polarities.

Allow the love to flow and where you feel any pain in your body or any pain in your heart just let it come and let it go, let the feelings come and let the feelings go. When love flows in, what is not love must flow out and release. This is your journey, moving more and more into love. This is the most important of the relationships that you have inside yourself, the relationship between father and mother and the better this relationship works, the better you feel on the inside and the better you create your reality. We are here to heal the masculine energies, for these are the holding energies; these are the energies that allow you to experience life in the way that you dream your life. Once again, the better you are held, the more safe and secure you feel. When you don't feel safe and secure within yourself, then you constantly create an unsafe and insecure world without. Nine tenths of these problems come from your father not holding your mother. There is an energy that can support this, and it might sound very strange, but it is the energy of the Sacred Uncles. Your uncle is your father's brother in this case and also has the role of your uncle. This is also a masculine energy, and it will hold the two of you in harmony just as the sun holds the earth. One of the purposes of the other planets in the solar system, remembering that they also have specific tasks, is that they hold the energies of the solar system in balance, and this is what the energy of the Sacred Uncles does for us, it will hold the relationship between yourself and your father in balance. It will do this without too much emotion, as too much emotion can make you feel overwhelmed.

So, through invocation, allow the energies of the Sacred Uncles to flow through you and into your inner father and into your inner father's limitations, onwards and into your inner mother and into your inner grand-parents, your great-grand-parents, your ancestors and back to the very beginning of time; back into your conception, through your entire lifetime and into the present moment. Once again, these are beautiful energies flowing into your body. What is not the energy of the Sacred Uncles will start to release. Allow these energies to release. Let them come and let them go.

Dear ones, in this space and this energy you are being held and loved and supported; and what no longer serves you will release very easily. So just let the love flow and feel the energies of the room moving higher and higher and higher; this is what your energy system will look like in the year 2012, when the energy of your family constellation falls into perfect harmony, in harmony with the universe and looking exactly like the solar system.  This is how it will be and this is the shift that you are all here to make, from disharmony into harmony and this happens through a gentle healing of the masculine energies. The masculine, as we always say in these channellings, is like the banks of the river and the stronger the banks of your river, the more the feminine can flow without overwhelming you, without throwing you off balance. The more feminine that can flow, the more you can create; all of creation happens as masculine and feminine energies merge.

Let the good energies of the Sacred Uncles flow into your bodies wherever they need to flow and release whatever needs to be released. Don't hang on to anything. Let the good energies come and let them go and let the negative energies come and let them go. Allow yourself to move into the new world where you live your dreams where you dreams come true and where there is peace and love and harmony and slowly but surely more and more people will move into this state of harmony. The ripples of this harmony will flow around this earth and you will feel at one with the universe and in absolute synchronicity with the universe. This is an orgasmic state of being, an ecstatic and continual connection to the Divine.

Feel your bodies; just feel the love flow through your bodies. This is Kryon signing out. Thank you all, go well, God bless and take care. Thank you.



Angel Eyes 6th July 2010 8:56 am

Fantastic Post...
Thank you so much, I will begin to work with these energies immediately & I expect to see outer changes in my physical world.
Blessed Be


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